What is the culture of Planet Earth?

What is the culture of Planet Earth?

by Jon Rappoport

July 7, 2017

Seen from afar, the predominant culture of Earth has always favored war. War, control, aggression, and slavery of one kind or another, under the sway of small elite groups.

The current fad called collectivism, stripped of its feel-good propaganda, is simply another form of control.

None of this has anything to do with private property or freedom and independence of the individual. These ideas and practices have been corrupted, and utilized to create monopolies.

Earth culture has also always embodied leaders and followers. One cannot exist without the other. The leaders accumulate force (soldiers, priests, spies, etc.) and then try to coerce and dupe the rest of the population into opting for hatred aimed at some opponent.

In truth, the bulk of humanity has always been loath to participate in the war culture. Their natural state is tolerance and friendship. But with enough time, with enough coercing and duping and propagandizing, many sectors of the population can be turned into armies of sheer conquest, into lower forms of themselves.

Once the trend in this direction gathers steam, there are wars and more wars, and bitter lasting enmities between polarized groups. Past wars provide reasons and excuses for present wars. “Remember what they did to us the last time!”

All large religious organizations add fuel to the fire, by prescribing and enforcing rules of behavior (beyond basic moral teachings) which bottle up natural energies and emotions in humans and, adding insult to injury, induce guilt where none is deserved.

However, despite this craven Earth culture, societies and civilizations have emerged in which a measure of individual freedom, tolerance, friendship, and rationality are expressed. During those periods when this occurs, there is a noticeable lack of one rallying cry: UNITY.

Unity is not necessary. Unity is usually promoted as an exaggerated reflex. It is the invented justification for some perverse set of actions. Unity is a synthetic concept. It is dumped on the heads of the population as an artificial stand-in for natural tolerance and friendship and freedom and responsibility.

It is a hypnotic stick.

***Don’t mistake cooperating for unity. Cooperating is something else entirely. Unity is a weapon that devalues the individual. It aims to induce a Collective and make that fantasy an acceptable theme in the human conduct of life. Unity is either a preparation for war or a platitude for bringing about passivity.

For some people, unity is a drug far more powerful than heroin to a street addict. It must be obtained. It must be felt. It must somehow be transmitted.

Leaders, of course, understand this and play it up one side and down another.

The truth is, a reasonable society understands the primacy of the individual. An unreasonable society over-stresses unity.

Defense of the nation can be achieved through cooperation. Selling unity is necessary for initiating wars of conquest and empire.

Of course, if 70 or 80 percent of a nation’s population is already living in a trance, they will only respond to artificial and synthetic archetypes, no matter what the goal is. In that case, waking up from the trance is the first prolonged order of business.

I’ll take this unity-operation a step farther: Significant sectors of society have been tuned up to accept some final notion of “collective consciousness,” as an ultimate ideal and promise. This accompanies the equally flawed idea of a political and economic and social collective utopia.

It is possible for an individual to experience a state of consciousness in which he connects to every other individual. But there is nothing final about it. There is no compelling reason to assume that, once through that door, an individual would never leave.

There are unlimited numbers of states of consciousness. Finding names and descriptions of all of them would be impossible. Not only that, every individual is unique; assuming there is some sort of map of consciousness-states which is same map for every person is a culturally deranged fantasy.

So even in the area of consciousness itself, unity has been sold. It’s sold as the “final and complete and all-embracing” end-game; and those who have bought the idea go on to believe it should apply to all other areas of life.

This is how they are duped into accepting a papier-mache archetype that erases the need for the individual.

That’s the kicker wherever unity is hustled. The individual vanishes for as long as the trance lasts.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

69 comments on “What is the culture of Planet Earth?

  1. Greg C. says:

    Imagine if you were told that you must eat only one thing at each meal, that your food must be “united” and that having two or more things on your plate at once was bad for you. You would immediately see the lunacy of this type of thinking. “Same is good, different, bad.” History shows the horrible mess it can create: the American “Civil War,” the South being attacked by the North for wanting to do their own government. Along comes Lincoln under the banner of preserving the union at any cost, setting the tone of a noble cause for history lessons yet to be written. A million dead, cities destroyed, vast unemployment and grinding poverty. No cost too high to keep those stars on the flag.

  2. honestliberty says:

    Jon! Thank you for this excellent insight. These are the type of posts that I attempt to share with the those who haven’t awaken to their own spirit of individuality.

    I often struggle with the concept of the “collective consciousness” because it seems some people in the new age movement buy into it in the way you’re describing it, as if it were an end game of enlightenment. I’m still unsure if the true essence of the idea, but I think some notions within do make sense.

    For instance, it is my belief that we are spiritual beings, even if this is the only existence, there is both material and immaterial. We can make connections with others through mechanisms not understood by modern “science”, or outright dismissed but wither way, unexplainable. We are all humans and we all have the same basic needs. We have not truly experienced the capabilities of the non-material aspect of our being because most (including myself) don’t take any or enough time to work at it. So what does a species look like when that method of living takes hold of the bat majority of individuals? I’m not even sure it could as long as centralized power structures hold steadfast to their insecure desire to control.

    This whole idea really gets us in a paradox, because in order to raise personal consciousness, there needs a sort of an Awakening, however, typical there needs to be some level of consciousness to support an awakening. Chicken and the egg.

    So what is it then? This supposed collective consciousness? I’ve wrestled with it because it appears any time collective is invoked it has ulterior motives typically associated with relinquishing personal sovereignty for “the greater good” which I think most of us here recognize it for the scam it is. It doesn’t exist.
    But is there the possibility that a global elevation of consciousness on the personal level would manifest itself in such a way that people essentially say:
    “Wow, we really are one species with the same basic necessities and desires. The only invoice difference is culture and skin variations, but those are superficial. I don’t like to be harmed so I can understand that if I harm another, I’m really also harming myself, and that just doesn’t make sense. I don’t have the right to harm another being so my freedom ends where their rights begin.”
    Basically, a voluntary recognition that sometimes it’s ok to compromise and go without, at least when violation is an inevitable consequence. (Obviously scarcity will likely manifest primal behavior, but working toward it’s absence voluntarily).
    That to me is a grander scale that actually places the individual at the core because one respects himself enough to recognize how critical it is to respect another, since we all share and co-create our experience. And none of that requires coercion.
    It essentially manifests what the collectivists’ love in the greater good, without the need for centralized power and as a consequence the individual retains all of his/her/it’s freedom.
    Does this sound whimsical? Yep. But imagine if that perspective was taught for 15,000 hours, rather than fear and obedience to false authority that is the current method.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Following your lead, honestliberty, what if humanity really knew something so vital to its evolution that it would keep us on track to our Destination in Time? What if we knew that to evolve to the next estate we can no longer be a threat to anyone or anything? Sort of like, JeSus’ “Blessed are the Peacemakers” and “Blessed are the Meek”. The meek are not timid, they just refuse to resort to force to accomplish and solve problems in their lives.

    We are very careful to quote religious text, but these seem to support Jon’s blog, “Keep thine own counsel.” “Let no man take thy crown.” Another one which comes to mind is “With all thy getting, get thee understanding.” “Understanding is the beginning of wisdom.” And yet another one is, “Keep and Dress the Earth.” Keep means to protect and dress means to prepare for use for future generations. This was humanity’s function and we have failed miserably by giving our “crown” away to others.

    And really, the only way we have found it possible to follow JeSus’ pattern, is to do like He did which was to seek after and call on His Father in Heaven, because in a world where deceit is the order of things, how can we ever know what to do and when.

    • Michael says:

      “Keep and Dress the Earth.” Keep means to protect and dress means to prepare for use for future generations.” -Jennifer

      No, ‘Keep’ means to own, possess . To hold on to. There is no definition in the word to suggest a future event as ‘protection’.

      Dress is an immediate, in the modern sense; the present. against no inclination of a future again.

      Your applying your own definition here Jennifer.

      • Jennifer says:

        “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” Psalms 127:1 Keep means to protect.

        It is not our definition but the understanding which came through our mentor who heard the voice of Delamer Duverus, an Identification which loosely translates from the French to mean, “from the sea or giver of truth.” Our mentor walked with Him all of his days. One has to know the fruits of something to know the truth of it. His fruits were always good.

        • Michael says:

          “And the loaves laid with the fishes, and the fishies saw it was good. And the lord parted the seas and made some of them oceans, and the fishies went back to the sea, and loaves back to the fields. And there was a great hunger and thirst in the world.
          And lord said, this is good, fishies and loaves being unclean in the eye of the good one. And so the lord said yee shall reap the wheat and make it loaves, and drop your nets and catch the fishies. And so I say to you, this shall be.” Fishies 311:2

          KEEP (kēp)
          v. kept, keep·ing, keeps
          1. To retain possession of: kept the change; must keep your composure.
          2. To have as a supply: keep spare parts in case of emergency.
          a. To provide (a family, for example) with maintenance and support: “There’s little to earn and many to keep” (Charles Kingsley).
          b. To support (a mistress or lover) financially.
          4. To put customarily; store: Where do you keep your saw?
          a. To supply with room and board for a charge: keep boarders.
          b. To raise: keep chickens.
          6. To maintain for use or service: an urbanite who didn’t keep a car.
          7. To manage, tend, or have charge of: Keep the shop while I’m away.
          8. To preserve (food).
          9. To cause to continue in a state, condition, or course of action: tried to keep the patient calm.

          transitive verb
          a : to make or set straight
          b : to arrange (troops, equipment, etc.) in a straight line and at proper intervals

          : to prepare for use or service; specifically : to prepare for cooking or for the table dress a salad

          : to add decorative details or accessories to : embellish

          a : to put clothes on dress a child
          b : to provide with clothing feed and dress a growing family”

          But hey, its free speech, evryone has a right to their opinion, make it up and interpret whatever way you feel Jennifer.


          • Jennifer says:

            The only way to know the truth is to get it from the ones who have it, and humanity doesn’t always have it.

            • Michael says:

              And you are claiming, what Jennifer?

              Some superior being; God. That you have never seen or heard or touched or talked to, or a book written over the course of two thousand years and translated into English by some authors who had the greatest flair for storytelling is to be believed as the truth. Is the source of truth.

              We have had a conversation over the course of a couple days and already you are changing the language to suite you point. Placing the words in some biblical context first. Language is much, much older than the Bible.
              The concept and words, keep” and “dress’ are much older than any religion. Are you telling me we had to wait for th bible in order to gain th truth of the words.

              I can agree with you on “…humanity doesn’t always have it.”

            • truth1 says:

              As I would see it, Mike, God has made Himself “seen” and “heard” thru the written word. In fact, He might be the one who created the alphabetical system of writing credited to the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians were late comers compared to 1500 BC when Moses wrote. Hammurabi wrote in cuneiform in about 1700 BC.

              The question would be as to how such a thing could be. But if indeed, we products of God, then setting up a Priesthood bureaucracy to record and maintain The bible, God’s communication, is not such a big deal. Nor is translating languages a big deal. It has been done for at least 3700 years (Starting with Hammurabi 1700 BC).

              The next thing is the abolishment of gradualism with Catastrophism, supported by Velikovsky and more recent geologists. Even Steven Gould had to call evolution punctuated equilibrium, his way of admitting catastrophism without saying it directly. Catastrophism does tend to corroborate with the Bible, far better with the geological facts, to, as opposed to the gradualism of Lyell and Darwin. even evident for the flood is evident.

              Frozen mommoths like the Jakarta Mammoth, found in frozen Siberia, standing on his hind legs and his worn away trunk and still remaining tusks sticking up from the ice. Frozen so fast, that he was kept in his upright position. Oddly the Discovery channel, in recreating how he died, had him laying on his side. But it is very evident that he was standing up. So the Discover channel team lies like hell about it. In the first debut (the 90s) of that documentary on that mammoth, as the program was going to a commercial break, related that 90% of the mammoths found, had died buy Drowning. Why, its sound just like a flood. My guess is that escaping steam from tectonic vents would act as a refrigerant. if the skies were also darknened, that would exacerbate the effect.

              Many Pleistocene/Holocene animals are still frozen in Alaska. It may not be uncontestable proof of God, but neither is it irrational to conclude that God has been active in our affairs. I could bring up dating sciences and hold my own quite well the best academics in the world. I know more about carbon 14 dating than many academics do. I am fully armored and weaponized for battle with Academia. But there are not enough of them to make it a fair fight with me. They would lose badly, fast.

              But enough metaphors. God is not such a far fetched concept. I do not ask any to believe but I do think that Jennifer is reasonable in her choices and beliefs. I have always respected your writings, too. You do not need to appease me with God. Your intelligence is quite apparent to me. But respect is a good thing. We are not that crazy or deluded, who subscribe to God. I never let my subscription run out. 😛

  4. BDev says:

    Jon – Big Thanks for this article. Even being the excellent creative writer that you are, every now and then you write something really stunning. This is one of them for me.

    Not only is it very clear and simple about the evilness inherent in the manipulation of words/language (unity vs. cooperation; the concept of collective consciousness as being supreme), it also makes it simple and clear how the tendencies of human beings can and are being manipulated to stoke our more degenerate behaviors… constantly.

    Nevertheless, I am starting to see all sorts of evidence that the people behind the various repressive systems in today’s world are tending to stab themselves in the gut, over and over again. They are doing us all a favor by delegitimizing themselves (MSM, CNN, AHA, etc), even as they attempt to strengthen their power. Perhaps this is the natural operation of any system that becomes hugely imbalanced – it’s own self-destruction.

  5. From Quebec says:

    One first good step would be to fight Globalism.

    • I agree.
      What are actionable steps the average ignorant citizen would put into force?
      If I had the answer I would start engaging them but most seem completely uninterested in accepting reality.

      • Begin calling for the Article V Convention. At a federal convention American society at large enters into the formal discussion of amendments. It’s the only thing globalists fear.

        • Terri says:

          Article 5 convention is a lie and a trap. Humans today are 100 times stupider than our founders and would not add anything positive to something that is already complete. Throwing more laws which would probably not adhere to our founders intentions will solve nothing. Globalists love this idea for then they can render the whole constitution null. That is their purpose. Congress is too corrupt to be trusted with this process. The people are too corrupt and stupid to be trusted with this process.

          The only reason we are having problems in this country is that the original constitution is not being upheld. Collectivism has poisoned society and our public servants as well as the people are traitors to their constitutional republic. They have created laws and organizations that are repugnant to the Supreme law of the land. Remove these and we can reestablish the creativity and courage of the individual and get rid of all the parasites who feed on those who do the actual work.

          Do you even understand why the constitution was written in the first place? Here is a good article, one of many.

          Alexander Hamilton also has a lot to say about the importance of a nation of laws, not men.

          • 1) Delegates to a non-binding deliberative assembly (a convention) are not there to reinvent the wheel, but to propose amendments to the Constitution we have now, so that means your first argument–that we don’t have people smart enough today to handle the task–is bogus. 2) This is not about “throwing more laws” but about formally discussing ideas which might achieve 75% approval by society at large. 3) Globalists have been fighting this all along while leaking stories that they really want it, to scare people. 4) Congress has two functions: issue the call, and determine mode of ratification. 5) The people know what is in their interests. 6)The original Constitution provides for a convention, in fact mandates one–thus by calling for a convention, one is calling for the Constitution to be obeyed (to advocate against a convention is to advocate against the founding principle of the USA–that government is for the people, and the people can amend it whenever they see fit). 7) The Article V Convention is a formal and public examination of the Constitution that shatters the status quo of Politics As Usual.

      • truth1 says:

        Yeah, that is the problem. They don’t want it. Animals are smarter. We’ve been beaten by instinct. Why I done feel embarrassed now. Monkeys got more on the ball then many humans. I wouldn’t mind having a monkey for an uncle. Then I might have the high road. far out, man!

  6. middleway says:

    Unity at the cost of individualism is found with religion, nationality, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, tribe, team, color, intelligence, etc. These manipulations of the human spirit were conceived to be divisive. Once divided to group identities, the individual is rendered a slave to that groups ideology(ies); in other words, one’s individual potential is ‘sacrificed’ to the group(s). Religious and social identification served this purpose well. Early translations of Judaeo/Christian O.T. texts, plagiarized from their original Sumerian / Egyptian sources, represent the earliest ‘how to’ instructions on dividing, controlling and destroying individualism. In our materialistic era, individual identities are willingly traded for things that glisten under the sun and possess no inherent spiritual value.

  7. Steve F says:

    Collective Unconscious in Jungian parlance is unavoidable and we as a species inherently identify with the archetypes of social stratification and unity. Not necessarily a bad thing as long as the individual persona is not compromised and diluted.

  8. will iam says:

    What if the individual were to realize that it was not and never has been a question of becoming but a simple realization that one is already ‘there’, and one has tricked oneself all along?…..and every thing is in actuality in divine order despite its perceived inadequacy and in-justness, or its mediocrity or grandiosity, and is just a symbol for something else which has become confused as a consequence of taking on an identity of the WE?

    Would there even be the need to fix the perceived ‘problems’ of this ‘there’? Wouldn’t such attempts be validation of ones mistaken belief that the true nature of ones individual being was capable of making a mistake in the first place?

    The power that thinks that it is around these parts seems to have a vested interest in keeping evolution paramount in the human consciousness. It keeps the locals thinking small, searching for that greater authority, and fixing silly things.

  9. barn moose says:

    Unity fills the space where respect might otherwise grow.

  10. JB says:

    “In times of peace and prosperity, a democratic nation is an institutionalized association of more or less free individuals. On the other hand, in time of crisis, when the nation’s existence is threatened, and it tries to reinforce its unity and generate in its people a readiness for self-sacrifice, it almost always assumes in some degree the character of a mass movement. The same is true of religious and revolutionary organizations: whether or not they develop into mass movements depends less on the doctrine they preach and the program they project than on the degree of their preoccupation with unity and the readiness for self-sacrifice. The important point is that in the poignantly frustrated the propensities for united action and self-sacrifice arise spontaneously. It should be possible, therefore, to gain some clues concerning the nature of these propensities, and the technique to be employed for their deliberate inculcation, by tracing their spontaneous emergence in the frustrated mind. What ails the frustrated? It is the consciousness of an irremediably blemished self. Their chief desire is to escape that self—and it is this desire which manifests itself in a propensity for united action and self-sacrifice. The revulsion from an unwanted self, and the impulse to forget it, mask it, slough it off and lose it, produce both a readiness to sacrifice the self and a willingness to dissolve it by losing one’s individual distinctness in a compact collective whole. Moreover, the estrangement from the self is usually accompanied by a train of diverse and seemingly unrelated attitudes and impulses which a closer probing reveals to be essential factors in the process of unification and of self-sacrifice. In other words, frustration not only gives rise to the desire for unity and the readiness for self-sacrifice but also creates a mechanism for their realization. Such diverse phenomena as a deprecation of the present, a facility for make-believe, a proneness to hate, a readiness to imitate, credulity, a readiness to attempt the impossible, and many others which crowd the minds of the intensely frustrated are, as we shall see, unifying agents and prompters of recklessness.” Eric Hoffer, The True Believer, 1951

  11. “In that case, waking up from the trance is the first prolonged order of business.”

    It is the Article V Convention which will wake us from the trance. Why not write about it? On March 30th of this year Arizona called a convention of the states. It is the first such call since 1861, and it is for September 12th in Phoenix.

  12. truth1 says:

    Well, here is my crazy reply. From the beginning, some in communities recognized that with the help of a few, they could dominate and control a community for their own benefit and not that of the community. Lets do this or that! Lets build a defensive wall. Lets make some weapons and armor . . . for defense, of course. In secret, the “leaders” of the community secretly meet with the leaders of another neighboring community and say, we need an excuse to take labor and profit from others and use it for our benefit. Why don’t you and I as leaders of our communities, pretend fear and loathing for each other and use to to justify more labor and “contributions” for our defenses. Soon, our power in communities will allow us to dictate as we please. We will require exceptional treatment for our great leadership and protection from each other, unknown to our subjects, of course.

    Communities became cities and cities became nations and the same game was played. nations pretend to be enemies and use the excuse for more taxes. You see war=taxes=war. Once you keep the books on the vast collection of taxes, not has not know how much you spend or where.

    Fear is what keeps us in shackles. Fear keeps us supporting high military budgets. National governments depend upon security threats to keep the taxes high. The Elite then order the national leaders to do as told. They work out all the detail of who plays what part when.

    Without war, or global warming or other such lies, and schools for brainwashing the young, which we all go along with . . . If we got rid of all these, we’d be rich and we would be at peace . . . maybe. But Humans all love security and war. we are too stupid to see what war is good for.

    • arcadia11 says:

      i don’t think we started out stupid. i think it was learned behavior.

      • truth1 says:

        Well, someone had to start the idea of taking control of others. Its not what normal decent people would naturally do.

        • arcadia11 says:

          no, it’s not. it is not natural. i would like to be able to identify the first instance of interference.

          • truth1 says:

            Cain in the garden of Eden 😛

            • arcadia11 says:

              wait….so eve is off the hook?

            • truth1 says:

              Well, I can’t say for sure if she is or isn’t. But Cain really went nuts. But Eve is an interesting discussion. You know I can’t resist that. Jesus gave his life for the offspring of Adam as it goes in the bible. But . . . Eve was owned by Adam, according to God’s law, though it was not codified and recorded in print. That would have to wait till Moses some 2500 years latter in about 1493 BC.

              But If Jesus giving his life spared another, it is at least possible that Eve was the one ransomed, who bore all Adam’s offspring so that technically, they Adam’s offspring, via Eve. Even seemed to still acknowledge God in naming one of her boys whose name meaning was with the help of Jehovah, I have produced a man. Eve was genuinely deceived by the “serpent,” according to Paul, who also says that Adam knew better. He was not fooled. There was no excuse for him. So Eve maybe got off the hook. Now don’t go running for rocks to throw. I bruise easy and and I am too young and gorgeous to go yet. Well, that might get me a bolt of lightning.

              But my feeling is that most Christian denominations do not really grasp the concept of redemption. Adam offspring, but not Adam, become the offspring of a righteous innocent man who blood was shed unjustly. And those scales of justice must be reset to compensate for that. Jesus have been given back his body but he decided he was sacrifice it (give it up) in exchange for the children of Eve, owned by Adam, possibly. Well, I guts ta get back to my cardboard box before the other homeless hordes try to run off with my “house.” Tent City is not what it used to be 😛

            • Jennifer says:

              Well, actually the first instance of interference was when Adam and Eve decided not to listen to the voice of God, but to listen to the snake, which is symbolic of Partaking of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is only when we understand the evil on this world can we understand why we are in such a mess.

            • truth1 says:

              You are correct Jennifer. And the result was our disturbed minds that began eroding our minds and bodies and killing us over time. But 6000 years of history ought to have taught us something that we can use and learn from. We only tend to learn thru experience. We are not very good at foresight. But with work and God, maybe we can improve on the foresight thing. We at least can learn from our mistakes and not make them again. God will have to do the rest.

            • arcadia11 says:

              easy big guy – i put down my rocks. : – P

              i guess, after all is said and done, there is enough blame to go around. and around.

            • truth1 says:

              Well, there is enough guilt to share and disseminate. But God has a unique way of assigning blame.

    • Michael says:

      If animals had a religion, man would be Satan.

      As a species we are pure unadulterated evil. Our purpose is to turn the garden into waste. 

      Somewhere back then the physical human caught a virus and it integrated in us to produce a psychopath. The psychopath rose to the top, furthering the life of the virus. And those with the virus became the choice human, because of the subtle changes it made to them, to gain the edge. It had a perfect environment.

      All the great leaders; Alexander, Julius, Winston, Joseph, Adolf, Dwight, John…were the best of its idea.

      And a natural immunity is destroyed.

      What is exterminated in their waste is population; competition…a cure. 

      War is population control, always has been. 

      No one stands up against the psychopath because of fear of him. He has become an archetype. He is our greatest measure of humanness. 

      What is the culture of the Earth? Death, destruction and waste. 

      What is alive now is the result of many many, many wars and exterminations of a number of species of man. Some were very small, tiny and some were giants.

      Homo modern is the last one, and so he turns on himself. As he has no more enemies, and in his hate, as the machine takes hold, this mad insane

      SOB call man will kill himself and replace himself with the machine.

      And the virus will have succeeded. It will have replaced man with what it really needs.


      Epochs start out very small. Complexify. And evolve to an end…

      • arcadia11 says:

        i have to agree, michael. i think the culture of this planet is clearly predation. i don’t think it started out that way. i think we had a number of evolutionary paths to follow but were waylaid at some point to follow the psycho-predator. and now it seems natural. we must question what is ‘natural’.

        • truth1 says:

          I had some thoughts on this, too. Over the last month or 2, I have watched a lot of videos about various animals that normally do not get along or associate and yet, in odd circumstances, usually involving humans, the animals adapt to new circumstances. Their instinct is moldable/maleable, even as ours is.I have seen every mixture imaginable. Natural enemies being the best of friends. When a baby is orphaned like a baby deer whose mother never returns, that baby will accept any help from any animal, including man. Many animals do this. Normally animals would herd with their own but will adapt if none of their own is available. One woman and her kids and their dogs acquired a cow and the cow would go along the dogs and people. So adapted and attached was the cow that it would follow them all into the house. They let it come in because they understood how the cow saw them as its family and the cow wanted to be with them.

          I saw a woman laying on the ground and being affectionate with a couple horses, who were also laying down and they loved her affection of patting and rubbing. Normally horse do not lay down that much but they can be taught new things. Anyone could write a book these kinds of things. But it demonstrates learned behavior and a flexible instinct.

          Humans are in an odd position compared to animals in that our intellectual ability and imagination can also be our undoing as we can create false realities and get lost and stuck in them and we have obsessive compulsive tendencies. Animals are more instinctive and less goes wrong when you limit the intellectual ability and choices. We are not limited. We don’t have brakes unless we deliberately place barriers in our minds to protect us, based on wisdom and reason. Impulse says to go after every good looking women we see, but reason says everything will crumble if we do so we should place barriers that say, for the sake of reproduction and the security of children, we will refrain from strong momentary pleasure for the sake of stability in the family and society.

          We sure got off on the wrong foot. We did not accept barriers in the mind and disrupted the internal systems of functions of both body and brain.

          But I would argue that we can find God in religious books, the bible at least, but its not written in an easy format. Perhaps to challenge and stretch our minds to make them more powerful. there is a lot of symbolism and metaphors in it. Sort of like the adaptive instinct. The metaphors make us think in other ways. its like working out. you strain the muscles and they respond and get bigger. Use them in different ways and they become more sensitive to un-natural movements perhaps in a sport like gymnastics or diving.

          But because we have gone wrong and Genie escaped from the bottle, we might need help getting back what we started out with and let it go to hell. So says me, anyway.

          • arcadia11 says:

            that we can contemplate something, t1, indicates that it is not out of our reach. go back and clearly choose one of those other paths and start walking. use your utmost imagination and really be on that path with all senses. allow it to unfold as you walk and try not to doubt what comes up.

            what do you see?
            how do you feel?

            as we have set aside much of our true nature there are bound to be some road-less-travelled obstacles to overcome but there are more on the path we have been walking because it is against our nature.

            i’ll do it too. maybe we will meet : – }

            i love those videos. consciousness changing.

            • truth1 says:

              Isn’t it interesting that animals can teach us so much about ourselves and them. All part of the divine plan says I. Wisdom was designed into everything.

            • arcadia11 says:

              and that’s why i cannot go along with california falling into the ocean. the animals would suffer and die a traumatic death.
              i don’t want that to happen to humans either.
              not everyone in california is insane and it is a breathtakingly beautiful state. no. i do not wish death on the life forms here even though i cannot join them in their folly.

            • truth1 says:

              arcadia, i was not serious. Yes, I have macabre sense of humor but Cali does have a lot of problems. But you should also be aware that what I joke about, is what God will be dishing out. You might want think about that. He won’t be kidding around like me.

            • arcadia11 says:

              lol. i have been threatened with god.
              truth1 – i would not want to live in a world anyway, where the loving controller deals with problems by committing mass murder.

            • truth1 says:

              you live in a world of chaos, cruelty, and murder now. God will only act to eliminate the SOB and restore peace and sanity. You don’t have those right now. I would call God’s plan an improvement. but t hat’s just me.

            • arcadia11 says:

              are you saying that god will kill only the ‘bad’ people?

            • truth1 says:

              I’m going to change the word, “bad.” He is going to let Satan kill most off but God will finish the job when those left attack His people still standing. Its just a matter of things needing to be done His way and not just anyway. We have the anyway and the freedom way of do whatever you want. Those Don’t work. In order for our well designed minds to not get out of control, we need to restrict ourselves in ways (God’s ways) that allow us to live in our own best long term interests. We have seen the contrast. Satan’s way end up being horrific. Kids get the worst of it.

              So yes, God will be bringing down the hammer and laying down the law. But result will be peace, order, sanity, reason, and joy in raising kids and taking care of them and teaching them and showing them they are loved by mom and dad, the 2 most important people in their lives, as God intended. Now I could have answered short and sweet, but inside me is a political, long-winded demon.

            • arcadia11 says:

              you are very patient t1 – and i appreciate that.

              i am going to have to take some time here to contemplate the idea of mass crimes against humanity begetting peace. cognitive dissonance gives me a headache sometimes : – {

            • truth1 says:

              ” mass crimes against humanity begetting peace”
              I guess its just he way you choose to word it. Mass crimes? If it involves A force/entity that truly has knowledge, full power and good will, could and would bring about peace sooner or later. By allowing choice, He does not force anyone to any specific fate. He can/does say, You can do it my way or let it continue as is, which guarantees your eventual death. If on the other hand, you would like to live forever and not die, then ya haf ta do things my way. It will not work any other way.

              We have a choice Arc11. You don’t have that currently. The world’s evil masters are going to shave everything down out throats and up our . . . oh never, mind. You get the picture.

              Could it be that humanity is committing mass crimes against themselves? Is God the one killing and making us miserable or it is a Bunch of bankers and politicians?

              God thought that free moral agency was a good and desireable thing. He alloted about 6000 years to show people what it is like to do things their own way and then ponder if maybe God’s ways might be a bit more sensible.

              I bring this up only because I am confused as to who you are accusing of mass crimes. And is peace a good thing to have. I kind of thought it was. God does not ask for His way because of ego. He truly understands what He mad and created. But if He continues to allow us to do as we want rather than what He wants, who is He favoring. Surely not himself or us. Its a madhouse down here. Killing off bullies. Now we are talking sweet. Then the meek shall inherit the earth as it should be if you or I had all the power and knowledge.

  13. Steve F says:

    Easy solution: kill your T.V., take a hammer to your smart phone, drown your computer in the bathtub, get off the grid, move to a remote unadulterated location and start your own civilization. Your mind is all you have that is salvageable. Jones is 100% right when he says….”There’s a war on for your mind”

    “Nothing at last is sacred but the integrity of ones own mind”
    🙂 Emerson

    • arcadia11 says:

      yes. there is definitely something to be said for living according to your highest values.

    • truth1 says:

      There was a Johnny Prine song I remember. The line went like this, condensed:
      We blew up our TV
      threw away our papers . . .
      And tried to find Jesus
      On our own.

      It is important that our discoveries come from within and outside, too. No following. Just searching or comparing notes.

  14. Tom says:

    Humans are barbaric animals. I think once we can accept this about ourselves and about one another, we can formulate a solution. OH, but that is quite it, isnt it? We do not want a solution. That would mean looking within and dealing with the devil inside us. That is painful but yet most liberating, if you have taken those steps.

    I think that humanity is making a small change in their acceptance of this “war” mentality, that is why the truth is now being revealed on so many levels. People are ready for peace and it is possible that the majority no longer want war and are reconciling their own being.

    If we cooperate together, in community, allowing the individual to be expressed, that would be enough to conquer this collectivism mentality, which does need to come to a complete halt. It cannot be allowed to get further than where it is today, especially here in America.

    Mao, Marx, Stalin are all dead, yet their agenda seems to have found a way to populate here in America. We can stop it.

    Lets end the public schooling and begin to home school is our first step towards reviving our future and ending this elitist idea of collectivism.

    You have to use your voice, your written word to make this happen. You have to put yourself “out there” so to speak. When you hold your local public servant accountable, pursuant to his/her oath to office; that statement speaks loudly to them. Because they know, if they cross the line after being informed, there could be consequences for their continued deceit.

    Everyone is waiting for someone to save them. Like the Hopi once said, and this is not verbatim “you are the saviors in which you seek and are waiting for.”

    • Steve F says:

      Tom on,
      1% of the human barbaric animals have the wealth, power and control. The remaining 99% are content with bread and circuses.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Michael, regarding the word of God. My mentor heard God’s voice all of his life and followed His will every day. Yes, there are those who can hear. Even the still, small voice is the voice of God, which we have heard in times of need. Our mentor gave us quite the understanding and we would share it with you and did have it online, but someone tried to 1984 it, and we took it off.

    Our mentor called the voice Delamer Duverus, which means from the sea or giver of truth, loosely translated from the French. He had been a Ranger during WWII and while recovering from shell shock after D-day he asked God why humanity bathed in the blood of its own species. That is when God began to talk to him and to give him great understandings. He shared them in several books, The Golden Reed, being the first. We could share if you want a copy, PDF.

    God is never a religion and we don’t find Him in religious books, but there are truths in the Bible, just hard to find.

  16. Michael says:

    Ahuh…so he was was a Ranger recoverying from shell shock and he heard a voice. Was he in a VA hospital?
    If so were they giving him medication to alleviate his shell-shock. That is a serious problem, many who had it received lobotomies and spent the remainder of their lives in institutions.

    He began to hear a voice, which he thought was God’s, which intructed him, giving him great understanding. He had no proof it was god, he presumed it was God. Could he have been mistaken?

    Shell shock in the modern sense is a form of PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). hearing voices would not be unusual for someone like this. Reliving events that caused the PTSS would not be uncommon, temporal hearing and visison loss. Hallucinations, both visual and auditory woud be symtoms.
    I don’t know how they treated the symptoms in the second world war, but now they use some pretty powerful drugs, which would exemplfy the sysmtoms.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, we are fully aware what psychiatric drugs can do to open up the mind of individuals to other minds, what we call dissimulation. However, our mentor, definitely heard God’s voice and we know this because of his fruits and because of the understandings he gave us.

      One time in our asking we asked why and how could it be possible that “These things I do, you shall do greater.” This was JeSus, and we saw how our mentor also did this through God’s guidance. Our mentor was an empath and could see into the spirit world to see demons and the things which populate that realm, he could see the aura, and together with Our Father in Heaven, he gave us an incredible understanding of why we can’t seem to get ahead and why we still fight these wars. God is not a religion, but we have found Him to be the truth and that is Freedom.

  17. Mark Hodgson says:

    Like the distinction between unity and cooperation…individuality is great as long as it respects other individuals…

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