Huge organic farm under threat; County will invade and spray Roundup

Huge organic farm under threat: County will invade and spray Roundup if not stopped

What?? A county government is going to destroy a massive organic farm?

by Jon Rappoport

May 15, 2017

“I have a great idea. We’re the Sherman County government. We have power. Let’s claim Azure Farms can’t control their weeds. Let’s come in and invade them with Roundup and other toxic chemicals. Let’s destroy their organic farm. We know the spraying won’t wipe out the weeds—it’ll make the situation worse. But who cares? Let’s open up ourselves to massive lawsuits. I’m sure Monsanto will give us some legal help. We can set a fantastic precedent. No organic farm is safe. No organic farmer has the right to protect his land from the government. Isn’t that a terrific idea?”

Government trespass, invasion?

So far, I have seen no coverage of this issue in Oregon newspapers. Why not? Also, I find nothing on the Sherman County, Oregon, government website about a massive spraying program.

A local government is going to decimate a huge organic farm with herbicide?

Azure Farms, a 2000-acre organic farm in Oregon, states it is under threat from the local Sherman County government. Why? Because Sherman County officials are re-interpreting a law concerning the “control of noxious weeds,” so it means “eradication.”

These weeds can be controlled on an organic farm, but the only way they can be eliminated (according to conventional “science”) is by spraying. And that means Roundup and other toxic chemicals. That would decimate the organic nature of the farm. That would decertify it as an organic farm.

Further, according to Azure, Sherman County plans to put a lien on the farm, forcing it to pay for the spraying.

The deadline for expressing opposition is May 22. A better deadline is May 17.

Here is the complete press release from Azure Farms and the ways to register your concern:

Azure Farms is a working, certified organic farm located in Moro, central Oregon, in Sherman County. It has been certified organic for about 18 years. The farm produces almost all the organic wheat, field peas, barley, Einkorn, and beef for Azure Standard.

Sherman County is changing the interpretation of its statutory code from controlling noxious weeds to eradicating noxious weeds. These weeds include Morning Glory, Canada Thistle, and Whitetop, all of which have been on the farm for many years, but that only toxic chemicals will eradicate.

Organic farming methods – at least as far as we know today – can only control noxious weeds—it is very difficult to eradicate them.

Sherman County may be issuing a Court Order on May 22, 2017 to quarantine Azure Farms and possibly to spray the whole farm with poisonous herbicides, contaminating them with Milestone, Escort and Roundup herbicides.

This will destroy all the efforts Azure Farms has made for years to produce the very cleanest and healthiest food humanly possible. About 2,000 organic acres would be impacted; that is about 1.5 times the size of the city center of Philadelphia that is about to be sprayed with noxious, toxic, polluting herbicides.

The county would then put a lien on the farm to pay for the expense of the labor and chemicals used.

Contact Sherman County Court before May 17 when the next court discussion will be held.
Contact info:
1. Via email at or
2. Call Lauren at 541-565-3416.

Show Sherman County that people care about their food NOT containing toxic chemicals.

Overwhelm the Sherman County representatives with your voices!

—end of Azure Farms statement—

Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor to, has been covering this story. He reached out and obtained a devastating letter from agricultural scientist, Charles Benbrook. Benbrook has his critics within the conventional pesticide and GMO research community. Here is Smith’s piece and Dr. Benbrook’s letter:

Yesterday I fielded an article concerning a rather distressing mandate by an Oregon county weed control agency seeking to force the application of hazardous herbicides onto a 2,000 acre organic farm owned by Azure Farms. Sherman County Oregon maintains this scorched earth policy is necessary to abate, or more specifically “eradicate”, weeds listed by state statute as noxious.

Now, the scientific community is responding to this overreaching government action by acting in the interests of health and responsible environmental stewardship through advocacy in the hopes that officials in Sherman County will reconsider their mandate.

Dr. Charles Benbrook is a highly credentialed research professor and expert serving on several boards of directors for agribusiness and natural resources organizations. Having read news of Sherman County’s actions, he penned an authoritative response I believe will make informative reading for those concerned by present and future implications in the forced use of herbicides under the rubric of noxious weed eradication, and the damage to organic farming generally arising from such mandates.

Charles Benbrook has a PhD in agricultural economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an undergraduate degree from Harvard University. He currently is a Visiting Professor at Newcastle University in the UK…

He was a Research Professor at Washington State University from 2012-2015, and served as the Chief Scientist of The Organic Center from 2006-2012. He was the Executive Director of the Board on Agriculture in the National Academy of Sciences from 1984-1990. He was the staff director of the Subcommittee on Department [USDA] Operations, Research, and Foreign Agriculture of the House Committee on Agriculture (1981-1983). He worked as an agricultural and natural resources policy expert in the Council for Environmental Quality in the last 1.5 years of the Carter Administration. He began Benbrook Consulting Services (BCS) in 1990, and continues to carry out projects with a wide range of clients via BCS

He coauthors an informative website

I reached out to Dr. Benbrook and received permission to reprint his letter in the hope that with more attention, including that from the scientific community, we can arrive at a reasonable solution to the county’s concerns. Here is Dr. Benbrook’s letter:…

Tom McCoy
Joe Dabulskis

Sherman County Commissioners

Lauren Hernandez
Administrative Assistant
Sherman County, Oregon

Rod Asher
Sherman Country Weed District Supervisor
Moro, Oregon

Alexis Taylor
Oregon Department of Agriculture

Dear Ms. Hernandez el al:

I live in Wallowa County. I learned today of the recent, dramatic change in the Sherman County noxious weed control program and the plan to forcibly spray a 2,000-acre organic farm in the county.

Over a long career, I have studied herbicide use and efficacy, public and private weed control efforts, the linkages between herbicide use and the emergence and spread of resistant weeds, and the public health and environmental impacts of herbicide use and other weed management strategies.

I served for six years, along with fellow Oregonian Barry Bushue, past-president of the Oregon Farm Bureau, on the USDA’s AC 21 Agricultural Biotechnology Advisory Committee. Issues arising from herbicide use were a frequent topic of discussion during our Committee’s deliberations.

I have published multiple scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals on glyphosate, its human health risks, and the impact of genetically engineered crops on overall herbicide use and the spread of resistant weeds. In a separate email, I will forward you copies of my published research relevant to the use of herbicides, and glyphosate in particular.

The notion that Sherman County can eradicate noxious weeds by blanket herbicide spraying is deeply misguided. I cannot imagine a single, reputable university weed scientist in the State supporting the idea that an herbicide-based noxious weed eradication program would work (i.e., eradicate the target weeds) in Oregon, or any other state. To hear another opinion from one of the State’s most widely known and respected weed scientists, I urge the County to consult with Dr. Carol Mallory-Smith, Oregon State University.

I also doubt any corporate official working for Monsanto, the manufacturer of glyphosate (Roundup), would agree or endorse the notion that any long-established weed in Sherman County, noxious or otherwise, could be eradicated via blanket spraying with Roundup, or for that matter any combination of herbicides.

Before proceeding with any county-mandated herbicide use justified by the goal of eradication, I urge the County to seek concurrence from the herbicide manufacturer that they believe use of their product will likely eradicate your named, target, noxious weeds.

Given that almost no one with experience in weed management believes that any long-established weed, noxious or otherwise, can be eradicated with herbicides, one wonders why the County has adopted such a draconian change in its noxious weed control program. I can think of two plausible motivations – a desire by companies and individuals involved in noxious weed control activities, via selling or applying herbicides, to increase business volume and profits; or, an effort to reduce or eliminate acreage in the Country that is certified organic.

Weeds are classified as noxious when they prone to spread, are difficult to control, and pose a public health or economic threat to citizens, public lands, and/or farming and ranching operations. Ironically, by far the fastest growing and mostly economically damaging noxious weeds in the U.S. are both noxious and spreading because they have developed resistance to commonly applied herbicides, and especially glyphosate.

There is near-universal agreement in the weed science community nationwide, and surely as well in the PNW, that over-reliance on glyphosate (Roundup) over the last two decades has created multiple, new noxious weeds posing serious economic, environmental, and public health threats.

In fact, over 120 million acres of cultivated cropland in the U.S. is now infested with one or more glyphosate-resistant weed (for details, see

The majority of glyphosate-resistant weeds are in the Southeast and Midwest, where routine, year-after-year planting of Roundup Ready crops has led to heavy and continuous selection pressure on weed populations, pressure that over three-to-six years typically leads to the evolution of genetically resistant weed phenotypes, that can then take off, spreading across tens of millions of acres in just a few years.

Ask any farmer in Georgia, or Iowa, or Arkansas whether they would call “noxious” the glyphosate-resistant kochia, Palmer amaranth, Johnson grass, marestail, or any of a dozen other glyphosate-resistant weeds in their fields.

It is virtually certain that an herbicide-based attempt to eradicate noxious weeds in Sherman County would fail. It would also be extremely costly, and would pose hard-to-predict collateral damage on non-target plants from drift, and on human health and the environment. But even worse, it would also, almost certainly, accelerate the emergence and spread of a host of weeds resistant to the herbicides used in the program.

This would, in turn, leave the county, and the county’s farmers with not just their existing suite of noxious weeds to deal with, but a new generation of them resistant to glyphosate, or whatever other herbicides are widely used.

Sherman County’s proposal, while perhaps well meaning, will simply push the herbicide use-resistant weed treadmill into high gear. Just as farmers in other parts of the county have learned over the last 20 years, excessive reliance on glyphosate, or herbicides over-all, accomplishes only one thing reliably – it accelerates the emergence and spread of resistant weeds, requiring applications of more, and often more toxic herbicides, and so on before some one, or something breaks this vicious cycle.

I urge you to take into account two other consequences if the County pursues this deeply flawed strategy. Certified organic food products grown and processed in Oregon, and distributed by Oregon-based companies like Azure and the Organically Grown Company, are highly regarded throughout the U.S. for exceptional quality, consistency, and value.

Plus, export demand is growing rapidly across several Pacific Rim nations for high-value, certified organic foods and wine from Oregon. Triggering a high-profile fight over government-mandated herbicide spraying on certified organic fields in Sherman County will come as a shock to many people, who are under the impression that all Oregonians, farmers and consumers alike, are committed to a vibrant, growing, and profitable organic food industry.

Does Sherman County really want to erode this halo benefiting the marketing of not just organic products, but all food and beverages from Oregon?

Second, if Sherman County is serious about weed eradication, it will have to mandate widespread spraying countywide, and not just on organic farms, and not just for one year. The public reaction will be swift, strong, and build in ferocity. It will likely lead to civil actions of the sort that can trigger substantial, unforeseen costs and consequences. I am surely not the only citizen of the State that recalls the tragic events last year in Malheur County.

Plus, I guarantee you that the County, the herbicide applicators, and the manufacturers of the herbicides applied, under force of law on organic or other farms, will face a torrent of litigation seeking compensatory damages for loss of reputation, health risks, and the loss of premium markets and prices.

I have followed litigation of this sort for decades, and have served as an expert witness in several herbicide-related cases. While it is obviously premature to start contemplating the precise legal theories and statutes that will form the crux of future litigation, the County should develop a realistic estimate of the legal costs likely to arise in the wake of this strategy, if acted upon, so that the County Commissioners can alert the public upfront regarding how they will raise the funds needed to deal with the costs of near-inevitable litigation.

—end of Dr. Benbrook’s letter—

Yesterday, Sunday, I emailed the Sherman County government asking them whether they really intend to pursue this lunatic program. If and when I receive an answer, I’ll post it.

I also emailed Azure Farms, asking why they believe there is no coverage of this issue in Oregon newspapers. If I get an answer, I’ll post that, too.

Ordinarily, local papers will print a stories about contentious issues, however one-sided they may be. In this case, I find nothing.

Is it possible the threat of herbicide spraying has been overstated? Why would Azure issue a release claiming the spraying is imminent if it weren’t true? Why would Azure risk getting into a wrangle with the County government if the threat weren’t real? Why isn’t there any mention of the spraying program on the Sherman County website? Does the County actually think they can keep their intentions under wraps?

“I have a great idea. Let’s claim Azure Farms can’t control their weeds. Let’s come in and invade them with Roundup and other toxic chemicals. Let’s destroy their organic farm. We know the spraying won’t wipe out the weeds—it’ll make the situation worse. But who cares? Let’s open up ourselves to massive lawsuits. I’m sure Monsanto will give us some legal help. We can set a fantastic precedent. No organic farm is safe. No organic farmer has the right to protect his land from the government. Isn’t that a terrific idea?”

power outside the matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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46 comments on “Huge organic farm under threat; County will invade and spray Roundup

  1. David Gillespie says:

    We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

  2. DONALD SISCO says:

    The email address will not go through to lhernandez at Sherman county . could you send a correction.

  3. Dana Doran says:

    Jon, I think you’ve actually missed the point. The issue is much worse than you portray. If you read Oregon’s statutes relating to weed control you would never purchase land of any type in Oregon. A weed inspector can cause, by his own power, a lien to be placed in favor of the state on your land for not controlling weeds deemed noxious by the State weed board. Oregon lawmakers are nuts. Period. The weed inspector has all the power, not the landowner.

    • Terri says:

      This is what happens under a communist form of government the entire west coast is infected and should be purged. The inherent right to property is the first thing to go. The people need to speak up and stop this.

    • Tom says:

      That statute in itself would never pass the test for a Constitutional law. People need to get more involved and make an uproar about this.

    • Rho says:

      The land of your soul was never claimed, therefore considered abandoned. All land Titles were left in a foundling hospital and is why you only receive a certificate of Title, not Title. Its called Expilatio, ” the civil law. The offense of unlawfully appropriating goods belongingto a succession. It is not technically theft (furtum) because such property no longerbelongs to the decedent, nor to the lieir, since the latter has not yet taken possession.” FDR consecrated their nation holy ground in 1933! You really think this has to do with dirt? Wake up.

  4. Big Government doing what it knows best, destruction of self-sufficiency.

  5. TwilaTharp says:

    From the The Telegraph in the UK, March 22, 2017: “Princess Anne wants to grow genetically modified crops on her estate after Brexit, she has disclosed as she said arguments against the technology were “not practical”.

    The Princess Royal, who is deeply knowledgeable about farming issues thanks to her work with rare breeds and on her Gatcombe Park estate, said gene technology will have “real benefits” to offer, and that she does “not see the problem” in improving how crops grow.”

    I was gobsmacked to read this – she’s quite the opposite to her brother, who has many faults, but now she seems to have joined him in taking an opposite stance to his organic farming pursuits. I’ve never thought she had a lack of intelligence in the past and her comments on this topic are mind bending to say the least. What a fool! You introduce Round Up on a small island like the UK and you quite possibly could wipe out its agriculture and people in my opinion.

    If you want to know the dangers in GMO watch The Truth About Cancer by Ty Bollinger, on YouTube, an 11 part series. He interviews many alternative medicine doctors and the information about GMO and its repercussions is truly shocking.

  6. Greg C. says:

    As usual, the government is looking for a new, expensive war – the war on weeds. Like the war on drugs, your rights are superseded by the quest for victory. Complete eradication – whether its weeds, drugs, the Vietcong, terrorists, it’s the same song, new verse.

  7. Terry Schiller says:

    Originally, I was notified about this possible horror by the Weston A. Price Foundation, and I was mildly upset. At age 76, with various aches and pains, I would rather not get worked up enough to again “fight the good fight”. Well, all it took was reading this bad news from you, Jon, to get me to act. So far, I’ve forwarded your article to friends and sent a disgruntled email to Sherman County Court. So far, this has been a good day.

  8. IMNAHA says:

    Methinks this move would bankrupt Sherman County even though they have relatively deep pockets. But then again why should the County fathers give a damn, it’s not THEIR money. There is a cure for greedy morons people like this…

  9. Terri says:

    I really think the world would be better if the west coast fell into the ocean. Its time for a cleansing. The only things I ever hear that come from OREGON are evil. They are fascists and have no business continuing to corrupt America.Kommiefornia is just as evil and should go.The animals and those who are meant to survive will migrate before it happens.

  10. Terri says:

    It appears many organizations such as organic consumers and have petitions seeking people to sign. We must all take this opportunity to take action against this attempt to violate someone’s inherent rights to property and due process. The government has no authority or jurisdiction to this. I would hardly call morning glories and thistles noxious weeds, they are both healthy food for goats and other animals. They just want to destroy healthy food and land.
    here is the search with all the different links to sign petitions as well as please write your own letters.

    • arcadia11 says:

      organic consumers and are un ngos. organic consumers, just label it, et al are the groups who lost the labeling bullshit suit. by amateurish ‘mistakes’. you are calling on controlled opposition to stop the opposition. which is exactly what you are meant to do.

      if it is not grass roots it is not real.

      please do not, under any circumstances, support or cite or call on the un for ‘help’, statistics, conditions, etc. please do not validate their existence.

      if you are not sure if you are dealing with controlled opposition – which is the only
      thing that is spawned by the un – please be willing to wade through the muck to determine who it is you are dealing with.
      i challenge anyone to find a human rights, food rights, or any other kind of rights group with more than 100 members that is not a un ngo.

  11. Tom says:

    A statute, ordinance and regulation do not have authority over the national Constitution. This statement is supported by numerous Supreme Court Cases These agents are acting above and beyond their scope of authority. Their actions are treasonous and seditious to our Constitution, thus the remedy is found in Sections 3 and 4 of the 14 Amendment to the Bill of Rights. If the people of this county wish to stop this madness, then they must stand together and apply the state and national Constitution against the agents and administration involved. See for a better understanding of your, mine and every American Citizens inherent right to due process and what we can do to eliminate this tyranny.

  12. beLIEve says:

    I HAVE TRIED REPEATEDLY to post the following links on Azure Farms Organic Prepper article reference the …upcoming spraying.

    My comment appears to post BUT as soon as I return to the article the COMMENT is no longer visible, neither has it been REDACTED because the “redaction” notice would be visible.

    I suspect the EL-iteS…SATANIC-i’ll thieve evrything SCUM ….do not wish Azure Farms to be aware of the LEGAL DIFFICULTIES Monsanto is facing reference the SAFETY of ROUNDUP and, is CONSEQUENTLY “dissapearing” my post.

    We’re All Tenant Farmers: Oregon Plans to Douse Azure Standard Organic Farm in Pesticide

    * * * * * * * *

    Monsanto Weed Killler Roundup Faces New Doubts on Safety in Unsealed Documents

    * * * *


  13. Terri says:

    here is the link to Sherman county commissioners who serve as judge jury and executioner in the county. there is a fax number as well as the links to all of them to send them correspondence.

    Make sure you tell them they have no jurisdiction or authority to violate anyone’s inherent right to property and may not deny anyone due process. They have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution and must uphold their oath or they commit treason and insurrection against the people. They have obviously forgotten about this, as have the rest of America.

  14. “Complete History of Monsanto” at GlobalResearch.CA

    Mon-Satan-O….Lied in their FDA safety studies claiming a silicate molecule, common in clay soils, immediately broke down glyphosate, rendering it harmless. Actual studies show twenty year residual time, and build up in treated soils. Help drive this evil monopoly to bankruptcy.

  15. DNomer says:

    I know some of the people up in Oregon that are involved in this. It is very real. The local response has been so big that they have slightly rescheduled and moved the hearing to the local gymnasium at 4:00 PM on Wednesday the 17th in Moro, Oregon. Local statute does not support this action. They strive to control weeds, but the key word is ‘eradicate’, which is not in any statute. You cannot actually truly eradicate well-established weeds, and a single spraying would certainly not do it. The claim that they need to eradicate the weeds only there (not on BLM land or anywhere else in Oregon), and only strong aerial spraying will do is just an excuse to ruin the farm. Any fool can see this.

  16. bloodhound says:

    Comment moderators.

    Are you able to check the SPAM bin…..My comments ..from beLIEve…are being JUNKED.

    The “junking” is more than likely the …..gutless mutant lawless “gremlins”….that are currently, a permanent feature of my internet activity.

    I just thought I would ask !

  17. Theodore says:

    Patients: Roundup Gave Us Cancer as EPA Official Helped the Company

    Key ingredient in popular weed killer Roundup, is ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’

  18. Todd Millions says:

    Greetings to the state of Oregon(aka British Fubaria south),And the reeves and councillors of Sherman county.
    If these reports have any substance at all please do assure them that they will be under a absolute and immediate boycott of all products,agricultural or not. Same for visiting for any reason .
    I claim no stone casting position. Far from it-
    The inbred mennonite cull of a premier of my province is of a grade of degeneracy to find this a fine idea and he has quantities of henchmen and useless idiots who would support him in many notions as stupid as this.
    Which is why I don’t recommend canadian beef too anyone due to toxic(syphilitic as well)
    contamination caused by Templetons , Waskos -and The Bank of Montreal.

    But this notion is of a grade of turning your country over too isreali security contractors via a should have being garrotted nuclear mafia-Which we had in fact already done before Tepco and EDF/Arevea showed up too help them.

    We all can do much better with less effort applied with (sorry to use a word americians have never heard of)-discrimination.As in discernment-not the meaning you “Felt” it meant,
    dear cousins.
    The first step in that is too stop taking bribes from monsters-That is more than possible but it does come at some cost.
    May I suggest that it will result in a more manageable butchers bill what ever that is.

  19. Letter sent and tweet posted.

  20. dustedflowers says:

    It will be monumentally tragic if the criminals win.

    • Austin says:

      You’re absolutely correct. Unfortunately the definition of criminal is this: ”
      a person who has committed a crime.” and just to make sure there is no misunderstanding that definition I will also define crime: an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law.” which is what Azure has done in it’s refusal to work within the law, both county and state to manage its weeds, which it has failed to do for the last ten years to the detriment of the neighbors. The issue is not Organic Vs. Conventional. There are organic farms in the county who do manage their weeds, the issue is Azure’s failure to follow the ordinance and manage their weeds as is the ethical thing to do, especially as an organic company that claims a good land ethic.

  21. Jon, the “key word” here is “SCIENCE”. Yes, there are other important ones too, but with no “science mandate”, the rest is hot air.


  22. Roundup is about as toxic as politicians.

  23. Joan says:

    Find out who in the county is pushing this and check his bank account.

  24. Austin Mills says:

    […] The Weed District and Azure Farm’s neighbors in Sherman County want Azure Farms to manage their weeds in whatever manner possible. The county did threaten they would take action if the farm failed to submit a weed management plan. Never was the spraying Round Up (glyphosate) ever even proposed. If Azure continues to not take action and forces the county’s hands, the property would likely be sprayed with milestone, which is a broadleaf specific herbicide. Nobody wants the farm to loose it’s organic certification. Nobody wants their neighbors to loose their certified seed crops to Azure’s weeds either. The noxious weeds simply need to be managed, as they are by both conventional and other organic farms in the county as is the ethical and neighborly thing to do.

    • artemisix says:

      As a longtime gardener, soil health has way more to do with weeds than just about anything. If the soil is nutrient depleted, it will get deep rooted weeds, seemingly out of nowhere….herbicides prevent nutrient uptake in the soil. Still, not a good long tern solution.

  25. Bill Noneyabus says:

    You need to consider, these large companies not only manufacture their products, they also manufacture the education to the professionals, which needs no factual proof to be considered as the holy truth. All bought and paid for, for company profit, to our detriment. Meanwhile they pound out advertisements how they are our food saviors and our greatest blessings. Meanwhile the people behind the scenes still plan on eradicating 95 % of the global population. Oh but that’s just conspiracy theory, right ? Ha Effing Ha !!!

  26. The “War on Life and Nature” continues unabated!

    These profit-driven scumbags even want to replace ALL of the natural, native species with their own GE-“Frankenplants”! ! !

    It’s bad enough that we can not get away from the Fluorides that are in everything, all because our public water supplies have been poisoned with Fluorides for over sixty years!


    Even the various municipalities across the nation (if we can still call it THAT) have been steadily creeping into our home gardens with excessive regulations and “covenants”.

    Our “nation” is DONE, folks, if we can not get our collective heads out of our @$$3$ and actually DO something, instead of expecting politicians (Trump included) to turn things around.

    This is a most-alarming development, and sets a very dangerous “legal” precedent that we will all be VERY sorry for, after the fact!

    – Jim

  27. The County won’t read the letter. When officials make decisions like this, the decisions are already made and nothing, absolutely nothing will change their minds. If they cared about expert opinions, they would have already gotten one. If they cared about the organic farm, they would have consulted it. They don’t care, and they aren’t going to suddenly start care just because someone sent them a letter on the subject. You might get somewhere with these folks by suing their britches off to stop the spraying or making them afraid for their jobs; nothing else will.

  28. artemisix says:

    I get produce from Azure Standard, and yummy for sure it is. I hope they never spray the poison anywhere ever again. This thing called EVOLUTION….. still working. The weeds will grow stronger.

  29. Dan says:

    […] sue the state for not doing what it was created for — to PROTECT CITIZENS’ PROPERTY!!

  30. nicholasjlennox says:

    . There are organic farms in the county who do manage their weeds, the issue is Azure’s failure to follow the ordinance and manage their weeds as is the ethical thing to do, especially as an organic company that claims a good land ethic.

  31. jimenobaeznarvaez says:

    . ” and just to make sure there is no misunderstanding that definition I will also define crime: an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law.

  32. maxlcrepeau says:

    This is a most-alarming development, and sets a very dangerous “legal” precedent that we will all be VERY sorry for, after the fact!

  33. .
    This is a most-alarming development, and sets a very dangerous “legal” precedent that we will all be VERY sorry for, after the fact!

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