Spies tell lies, spying is lying

Spying is lying, spies tell lies

by Jon Rappoport

March 9, 2017

In recent articles, I’ve highlighted items from the latest WikiLeaks data-dump of CIA files. For example:

The CIA’s use of other nations’ hacking tools, in order to give the impression that, when the CIA hacks into secret areas, it looks like other nations did the hacking.

All this is SOP for the CIA and intelligence agencies around the world.

Spies tell lies. A day without lying is a day without joy.

Spies play chess. “Well, when we leak THIS information to the press, they’ll emphasize the source of the leak (of course we know it’s a fake source we’ve chosen). But when we leak THAT information, the press will emphasize the content of the leak—which is what we want them to do in that case.”

Naïve people are shocked that the CIA could have fabricated the whole “Russia hacked the US election” story. But this is what the CIA does. This is another day at the office.

On the other hand, Russian intelligence could have hacked (influenced) the US election. And to put a further twist on it, Russia could have made that move, anticipating that US intelligence would discover it and go public with it. And then Russia would covertly launch a planned campaign to ridicule the CIA for claiming such an “absurdity.”

During the Cold War, several important KGB spies defected to the US. The CIA then proceeded to vet them, to find out whether they were genuine, or were sent here to seed the CIA with disinformation. As you can imagine, the whole business developed severe problems.

For example: “All right, yes, the KGB sent me to America to confuse you. But now I’m telling you the truth. I’m giving you actual secrets. And I want to stay here. I don’t want to go home. If I go home, the KGB will vet me to see whether I actually gave you real secrets…”

CIA: “Maybe we can triple this Russian. He’s now on our side, we think. So we send him back, claiming we couldn’t get anything useful out of him. But now he’s ours. So we give him a bunch of lies to tell his bosses about us, the CIA…”

In the end, nobody on either side knows what’s going on. But they play the game anyway.

The CIA is a reality-creator and a reality-destroyer. They pick and choose what to do in each situation. But it would be folly to imagine Agency people always do brilliant work. They mis-estimate blowback. They fail to handle blowback. They try to pick an outside scapegoat on whom to blame the blowback. They try to limit the blowback by defaming, discrediting, blackmailing, or killing people.

They rewrite history. They change sequences of events. They invent events that never happened. They blame people who don’t even exist. They present themselves as bumblers, to hide their more intelligent operations. They hold forums designed to show their work as superficial information-gathering, as if they were little more than a think-tank. They pretend to cooperate with Congress, while they spy on Congress.

Meanwhile, the press pretends to hold an innocent and respectful view of the CIA, dutifully reporting every piece of information that comes their way from the Agency. “Today, the CIA disclosed…” Disclosed? Or fabricated?

The CIA is perhaps the biggest fake news operation in the world. It exhales fake news as matter of course.

So naturally, it attracts men and women who have a bias in favor of fabricating. “Do you dream about lying with impunity? Contact our personnel office for employment opportunities.”

If a lie serves a greater truth, release the lie. If a truth serves a greater lie, tell the truth.

The old dictum, “garbage in, garbage out,” doesn’t apply to the Agency. The CIA is the Garbage Man for the known universe.

It’s rather astonishing, at this late date, that more people don’t get the con.

The CIA is a hustler operating a shell-game on a streetcorner. Except, lo and behold, all sorts of rubes are trying to jostle their way forward, to pay homage. And the cops are never going to show up to sweep the hustler away. The hustler is the cops.

“I was born to lie. But I always tell the truth. Trust me.”

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

14 comments on “Spies tell lies, spying is lying

  1. truth1 says:

    One of the most accurate and extremely telling articles ever written on the CIA in a brief format. It deserves a good circulation, But that would not help, for alas, we are a nation of dumbed down idiots. who fear truth and despise it. We have become little more than amoebas in a petri dish. All that intellectual potential to elevate us above the animal kingdom and yet still, the animals behave better and wiser than we do. So much for evolutionary progress, eh? Well, God will have the last laugh.


    ALL the intelligence agencies (CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, KGB, etc,etc,etc…) are all connected and controlled at the very top by their handlers… ‘The Rothschild’s’..! There nothing more than puppets putting on a ‘Dog & Pony’ show for the masses..!

  3. From Quebec says:

    Here is a good example of what you are talking about, Jon:

    John Brennon And The Trump Tower Wire Tactic

  4. OghaChruithne Eochaidh says:

    This latest WikiLeaks data-dump of CIA files is a Russian “Operational Game.” The Russians have finished analyzing their agent Snowden who they recruited in Switzerland and now decided to use some of the information from their other spies in the N.S.A. which they’ve had beginning in the 1950s to make it look like this C.i.A. dump is payback against the C.i.A. for making it look like they the C.i.A. used Snowden for payback against the N.S.A. If you’re confused by this wilderness of mirrors then just refer to the book entitled: SPY WARS: MOLES, MYSTERIES, AND DEADLY GAMES by Tennent Harrington “Pete” Bagley, a former CIA officer who led the agency’s counterintelligence activities against the Soviets during a tense period of the Cold War and played a key role in the controversial handling of Soviet defector Yuri Nosenko.

    “Operational Games”

    • Theodore says:

      thanks for the lead.

      it could be the “Tennent Harrington ‘Pete’ Bagley” theory.

      or, maybe the Vault7 disclosure was just caused by “good (patriot)” agents in the CIA getting back at “bad” agents in the CIA — where the “bad” agents, in 2013, had used “Snowden (with a cockamamie life-story) (and maybe Snowden was sufficiently ‘cutout’ that he was a true believer in his good intentions)” and the “NSA doc leak” as foil to deflect attention from the “bad” CIA’s electronic surveillance capabilities.


      • Theodore says:

        furthermore, maybe the “good (patriot)” agents in the CIA wanted to also send a double message with the Vault7 leak:

        “Back off in your harassment of Trump. If not, we’ll also leak the ‘pedophile network’ information.” (note: the real ‘pedophile network’ stuff, not the limited hangout ‘pizzagate’ stuff.)

        • Theodore says:

          and maybe this is all a deflection away from the deep state State Department.

          maybe it is the “bad” deep state State Department operatives who are really in charge. The CIA just being “the muscle” of the State Department.

          • Michael Burns says:


            And maybe Assange is compromised; I notice a lot of name redactions in Vault 7; interesting name don’t you thing, spooks have a habit of placing the truth within the code name..or not, but usually it gives a direction to look, it hints…lol. What a symbol, I think it will become a new Meme…”He’s been ‘Vault Sevened’…he’s been ‘Sevened’.”

            Vaults are usually under ground, holding something precious, vaults are made of concrete, signifying holding something of great weight and value…from my rummaging around inside V7, it seems only legible to geeks and weirdos who know code. Otherwise…it could it be all bullshit.

            “You think you surveilled by the NSA, we’re the CIA we own the Internet.”

            In regards to employees, contractors, hackers redacted from the files. Why would Assange withhold that information, the country is not at war, whose life is in danger, hackers a renewable resource. Allowing the public to know the 5,000, would only bring grief to criminals, not agents. All this discloses is the SOP of ‘spookdom’; is he (Assange) protecting his own, I mean he is a hacker, it’s another secret society. Maybe he is a hacker talking to other hackers.

            They are quite like the CIA, quite like the mafia. And because we are talking about hackers, why wouldn’t the crown prince of world hackers not be involved with the CIA. I believe Assange has had an ongoing relationship with the CIA, it doesn’t need to be friendly, it can be professional; as also Snowden has, and it has been for quite a long time. There is a small falling out at present with Assange and the taskmasters, killing or jailing Assange is like killing Einstein because he thought of relativity. he is way too precious to them.

            When did Wikileaks gain the moral high ground, or is it that the CIA dumped the hack tools as an act of war against the NSA, using Assange. Assange is a hacker first, they think differently that the rest of us, their notion of truth is isolated, and with conditions. The CIA I presume, at any given point have enough on the government of Ecuador, to walk in and grab Assange at any time, regardless of politics. Assange claims Journalistic standing, I’ll grant him that but he is a, hacker first. That is what Wikileaks is, hacked results put out for the public as journalism. Self appointed representatives; spies spying on spies for the greate public good.

            Wow how much did NSA spend on the Bluffdale cluster frak, and the other resorts they frequent..lol.

            And the CIA has turned the Internet into…what a greater equivalent of Bluffdale. Without blowing their entire piggy bank. Hacking isn’t about the actually computers, software has always been far superior than the hardware. And since hardware is obsolete the minute you buy it; software is easily rewritten and upgradable. New hardware is getting smaller and cheaper and much better each generation.

            Things went quiet for Assange a while back, just after the Podesta release, the Hillary emails, no one was reporting for or from Assange, he wasn’t showing his face…some thought him dead; causes one to wonder what happened. He was so vocal; they cut of his Internet, just towards the end of the election…hmmm. He has always been one of theirs, since he was a child.

            “Good and bad CIA officers”…interesting that you can merit cockroaches Theo. Alas I see a truth patriot still holds your heart…that a good thing. One should believe in something. But not cockroaches.

            But for me a spook is a spook…hacker is hacker, and they both believe, each in his own bullshit.

            ” The CIA just being “the muscle” of the State Department”

            Interesting theory…Secretary Tillerson’s first trip to Asia, specifically South Korea in light of the North Korean missile launch has no press traveling with the SOS; arrangements have been made for them (the WH press)… but not on his airplane.

            They will be placed with the rest of world media, at any public appearances in Seoul or Tokyo. SOS distancing himself from the WH press corp, only allowing hand picked press.

            CIA muscle…this recent Korean debacle the annual saber-rattling between the US and North Korea, but all this over 5 SCUD missiles and one of them never left the launch pad…80% success rate, antiques of cold war warfare. And that justifies THAAD, that can penetrate deeply into China…hm..CIA muscle. And that is the whole ‘Op’ to justifiy THAAD.

            You could be right Theo.

            Question is: “Has the State department really become an arm of the CIA?”

            • Theodore says:

              All interesting points. And, thanks for the lead on the Korea situation.

              Also, I think you would find interesting the section in Michael Savage’s book “Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country after Obama” (9/2016) (https://www.amazon.com/Scorched-Earth-Restoring-Country-after/dp/1455568244) that’s entitled “How to win at Cyberwar” (pgs 219 – 243) (in “Chapter 8: Our Complacency”)…

              I would say a more descriptive term than “cockroach [energy]” for both CIA agents (American men) and Hackers (American men) on the information tech side of things, is… “rebel/criminal energy”. Savage talks about how easy it would be to entice these types of men to work within the US military (whether forced-drafted or not) to, say, disrupt the various barbarian ISIS and ISIS-type groups’ presences online.

  5. Evan M Murphy says:

    Excellent article. Kept me reading to the end. Thank you for this.

  6. I can see where you are going with this, Jon,

    But how about expanding on the notion?

    God forbid, could the CIA have leaked this to Wikileaks and why?


  7. Sue says:

    Thank you, Jon. You are the go to, for true investigative reporting.

  8. Theodore says:

    “Alexa. Does Amazon work for the CIA?”

  9. James says:

    The CIA and other like organisations are basically state funded HATE generators.

    JFK wanted to smash it into 1000 pieces, as he saw all the destabilisation they caused in other nations. I have seen enough documentaries on his demise, and feel they had a part in it anyway. The JFK assassination should be termed the JFK coup detat anyway, that may make people think about it more deeply.

    How many wars and conflicts have they started and are continually feeding. if someone else did that to the USA, we know what term we would use for people like that. That’s what the USA people have to wake up and see what their government and the machinery behind it are doing to other nations.

    But as the country is owned by the private shareholders of the FED, is the government you vote in really in control anyway. Not a bright looking future for the majority.

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