Julie and the boys: CDC, Merck, vaccines

Julie and the boys: CDC, Merck, vaccines

by Jon Rappoport

April 24, 2017

I write this story now to remind people there are several titanic unresolved issues surrounding research fraud at the CDC, involving the MMR vaccine.

We all know about CDC whistleblower William Thompson, a long-time researcher at the CDC. Thompson still works there.

On August 27, 2014, he released a statement through his lawyer, Rick Morgan, in which he admitted research fraud.

Thompson confessed he and his CDC co-authors cooked the data in a key 2004 study, thereby exonerating the MMR vaccine from any blame in causing autism.

Thompson has never been subpoenaed by Congress to confess what he knows about this case.

But what about Stephen Kraling and Joan Wlochowski?


They’re two former Merck virologists who filed a qui tam suit against Merck, the manufacturer of the very same MMR vaccine. (Ref: Federal Civil Lawsuit: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA et al. v. MERCK & CO., Pennsylvania Eastern District Court, Case No. 2:10-cv-04374-CDJ, District Judge C. DARNELL JONES, II, presiding)

The suit claims Merck defrauded the US government by selling the vaccine, under a federal contract, when Merck knew the mumps component of the vaccine was far less effective than advertised.

Of course, Merck disputed this claim, but on September 5th, 2014, Judge Jones, of the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, gave the green light for the suit to move forward.

Kraling and Wlochowski assert several levels of Merck fraud:

To achieve a slam-dunk success, Merck tested the effectiveness of the MMR vaccine against the version of the virus in the vaccine, rather than against the natural mumps virus a person would catch in the real world.

Merck irrelevantly and deceptively added animal antibodies to the test results, thus giving the false appearance of strong human immune response to the vaccine.

On top of that, Merck faked the quantitative results of the tests to which the animal antibodies had been added.

Here is where these two Merck whistle blowers and Thompson, the CDC whistle blower, intersect:

In 2004, according to a report I have seen, Thompson wrote a letter to CDC Director, Julie Gerberding, warning her that he was about to present troubling and sensitive data about the MMR vaccine at an upcoming conference on vaccines and autism.

Thompson’s meaning was clear. He had found a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Gerberding never answered his letter, and Thompson’s presentation at that conference was canceled.

Gerberding left the CDC in 2009.

She moved on to become…

The president of Merck Vaccines, the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine.

Major media consider this a non-story, on the level of a can of overflowing garbage on a quiet street corner.

Well, they have to consider it a non-story. If they reported it and pressed it and dug deep into it, they could fracture the pillars of the entire vaccine establishment.

In order to get at the whole truth (or refute any of the charges raised in this article), Congress needs to hold hearings, and competent committee members need to question, at length, William Thompson, the two Merck whistle blowers, and Julie Gerberding.

I say the chance of that happening is close to zero. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I see no sign Congress is willing to step up to the plate.

Too many drug-company lobbyists, too much campaign money from the drug companies, too much fear of going up against entrenched “scientists” who keep claiming all vaccines are safe and effective.

We’ve heard, from sources other than President Trump, that he is going to order a task force to investigate vaccine safety. We’ll see if it happens.

Earlier this year, I wrote about a group of CDC employees who are anonymously chomping at the bit to expose criminal behavior at their agency.

They call themselves the Spider Group—Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research. They have penned a letter to the CDC’s chief of staff, Carmen S. Villar:

Here is the explosive accusation they make:

“We are a group of scientists at CDC that are very concerned about the current state of ethics at our agency. It appears that our mission is being influenced and shaped by outside parties and rogue interests. It seems that our mission and Congressional intent for our agency is being circumvented by some of our leaders. What concerns us most, is that it is becoming the norm and not the rare exception.”

“Some senior management officials at CDC are clearly aware and even condone these behaviors. Others see it and turn the other way. Some staff are intimidated and pressed to do things they know are not right.”

“We have representatives from across the agency that witness this unacceptable behavior. It occurs at all levels and in all of our respective units. These questionable and unethical practices threaten to undermine our credibility and reputation as a trusted leader in public health.”

Since this initial explosion, I have heard nothing from the Spider Group. Perhaps they are waiting for a signal from President Trump that it is safe to proceed.

There is too much waiting. Whistle blower William Thompson is waiting for Congress to subpoena him. Congress is sitting on its hands, waiting. The two Merck whistle blowers are waiting for their law suit to move forward.

Children’s futures and lives are on the line.

Every day that passes brings new vaccine damage.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

16 comments on “Julie and the boys: CDC, Merck, vaccines

  1. rightwingconservativenewsblog says:

    Reblogged this on Right Wing Conservative News Blog and commented:
    “…there are several titanic unresolved issues surrounding research fraud at the CDC, involving the MMR vaccine.”

  2. Kenneth T. says:

    The Truth Shall Set You Free (but first, it will piss you off)

  3. RE: Children’s futures and lives are on the line. Every day that passes brings new vaccine damage.

    This is why we need to talk, please. Thank you.

  4. S. Englert says:

    I wonder how often vaccines are administered to the general public before their safety and effectiveness is established. For instance, the Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) vaccine is being given to pregnant women, though its safety and effectiveness remain under study. The CDC website says “The whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine is very safe for you and your unborn baby,” while the product information inserts at the FDA website say: “Safety and effectiveness of Adacel and BOOSTRIX (manufacturer brand names of the Tdap vaccine) have not been established in pregnant women.” The contradiction is amplified by research underway at the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program (VVRP), which is being done with $1 million in CDC funds, presumably to prove or support the CDC safety claims. https://news.vanderbilt.edu/2015/07/09/gates-grant-bolsters-study-of-tdap-boosters-in-pregnant-women/ The effectiveness of transferring an expectant mother’s immunity to her fetus apparently hasn’t been established either, considering a $307,000 Gates Foundation grant to VVRP.

    • Kenneth T. says:

      “I wonder how often vaccines are administered to the general public before their safety and effectiveness is established.”

      I believe that is part of the plan. I mean they need to test this stuff on people (or just fake the numbers) to get it approved, right? ***that’s my opinion, of course, yours might be totally different.

  5. robertwachsmuth says:


  6. robertwachsmuth says:


  7. desireerover says:

    There is NOT ONE vaccine that does anything else but pushing the vaccine pathogen(s) deeply into the body, without any hope of solution…
    Vaccinated individuals are shedding these pathogens like mad for weeks, and thus are dangerous to their environment…
    The Merck law suit was about the leaves of the vaccine tree, nobody ever spoke about the roots.
    And the roots of the modern day vaccination programs lie in the absolutely faulty ideas and actions of Edward Jenner (not even his own, and NO, he was not an MD, unless we translate thois in medical devil….
    Jenner confused two different pathogens — cowpox, an illness only on the teats of cows, and smallpox, a human disease raging in men, women and children. To protect agains smallpox he variolated his own son and the son of his gardener with all sorts of crap: cowpox pus, pus from infections of other animals, and horse grease, the pus of infected horse’s heels…
    Jenner’s very primitive investigations with downright wrong conclusions, and his variolations have been contaminating the bodies of vaccine recipients ever since 1798 with tuberculosis and syphilis, and also have poisoned the human genome with genetic information from other species.
    (Jenner’s son died at 20 or 21 from tuberculosis… thank you, dad!).

    Modern day vaccines are all made on culture mediums of other species: chickens, dogs, monkeys, and even on the cells of aborted human babies. And/or virus like particles are being genetically manipulated into existence by recombinant DNA technology in cells of yeast or of an insect (Merck’s Gardasil and Cervarix HPV vaccines).
    Way to go… very scientific!

    Vaccination is the biggest lie there is, vaccination is a satanic blood cult religion that can only bring damage, grief and death.
    And THAT, I am concluding after 20+ years of study, is its PURPOSE!

    • Greg C. says:

      It is Rape of the immune system. Could it be that autism is not neurological, but a reaction of the developing autonomic nervous system to incomprehensible violence? Another variation of PTSD?

  8. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Does the US NAS review annual budgets and programs of the CDC for Congress?

    In physical sciences the real scoundrels are US NAS (National Academy of Sciences) members that review the budgets and programs of the federal research agencies for Congress, NOT scientists in federal research agencies (DOE, EPA, NASA, NSF, NOAA, etc.)

  9. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    The answer appears to be “yes,” CDC is part of the NIOSH budget and programs that are reviewed by the US National Academies of Sciences:


    Administrators of federal agencies like the CDC are forced to follow guidelines outlined by the US NAS.

  10. ‘The Truth About Vaccines’ is very revealing. Also Dr Brownstein is very vocal about vaccines. Press your representative for Congress to make a move.

  11. Dante says:

    I wonder how nervous old Julie girl is about Doe vs Merck. I have been following the court case on pacermonitor. Lots of evidence listed.

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