by Jon Rappoport

February 15, 2017

Update: 10:00AM EST… It started at 10AM EST. Infowars is live-streaming it as a ‘Facebook Mentions’ here:

8:50AM EST…

DEVELOPING… I’ve just received word that, in a few minutes, at the National Press Club, in Washington DC, Robert De Niro and Robert F Kennedy Jr. are issuing a challenge to all media and all scientists…

They will give $100,000 to anyone who can show one published study that proves mercury in flu vaccines—at the levels it is injected—is safe.

The press conference will begin at 9:15am EST. National Press Club here.


Will the press conference be broadcast? That’s up to the media attending. Will they have the guts? Infowars has said they will be there to cover it (live steamed?).

I’m told that CNN backed out of attending the press conference, and now they’re in again…

Del Bigtree, producer of the film Vaxxed (trailer), will also speak at the press conference.

Kennedy states that Trump contacted him to head up a commission investigating vaccine safety. According to Kennedy, Trump said he knew he was going up against Big Pharma, but he was ready for the battle.

At this moment, De Niro and Kennedy are sitting in a small broadcast room at the Press Club, waiting to start. No one knows how many press outlets are going to show up.

Stay tuned.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.


  1. Dana Doran says:

    Interesting since the news keeps reporting that DeNiro wants to punch Trump in the face…..huh, common ground found?

  2. It is not the mercury…it is the mouse brain “adjuvants” designed to activate the patient’s immune system to destroy specific brain areas…see destroying the g-d gene:
    Alex Jones should be part of that press conference!

  3. JoAnn Dolberg says:


    Hope you will report on this…was not able to access it at all.

  4. Sunshine says:

    If they are going to broadcast this at all, MSM is probably busy getting their “experts” lined up to heavily dismiss mercury claims, and I also expect to see them go after De Niro, Kennedy and Trump personally. They’ll bring up the fake news and alternate facts angle. Will probably see the term “flat earth” and at least once. Will they have enough resources to pound on “border taxes” and “questioning flu vaccine safety” at the same time? Oh, they’ll manage in their usual smart, smug and condescending ways.

    They relentlessly pound on every move the Trump administration makes, giving everything that happens the same level of importance. What are they doing? I used to think if they were roaring about something then they were trying to divert attention from the real news (like before the election coming out with the tape of Trump to draw attention away from the Dem party’s leaked emails, or maybe Obama was doing something sneaky again). But now, with the endless media roar, I don’t know what they’re doing. They’re tripping all over themselves to discredit the president. That may be the point.

  5. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    “National security” is used to justify almost any government lie.

  6. Caroline Clemens says:

    Finally, money (people with it) standing up to others with it! This should have been studied all along for years and years, instead of telling us it doesn’t cause problems. Shoved under the carpet does not work and Trump has guts. I love it. Obviously it doesn’t hurt everyone or we would all be altered but it does effect some and we need to know who those are so they don’t get it.

  7. Sue says:

    DeNiro looked like he didn’t even want to be there, and his remark about Trump was uncalled for. That was all he really had to say, and it was negative and non-productive, so the conference would have been better off without him.

    As for the others, I don’t know if they are saying they are for “safer” vaccines because they believe most people can’t comprehend a world without poisoned needles, or if they really ignorantly believe that all that needs to be done is take out the mercury. They obviously have not gone back through the true (but hidden) history of vaccinations, to see that the whole thing has been a disaster.

    The concept of injecting biological waste products and chemicals into the body is ridiculous and insane. I agree with Dr. James A. Shannon, former director of the NIH, that “The only safe vaccine is the one that is never used.”

    • arcadia11 says:

      and after hollywood/kennedy deal with the worldwide evil of toxic vaccines they will take on the equally evil global warming. this is not grass roots. i would prefer to be incorrect but this feels like nothing less than a big fat red herring. hollywood and government. ???

      good that the vaccine situation is out in the open.
      also good to be ready and willing to discern illusion from truth.

    • dji9424 says:

      Excellent comment Sue, I agree with everything you said. DeNiro was a surprisingly disinterested spectator in my mind, it would have been better if he had not been present. His “Hollywood” status added absolutely nothing to what was said by other panel members.

      I too was troubled by what I heard Robert Kennedy say – words to the effect he has never been opposed to vaccines, he just wants to make them safe. In my view, that reveals a serious lack of understanding about vaccines, i,e. there will never be a safe vaccine as long as they are injected directly into the bloodstream, effectively bypassing the normal mechanisms our immune systems have in place to keep harmful substances and organisms from reaching the bloodstream in the first place.

      Also, I saw no reporters come up to look at the studies themselves, maybe they did after the video ended but it looked like most were just shuffling out of the room. We’ll have to see what kind of follow up occurs but most looked about as interested as DeNiro.

    • elliottjab says:

      Thanks for all your comments here Sue. They seem truly the voice of raw experience and very much appreciated.

      Jon – as usual – am grateful for your reporting.

  8. Funny, how during the conference there’s nigh no mainstream media.

    Also, we need to be cognizant of the propaganda storm the Fakestream media will begin unleashing after this.

    Regardless, this will be a game changer, but we need to keep our foot on the pedal to reach critical mass.

  9. Sunshine says:

    This conference may make just crack big pharma/agra’s armor. The Trump administration is encouraging and rewarding honesty from individuals in the system, no matter which way MSM spins it. I hope job protection is also considered. A science reporter recently lost her job over her views on vaccine safety:

    “What I was told time and time again was that there is no story, that the science is settled, that there’s no reason to present stories of this nature on TV because simply these are fringe stories. This was not representing the masses. To me, this was surprising because I thought the media was supposed to be the voice of the people, and clearly at that point, in my newsroom, it was not acting as the voice of the people.”

  10. roug says:

    If true, then finally a kudo to Trump who may just stand up on other fronts to benefit TRUE health & wellness and throw out the hucksters who have been running ‘health care’

  11. One other thought … I thought they took the mercury out a few years ago. I’m not up to date on the latest w vaccines, except that women, mothers, should be listened to, pure and simple!

  12. nsetammy says:

    Is this a true press conference that is a serious accusation and if it is true the US citizens have the right to know because billions of people get this vaccine every year, especially the elderly!!

  13. I think the whole whole press conference is here with RFK Jr and all

  14. Sci-reader says:

    I would be surprised if MSM reports on this press conference. In the mid-1980’s 90% of news media outlets were owned by 55 different companies. Now 90% of media outlets are owned by only 6 corporations, who receive up to 70% of their advertising from Big Pharma in non-election years. The MSM will not bite the hands that feed it. If MSM does report on the press conference, they will blast Kennedy and DeNiro with junk science charges as other comments have mentioned here.

  15. From Quebec says:

    Robert DeNiro Supports Trump Vaccine Safety Commission, Does Not Support Trump

  16. marengeti says:

    Is there a recording of the press conference somewhere? Seems the net has been bleached of any uploaded clips of this?!

  17. Loree Thompson says:

    (Watching now)…but I cannot help but wonder: Isn’t all the anti-Trump hype going to deter this type of break? I am so hopeful in my heart of hearts where I believe I know the truth. I anticipate, however, a negative reception due to the negative reception of the President himself. You know the Matrix is powerful…so sick of it all.

    Thank you for what you are doing – I pray to God in heaven you are tutoring / mentoring / grooming someone to fill those shoes when you get too tired.

    Hugs, Loree T.
    just somebody’s Gramma

  18. Loree Thompson says:

    p.s. Kennedy sounds AWFUL! I hope he’s ok…geeeeee.

  19. I pledge 1,000 dollars on top of DeNiro’s $100,000. That’s way more from me than from Star DeNiro, but we must ALL put up whatever we can to bring the CABAL to their knees. The ONLY SAFE REGULATION FOR VACCINES IS A BAN!

    • arcadia11 says:

      now that’s an interesting idea, bright, and one that could really catch on. i applaud your bold spirit and your generosity. i had no faith at all in the de niro/kennedy planned non-event but am inspired by your move. if it is not grass roots it is not real.

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