Trump fires Comey: spin doctors go wild in the swamp

Trump fires Comey: spin doctors go wild in the swamp

by Jon Rappoport

May 10, 2017

In the political swamp that is Washington, and in the press swamp, motor boats began speeding every which way in the wake of Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director Comey.

People in the boats are holding up signs to explain the reason for the firing.

The first sign was: COMEY LIED. Comey lied the other day. He lied in testimony before Congress, when he said Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s long-time aide, had sent “hundreds and thousands” of emails to her husband, Anthony Weiner, some of which contained classified information. The truth was, the FBI says, contradicting Comey, a great many of those emails were merely “backed up” on Weiner’s laptop via “backup devices.” Huh? Does that actually mean something? Weiner obtained those emails out of the sky, delivered by a chariot, and not from Huma? Weiner’s laptop was serving as a storage device, a personal little cloud? Somebody not connected to the Hillary campaign was using the social-media’s porn star as a backup for classified data? Who would that be? Putin? Putin hacked the Hillary/DNC emails, and sent them to both WikiLeaks and Anthony Weiner? “Hi Anthony. Vlad here. Keep these thousands of emails for posterity.”

The next motor boat running through the swamp featured a sign that said: COMEY SCREWED UP THE HILLARY INVESTIGATION. This sign can be interpreted several ways, depending on who is in the boat. One, Comey didn’t press the investigation into Hillary’s personal email server far enough last summer and fall. He stalled it. He didn’t ask for an indictment. That’s why Trump fired him yesterday. Trump didn’t fire Comey right after he was elected president, when it would have been a simple bye bye. No, Trump waited five months and then lowered the boom. Sure.

The other meaning of COMEY SCREWED UP THE HILLARY INVESTIGATION is: Comey improperly told the world (last summer) that the FBI was investigating Hillary. His announcement influenced the election. The FBI is supposed to keep absolutely quiet about ongoing investigations. Comey didn’t. Then he publicly closed the book on the investigation, opened it again, and closed it again. That’s why Trump just fired him. Again, Trump waited five months after the election and then got rid of Comey. And of course, Trump was morally outraged that Comey exposed Hillary in the first place, when Comey should have remained silent. Sure. That makes a lot of sense.

The next motor boat speeding across the swamp held up a big sign that said, TRUMP FIRED COMEY TO STOP THE FBI FROM INVESTIGATING THE TRUMP-RUSSIA CONNECTION. You see, for five months, Trump happily left Comey in place, knowing Comey was investigating him, Trump, and yesterday Trump had enough of that, so he fired the FBI director. Right.

The next motor boat in the swamp held up a sign that said, THIS IS NIXON ALL OVER AGAIN, THIS IS TRUMP’S WATERGATE. The sign refers to the last sign, but ups the ante. And there is another sign that says, in the same vein, NOW WE CAN IMPEACH TRUMP. And another one that says, APPOINT AN INDEPENDENT COUNSEL TO INVESTIGATE THE TRUMP-RUSSIA CONNECTION.

I’m waiting for Bob Woodward of Watergate fame to step in and say, “It’s all right, folks, I’m on the case. I’ll handle it. I was just eating lunch and sipping a fine wine in my underground parking garage when a shadowy figure stepped out of the gloom and whispered, ‘My throat is deep, and I’ll spoon-feed you secrets for the next year, but you’ll have to dig up the facts. Everybody is involved in the cover-up. Comey, Sessions, Pence, Bannon, Conway, Ivanka, Putin, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Stalin.”

So why did Trump fire Comey yesterday?

I don’t know, but the short answer might be: Comey’s boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, told Trump to get rid of Comey. Sessions made the call.

Sessions now has a specific plan to make the FBI over in the image he prefers. Sessions wants to shape the Bureau according to his agendas. Sessions has looked into the Bureau and he now knows which people he wants to fire. He wants to get rid of the Obama crowd. He wants loyalists. He doesn’t want a Dept. of Justice that is going in one direction, while the FBI is going in another. Sessions wants a predictable FBI. His own.

Joel Pollak, writing at Breitbart, has a simpler answer to the question, why fire Comey now? Pollak writes:

“But why fire Comey now? The answer is simple. The day before, President Barack Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper repeated, under oath, what he told NBC News’ Chuck Todd on Meet the Press on March 5 — that he had seen no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. That gave the Trump administration the breathing room to dismiss Comey — which it simply did not have before.”

In other words, now Trump can’t be accused of firing Comey to stop “the truth” emerging about a Trump-Russia collusion, because there isn’t any collusion.

Theoretically, that might be the case—but the spin machine doesn’t care about the truth or who is right and who is wrong. The machine keeps running. Those motor boats keep moving across the swamp. Signs come out. People yell and scream.

Chuck Schumer may soon compare Trump to Benedict Arnold.

For the past 65 years, the CIA has been infiltrating media and promoting many messages. In certain cases, an op involves promoting CONFLICTING messages, because the intent is sowing discord, chaos, and division. In this instance (Comey/Trump), it’s a walk in the park (or a ride in the swamp). All sorts of people on both sides already have steam coming out of their ears, without any nudging or provocation.

A child could run this spin counter-spin op.

And we’re just getting started.

power outside the matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

35 comments on “Trump fires Comey: spin doctors go wild in the swamp

  1. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    I will post short comments since my phone is now disrupted by occassional messages: A problem occurred with this web page so it was reloaded

    • Chuck Morrison says:

      I find that occasionally emptying the trash, deleting the call logs, and restarting the phone will put a stop to such problems. We tend to lose track of time.

  2. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Congratulations, President Trump! You tossed another ‘gator out of the swamp. Now his close friends are really mad.

    • Eileen Kuch says:

      I agree 100%, Oliver .. Now, it’s time for Trump to fire H. W. McMasters, another ‘gator in the swamp. McMasters made assurances to South Korea without consulting his boss, Trump, and that doesn’t sit well.

  3. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    The US NAS may well be the most ferocious ‘gator.

    The US NAS has already effectively castrated your new Secretrary of Energy, Rick Perry, by retaining control of future reviews of DOE’s programs and budgets for Congress.

    May the force be with you, Donald. You’ll need it!

  4. Clouseau Comey was groomed for his FBI role with years of DOD bid rigging at Lockheed and money laundering at HSBC. His proven racketeering was key to appointment.

    “Where is Eric Braverman” investigation series on YouTube, grand jury level evidence

  5. Dana Doran says:

    Yeah, but wouldn’t it be fun if under a new FBI director, suddenly on the 5 o’clock news, there was Hillary in handcuffs, with a look of unbelief, screaming, “at this point, what difference does it make?”

  6. Chrissy says:

    Excellent analysis, Jon! My head is spinning with all the Lies and half-truths. Just what they want, spinning. But your last theory rings true! Sessions wants to rebuild the FBI His Way, Too bad Trump needs Sessions to ACT…..but it’s all in the timing. Either way, I’m glad Mr. Flip Flop is out.

  7. Tom says:

    This is the beginning of an agenda the People want to see coming from Trump. The demons are scared s****less right now because they know their time is near extinction and have to face their master to report their failures. Therefore, they are going to put up a lot of resistance. We just need to stand strong and support Trump by getting more involved, write to your public servants more and more. With Sessions in office, there seems to be some support for the People now, when, in the past, that support was not there. We have to get this ball rolling to restore our Republic. There is no better time than now. Yes, good article Jon!

  8. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Demons are naturally selfish. Soon they will start abandoning ship, like the self-sustaining chain of nuclear fission reactions or rats on a sinking ship, when they finally realize their game is up.

    That is why I have been pushing scientists, both publicly and privately, to step out and address the error in calculating nuclear energy that has isolated humanity from reality for the past eighty-two years (1935-2017 = 82 years):

  9. By Kevin says:

    Jon, don’t forget the real journalism of pointing out the letter that the assistant AG wrote to Trump. Seems to be lost in the kurfuffle.

  10. Chuck Morrison says:

    Arresting Hillary and her pals, revealing pedogate participants, etc., would be great, but it would end up being another distraction to keep the sheeple from focusing on things like the impending global financial crisis leading to WWIII, Fukushima killing all life in the Pacific, Trump surrounding himself with Goldman Sachs Banksters and suddenly deciding he hates everyone Israel hates (convenient), continuing to allow the importation of terrorists into the country, and blah, blah, swampy, swampy, biz per usual………Until there is a bankster, or a lawyer, or a globalist CEO, or a democrat or republican politician, or a toad-bloated bureaucrat hanging from every lamp post in DC and every major US city, NOTHING WILL TRULY CHANGE! How can we show God we have repented of our national sins if we don’t do away with the Liars, Thieves, and Murderers who sin in OUR name? MILLIONS have died, been injured, or been irreparably harmed financially because of US policy and practice in the 20th and 21st centuries. Justice WILL be done, one way or another.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      I agree, Chuck. We do not need to punish those who deceived us. If President Trump can force the US NAS to defend or deny the logical error in Weizsacker’s and Chadwick’s 1935 calculation of nuclear energy, ,

      Humanity may experience a new scientific-spiritual awakening to reality-truth-God that will eliminate the need for punishment.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      The immediate proximity of a Higher Power that made and sustains every atom, life and planet in the solar system might enhance the value of moral principles in curbing natural selfishness induced by our survival instinct.

    • John Boyt says:

      For sure justice will be done, but not by human hands – it is far too late for that. Financially, we have no means of repaying over 20 trillion, nor refilling the pension tanks, nor building a wall, nor upgrading our roads, bridges, etc., except for a minuscule amount. We will only succeed in patching here and there, unless a divine miracle intervenes. That miracle entails the mass repentance of the America population, an event that isn’t going to happen. America is too far gone for this to occur.

  11. willardy says:

    Comey will just find another government job. He isn’t gone nor will there be restitution for his corruption. Not good enough in my opinion.

  12. More butthurt Demoncrats

  13. Skid Marx says:

    Esteemed Party Member Comrade Comey can now join the heroic resistance.
    WWII resistance fighters in occupied countries have nothing on these trust fund SJW heroes in America.
    Forward! The Great Leap Forward.

  14. Webmaster Pincus III says:

    Nobody had the balls to fire that faggot J. Edgar Hoover.
    Then came Trump!
    The short hairs on his testicles straightened up: Comey!!! & he made his decision…
    But it’s just another day in the Deep Swamp .

  15. Ray says:

    I wouldn’t put any significance into Comey’s firing. New skin doesn’t change a reptile’s behavior.

  16. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    If President Trump forces the US NAS to defend or deny the logical error in Weizsacker’s and Chadwick’s 1935 calculation of nuclear energy, ,

    Humanity will experience a new scientific-spiritual awakening to reality-truth-God that will fulfill the purpose of the life of PAUL KAZUO KURODA

  17. DAVID H MENDE says:

    Nobody said draining the swamp would be easy.
    President Trump, keep up the good work.
    Try to nail a few Senators.

  18. From Quebec says:

    Good to see your site back, Jon.

    White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus could also be on the chopping block as President Trump begins a purge of moderate advisers whom he feels have performed poorly when it comes to investigating the source of leaks that have proved embarrassing for the administration.
    Having been guided by moderate advisers for the last 6 weeks, Trump tried working with the Washington establishment but has come to the realization that they do not want to compromise on any issue, don’t care about the country, and are merely concerned with blocking his policy agenda.


  19. Terri says:

    Trey Gowdy would make an excellent replacement.

  20. Jon

    After Clinton, is impeachment possible?

    Comey, in my opinion, was temporarily “left in position” or the “hand over” might have been “disgruntled”.

    The Medias: mainstream, alternative or “other” rattle on….


  21. You Trump supporters are wac. “Fires Comey” … so what? It doesn’t mean he wants justice for anyone but himself and his accomplices. As if the whole Muslim ban scare thing… or the Mexican wall thing (hey, how do you trap wild boars? Anyone?), or the energy thing, or the bait and switch “health” plan thing. WAKE UP. Oh wait, he’s backtalking to CNN/Fox. Sure. Right.

  22. kotfrank says:

    But why fire Comey now? Hum, what has just happened recently that has the potential to undo the stolen power that self called “progressives” and certain religions use. Okay it may be a favoring fantasy in my head for wanting justice, equality, innate freedoms by gaining protection against forced genital modifications for males and intersex that female currently enjoy. It’s no secret Obama and the Clintons want to circ the whole world by using the false aegis of health and goodwill. Comey is their man sohe is sure to push forward circ so would make sure the spector of male circ doesn’t get a chance to be involved in the current FGM lawsuit. The USA’s first time case, which is long overdue and so this too is suspicious why did it take so long? What if Trump wants to take power away from those wielding circ (forced, coerced circ is all about power over others) so he becomes more powerful automatically, and maybe he too wants the human rights of body autonomy for all USA citizens, so then it’s best to fire Comey and bring in someone who treats all genital cutting and modification equally among all genders.

  23. Theodore says:

    The James Comey Film Dream: Episodes, voices, montage/collage

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