Michael Flynn: minding our own business vs. saving the world

Michael Flynn: minding our own business vs. saving the world

The global snake wears a sneer because it’s his party.

by Jon Rappoport

February 16, 2017

Flynn talked to some Russian and said the US under Trump might ease sanctions against Russia? This was the high crime? This was why he had to go?

What sanctions? Imposed for what purpose? What are all these people in Washington talking about?

Let’s go back to the beginning.

At the founding of the Republic, there was a chance to mind our own national business, and a few years later, outgoing President George Washington warned the country to stay away from entangling foreign alliances.

But of course he was ignored.

So flashing forward, now we hear about interconnected, global, “inevitable situations” which require our attention.

Interest rates, trade imbalances, taxes, wars, foreign military bases, binding treaties, unfriendly regimes, national debt, loans unpaid; on and on it goes—as if these cluster-problems arose out of some sacred duty to solve other people’s difficulties; and we’re locked in, we have to meddle, we have to be the meddling messiah, we’re deep in a massive soap opera called interdependence.

Well, sure, once you start walking down that road, things will pile up. They’ll get worse. Last year’s obligations will double this year. You have to speak sixteen languages at once to satisfy all your global partners, and you speak them out of the side of your mouth because you’re conniving and cheating and stealing and killing along the way. Just as they are. It’s all one big terminally failing family called It Takes a Village.

The sun can’t set outside your home anymore, it has to set on every conniving government on the face of the Earth, and we’re on board.

Newsflash: This isn’t planetary love, it’s not one united human race, it’s an infection.

Take the recent case of Michael Flynn, who was forced out of the Trump administration because he possibly talked with some Russian ambassador about easing US sanctions against Russia.

The US sanctions were launched in the first place because Russia annexed the Ukrainian territory of Crimea. And that was our business because…?

Here from Wikipedia is a bit of background on the annexation. Note the jungle of entangling alliances involved, the agreements, the rules and regulations—NONE of which America needed to be concerned about. Therefore, why did we lay on sanctions? My comments below are in brackets.

“Ukraine considers the annexation to be a violation of international law [international law? who cares?] and agreements by Russia, including Agreement on Establishing the Commonwealth of Independent States in 1991 [the what?], Helsinki Accords [so what?], Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons of 1994 [and this relates to Crimea how?] and Treaty on friendship, cooperation and partnership between the Russian Federation and Ukraine [none of our business].”

“The event was condemned by many world leaders [so what?] as an illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory, in violation of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum [the what?] on sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, signed by Russia. It led to the other members of the then G8 [who cares about the G8?] suspending Russia from the group, then introducing the first round of sanctions against the country. The United Nations General Assembly [your basic global meddlers] also rejected the vote and annexation, adopting a non-binding resolution [busy work by meddlers] affirming the ‘territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders’.”

“Following a Crimean referendum [none of our business], held on 16 March 2014, in which separation was favoured by a large majority of voters, the UN resolution [who cares?] also ‘underscores that the referendum having no validity, cannot form the basis for any alteration of the status of Crimea.’ The resolution calls upon all States and international organizations [who cares?] not to recognize or to imply the recognition of Russia’s annexation. In 2016, UN General Assembly [major meddlers] reaffirmed non-recognition of the annexation and condemned ‘the temporary occupation of part of the territory of Ukraine — the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol’ [blah blah].”

We could take all this back further to the 2014 uprising/coup in the Ukraine, and the role of outsiders (e.g., CIA). But you get the idea.

Once you start down the road of making alliances and agreements with other governments, you’re in the web. You’re in the nest of vipers. You are a viper.

The US population has been thoroughly conditioned to expect their government to intervene in crises at the drop of a hat, “on the side of the angels,” of course.

But each “solution” digs us deeper in the fundamental problem. Meddling.

Once meddling is established as a way of life, the military-industrial complex and the Deep State can feel secure in the knowledge that any intervention and any war will play well—because all they have to do is promote war as a way of offering “freedom and peace to the less fortunate.”

War is peace.

The Matrix Revealed

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

Foreign entanglements are justified on the basis of high-level, complex, sophisticated baloney cut six ways from Sunday.

This is the swamp nobody in Washington wants to talk about.

Well, there was one man who did. Ron Paul.

He saw through the whole hissing, hideous, life-sucking, money-making, evil scam.

He was cut off at the knees by the media networks when he ran for president. And the movement behind him paved the way for Trump.

As I’ve written before, Trump needs to sit down and have a long talk with Ron.

A very serious talk.

If Trump actually cares.

Trump is the target in the cross hairs for the entire US intelligence community, the State Department, parts of the Pentagon, the defense contractors, and numerous other Washington and media sluts. To say nothing of the Rockefeller Globalists. They want wars. They need to know he’ll play ball. They don’t like even a hint that he’ll go in a different direction. They want the whole pie.

Foreign entanglements.

George Washington warned against them.

And ever since he was ignored, the chickens have been coming home to roost.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

27 comments on “Michael Flynn: minding our own business vs. saving the world

  1. S. Englert says:

    Brilliant analysis on the deep state’s nefarious affairs, which also were called out Tuesday by former Rep. Dennis Kucinich. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qgmEO5KMso

  2. n3angus says:

    The US sanctions were launched in the first place because Russia annexed the Ukrainian territory of Crimea. And that was our business because…?…..Oil lines into the Eastern BLOC countries that the Petro Dollar values on the International market . https://mic.com/articles/84677/to-understand-what-s-really-happening-in-ukraine-follow-the-gas-lines-on-this-map

    The wars in the Middle east are about keeping the Petro Dollar as the main trade currency . Saddam was trying to create a separate export port port when he invaded Kuwait . http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/03/22/the-usa-attacked-iraq-because-saddam-had-wd/

    Gaddafi was trying to do the same , https://www.thenewamerican.com/economy/markets/item/4630-gadhafi-s-gold-money-plan-would-have-devastated-dollar

    If China and Russia ever get the EU , Japan , South America, and Saudi Arabia to leave the Dollar alliance it will be the start of HYPER INFLATION in the USA and the end of Liberty !!!!

    Competing Gas Pipelines Are Fueling The Syrian War & Migrant Crisis


  3. IMNAHA says:

    Foreign entanglements = Corpgovspeak for Full (Deep State) employment, More money, More distraction, More control. See, it’s all good…

  4. Bob Clem says:

    Not to mention that despite our meddling , Putin has kept his composure intact, he has remained one step ahead of Washington and has out maneuvered NATO in every instance even though they continue to encircle him like so many vultures
    And we continue to underestimate this man, even though logic would suggest that he would be a very valuable asset as an ally.
    But anyone who displays such strength and independence must be thwarted.

  5. elliottjab says:

    Jon absolutely nails it again, in giving words millions of us have become so painfully aware of.

  6. Fuzzy says:

    View story at Medium.com

    this person thinks it is a civil war in the deep state and it sounds plausible to me!

    • rabbitnexus says:

      Nafeez has nailed it I think. His was the best analysis I’d seen so far to answer all I’m seeing.

    • Michael says:

      Is that in, fuzzy head. I see we are being deluged by the triggered left, or some fuckin pedophile Arab.
      The only reason you posted this here was to start a fire…that’s your point shit for brains.

      Another muslim (Nafeez Ahmed) instilling Jihad, throwing intellectual hand grenades into the mix of weaponized illogic, fallacy, conjecture and whatever comes into the muslim pedophile mind. This blatant jihadist (Ahmed) is funded by the worst, another useful idiot of Soros, and Saudi money. More anti-Trump, anti-white gobbledegook. What was this an ttempt at virtue signaling?

      “and to renegotiate NAFTA, potentially heightening tensions with Canada.” -the Muslim Ahmed

      No it hasn’t ‘heightened tensions in Canada’, most are unaware that a White House meeting transpired. The fucking brain-dead left don’t read a thing…that would be news.

      The mob if you haven’t noticed fuzzy wuzzy, won’t twitch unless they hear one of the seven trigger words. And it seems your author has used them all. In fact 99% of those concerned and I mean this from a business point of view, would love for that document to be literally torn up. Except for the extreme left, but of course they are stilll living in mommy basement. Is that were you are fuzzalator. And actually cheer for this dumb little cunt we call a prime minister.

      The Canadian public have always felt they got a raw deal with NAFTA. It really only established publically Canada as another state in the Union of Unions. We bend over as a public, everytime American softwood, or American beef scream foul.

      “Trump appears to be in conflict with the bulk of the US intelligence community,…” –The Muslim Ahmed

      I suppose then his outstanding welcome by senior CIA employees on his visit to their offices was?…and an asked for return, because of overwhelming support by those employees, calling for another visit for those that missed the first visit was…?
      I could go on and on here, ad finitum, but I don’t wish to throw pearls to swine.

      “Trump’s White House has purged almost the entire senior staff of the State Department, and tested the loyalty of the Department of Homeland Security with its new ‘Muslim ban’ order.” -The Muslim Ahmed

      The state department was completely populated with traitors and Anti-Trump bureaucrats, whom would sabotage the president, rather than obey his orders, the old staff were working for the destruction of the United States of America on the world stage. And would work for DT’s destruction. It is also swamp central BTW, if you have been paying attention Donald has sworn to drain the swamp. The place was crawling with NeoCons, infested; that’s right, slimy rotten to the core evil NeoCons. Still loyal to the killer Hillary and Obama, who are working away at the wood like termites as we speak. And Obama BTW still thinks he the POTUS. Must be all that tranny rights stuff has warped his little black mind.

      Muslim ban really?…I wish we could ban you all. here’s a little reading for you…


      …this is exactly what is being examined in this extreme vetting of refugees.

      All in all, I have found Guardian writers to be compromised, way too spooky for me, really only presstitutes for hire. Propagandists at most. This anti-Trump rant by this muslim jihadist Nafeez Ahmed who would have us think him a independent journalist, will not float with me. He a terrorist with a pen. When your prophet is a pedophile, it is quite hard for me to take muslims seriously.

      And now with them bound on the destruction of all of us in the west; the raping of our women; our children not safe around them. The constant violence they cause, and finally, I am supposeed to read their lies…no thanks fuzzy one.

  7. Terri says:

    We must all contact our reps and demand they uphold the supreme law of the land, and support Trump in restoring our country to a constitutional republic. They need to know their lies are not being believed and we must speak up now. These psychopaths will not stop until their despotic plans are complete and the people are completely subjugated and turned into borgs.

    We can not sit back and let someone else take care of things for us, we have to put the effort forth. Its very easy to send an email to congress. When enough people speak up, they will listen. I wish people would stop voting for criminals and boot out all these traitors and demand all traitors are fired immediately.

    We cant let the deceitful media shout us down. Evil has reigned long enough in this world and God helps those who help themselves. What can each of us do, today, to in our own way, create this change and invite Divinity back into our world and our lives? We all have a voice, and its imperative we start using it for the good of All People.

  8. Michael says:

    The Crimea has been part of Russia for three hundred years.

    The manufacture of a new cold war is their objective, in this…nonsense. This Russia thing is getting bigger by the day.

    Every time some idiot puts Trump and Russia in the same sentence, the stort gains momentum…this ‘IS’ an operation.

    Trump should have spit this right back in the face from wence it came. A none issue about a non issue.

    The counter attack: A good defense is a very strong offence.

    Here’s the real point and its needs to shouted from the roof tops.

    HILLARY CLINTON IS A FUCKING CRIMINAL. A war criminal; she committed treason; she took millions in illegal bribes by governments and individuals; she murdered people; she caused the murder of an US ambassador; she was responsible for the destruction of a sovereign nation, Libya. She and Obama created ISIS and armed them va the Saudis through Quatar.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton committed real treason against the United States of America, when deleting her her thousands of emails.

    The Clinton Foundation is an illegal entity that was used for pay to play. And funnel and ciphen monies alloted for Haiti

    Prosecute Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation; sacrifice the witch on the altar of justice on MSM every single day. And shut these propagandist assholes up for good.

    GIVE THEM SOMETHING UNENIABLE TO REPORT, SHOVE THE BODIES IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE. Line and the rape victims of Willy and interview. Expose her and slick Willy day after day after day, detail by gory godam detail, day…after day after day after day after day.

  9. JOHN CHUCKMAN says:

    Yes, and readers here may also enjoy this just-published related analysis:


  10. From Quebec says:

    Ron Paul is a dreamer. This world has become so corrupt, that it would be impossible to install Ron Paul’s vision. Some major changes must be done before his vision could be possible.
    And this is what Trump is working on.

    Let’s look at it in a different context:

    Let’s take a city for instance and pretend that it represent the whole world.

    A citizen buys a land in the city and builds a house on it. (that would be his own country)..

    But his neighbour (who is another country) , thinks that his neighbour has a too much bigger space
    So he destroys the garage of his neighbour to use that space to build himself a bigger house.

    So, what can be done about this? Let him do whatever he wants? Or make a treaty or a law so this cannot happen again? I believe in the second choice. This is what Trump is working on.

    And this is the reason why, Ron Paul’s vision is impossible right now, it would only lead to a bigger chaos.

    • rabbitnexus says:

      Trump isn’t making many changes and he sounds more like a typical POTUS day after day.

      • From Quebec says:

        He’s been in for only 20 days and every thing he is trying to do is sabotaged by the Obama shadow government bunker in DC

        Please get real rabbitnexus.

    • Terri says:

      Quebec, The people have become so corrupt and participate in every day treason against our republic,(and their own well being) you are right, this is why Trump is having such a hard time. Ron Paul’s vision is for a moral and conscious humanity, one we do not have at this time. Trump is brilliant to have gotten this far and he needs all our help.

  11. From Quebec says:

    These are things that Trump and Ron Paul agrees on:

    – Should the U.S. remain in the United Nations? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: No, and remove the U.N. headquarters from the U.S. S
    Donald Trump’s answer: No S

    – Should the government increase or decrease foreign aid spending? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: Decrease, and we should not give foreign aid to any countries S
    Donald Trump’s answer: Decrease S

    – Should the U.S. overthrow President Assad of Syria? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: No S
    Donald Trump’s answer: No, this would allow ISIS to control Syria S

    – Should the government provide military aid to Saudi Arabia during its conflict with Yemen? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: No, we should stay out of conflicts that are not an immediate threat to our security S
    Donald Trump’s answer: No, we should stay out of conflicts that are not an immediate threat to our security S

    – Should the government conduct military strikes against North Korea in order to destroy their long-range missile and nuclear weapons capabilities? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: No, and I am not convinced that North Korea has or is capable of developing a long-range nuclear missile S
    Donald Trump’s answer: No, we should let China address this issue S

    Should the U.S. prevent Russia from conducting airstrikes in Syria? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: No S
    Donald Trump’s answer: No S

    – Should the U.S. provide military assistance to defend Ukraine from Russia? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: No, we should stay out of conflicts that do not directly threaten us S
    Donald Trump’s answer: No, we should stay out of conflicts that do not directly threaten us

    – Should our country defend other NATO countries that maintain low military defense budgets relative to their GDP? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: No, and we should withdraw from NATO S
    Donald Trump’s answer: No, we should not defend any NATO country that spends less than 2% of their GDP on military defense S

    – Should the government cancel production of the F-35 fighter? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: Yes S
    Donald Trump’s answer: Yes S


  12. From Quebec says:

    And now are the things that Ron Paul and Trump DISAGREES on:

    – Should foreign terrorism suspects be given constitutional rights? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: Yes, give them a fair trial and shut down Guantanamo Bay S
    Donald Trump’s answer: No, they are not U.S. citizens and do not have constitutional rights S

    – Should the U.S. accept refugees from Syria? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: No, we should eliminate any opportunity for terrorists to enter the country S
    Donald Trump’s answer: Yes, but only after extensive background checks and continuous monitoring to ensure they have no terrorist connections S

    -Should the government increase or decrease military spending? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: Decrease S
    Donald Trump’s answer: Increase S

    – Should the U.S. continue to support Israel? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: No, cut all support and aid S
    Donald Trump’s answer: Yes

    -Should the U.S. formally declare war on ISIS? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: No, not until they attack us on U.S. soil S
    Donald Trump’s answer: Yes, and send in ground troops S

    – Should the military fly drones over foreign countries to gain intelligence and kill suspected terrorists? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: No, the military has no right to do so without a Congressional declaration of war S
    Donald Trump’s answer: Yes, the U.S. needs to use all means necessary to combat terrorism S

    – Should the U.S. continue NSA surveillance of its allies? stats discuss
    Ron Paul’s answer: No, and abolish the NSA S
    Donald Trump’s answer: Yes, surveillance of all foreign countries is essential to tracking potential terrorist threats S


  13. DAVID H MENDE says:

    Well said and all true. Fcku the Deep State. It provides nothing US needs. Nothing.

  14. dunc says:

    just watched the press meeting with trump. wooow! he simplified it. didn’t call out the nsa cia directly. but you can clearly see he knows whats going on. what a natural display. improv. thinking on his feet. acting sincere and busting press balls completely. bravo mr trump!!

  15. Terry Adams says:

    What people need to understand – and please know that I am NOT talking about the people that read Jon’s blog as they are (or at least should be) well informed – is that having an honest man in the white house is “screwing up” the system. Why? Because the system has been altered, changed, CORRUPTED to the point where honesty and common sense will not mesh with it.

    • JB says:

      Talk about being informed. Read your post 1789 history. Start with Merrill Jensen’s The New Nation. Then Rosenfeld’s American Aurora.

      There has never been an “honest” man in the White House since Washington, EIGHTH president of the United States of America. George refused to repay the French aristocrats who all went broke breaking the economic stranglehold Britain had imposed on the colonies. That bankruptcy set the stage for the bloody French Revolution.

      It was George who sold out the American people when he favored Hamilton’s monetary policy and Federal bank (financed by the very British people who promoted destroying the fledgling monetary system the Colonies went to war over), causing Jefferson to resign in disgust.

      It was hypocrite George, smarting from being militarily upstaged by the French, and backed by the American merchants who back-channeled agreements with Britain at the expense of the French, who was mis-nomered “father” of the new nation and allowed to preside at the 1787 Convention as long as he kept his mouth shut. (B. Franklin was the actual father of the United States of America.)

      The Convention orchestrated the document that made the corruption you speak of an inherent aspect of the Federal government. The merchants and landed delegates who created that document never had any other intention than preserving their wealth and market prominence.

      Jefferson and Monroe were the only presidents who ever attempted non-interventionism George “warned” against. All the rest have either done nothing or promoted such meddling.

  16. coconutgirl says:

    How Donald Trump carried out a sting operation against disloyal elements of the US intelligence community: http://www.thomaswictor.com/leakers-beware/

    Jon, do you know Wictor? Miss your ass, glad to see you (the topics you bring up) are finally getting the deserved mass exposure.

  17. Jon, excellent piece.

    As they are so concerned about Russia breaking “agreements” with Ukraine, what about all that broken past American legislation drafted to “protect” the Native Indians. Let’s start with the Dawes Act(s), but there were 100’s of additional treaties all but “forgotten”,

    Where’s the sanctions?


  18. Larry says:

    From a highly placed NSA source (who must remain anonymous to protect what remains of the “free world”) comes this terrifying video of Russians [shiver] lolly-gagging about their decadently manicured parks, while Good and Decent Folk (aka You and Me), go about God’s Work of making the world safe for democracy. (read: dropping bombs on the heads of any poor 3rd-world sumbitch who takes it into his head to march to his own tune).

    CAUTION: Thjs video reveals in all its horror, a new weapon that Mr. Putin is testing on HIS OWN PEOPLE….the F-Bomb.

    There can no longer be any doubt: Russia really IS the source of all EVILE in this sector of the galaxy!

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