What would be your best invention?

What would be your best invention?

by Jon Rappoport

March 18, 2017

It’s an intriguing question: what would be your best invention?

I’m not specifically referring to a machine or a device—anything goes. For instance, the invention of your future.

What would be your best invention?

People often sidetrack answering the question by citing all the reasons that explain why they can’t invent it, whatever “it” is.

So the investigation goes nowhere.

The question, however, could be phrased this way: if there were no roadblocks or obstacles, what would be your best invention?

Sinking your teeth into the answer could vault you over the obstacles long enough, so that you could generate some real energy—and feeling that jolt of energy, you might see the far horizon has more appeal than the obstacles.

A long time ago, I wrestled with questions about my writing, when I still considered that other people would have to publish it. If I wrote exactly what I wanted to, the chances of getting it published were close to zero. If I wrote “commercial material,” who knows what would happen? I could still fail to get published—and that would be a double negative: I’m not writing what I want to AND I’m not getting it published.

I decided to write what I wanted to, come hell or high water. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

I still occasionally have to blink and realize: I’m writing what I want to at the highest level I can—the future dream is now. Of course, I’m always trying to reach higher.


It’s a question for the ages. It sends ripples out across your mind and imagination.

It’s a question that has both a “should” and a “want to” in it. They overlap. WHAT DO I WANT TO INVENT and WHAT SHOULD I INVENT both enter into the equation. Loosely speaking, the SHOULD refers to your highest ideals, and the WANT TO refers to your deep desires.

Those desires and ideals meet. They feed into each other. Each makes the other more powerful.

Eventually, they can merge and become One.

A life is thus transformed.

The journey and voyage are transformed.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

21 comments on “What would be your best invention?

  1. sean says:

    I’m so glad you did, come hell or high water.

  2. Andrew Manche says:

    my best invention is a “love-based” civilization as opposed to the current “fear-based” society we live in

    there’s only ONE hope of experiencing that though – emigrate to a civilized planet,,,, sadly, they don’t let half-civilized humans emigrate

    • From Quebec says:

      Do you mean a melting pot like globalism?

      Borders, language and culture (Michael Savage)

      Andrew, a country is like a house, a home. It’s where you live. Do you lock your doors at night and when you are not at home? I’m sure you do.

      Would you let anybody come into your house? Would you let an Islamist terrorist live in your house with you, so he could rape your daughter and cut your wife’s head off? I don’t think so.

      You see, the beauty of this world is countries with different cultures and languages. This is why so many people like to take their vacation out of their country. To see new things and experience a new style of living. When they come back, they appreciate more their own country.

      The climate is also different in countries ,it can be very hot or very cold.. Skin color has a lot to do with the climate, etc.

      It’s like in the animal kingdom, you can have a dog or a cat in your house, but I doubt you would let in a rat, a snake a pig a scorpion or a wolf, etc. Animals do not get along very well either whit other animals. it’s normal. That’s life.

      Same things with the vegetable kingdom. Your wife would love if you bring her a bouquet of roses, but would not appreciate a bouquet of poison ivy. You might love mushrooms, but not poison mushrooms.

      Anyway, what I would like to invent would be a place, a school or an academy. where it would be mandatory to teach logic to every living person..

      • Andrew Manche says:

        i have no idea how you jumped to your conclusions

        i simply mean an actually CIVILIZED society, where institutions and individuals do things out of love, rather than out of fear

        we can only reap as we ourselves sow,,,,, our fear-based society can only reap fear & the fruits of fear, nothing more, nothing less

        either humanity grows up, or goes down

        • From Quebec says:

          Okay, maybe it’s my bad understanding of your comment. Sorry. I thought you were talking about the so-called refugees, since you were mentioning immigration and fear.

          I’m French, so sometimes, its hard for me to understand an English style way of writing.

      • Sheri says:

        Well just to jump in where I don’t belong, I do keep my doors unlocked when I’m not home at at night and all time in between. I would actually welcome a terrorist to stay in my home to show them through love and trust that there is a better way to live. Call me crazy, but I’ve actually told several people throughout the past 20 or so years, that I think it would be awesome to wake up with a psychopath standing over my head holding a knife or gun. I honestly believe that my lack of fear of ‘so called crazy people’ would in itself deter that person for just enough time for me to just listen to them and what they brought them to do whatever they’re trying to do to me. I can truly say I can identify more with the people the world rejects as normal, than with supposed normal folks. I think what we need to turn the world around is to stop being afraid of people, put some trust in some you don’t feel have earned it, and start helping other people instead of always helping ourselves… Just my 2 cents lol

    • Greg C. says:

      Meme-based dialog never gets off the ground – by design. Throwing out words like love, fear, compassion, as linguistic bombs, when you haven’t explained anything, is just a gimmick to claim superiority without any evidence. If you want dialog, you need to have an argument, a rationale, a train of thought. You can’t just claim love – that’s not an argument. You can’t just accuse fear, or racism, or whatever. That’s not an argument. We need intelligent thought and expression in order to have a civilization. Get with it.

    • Terri says:

      Andrew, we can begin this now, thru attachment parenting and homeschooling and returning to the old ways of honoring, loving and respecting ourselves and each other. This is a beautiful article about how powerful we are as parents and how we change the world. If we (as individuals) can achieve this here, in this hell world, I am sure in our next life a lot of civilizations would be happy to have us.


      Our society is fear based because parents teach punishment and fear to their children. They do not practice real love and appreciation. The first dictatorship one experiences is in the home.

      Love is a worthy ideal to practice every day, beginning with loving and accepting ourselves. It s only when we do this, that we are capable of loving others.

      • betty says:

        There are more fingers in the fear and punishment pie than parents, the media, government, medical, pharmaceutical, education, globalist systems all have their fingers in the pie. Did you know there are more than 200,000 babies under two yrs on anti anxiety meds. There is so much redicioulus crap going on that the nation stood down when the pres signed an Executive order telling us which bathroom we can use.

  3. Interesting post. I am continuing to work on my best invention: Healthicine. It’s complicated enough to keep me busy improving it for the rest of my life.

  4. Inventing something is easy, Jon.

    The hard task is refining ideas to which end you present a finished product that “works”. It needs to work on two levels: your level and “theirs'”.

    The modern age is generally “slip-slop”. If it “functions” it works is the common standard. I say no. It must be everything it was meant to be or it is incomplete, unfinished, destitute.


  5. betty says:

    My best invention is really more of a discovery. I discovered our bodies have an electrical energy, I also discovered the Earth has a complementary electricity. We in the civilized world no longer plug into the Earths energy. This has been going on probably for 50 years or so, as long as we have had rubber soles on our shoes, we humans no longer touch the earth. “plugging into the Earth” gives us energy and has much healing ability, like drawing pain and inflammation from the body. I have discovered a simple and very effective way to “plug in”, that is to carry a rock in your pocket, or to tuck one in the side of your sock, I put a bunch of rocks in a cotton pillowcase and put my feet on it. That helps to heal whatever is needed in my body because all the nerves of the body lead to the sole of the feet.. maybe that is why they are called the “sole”. I have built a webpage telling about my experience with rocks and giving people the opportunity to purchase rocks from me. http://www.earthingrocks.com

    • Tommy Tunes says:

      Cool Betty !!!!!

      • betty says:

        Thank you Tommy, It is rather amazing how much energy a simple rock produces. I use one at night to clear my lungs, I get the rock wet and lay back and stick it to the middle of my chest and honestly it clears my lungs so I can sleep without coughing. Anyone can use this technique who doesn’t have a pacemaker or some kind of heart implant. I’m surprised there aren’t a whole bunch of ideas on this post.

  6. dunc says:

    to be able to change my own favorite color at will.

  7. 22sojourner says:

    I’ve always been a dreamer, with optimistic & utopian ideals.
    I’ve invented lots of stuff, one invention saved a company $9 million in productions cost in a year.

    My pie in the sky dream invention would be as portable as a cell phone,
    that would indicate when someone was lying.

    This would reek havoc on our planet, & we need it desperately … like yesterday.
    Someday, in our future we’ll be telepathic, & lying won’t be a problem anymore,
    but until then a good B.S. meter would really shake this world up for the good.

    Told you I was a dreamer.

    • bdoyen says:

      I am catching up on my reading, sorry this is late.

      Just wanted to say that I have often thought we should have a device as you’ve described here. Better yet would be to open ourselves up to more of our abilities, because I think this is one of them, if we knew how to unlock our potential.

      I’ve read that our black ops money has gone towards reading someone’s brain via a scan that indicates a lie. If real and we had access to this, just think how beneficial it would be. No deceipt from a politician or fake science could be fostered on us again.

      • bdoyen says:

        Thinking a bit more about this, each of us having the ability to instantly discern truth from fiction is the way to go, not a device. Devices can be hacked. Each person must know the incontroverted truth for themselves. Or else, for instance, the crazy Hillary-supporters will never believe even the most rock-solid evidence presented to them.

  8. ItGoesOn says:

    A great question – here’s another to think about.

    Three of mankind’s most intriguing questions has been; Will immortality, time travel and a real after life ever be possible.

    My latest invention ( soon to be officially launched on KickStarter ) may be the answer all three.

    Although perhaps not in the way you’re expecting.

    Let me know if you agree. http://www.timecapsulesdna.com

  9. Cheryl Bond says:

    Doubt this obviously could ever become a reality…But, hey, a girl can dream, right?!

    Best Invention ever!!!…. a sound-wave, when emitted, that would force ppl (Politician’s, Big Pharma, CDC, Wall Street, etcetera, to tell the truth! Then we could get down to the REAL facts, put the guilty parties behind bars where they belong & stop having to have tax-payers spend billions on internal investigation’s, wars based on lies, & on & on.
    Wouldn’t that be the BEST invention EVER!!!!!

  10. Pearl Necklace says:

    soon AI will be inventing itself for a better self

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