Robert F Kennedy Jr: “The best thing that could happen to the environment is free-market capitalism.”

Robert F Kennedy Jr: “The best thing that could happen to the environment is free-market capitalism.”

by Jon Rappoport

January 30, 2017

As I was looking into what Trump will do and won’t do to preserve what’s left of the American environment, I read Robert F Kennedy Jr’s book, Crimes Against Nature.

The book not only details wholesale destruction by pollution, it offers a foundation for understanding corporate crimes.

Kennedy keeps it simple. He proclaims himself a champion of the free market—which comes as a shock, until you realize what his addendum is:



For example, if Smithfield’s giant pig farm-factories allow highly toxic open-air feces lagoons to sit in the sun and spread into the soil for miles, they should have to build sewage treatment plants at those sites to process all the waste before it escapes.

“To handle all that [pig-farm feces] waste, farmers in North Carolina use a standard practice called the lagoon and spray field system. They flush feces and urine from barns into open-air pits called lagoons, which turn the color of Pepto-Bismol when pink-colored bacteria colonize the waste. To keep the lagoons from overflowing, farmers spray liquid manure on their fields nearby. The result, says Steve Wing, an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is this: ‘The eastern part of North Carolina is covered with shit’.” —National Geographic, 10/30/14

Here is what Robert F Kennedy Jr. told radio interviewer, Rachel Lewis Hilburn on 6/3/16: “…a hog produces ten times the amount of fecal waste by weight as a human being, so if you have a facility that has ten thousand hogs in it, it’s producing as much sewage as a city of a hundred thousand people. Smithfield has one plant in Utah—they call it Circle Four Farms—that has a million hogs on it, so it’s producing the same amount of waste as New York City every day.”

Get it? If a corporation releases toxic excrement across the land, part of the cost of making their product (pork, bacon, sausages) is cleaning up the land. (For more on the ‘pig-farm feces’ story, click here.)

This dictum doesn’t exonerate companies from criminal prosecution, but it forces them to understand a clearer concept of the marketplace.

Pollution becomes an element of making a product. It isn’t a “mistake” whose remedy is forever fought over after the fact.

The free market is maintained. But it doesn’t absolve corporations from paying their full rightful cost.

This would redefine what it means for a company to price its products.

“Well, if we have to pay for killing a billion fish and erasing commercial fisheries, what will we sell our electric motors for? Looks like it’ll be fifty times what we’ve been charging for them. I guess we should rethink our business model…”

Of course, offering this revised notion of the free market doesn’t mean that any major corporation will accept it. But it does create a starting point for activism that doesn’t just hand over the whole issue of pollution to the government—which leads to extremism on the other side. Kennedy isn’t saying that. I am. The government wants to make thousands of rules when they have the green light to do so; and many of the rules are inhibiting and insane for businesses.

What Kennedy is proposing isn’t perfect by any means, and he knows it. There would be inherent conflicts and battles all the way along the line. But it’s a start, as I say, and it clarifies what “free market” means.

The finished product a company makes, and the cancer and brain damage and genetic disruption that ensues, are not two separate events. The second is part and parcel of the first.

Kennedy is the head of an organization called Riverkeeper, dedicated to protecting the Hudson River. He describes journeying up the River and talking with many people whose businesses and homes and families were impacted by the gross pollution in the River. Some of these people weren’t interested in “environmentalism” at all. But they responded and joined Kennedy’s fight because their livelihoods and home values and health were on the line. On an intensely personal level, they understood his stance on the free market.

Kennedy: “What polluters do is escape the discipline of the free market. You show me a polluter, I’ll show you a subsidy — a fat cat who’s using political clout to escape the discipline of the free market.”

I’m not encouraged by what I see so far in the Trump administration’s approach to the quality of the land, sea, and air. His nominee for head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, appears to be a front man for polluting interests. In a previous article, My Position on Donald Trump, I wrote: “I think Trump favors jobs, all jobs, and will go to extremes to create them…He’ll cast a blind eye toward big corporate toxic GMOs/pesticides. He’ll overlook and ignore major areas of agricultural and industrial pollution, and permit them to expand.”

I still believe that, until and unless Trump proves it isn’t true.

He has stated he wants pure water and pure air. Let’s see some evidence of that. If he turns out to be a “know-nothing” with a hands-off agenda, we would be in danger of witnessing the reincarnation of George W Bush re the environment—an unmitigated disaster.

power outside the matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Even if you believe the business of America is unfettered business—and you welcome and embrace that ideal—talk to a few families who have been on the receiving end of serious pollution, and then consider how the free market should work.

Holding high-level criminals accountable doesn’t have to equal being swallowed up by socialism.

It’s actually a step on the road to restoring the root meaning of capitalism—absent the cronies and their deals and payoffs and subversions and perversions.

Or, if you’re still a hardliner who thinks any kind of environmentalism is a blow against the spirit of America, put on wading boots and walk into the middle of one of Smithfield’s huge, chemical-laden, pig-feces lagoons on a summer afternoon, at one of their facilities where they harvest a million pigs. Fire off a fervent salute to Smithfield and the Republic for which it stands.

As you try to stay upright, as inflammation invades your lungs, summon up a vision of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams and Thomas Paine saluting with you and proclaiming that this is what they had in mind, when they helped launch a new nation birthed in freedom on this continent.

See if you can make that work.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

40 comments on “Robert F Kennedy Jr: “The best thing that could happen to the environment is free-market capitalism.”

  1. andy says:

    I do not want corporate products, i want a market FREE of corporations. HITLER was a true nationalist. he promoted small business, created a national currency while throwing out Rothchild bankers who created and promoted their vile usury.

    • Greg C. says:

      Right. He built his war machine without using international bankers? He got small businesses to build his tanks and crematoria? Hitler was such a believer in nationalism, that he attacked all the nations around him? Right.

    • CPP says:

      Yes, a market free of corporations seems desirable, especially that the governments are themselves corporations and corporate entities are legal/government constructions given “personhood”, just as people are made corporate “persons” so that the “legal” system can apply to us.

      But do you really think Hitler knew how to run an economy (or allow one to run)? What was IG Farben if not a corporate conglomerate partnered with the government? Hardly a free market…

      Here’s a comment I left on a Red Ice Radio interview a couple years ago:

      The idea that Nazi Germany was some kind of economic miracle seems not to be on solid ground, and to say “look, this is what a sound monetary system can do for the people” using the Reich as an example, probably isn’t a great idea.

      I happened to be reading a recently published book called Hormegeddon: How too much of a good thing leads to disaster, by Bill Bonner. In it, the author devotes a chapter, called “Too much security”, to tearing down the notion that Nazi Germany was an economic powerhouse. Why did this notion of the Reich’s economic superiority ever even exist? Probably because much of the economics world during the ’30s advanced this view: “Most remarkable about this period is that, at least before the invasion of Poland, much of the world applauded Nazi Germany’s economic success.” (P.66)

      Bonner cites a July 1933 front page New York Times article which read, “There is at least one official voice in Europe that expresses understanding of the methods and motives of President Roosevelt—the voice of Germany, as represented by Chancellor Adolf Hitler.” (70)

      He elaborates, “To economists, it appeared as if the German model really was working. Unemployment, for example, had been eradicated. The jobless rate was nearly 30% when the National Socialists came to power. By the end of the ’30s, it was negligible. Germany’s economic growth rates were likewise impressive. They were the strongest in Europe, averaging about 8% per year in the years leading up to the beginning of the war.” (72)

      This is where economics numbers lie, because, as Bonner explains, “the ‘growth’ was fraudulent.” War preparations make people in general poorer; “they end up with fewer of the goods and services they really want (and need).” Also, “the Nazis were living on borrowed time and borrowed money. In the six years leading up to the invasion of Poland, the government received only 62 billion marks in revenue. It spent more than 100 billion.” (73)

      According to Bonner, the following were some of the realities behind the mask of stellar economic numbers (which, as he points out, only measure quantity, not quality):

      Beginning in 1933, “…the real wealth of the German people began to fall almost immediately.” (73) “The domestic economy was stripped in order to provide resources to the military. Food, housing, clothing all were soon rationed in order to prevent price inflation.” The people were left with “worse food, worse housing, and less income than they had before the Nazis took over.” (80)

      “By 1936, it was clear that the government would run out of money in just a few months.” (70) In response, “Hitler released his ‘4-Year Plan’, which “rejected a free-market economy altogether. Instead, Germany would have a war economy, in which all economic and financial decisions were subordinate to the interests of the military.” (71-72)

      “Food was rationed in Germany from the mid-’30s until after the end of the war. The combination of price controls and rationing was so lethal that Party bosses began to warn about a dangerous level of mal-nourishment, both on the farm and in the factories. By the late ’30s, workers were beginning to drop dead from overwork and under-feeding.” (66)

      “…the typical German had less to eat, less to spend and less to buy. In the final years of the Third Reich, his standard of living was in free-fall.”(73)

      • IMNAHA says:

        Who really won WWII? It’s almost as if the (Ashke?)Nazis leaders wanted to weaken or kill off the ethnic German population (perhaps in pursuit of their 1,000 year war against Germans and their Catholic faith. Post WWII, General Eisenhower (Khazar) ordered the creation of open air death camps which genocided another million rank and file ethnic German (mostly) male soldiers. See:(, while arguably the Nazi high command skated to either the U.S. (operation Paperclip) or somewhere in the Southern hemisphere.
        And now (2017) comes the coup degrace: the extinction of the German genotype with the PLANNED & FINANCED refugee crisis. This immigration wave who will in one or two generation wipe out the remaining gene pool of ethnic Germans.
        General George Patton was waking up to (and writing about) these realities and the true reasons behind thw world wars when he was (accidentally) murdered. See:

      • binra says:

        Hitler was financed by international corporate cartels and banks that include proto EU as well as Wall st banks.
        When BIG money backs a movement it may seem to be a power in itself and present itself to a destroyed and humiliated people as a saviour and restoring of power and land – but the money and industry held the purse strings and supply lines – and were not held culpable at Nuremberg – but went on to positions of influence. The show goes on…

    • Bruce says:

      Actually Hitler was entirely funded by and was a pawn used by friends of the Rothschild Banking Cartel. Rockefeller and Bush families figured prominently to name just two from our side of the pond.

  2. Suzie says:

    ahhh, what a perfect way to wake up in the morning. Fresh coffee and another great article from my favourite reporter. I love how you draw us in and take us on a journey of sanity and truth. I can now face the day with my happy walk. Thank you Jon, always.

  3. binra says:

    Yes – what is needed is an honest accounting. False account distorts the record and masks or projects the distortion as threat – and regulates against the true to protect investment in false – and then outsources the pain.

    While ‘power and protection’ to evade and outsource (dump) blame and pain are given priority, all else is deferred, kicked to long grass, kept from conscious awareness or falsely associated so as to not connect true cause and effect or logical coherency.

    Blame always hides (and dumps) to evade pain. Honest responsibility is a CHANGED ACT and not an account in the ‘economy of the distribution of blame’.

    There is a basis on which to accept pain as a truly positive outcome – and that is as the releasing of pain-evasion to the desire for honesty of being and the peace of no longer struggling to live a lie. In this willingness pain is undone rather than suppressed masked or manipulated.

    Symptoms remain feedback we can use like a breadcrumb trail. Such as “what would I have to believe true of me to generate this particular experience?”.

    I watched RK Jr on episode3 of ‘Vaccines revealed’ recently – and salute his willingness to sanely address and articulate the corrupted and destructive nature of the system in place. Building on false foundations works to attack and deny the true. If you have to FORCE the Good on people be sure it is attempt to false the Good of yourself. Vigilance from true foundation is not already wrong-footed. True-founded is not assertion upon others but a willingness to meet in honesty of being – for no other meeting is real or worthy of sharing, reinforcing and trading as real. Look to the same pattern of denial, projection and dumping in our own trained or conditioned set of mind.

    Real change is from the ground up – because the ground of our being is where true communication arises – and is then reflected in our relationships – and in a capacity of leadership that CAN step forth because there IS an energetic support for it.

    The liability of Trump is the energetic of anger and hate. If the breaking of the mind-set of denials masking the true, opens to the willingness for truly practical outcomes – then the ‘power’ of vengeance’ is released from its cycle of propagation. But such illusion of power is extremely seductive to triggered rage – as a sense of righteousness of a total dump.

    The acceptance of hate as true foundation is the ‘en-trance’ to the matrix. It’s relinquishment is thus the ‘exit’ of captive identity and the opening of creative freedom to explore and experience and expand the structures within a new purpose – that false accounting perverted – but only in expression – and not truly at Cause.

  4. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Jon, for this report.

    Robert Kennedy Jr. seeks to match words with the actions of environmentalists. Many years ago I asked manufactures of plastics why they didn’t make thick-walled plastic bottles that could be recycled, rather than thin-walled ones that are now discarded as waste after being used once.

    The short answer: They do not pay the expense of waste disposal..


  5. Caroline Clemens says:

    I don’t know enough about pollution, corporate waste, pig farms, etc., but I have recycled for twenty seven years! I expect businesses to know more n do more. I’d say they need to get into the ‘business of shit.’ It has to be good for something. Also, we should eat a bit less meat n not be wasteful. There should be gardens near our houses n not all grass. Thanks Jon for stirring the think process.

  6. Jim Mayes says:

    The poop on free-market capitalism and the environment.

  7. Terry Schiller says:

    Long live Bobby Kennedy Jr.!

  8. Greg C. says:

    The area of potential environmental harm is so vast that it can only be managed by a bureaucracy. But bureaucracies are just corporations run by the government. Who will regulate their performance? Suppose they force clean coal out of business, thereby costing untold jobs. The corporations that no longer exist can’t pay for the harm that was done by shifting manufacturing to countries that allow dirty coal. And, a family without income will soon be a family without a home, and home is the basic human environment necessary to survival.

    So it’s not a matter of pure principle. It’s not a matter of “corporations should.” It is, and always has been, a balancing act, a matter of human judgment and common sense. Why should we look to the legal system or bureaucracy to save us? They seem to have the least common sense, and they are not concerned with immediate human needs. They see environmental harm as a goldmine of opportunity for expansion of their mission.

    The answer to your pig farm example is publicity that would gross people out so they would buy their pork from small farms or trusted sources. More and more people are already considering the environment in their buying choices every day. Solutions must always be grass-roots to be truly effective and lasting. They should hinge on the free exercise of individual judgment and common sense.

    • binra says:

      Corporate capture of regulations advances through ‘Trade Deals’ to indemnify themselves against loss and break open any regulations that would hold check on destructo-capitalism or cartel monopoly.
      So it is the law that need restating or restoring in terms of true account and responsibility for consequence. As you know there is little advocacy for people when corporates combine with state and institutions of media , science, and education to pharm humans along with stripping resource or profit out of anything else without regard for consequence that falls to others.

      But the house of cards is a pack of lies – and runs by passing of as true. Corporate capture is also known as mind capture.

      • Greg C. says:

        The area of corporate takeover, or trade-warfare, as is commonly known, is retrograde to the axis of the knee-jerk establishment, which by the way is funded by big Farma. Anyone can see that.

  9. Joy says:

    I, too, have misgivings about the men I see Trump appointing to such positions. However, I have decided to withhold my judgment for now, given that he has only been in office for a little over a week. I believe he has much more “up his sleeve” that will shock the world, and that appearances are most likely not his whole game. I have come into a knowing that America was rapidly hemorrhaging and closer to going over the cliff’s edge than any of us could imagine. To think that one man and his administration can turn that around instantly is not reasonable. Look at what he has accomplished in a matter of days!

  10. Vicki Hood says:

    Robert F Kennedy Jr. God bless–God speed.

  11. From Quebec says:

    Sure, Trump wants jobs, and a lot of jobs.

    But, what you are forgetting Jon, is that Trump also wants new technologies, he wants innovation, all sorts of innovations.

    This is why he kept saying in all of his rallies and also in his inauguration speech:


    Just remember, that the coal industry was once very polluting., but a new technology was created and now you have clean coal.

    Trump cannot do everything himself, he needs the people to start using their imagination and creativity to find solutions.

    Invent a new technology to solve the problem of the giant pig farm-factories allowing highly toxic open-air feces lagoons.

    It can be done, it will be done, and by the way, this new technology will create even more jobs.
    It’s a win-win solution.

    • binra says:

      A future that may already be here in proto is that of biomass. So your pig meat cells mutiply as biomass cultured in conditions of no mobility, relationship or indeed “life as we know it, Jim”. And that loss of true consciousness is what I see as the negative harvest of those whose static identity seeks private gratification uninterrupted by complex and upsetting emotional confusions.

      I observe that as we do unto others so is it done to ourselves. The notion that humans are predated upon, experimented on and pharmed for sacrifice or sucking out of their life energy is not a fantasy plot for a novel or movie.

      A managed existence is a mere existence or a hollow ritual enactment of a life. If you want better plants – and pigs – nurture the true health of the soil – which – like our gut biotica – is a highly complex symbiosis of interrelationship at the micro-level. I hold this a true metaphor for society. A top down corporate canopy that sucks all the life up and blocks out growth for what would become a biodiverse and rich economy – is asking for a breakdown because it is killing its own support network.

      As it stands seed beds of creativity are allowed only to be marketized and weaponized or squelched. Control and inventiveness yes – but creativity is associated with freedom to be – that monocultural state religion is predicated on denying and substituting in place of.

  12. Bruce says:

    This post makes a great case for the gigantic corporate farm having reached the end of its useful life. Aggregating large numbers of livestock into dense aggregates within unhealthy stockyards is showing itself to be a cruel, ignorant and unsustainable agrarian business model – not to mention bad for consumer health. Small family farms spread across the land was and still is the most viable model for localized, organic living. Everything can be utilized without aggregating enormous unmanageable volumes of anything, least of all, shit.

    • binra says:

      Yes indeed – but my thought goes then to embodying the better way and withdrawing support for what doesn’t work and cannot work – in terms of true fulfilment.

      The rest is just thoughts on the theme not a personal response:

      Systems run in inputs of energy and indeed of life energy, But life is not really a system nor can be substituted for by a system. Organic relationships unfold out of life. But the interposing and imposing of systems of thought onto life, denies and sacrifices our wholeness of being – that we feel and know as relational communication and exchange, and does so in exchange for a rule-bound mode of control over a fragmented and substituted form of life, which usurps our true will and is accepted and given allegiance as our power and protection.
      Mind-capture through fragmentation, polarisation and conflicted self. A bot through which someone else’s ideas run as your mind – in place of you and using your life.

      The cause of the symptoms of error is reflected in in all its symptoms but hidden by their framing or presentation. While the framing is invisible, we live the ‘reality’ it dictates and presume the identity it confers.
      Private agenda ignores, discards and overrides relational being – excepting as it enters the balance sheet. If we fit ourselves to a mask of deceit we unfit ourselves of our humanity, and mask our choice by layers of justifications, and blame – so as to define the error as reality – or the human condition – which makes truth threatening and dangerous and a call for defence against it – to disrupt and divert attention so as to present a self-justified assertion rather than be exposed ‘unfit’.
      The people of the lie associate ‘salvation’ with separation, conflict and private gratification. For the wish that inputs life energy to a loveless system is active and defended against change.
      And as the lie is seen as power and protection at the very foundations of our ‘reality’ or self – it is not only ‘too big to fail!’ – but necessary to continue to sacrifice to – to sacrifice our children, our people, our minds and our lives to. For a sense of power and protection, within the cage.

      Honest account is the basis for honesty of being – in act, word and witness. “Let the dead bury the dead”, makes sense to me. Walk out from the cage of a false mind – without persisting in it. Instead of ‘rules’ you now have to truly listen, feel and discern what is truly relevant instead of sleepwalking within the jamming signal.

  13. David Weiner says:

    Kudos to Kennedy for taking this stance.

    He is entirely correct to refer to his view as free-market capitalism. In a free market, a business does NOT have the prerogative to cause harm to 3rd parties, including the harm from pollution. Liability for such damage has always been part of the common law and the free market. Few big businesses, though, want to operate in a free market setting. They generally prefer today’s crony system, until the government “regulation” gets so out of hand that it makes it next to impossible for business to even function.

  14. From Quebec says:

    I just finish reading this article from Rolling Stone.

    Ouch, it’s disgusting!

    Maybe the Muslims are right to not eat pork meat. I’m glad I don’t eat it

    Anyways, most of the problem seams to be big corporations holding the pork industry.

    Must read:

    Rolling Stone : Boss Hog: The Dark Side of America’s Top Pork Producer

  15. MA in MO says:

    I agree with Kennedy. I think all manufacturers, corporations, etc. who make a product should also be responsible for the pollution caused by making the product causes and they should also be made to find a way to dispose of that product after its useful life is up. As of now, we get so much trashy, junkie plastic garbage from China, Thailand, etc. and it is all ending up in our land fills. These companies who make this stuff, import this stuff, distribute this stuff, should be held accountable as to the disposal process when that products useful life has expired. In other words if XYZ Company makes a widget, it is responsible for this product from the time of manufacturer to the time it is disposed of, including all pollution control. This is the only way to make manufacturing sustainable.

    • binra says:

      There are innumerable organic and biodegradable or recyclable ways to package goods but while pollution is paid by others pain and money – these not only wont be developed they’ll be suppressed.
      If we import crap – we are accepting crap. Regulations of corporate contrivance open the door to crapping everyone while sucking up the energy of power and privilege.
      But regulations on behalf of wholeness can refuse crap. If globalism operated for a true wholeness of being instead of corporate-led takeover – then life on Earth can be facilitated rather than captured and pharmed under mind-control. (The corporates are only a tool of global domination – once they’ve broken the capacity to oppose or resist or challenge – they’ll be fragmented and controlled by the same power they took as their own).
      True needs are relational communications allowed to happen and coming to fruit. The power-seeker gets between the need and the need met to own and control the channel of supply – and once leveraging influence to generate false needs to supply and set up dependencies.
      It is the same old deceiver it ever was.

      I hope Kennedy starts with the CDC and its drive for mandatory vaccines. Fake science is a kingpin in the whole system. Captured regulation is the absence of true governance.
      It always starts with a Trojan Horse – some idol imported or injected into our mind that carries a deadly payload. Perhaps we need concrete un-hideable examples of how we are deceived and the cost it exacts – and not a token sacrificial ‘damage control’ operation to seem to change when nothing really does.

  16. Thanks for this Jon. Highly appreciate this, am going to be purchasing his book soon and read it when possible. Having read the Vaccine book he was involved it, that was absolutely dynamite. Always looking forward to learning more, and issues like these are something that do not get the light of day as much as they should.

  17. Bunny says:

    It’s called externalization of cost..all multinational corporations engage in it , usually with the assistance of state and federal government who often prostitute out their constituency and use tax money to reward the corporations for the malfeasance.Governments use the citizenry, much like the pig famer uses his hogs.

  18. Jay S. Dalle says:

    When Dad bought the farm in 72 We later moved from Illinois to Indiana. One day on the drive over through the countryside I asked him why almost every home on the way had a place in the backyard and had some pigs in it. He said money it was like a savings in the backyard. Those little pens put off very little smell. I asked him why the barnlots with no grass stunk badly he said Cattle. The concentration of animals the smell goes up, and cattle drink gallons of water per day and ammonia can be smelled a long way off. Hogs rarely have ammonia concentrations very high until it is saved and put in a pit. Large hog farms have to be placed by streams or tributaries to have enough water for the stock and cleaning the facility. Lagoon overflow is a major problem because the concentrated sewage kills the life in the stream for a long time. The cost to the little farmers to keep up with the mass production of these megafarms made competition very stiff and profits were small. The introduction of Gmo corn caused piglets to have inflamed stomach linings thus the big corps started pumping the piglets full of antibiotics. Then the sows eating the corn started having low birthcounts and abortions thus putting many more farrowing operations out of business. Now in Indiana I cant recall any small hog producers in the country. We raised many hogs over the years until the late 80s. Smell was hardly ever a problem, everybodies hogs had access to the creek, and the streams were flourishing habitats. Animal sewage has to be knifed in at least 8 or 12 inches deep because the smell is ridiculous, and the smell will take your breath away almost a half mile away. We had a pers epidemic that killed zillions of piglets about a year before the turkey plague, I thought it quite odd that these livestock-poultry epidemics all took off at the same time in various locations across the country, and no explanation. It was 6 or 60 million piglets. Free range animals will always be better, but how many years of eating livestock that eats gmo corn before the human population becomes sterile?? Red pill to the Vax on the right Swords sharp powderdry

  19. Jay S. Dalle says:

    Oh great article

  20. Jon, as with you I feel this is a “step in the right direction”,

    However, predicably, I do not think it will “work” ultimately. Over the last few decades some interesting writings have come out of Russia on the legacy of the ancient Aryans (ejected peoples of Atlantis in “all but name”). The reason so little of their miraculous technologies have survived is, where possible, they had adopted “all natural” solutions.

    Electricity was generated by salt. Technologies [unknown] appear “imbedded in rock”.

    I think we need to move on from “ape status” and rapidly start investing in those Atlanteans genes and turn some of our “supposed” mind power into something useful. Give up on capitalism. Adapt aggregated communal humanism.


    • binra says:

      Why wouldn’t honest accounting ‘work’? And in the same honesty brought to science – free it from it’s ‘ape-like’ status of ‘corporate capture’ to explore and discover and share in the true ‘nature’ of the miraculous?
      Atlantis is being re-enacted in the current timing. When technology is harnessed to serve hubris – downfall is self-invoked.
      Capitalism is a degraded term – like most every other term! – but investing in what profits you is sound when it extends and meets in a sense of true worth. The marketplace is not inherently corrupt, exchange and provision of goods and services is not inherently corrupt. Needs truly met are fulfilment recognised.
      Free market can mean freedom to go about your business without being denied and without denying the same right to others. But to corporates mimicking persons it means free to plunder under the aegis of corporately contrived or subverted law.

      Laws regulate our lives in ways that seek to control us – rather than hold the balance points of our needs and differences. The desire to grow community from the ground up in solidarity of worth and purpose rises within a fear-defined sense of self and world – with all the control and suppression around issues of status and power and grievance and blame.

      So from my perspective the fear-defined sense of self is the false framing regardless whether its agency is external or internal. Nothing built on false foundation can stand – and becomes subverted identity within the matrix of mind-capture.
      The fact that mind can be used to generate such a divisive and destructive outcome is testimony to its power – but that power is ‘upstream’ to the mind that thinks it thinks in a body.

      Zero point is the all pervading ‘field’ from and within which all that is – is as it is embodying to be. The power of this is unlimited – but the balancing of power with receptivity is the consciousness capacity to live it. Regardless the positives of opening greater power to heal and create – the negatives of destructive ignorance and arrogance CANNOT be allowed beyond their straitjacket without insane consequence – and so some insanity feeds back to awaken response-ability. But until the receptivity awakens – the illusion of power interprets only threat and refuses to recognize consequence as valid feedback. “War on symptoms” is the disease.

      So I don’t care what works but that it works for an opening to true communication and relationship in place of the fakery of layers of masking that all testify to the fear of openly being. Not to attack, blame or destroy the mask – but nor to give it power to usurp our true being.

      Aligning in what truly moves you is not anything-ism – and if you value this – you accord the same to others – in their own way. You see the word ‘truly’ is redundant – but that the mind short-circuits the actual checking in to feel and know. So ‘truly’ is a note of vigilance against self-deceit – however triggered.

      • @Binra

        You miss my drift.

        The reason capitalism will NEVER work is that standards based value systems need FIXED assets. The reason medicine adopted a product based “solution” (Big Pharma) was through fault of capitalism. The only reason service based industries flourish now is because they scrapped the gold standard. Consequence = “valueless” money or FLEXIBILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        In other words WITHOUT those blessed federal reserve bankers we’d all be f*cked by now. But who cares about the TRUTH when a good crusade can be engineered by nitwits, eh?

        • binra says:

          I read that the energy cartels (monopoly control of market) – with its enormous financial resources subverted the primary educational establishments with ‘philanthropic’ gifts and grants with ample research and study grants and the career opportunities.
          Corporate capture of the law brought this about – lawyers who work to usurp the law to serve private agenda. The same with Banking. All arenas of influence are effectively captured.
          The ‘medical’ cartel may be larger and more influential and destructive than the military industrial complex – but are they not part of the consolidation of wealth and power in the very very few?

          My primary sense of value is in needs met.
          Whatever system – if needs are not met – miser-y.
          I don’t mean abstracted schemata of classified ‘needs’ – but the core needs through which the worth of living appreciates by appreciation. Need is not neediness – for the former is a point of fulfilment and the latter a manipulative leverage.

          ‘Capitalism’ is an ism. I just wrote here about isms:

          • @Binra

            I substantively agree with this.

            “Ism’s”, however, are causes. Causes divide and lead to factions which galvanise. Eventually, when all indoctrination fails, sparks ignite “laws” [that restrict and do not empower] which are fought over in wars.

            In fact feminism is something else. Are there any he-females or homosexual women? No, of course not. The powers “believe” the only way to cultivate “peace on Earth” is by forcing men to become women. They want “one sex”.

            • binra says:

              How can an ‘ism’ be a cause when by definition a suffix of ‘ism’ means like something else or of the same idea? The crafty deceit is in labelling the ism as if it pigeonholes it away as if a ‘known’ entity.
              It’s like a diagnosis. Some love a diagnosis as a self-validation, but others no longer feel seen as a result of being categorized as a condition.
              Some WANT a stronger mask and some WANT communication free of the mask.

              If the presentation of your beiefs matters more than living them, then they are NOT beliefs but a mask over the actual beliefs.

              Because there is a vast repository of guilt and fear beneath the surface mind – as unconscious or un-faced fears and lack of worth – manipulators can and do tap into the willingness of others to adopt identity as if their own! – and defend it with all the force that the desire NOT to expose and encounter such fear – while seeming to be ‘part of the answer’ relative to the other identities seen as the problem.

              The of the use of identity ‘politics’ as a trojan to deconstruct social structure is clear to see – unless part of the polarised reaction that takes the bait rather than identify the ruse.

            • I can only say what “isms” are. They are causes. Causes galvanise collaborative opinions. In most cases there is nothing to substantiate opinions from beliefs. Indeed, I would say all beliefs are “convictions”, whether backed by truth or otherwise.

              I do not believe that guild/fear has a place in the cycle. Instead arrogance/ignorance becomes the formal basis of most “opinion making”. The mask merely represents “deliberately flawed” laziness, the refusal to “go discover”. “Unconscious” is an oxymoron.

            • binra says:

              Thankyou. OK.
              Wwhat you call ’causes’, I call false framing narrative in which a fake ‘conscious’ ness substitutes for an actual conscious experience. Not that consciousness is absent so much as defined in ways that misidentify and defend the very ideas and actions that limit or block awareness of consciousness by engaging in ceaseless compulsive activity. Like being so engaged in a movie that the situation in which it is being watched – and the technology of its delivery – is effectively discarded or rendered peripheral and ignored.

              What you call ignorance = I call unconscious.
              What you call arrogance = guilt-driven.

              The use of guilt terms is the recycling of the projection device that keeps you in the theatre.
              One seems to escape the sins of laziness and refusal by assigning them to the choices oand intentions of others.

              The use of the term ‘beliefs’ for emotion-backed opinion or assertion is normal – but is only what one says or asserts and presents to self and other as one’s self. ‘I am a this-ist and oppose that-ism’. So yes I agree with you that opinion and belief are interchangeable excepting opinions are ventured while beliefs may be held private, and false opinions and beliefs are generally adopted to escape penalty because the function of such a masking persona is a defensive protection through which to persist in attempt to validate or find support for a sense of self under threat or in doubt.

              The self-doubt is pushed down to unconsciousness by the fear that it is weakness and that such vulnerablity will meet rejection, attack and denial. HERE is the ignorance/arrogance cause!

              So rather than discover what the true nature of the conflict is to its resolution, a sense of fragmented self defines itself as the power to fragment, segregate off or divide and RULE. Ruling out the disclosure of self-honesty operates the basis of ruling over the consciousness – so in that sense yes it is a REFUSAL to listen or uncover the truth in blind arrogance to determine it as its own private agenda and interprets ONLY to support its core agenda – opening only to get ammunition or more leverage over adversity it sees as enemy to be overcome, eradicated or invalidated.

              Though this is played out in experience as a cast of personae and props within a complex web of symbols, covered by layers of archetypal meanings, and rigidified in derivatives of derivative concepts – the Whole Thing represents an ‘attack on Self’ which IS an oxymoron used as an extension – and reflection of identity.

              The false flag is the primary displacement of blame by which to justify an opposing identity to the feared invalidation, threat of loss or denial of existence.

              The terror is identified with as real BY the attempt to hide, evade, overcome or fix it. Despite and because of our ‘success’ in such device, we have a world that operates ‘war on terror’ in two directions at once; the suppression of feared emotional states and associated thoughts and actions, and a narrative device of dissociation, displacement and active (attacking) defence.

              This model of self may become wise to that it needs ‘enemy’ and conflict to ‘survive’ or maintain ‘power’ – so as to nurture and generate discord, sickness and strife as the ‘conditions’ by which to feed. But to so so must sacrifice residual awareness of Self in any remaining sparks of feeling-recognition for life. The forms that this takes in themselves are not the defining characteristic, but the covering over and denial of the sense of self-betrayal – that may both freeze out from capacity to feel and burn in intensity of conflicted rage – at the same time.

              If the attempt to remake the Self in one’s own image yields such evil fruits – it does not mean that we are condemned, rejected, abandoned and unworthy – so much as victim to our own conviction – given priority over truth.

              “Even as you do unto the least (worthy) among you, you do unto Me” – is not a piling of blame on a sinnner – but a reflection of a recognition by which to look with new eyes upon our living world, our fellow man/woman and our self – for these three are one relational balance.

              A misidentifiction must defend against the true – even if unaware of that it is running on a false premise. Dissonance and incoherent experience is the faithful feedback to a faulty or untrue foundation.

              So yes guilt and fear need more than the belief that they don’t belong in true Self – they need uncovering to resolution within a reintegrative movement of Self. In some ways this is like a rubber band in that healing is the effect of the natural movement of our being when the distorting influence is released or not used, but such is the entrained conditioning of belief and identity that the movement of wholeness of being meets ‘resistance’, opposition, conflict and confusion – particularly in the first waking to a changed purpose. Old habits are old choice-patterns and will only be replaced by more consciously aligned choices – from an honesty of being that owns and thus can change its core beliefs and definitions rather than blindly acting out from them in search of validation and reinforcement that Life does not support – for it is not the Life of you but an image or self-concept given power of belief.

              Be live what you will – but check that you will is your truly fellt desire and response and not a surrogate mask of presented ‘beliefs’ by which to seem to be what you are not. Be vigilant then, for your peace – so that deceits show up immediately and can be nipped in the bud and mapped out from your current and fresh sense of your being. One does not release the unwanted by actively seeking not to have it. That is how to keep it while blaming everyone else as a way of mitigating the burden. Self-forgiveness is the release by which the presence of one’s being rises to a conscious recognition and the extension of appreciation in gratitude. This must fly in the face of all prior conditioning and yet any glimpse of the spark of life more abundant is a call to a true choice amidst the false mind-matrix of the refusal to listen – as the stubborn insistence on ‘going it alone’.

            • I am partially in agreement with you. Yes, I’ll accept “ism’s” are evidence of congruous “club membership” and not necessarily “wilful” in the sense that, for instance, nationalism is “representative of” nationals.

              In dispute is your assessment of “arrogance”. Arrogance is a label, but few consider the various “brands” this presupposes. Active arrogance could describe anyone that either speaks “in a forthright manner”, “uncouthly” or a combination. Passive arrogance is the refusal to acknowledge information that may or may not be plausibly relevant. The passively arrogant tend to label their [presumed] adversaries as “arrogant”.

              Ultimately, the term is generally used as a slur against those that shake personal convictions. For instance, only orators that contradict the “status quo” (whatever that may be) are regarded as pompous. The rest, those that “resonate”, are surely blessed and sage-like; timeless prophets for prosperity.

            • binra says:

              Yes, arrogance IS ignorance and vice versa. This is not apparent – for ignorance is blindness and arrogance proceeds unknowingly but with some sense of self justification or righteousness.
              So one can blindly react in ignorance and arrogance to one who you perceive AS ignorant and arrogant – or stupid.

              The refusal to SEE is the assertion of an identity that DEPENDS on NOT seeing.

              The ‘possession’ of an identity is both ways – that is if you identify in something – it possesses or defines YOU!
              The matrix is nothing more – nor less – than mind-identification or mind-control – for that is what it SEEMS to give you – that’s the trade off for what seems to be power and freedom – in an ignorance of what the shadow-side of the definition rejects or ignores.

              Scepticism is at least open to the possibility that – if investigated and found valid – the mind will change to incorporate new information that does not fit the current set or identity.
              Cynicism is not at all open to ANY other reality than its identity dictates – and to which its allegiance is in fact a hidden form of gullibility.
              Gullibility is the acceptance and allegiance to information without question because its source is considered trustworthy or unquestionable. Its lack of faith in its own ability to know, embodies a fearful or self invalidating belief that obedience and conformity are necessary to avoid penalty and pain.

              Cynicism hides in the pretence of scepticism – so as to presume the scientific or intellectual high ground from which to invalidate any rival or threat of change to its established identity that is aligned with as power and protection from lack or loss of identity.

              But what truly identifies us? And what is a masking evasion or forced assertion in fear of being identified invalid?

              While the blame culture is engaged – there is no dropping of the guard to actually find our anything – apart from gathering information to use to bolster one’s own or undermine the other.

              The idea that we have our OWN participation that which limits and pains and threatens us is seen as a weakness we cannot afford to let in – especially if true! And the anger that is directed at anyone implying self-responsibility for our situation – because responsibility is equated with BLAME instead of FREEDOM.

              I am not responsible for your choices – but I am responsible for how I choose to see and respond to you. If I give power to you to ‘make me feel ‘less than I am – or indeed more than I am’ – then I can hold grievance by which you hold me hostage – because unless you change, I am diminished – and so I seek to make you change or hate you for what you represent.
              If you inflate my ego – and I buy into it – then I grow upon a conditionality that cannot be maintained – and will change to reveal the fears and evasions or aversions that sought out illusions of escape. ‘Love’ turns to hate – when love is demanded or required to maintain appearances in which two or more identify. That is not love, but sacrifice of self-honesty.

              Self-honesty is nothing added or taken away from what is here. The perfection of this cannot be imagined from any perspective within the attempt to make real, or get something back. When another accepts you as you are – you feel love – without any emotional transaction taking place. When we are not accepting of ourself – we cannot be this for others – but instead play out our own issues on who we take them to be.

              Thanks for opening this consideration for me.

  21. Bill James says:

    Usufruct capitalism. We can use any resource we want so long as we capitalize in the costs of restoration to like use by Posterity. From Jefferson’s “The Earth Belongs to the Living” letter to Madison:

    “Then no man can by _natural right_ oblige the lands he occupied, or the persons who succeed him in that occupation, to the paiment of debts contracted by him. For if he could, he might during his own life, eat up the usufruct of the lands for several generations to come, and then the lands would belong to the dead, and not to the living, which would be reverse of our principle.”

    Here is a link to five Presidential veto messages that explain the Constitution and why Federal communications, transportation, and power monopolies are unconstitutional.

    Under the Federal communications monopoly we had nearly a century of rotary telephones. After liberty was restored in 1982, millions of jobs were created delivering better services at lower costs. Liberty is the source of the “general welfare”

    As soon as liberty is restored in transportation, as soon as the “post Roads” and “ports” restrictions are enforced, JPods will build networks that end traffic jams and pollution that causes Climate Change.

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