Ann Coulter UC Berkeley clash reveals massive covert op

Ann Coulter UC Berkeley clash reveals massive covert op

by Jon Rappoport

April 25, 2017

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter’s scheduled speech at the U of California Berkeley is off, it’s on, it’s been delayed, the student groups sponsoring her appearance are suing the University, she’ll speak indoors, she’ll speak outdoors, and on it goes.

University officials have said they can’t guarantee Coulter’s security, unless, apparently, she gives her speech during the week in the afternoon while most students are studying for their final exams. Why don’t they schedule her talk somewhere in Alaska at three in the morning? That’ll work, and free speech will emerge victorious.

Aside from paid agitators brought in from the outside by George Soros money, the student body at the University is opposed to Coulter speaking, or they’re too passive to care, or they’re too cowed to step up and demand she has the right to air her ideas.

Here is the op: the University bosses have brought all this on themselves. Their claim that they can’t protect Coulter may be true, but that’s because, for decades, professors have been teaching crap and pap and programmatic socialism and various forms of collectivism, and they have purposely neglected the Bill of Rights and individual freedom.

University bosses have been seeding departments with teachers who are so far to the Left they can’t get dressed in the morning without government aid. And the radical Left is all about debate only in the sense that they want to curtail it, shut it down, destroy dissident voices, and thereby save the world.

So naturally, in the fullness of time, students are going to follow suit and get in line. Rational discussion of opposing ideas? Never heard of it. Why in the world would they allow Ann Coulter on campus to spread dangerous thoughts?

Dangerous=someone somehow might start to think on his/her own, against the prevailing tide.

There is no room for this at UC Berkeley.

Behind this buzzing swarming cloud of totalitarian policy, there are, of course, genuine issues students could be investigating. But that must not happen. I’m talking about money, as in: who is sponsoring research projects at Berkeley? Projects related to the war machine; psychiatric “mental health” toxic-drug research; GMO research; and other mega-corporate favorites.

For example, the book, “Engineering and War: Militarism, Ethics, Institutions, Alternatives,” mentions a $70 million program that links no less than 200 US colleges in a Homeland Security program, to establish a DHS “center of excellence.” “Experts” from UC Berkeley are involved. What’s that all about? Colleges all over the US are cooperating and collaborating.

“Well, let’s keep that project quiet. Instead, let’s have students protesting and rioting against free speech. Let’s have them feeling triggered and demanding safe spaces where they can drink hot chocolate and play with model trains and dolls.”

For many decades, US colleges have been feeding from a federal money trench to aid and abet the national security state. That would include expanding surveillance on American citizens, profiling, and various forms of propaganda, for starters. If you factor in DARPA, the research arm of the Pentagon, you would be talking about research on the brain and cutting edge mind control.

But instead, no, don’t look there; keep Ann Coulter from speaking at Berkeley. Save humanity.

As I reported several months ago, 25% of US college students, last year, were diagnosed or treated for a mental disorder. Let’s not have students thinking about that. Let’s not have them thinking about the toxic effects of the psychiatric drugs. No. Let’s not have them realize they’re guinea pigs in an unending op to addle their brains.

Instead, let’s have them keep Ann Coulter from speaking at Berkeley.

And certainly, as colleges and universities across the US raise their tuition and matriculating costs to the sky—BECAUSE the federal government has a deep-pockets student loan program—let’s not make that connection. Instead, let’s saddle college graduates with massive debt.

As they walk off campus for the last time, contemplating their future of trying to pay down that debt, they can congratulate themselves, because they kept Ann Coulter from coming to Berkeley.

And thus saved the world.

“What did you do at college, Daddy?”

“You mean way back when, before I went on Welfare? I kept a fascist from giving a speech. I can’t remember her name now. But she was a threat, believe me. We had guts. It took a few thousand of us to keep her away. There were rumors she was bringing a few tanks and weaponized anthrax with her…”

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

29 comments on “Ann Coulter UC Berkeley clash reveals massive covert op

  1. The Harp says:

    This is merely a symptom of a disease that infects our entire nation.
    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire

  2. rightwingconservativenewsblog says:

    Reblogged this on Right Wing Conservative News Blog and commented:
    Ann Coulter: one of the Original Patriots, when it was still dangerous to be one.

  3. elliottjab says:

    Reblogged this on elliottjab and commented:
    More truths & nuggets for the left to fear and hate. Thanx Jon.

  4. skedaddle says:

    I knew a kid working on a DARPA project at a small midwestern university (enrollment 6500). He got a job with them straight after graduation. That’s how far the tentacles of the government reach – clear into the rural heartland. Cancer is the most apt comparison.

  5. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    I was at UC Berkeley in 1962-64 doing graduate and postdoctoral research in physics. In hindsight, 55 yrs later,

    1. It was refreshing to have free access to communist propaganda for the first time;

    2. Stalin had already sold physicists their own inflated sense of self-importance (egos) 17-19 years earlier . . .

    and was using them to build an altered awareness of reality described by a scheme of quantum mechanics that ordinary citizens could not grasp.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      That is why today, no physic faculty member at UC-Berkeley or other top-ranked university will publicly admit or deny:

      1. The logical error Weizsäcker and Chadwick made in 1935 by denying Rutherford’s 1920 assertion the neutron is “an electron-proton pair in close combination and

      2. The actual energy released in every known beta-decay is exactly:

      _ a.) 0.782 MeV greater than Weizsäcker-Chadwick predicted for electron-emission, and

      _ b.) 0.782 MeV less than Weizsäcker-Chadwick predicted for positron-emission or electron capture

      This simple logical error is the foundation of the UN’s Matrix of Deceit: Standard Models of the Nucleus, Sun, Earth’s Climate and the Cosmos that isolated humanity from REALITY (God).

  6. Vernon Devine says:

    I would never waste my time listening to this right wing idiot but I do believe in free speech so I do not think people should try to block her from speeking.

    • joz says:

      Don’t want to listen to her…. Don’t! No one is demanding or forcing you! But don’t deny her the right to free speech!

  7. JB says:

    When my wife and I attended college, we were grateful we could do so, and both of us worked our tails off in our “free” time to pay for it. I rarely had time for speeches or other campus frills. I was too busy studying, working to pay for the studies, and taking care of a burgeoning family. Any free time I had left over was largely spent on career objectives.

    These kids causing all this havoc are aimless, pampered, and retarded fools.

  8. fauxscienceslayer says:

    “Berkeley Police Support Antifa Violence” at TheConservativeTreehouse….

    Video of Berkeley PD firing stun grenades at Trump supporters, MSM claim fireworks.

  9. From Quebec says:

    FlashBack: Ann Coulter Got Laughed At For Predicting Trump Win More Than a Year Ago

  10. bob klinck says:

    What do the university administrators mean by saying that they can’t guarantee protection for a person who is on campus to deliver a speech? Surely arrest or suspension are means readily at their disposal for dealing with boors who breach the peace of their institution? They should be fired if they won’t deal with this situation.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      I agree in principle, but in practice the highest positions in universities today are filled with those who successfully attract federal funds to the university and build gladiator sports arenas for the public.

  11. CPP says:

    Speaking of narcissistic personality disorder (two posts back), her picture is next to that entry in the DSM.

    • Greg C. says:

      “Narcissist” is quickly becoming as meaningless a word as “fascist.” You just slap it onto anyone who is outspoken and contradicts the official narrative.

      • CPP says:

        That may be, although there seem to be many of both around. Many in politics and the world of celebrity are much more narcissistic than your average person. Ann Coulter exhibits this character corruption to a very obvious and extreme degree, for those who can recognize it. She displays a total incapacity for empathy, and a stark inability to be self-critical. All emotion is drained out and replaced with a mask of righteous posturing. She’s a provocateur, entirely absorbed in seeing her reflection in the reactions of others.

        It’s not like the left is without its own… Bill Maher comes to mind.

        Then there’s this on Hillary:

        And here’s an interesting piece I read years ago: “Michael Moore as a symptom of the culture of narcissism” (And this [Moore] is the guy who called Trump a “malignant narcissist”…I guess he would know.):

        (Note from that piece, considering your reply to my comment under “Insane shrinks…”: “If we could talk in the language of ethics rather than of medicine, we might say that personality disorders comprise patterns of knowing, evil conduct.”)

        • Greg C. says:

          I like Ann Coulter, because she, and Milo, and Alex Jones, have consciously adopted a narcissistic persona for a good purpose. Trump understood it early on, that in order to be successful in his business, he had to have a huge ego. So he cultivated it. All of these people are not arrogant, abusive, and manipulative to people in general. They can switch off their game persona around family, friends, and non-competitors when the camera is off. I think that is healthy – just as it is healthy for a doctor to learn to be coldly calculating when cutting into a human being, when that same trait would be murderous in anyone else.

          With people like the Clintons, they do the reverse. They have the nice persona in public, and reserve their narcissism for when the cameras are off. When you actually do harm to people – rape, murder, defame, steal (real criminal theft) – now you have a problem. You have good reason to be ashamed, so you cultivate the nice persona, and manipulate other people to go along with the act. Big difference between the criminal mind and the successful artist or businessman. You’ve gotta make that distinction.

          • CPP says:

            “I like Ann Coulter”…Oh dear. She’s not that good of an actor. No one is.

            Speaking of AJ’s persona, I hear it came up in his custody battle recently, where his high-priced lawyers argued that his being an unhinged maniac on air was just “performance art.” Of course then he had to run damage control when people started calling him out as being fake. He also apparently said in court that he couldn’t remember his kids’ ages and grades because he had had a big bowl of chili for lunch…WTF!? (I have to credit Josh Reeves of The Global Reality for this hilarious info.)

            • Greg C. says:

              It’s more subtle than acting. Putting on a persona is really what everyone does, consciously or subconsciously. The difference is, most of us adopt a persona that protects us in some way. We all put our game face on when we go to work, and other public places. We put our virtual game face on when we communicate online. What most people can’t stand is when someone adopts a persona that is designed to irritate or draw angry responses from certain corners. It’s not acting – when it is done anonymously, we call it trolling. We can invent ourselves, and we do, whether we acknowledge it or not.

              Put yourself in AJ’s shoes. He has gone through a turbulent year in his home life, things are not exactly normal there. So he evaded the “gotcha” question rather than risk a wrong answer in court.

            • CPP says:

              I’ll leave you to your rhetorical gymnastics in trying to deny her obviously poisonous character.

              Re. Jones, I don’t know how to tie crazy shoes.

              Oh, and he apparently went on to blame George Soros for spreading this performer idea when it came through his own lawyers. […]

  12. You Can't Fight in Here, This is the War Room says:

    Why aren’t the trust fund SJW heroes with their Guy Fawkes masks and Cliché Guevara shirts from Hot Topic down in Venezuela supporting the peasants?
    It should be class credit to go down the glorious socialist paradise of Venezuela and scrounge for food in dumpsters for the good of the collective.
    They should wear brown shirts with sporty armbands when thought criminal heretic Ann Coulter speaks.
    Spotlights could be shined to form a cathedral and books by republican scum could be burned.

  13. Jr. Samples says:

    Left/Right Paradigm is by nature a divisive mechanism. Any case, DHS is a right wing institution. DARPA is also. It isn’t leftists that will break down your door and disappear your ass.

  14. artemisix says:

    What do you mean by “the Left”? Like it is this monolithic organization…. It seems to me there are people who fall for the mainstream media drivel, and those who DON’T. If you buy in to the left vs right theme, I find it inaccurate. Yes, yes it is nice yo have an enemy, to be in the “IN” group. As if being on the RIGHT , clearly indicates an openness to inquiry…….and an ability to engage in dialogue. So, WHO is it? Who or what IS the enemy? Ignorance? Close mindedness? Dogma? Apathy? I know some old Hippies that have NOT lost their mental flexibility. They can still question authority. Others have grown feeble, from hardship and disease and need the comfort of authority. It is relaxing for some it seems to me to simply OBEY and NOT to think. That is where they want to be. Are THEY the enemy? Is that what you mean by the left?

  15. Terry Schiller says:

    Current “free speech” at Berkeley must have Mario Savio rolling over in his grave.

  16. DAVID H MENDE says:

    The Reds are Black.
    Communism by any name would smell as foul.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      David, the communists were at UC-Berkeley in 1962-64, but I was too stupid to see that they had taken over “Consensus Scientific Models of Reality until Climategate emails surfaced in Nov 2009 and then a UC-Berkeley Professor tried to rescue the scoundrels.

  17. Lol Jon, Ann Coulter, come on now?

    If there was any “justification” for censorship, she would be it.


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