The collective experiment on planet Earth

The collective experiment on planet Earth

by Jon Rappoport

June 30, 2017

When all obsessive group-consciousness on Earth is finished, exhausted, when it admits defeat, then a different era will emerge. But for now, we are in the middle of the collective experiment.

High-flying cloying sentiment, profound dependence on others, covert repression—these are the order of the day.

How long until the collective age is over? A hundred years? A thousand years? The answer is, as long as it takes for every human to realize that the experiment has failed, and why.

The why is clear—the individual has been overlooked. He has been demeaned. He has been grabbed up and drafted into groups. His creative power has been compromised in order to fit in.

The majority of the world still believes in this approach, as if from good groups will flow the ultimate and final solutions we have all been seeking.

This is sheer mind control, because good groups morph into evil, and vice versa, in the ongoing stage play called reality.

Ideals are twisted, infiltrators subvert plans, lessons are ignored, and the whole sorry mess repeats itself again.

What constituted a triumph of good over evil at one moment is guided into yet another collective, whose aims are “a better kind of control.”

The most deluded among us believe we are always on the cusp of a final breakthrough.

But there is no “we” to make the breakthrough.

It comes to every person on his own. And it does not arrive as the thrust of an external force, but from one’s own struggle, accompanied by insights for which there is no outside agency to lend confirmation.

If indeed it will take a thousand years to bring this collective illusion to a close, that is no cause for despondent reaction.

On the contrary, it is simply an understanding that all experiments come to an end, as does the method of thought on which they are based.

One or ten or a hundred collapses of civilization, and the resultant rebuilding, are not enough.

The pattern endures.

It can only dissolve when overwhelming numbers of individuals, each in his own way, absent self-deception, sees its bankruptcy.

The “we” and the “us” are merely postponements and cover stories splashed on the front pages of the mind.

Fighting for what is right, here and now, is vital. But it does not preclude the knowledge that, as long as people are fixated on groups as the Answer, the underlying problem will persist.

Therefore, as part of my research over the last several decades, I have explored what is now commonly called the Matrix, from the point of view of freeing the individual from it.

The first step is understanding Matrix as an ongoing perverse “work of art” and viewing the nuts and bolts of it.

That is the purpose of my first collection, The Matrix Revealed.

the matrix revealed

Here are the contents of The Matrix Revealed:

* 250 megabytes of information.

* Over 1100 pages of text.

* Ten and a half hours of audio.

The 2 bonuses alone are rather extraordinary:

* My complete 18-lesson course, LOGIC AND ANALYSIS, which includes the teacher’s manual and audio to guide you. I was previously selling the course for $375. This is a new way to teach logic, the subject that has been missing from schools for decades.

* The complete text (331 pages) of AIDS INC., the book that exposed a conspiracy of scientific fraud deep within the medical research establishment. The book has become a sought-after item, since its publication in 1988. It contains material about viruses, medical testing, and the invention of disease that is, now and in the future, vital to our understanding of phony epidemics arising in our midst. I assure you, the revelations in the book will surprise you; they cut much deeper and are more subtle than “virus made in a lab” scenarios.

The heart and soul of this product are the text interviews I conducted with Matrix-insiders, who have first-hand knowledge of how the major illusions of our world are put together:

* ELLIS MEDAVOY, master of PR, propaganda, and deception, who worked for key controllers in the medical and political arenas. 28 interviews, 290 pages.

* JACK TRUE, the most creative hypnotherapist on the face of the planet. Jack’s anti-Matrix understanding of the mind and how to liberate it is unparalleled. His insights are unique, staggering. 43 interviews, 320 pages.

* RICHARD BELL, financial analyst and trader, whose profound grasp of market manipulation and economic-rigging is formidable, to say the least. 16 interviews, 132 pages.

Also included:

* Several more interviews with brilliant analysts of the Matrix. 53 pages.

* The ten and a half hours of mp3 audio are my solo presentation, based on these interviews and my own research. Title: The Multi-Dimensional Planetary Chessboard—The Matrix vs. the Un-Conditioning of the Individual.

(All the material is digital. Upon ordering it, you’ll receive an email with a link to it.)

Understanding Matrix is also understanding your capacity and power, and that is the way to approach this subject. Because liberation is the goal. And liberation has no limit.

I invite you to a new exploration and a great adventure.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

14 comments on “The collective experiment on planet Earth

  1. andycandydandy says:

    Ive started investigating the huge buzz on the internet lately,flat earth.i laughed it off,even threw a few insults at people in the comment sections on flat earth videos.i never gave them much notice,but i did see a rise in the number of videos being posted.what really made me look into flat earth wasnt the flat earth proofs,but the non-proofs of the globe.1st thing was water being flat,it never conforms to a sphere,it forms to a hole,with water always being flat.2nd was how does an absolute vaccum ( space),exist next to a pressurized non contained atmoshere.most people use the word “gravity”.this gravity is taught in school as a fact,when it is not a fact but a theory.gravity is always the magic answer when science cant prove its other theories.3rd is how does gravity hold down trillions of tons  of water of to the earth,but a plane can fly in level flight.4th why do airlines have flights from southern hemisheres destinations that do not exist? 5th is pictures taken from balloons over 100,000 ft up show a flat earth? 6th why is the UN flag a flat earth model? 7th is why doesnt NASA have any real pictures of earth from space? They really do not have any,and they confess that their images are composited,paintings or photoshopped cgi images.         Jon in my opinion,the earth is not a sphere,i dont know if its flat but it is not a sphere.many things are coming into light (like vaccines,thanks to you) and NASAs integrity.jon,you are a journalist,i  just a humble baker,please research this,Eric Dubay is the most knowledgible person on youtube about flat earth.thank you.

    • Greg C. says:

      I’ll take logic and sense over a “huge buzz” any day.

    • arcadia11 says:

      i agree. definitely merits investigation and public interest.

    • Terri says:

      My question is, does it really matter? if this is merely a hologram, a dream, an illusion, and the key is within us, then to me, seeking outwardly such things, while they may be interesting, or entertaining, are just distraction and a waste of time.

      I like to look at things in terms of, what can i personally experience about a premise to agree or disagree. In this case, i can not except perhaps astrally fly above the earth and look and see for myself. Until then, its all just opinion.

      There are far more important things to ponder, but that is just how I feel about it. It is good to question all things, and everyone is going to choose what they feel has merit or not to seek answers for.

    • Joanie Detlefsen says:

      You might want to read the best US authority on Nikola Tesla physics, William Lyne. Not sure if Occult Ether Physics or Pentagon Aliens would appeal to you more, check out his books on Amazon. He’s got stuff in various areas of the internet but in a nutshell, the Dynamic Theory of Gravity of Tesla’s in his research, experiments, the weaponized inventions the government made from his stolen files, has the missing science we are not taught. It is an ether plasma atmosphere we live in. I am not a physicist so that’s the best I can do. It’s great reading because Lyne has so many personal stories to tell and he’s a great storyteller, as well as an artist (Jon). Certainly expect it would help to answer some of the questions you bring up in you comments.

  2. truth1 says:

    I see the experiment in a different fashion. To me, if one goes too far in low IQ, for lack of a better word, then the instinct takes over entirely and the human becomes strictly animal and seeks the safe secure (but menacing to IQ people) choice, by following the herd. He will not likely ever be able to produce kids that will rise up Its a bit like entropy. or maybe like a magnetic field. the field remains weak until you get right near it with another magnet. The attraction does not get incrementally stronger at a steady consistent rate. It grows exponentially stronger very fast. and then the magnet either comes out of your fingers or hand, or you hand follows the magnet.

    When we get near that really stupid spot, it sucks us in and getting back out is not likely. There is a whirlpool in a location up the coast of Maine in the NE direction that if you are not careful to void it, it could take you down. There is the last chance to get out and if you don’t take that ( and you do need an engine) then you will not be able to get out.. I don’t know that anyone got sucked in but the danger is there when it appears.

    there was a mining hole somewhere in the Louisiana Mississippi area that was small as a result of salt mining and the pressure of the lake area was do great that the small hole got really big and sucked down huge ships. No one was on any of them, but nothing afloat escaped.

    We are here, and we exist. but there is no guarantee that we can stay here on our own power. Instinct ( a form of programming) protects animals from decisions. they react according to stimuli in a way preserves them. But we have choice and with that, we can err and cause our own destruction and that of animals, too. That is the cruse and blessing of choice. There are no guarantees with it. God Guarantees, but most do not accept that notion and that is fine. I do accept it, though.

    • Terri says:

      truth 1 your beginning premise that humans act like herd animals and that lower IQ humans are animal like is false. You obviously haven’t spent a lot of conscious and aware time with animals.

      The way you speak in terms of instinct is pure speculation and not accurate at all.

      Herd animals are actually superior, as are most animals to the human animal. The human species is a most inferior barbaric primitive species, hence its destructive nature. There are a few exceptions, but these are merely spirits who have come into a human body from a higher form of existence.

      Animals in a herd, or flock, or pack,are very much individuals and choose to live together in harmony and mutual benefit as a large family, with close family ties remaining strong throughout their lives. They are overall, very loving and patient, especially with bumbling humans who are more often than not, cruel and negligent, either from ignorance or purposefully. Even those who have been abused can learn to trust and care again. It is a beautiful thing to be blessed to be a part of this process.

      Humans who choose to be part of a collective are mindless thugs merely automatons who choose not to choose. They have abdicated all responsibility and carry a victim card which they love to use on every occasion. They have no solutions and do not want any, for being right and blaming others is far more satisfying to them.

      Perhaps you should spend some time ( a year or two) on a family farm and learn something from our animal brothers and sisters, instead of making assumptions. It is far better to speak from one’s own personal experience than to regurgitate material one has been brainwashed with. The former, rather than the latter is truth.

      Our alignment with nature, would serve us far better, as nature is abundant and positive, not corrupt and spiraling inwardly into destruction. There is nothing natural about subversion and perversion.

      It is actually the human arrogance that it is greater than nature and better than that creates all the destruction. Humans are the only animals who do not exist in harmony with each other, or any other species or even our Mother earth.

      If humans were honest with themselves and sought and practiced humility, appreciation, love and respect, they would begin to evolve in a positive manner and everything would change. Until one admits one has a problem, illness or weakness, one can not seek a solution and shall keep going round the mulberry bush, chasing their tails.

      The collective experiment is not new, and certainly can not be equated with a herd. They are not the same. It is insulting to animals to be denigrated in such a way, and allows humans to torture them in all kinds of ways and make excuses for it.

      It is okay for humans to be primitive and ignorant, it is not okay to pretend that this is a superior position in any way and there is nothing further to learn nor achieve.

  3. Sue says:

    “He has been demeaned. He has been grabbed up and drafted into groups. His creative power has been compromised in order to fit in.”

    And he is being vaccinated into an inability to think intelligently or rationally.

  4. will iam says:

    “It can only dissolve when overwhelming numbers of individuals, each in his own way, absent self-deception, sees its bankruptcy.”

    So ‘it’ still depends on the collective?!! …..hmmmm must must think here cause i think iam postponing!

  5. Arthur Braithwaite says:

    Are you arguing with a political ideology or with yourself? It’s like the difference between the American counter-culture of the 60’s, referring to Declaration of Independence “freedom” and “inalienable rights” and UK anarchists of the 70’s who were on the dole arguing for a balancing of social collectivism where the rich shouldn’t be so rich when there are poor suffering, a system for that, not charity, an organised way of balancing out socio-economic inequality.

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