Notes on covert information-ops

Notes on covert information-ops

by Jon Rappoport

August 1, 2017

Ops involving information take many forms.

For example, let’s start with a simple “Sunday School” version that any child could learn in an hour. A smear campaign can be carried out by highlighting people who, on their own, already claim an “extreme position”—and then falsely tying those people, by association, to the person who is to be smeared.

Then there is the moving smear. When one charge you level at a person is proven false, or questionable, you add another one, and you keeping moving and piling on from many quarters.

This is more or less how the Russia-Trump story is being handled.

Let’s go to a “labeling op.” In this situation, public persons are pictured and given titles and attributes which, on closer examination, are false.

For example, former Wall Street lawyer, and supposed “socialist,” Eric Holder, rose to the position of US Attorney General. After his service in government, during which he prosecuted no one, no bank, for crimes committed in the 2008 financial meltdown, but instead judged them too big to fail and deserving of massive bailouts, Holder returned to the same Wall Street law firm to reap his rewards for services rendered.

Barack Obama, supposed “peace president,” carried out his two terms while waging war the whole time. As the left-wing Guardian reports, “[I]n 2016 alone, the Obama administration dropped at least 26,171 bombs. This means that every day last year, the US military blasted combatants or civilians overseas with 72 bombs; that’s three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day.”

If you have the press at your disposal, it’s rather easy to limit revelations like these to a few articles, and mainly portray politicians with false labels that are the opposite of what they actually are.

Now let’s move to a more complicated information-op. You claim the discovery of a new disease. You name it. You list the symptoms, which turn out to be identical to old disease—cough, fatigue, fever, weakness. You state you’ve found the virus that causes the new disease and this virus has never been seen before. No convincing proof of the existence or action of the virus is offered. But a vaccine and drugs are developed to “fight the virus and prevent it from causing harm.” Of course, the “new disease,” which is the old disease, has a shelf life of three or four days in a person who is not already immune-compromised. It fades out by itself. Over time, thousands of journal papers are written about “the new virus.” Eventually, no one cares. The new virus has become an old virus. Time to discover another “new virus.”

Here is a political information-op. Over the course of 80 years or so, two giant superpowers flex their muscles and their intelligence agencies at each other. Each intelligence agency puts out complex reams of true and false information about the enemy. Each agency sends “defectors” to the other side. Most of them “confess” to information which is false. This gives rise to a blizzard of reports assessing the value of the confessions. Each intelligence agency conveys false information to its own people, as well, to test for leaks and identify possible traitors. Eventually, the oceans of information generated for 80 years become impossible to evaluate, relative to truth and falsity. The “illusion-producers” are caught in their own illusions. Anyone with a shred of understanding knows this, but the game goes on anyway, in the overall labyrinth.

In the field of archeology/history, accepted time lines of societies are contradicted by numerous discoveries of artifacts and structures all over the world. These structures point to civilizations which have no place in official history books. So they are written out and ignored. Researchers who insist on exploring the artifacts and structures for clues are sidelined and banned from official publications. Vast libraries of studies proliferate, in order to bolster and add details to the accepted (false) story and sequence of world history.

These are merely a few information ops. Such ops exist wherever an official story of importance is promoted.

A serious investigator uses logic and imagination to expose a given op with specifics. Imagination plays an important role, because the investigator needs to conceive of potential strategies “the other side” is using to make its position appear correct and solid. The investigator then explores these possible strategies to find the ones that are actually in play.

This is what I did vis-à-vis AIDS in my first book, AIDS INC. For example, once I discovered that the definition of AIDS in Africa was nothing more than a grouping of symptoms that corresponded to hunger, protein-calorie deficiency, and outright starvation, I conceived a central op:

The virus, HIV, was being used a cover story to obscure decades of forced hunger and starvation.

I confirmed this was the case. How? By examining instances where fertile growing land was stolen from the people by local dictators colluding with giant agriculture corporations.

I also interviewed doctors off the record. They admitted they knew hunger and starvation were causing the “AIDS symptoms,” but they were afraid to speak out, because, as one doctor told me, “My salary puts me close to the poverty level. I can make three times as much money testing for, and treating HIV. That supplements my income…”

Information-ops follow a general pattern.

Brainwash the public by constructing a basic lie.

Confirm that lie with a mountain of false and misleading data.

Sell the lie.

Therefore, hide the truth about what is actually going on.

My Power Outside The Matrix collection provides the tools a citizen investigative reporter needs to dismantle information-ops.

power outside the matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

17 comments on “Notes on covert information-ops

  1. ebolainfo says:

    The deceits/lies of the “Rule of Law” by BAR Members, of financial markets/money, history, vaccines, cancer, governance, rule by divine right, covert global control, “middle east” – where is “middle west”, europe as a continent and not western asia?

    Modern life is indeed based on a plethora of deceits. The “out of thin air” money creation is known, less known are the deceits of legal practioners (BAR members) and their policy inforcers {police men}.

  2. rightwingconservativenewsblog says:

    Commie Smear Master Ellsworth Toohey, in, “The Fountainhead.”

  3. IMNAHA says:

    Although not mentioned but implied, the process includes false flag events which are the ultimate social engineering tools. Were you in Dallas when JFK was “killed”.Did you examine the body and confirm his DNA? If not, you are relying on information that may have been (and probably was) wholly manufactured about an “event” that rocked the conciousness of the world, same with 9-11.Think of ANY major event in history and theres at least a 50/50 chance it was either “allowed to happen” or manufactured or the written historic rendering of it was largely “created”.Such is the matrix we were born into…

  4. From Quebec says:

    The Swamp has become the Sewer.
    No wonder Trump cant find any decent help there!

    Eric Trump asserted that his father is tough enough to take on the entire D.C. swamp alone if necessary, while calling on the impotent GOP establishment to fight alongside the President and help him advance the America First agenda

    “It’s amazing – this country is $4 trillion richer under my father in the first six months, and where is that?”

    “My father said it a couple of weeks ago in a tweet,” Trump went on. “He said, ‘Am I going to have to carry this whole weight on my shoulders? When are some of the people in my own party going to start protecting me?’ – and I feel the same way.”

    • Michael Burns says:

      The national debt is $19.9 Trillion, it was 19.9 trillion when he took office. The country isn’t 4 trillion richer.

      The last thing anyone would want, is to work in the family business. Nepotism is a tough employer.

      • From Quebec says:

        Wrong again Michael:

        MAGA! Trump Has Made America $4.1 TRILLION Richer…

        • Michael Burns says:

          Th national debt is what the people pay, what the real America pays; the value of its currency, which is strapped with so much debt, that it cannot be paid off, it can only collapse, which were america is heading.

          You claim that America is $4.1 trillion richer. That busllshit.
          What America are you talking about; the America that panders to media giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook; the tech corporations like Apple; the military industrial corporations and weapons manufacturing. The big bank America, like Citicorp, Morgan or who are you talking about…

          Or are you talking about the 11.6% unemployment; nearly 50% of have given up looking for a job. The disgruntled America, the disenfranchised America that still live with their Parents and doutbfully will get a chance at purchasing a house. That will never collect old age pension. That does not have a health care, and if they get sick, theyr’e fucked. The young America that is strapped with a lifelong student debt that can be passed to their children. Are you talking abvout that America.

          Depends upon what you think America is FQ, because Trump has failed at the one I am talking about…

          Trump is a diversion from what is really going on, he is twitting and tweeting will Rome burns.

            • Michael Burns says:


              Wow…that’s some job, $124,000 to $187,000 American to start. I wonder if you get a ray gun. And if they will let you use HAARP in the tough battles. Maybe your own drones. And ‘men in black’ car that converts to a space cruiser. A dog that talks. Of course I have one of those already.

              *ring, ring…ring, ring* Michael taps his feet to rhythm of the rings. Having failed to go to the washroom before making his call, Michael dances from one foot to the other.

              A raspy whiskey voice answers the phone, after numerous rings. A man on the other end of the line clears his throat, and then coughs and clears his throat again…

              Michael: Hello boss…yes, sorry to disturb you sir…it’s Michael…you know… michael!….michael sir. I’m in the alien defense department sir, Alien defense department…michael sir…burns…Burns. B-u-r-n-s…yes burns. You hired me last week sir. What do I want? Yes..well… I have a tricky little alien problem that I am dealing with at the present moment sir. Alien! From outer space…an alien from outer space sir. Yes an alien sir…he’s rather tricky one. Well..where is he, ah, um…New York city sir. What do I want?… Well I think we have to have to have a concentrated beam from the HAARP facility sir focused and centered on the center of the city… New York city sir….No I am not mad sir…. HAARP doesn’t exist! Well actually it does sir, and there are other facilities that are much bigger than HAARP…Well I read a lot. Yes I realize that the air temperature will go to a million degrees sir, yes I realize that will incinerate most of the city of New York, and give people in Ohio a nasty sunburn…but ah…well..why are you yelling sir. I’M JUST DOING MY JOb sir…no, I’m not raising my voice, sorry..sir. We have to irradiate the threat and sterilize the area. Its vital. This could mean the end of the world. This is what I am supposed to do sir, find aliens….What?… Brush the floor? Tidy the washroom? I don’t have a washroom… Clean out the file cabinets? …Count the paperclips, I don’t have any paperclips….but sir that not in my job description. I am supposed to looking for aliens sir. Not tidying up the office… Where is my office? I’m in the sub-sub-sub basement at the back near the emergency diesel generators… Well there’s no need to swear sir…yes I am getting air down there. I’m protecting America and world, for god’s sake. I am not retarded sir, I am quite qualified to handle this assignment sir. I already had a coffee break…I am only supposed to take half an hour for lunch sir. Write a 25,000 word report for your approval and then we will see? Well don’t you think that a little excessive sir. That’s the size of an average book… Samples?Corroborating facts?…witness testimonies; logistics? That’s a lot work, that could take years tracking people down for something that has been confirmed as an alien. I confirmed it, its slimy and uckie, and it smells, and people have slipped on it and hurt themselves. And they wish to sue the city of New York. It costing money. Sir it has been cleaned up and it keeps coming back.  Yes sir, I’m confused…don’t call again or I’m fired. Thank-yo…yes sir, you have a good day also.”

              *CLICK CLICK*

            • futuret says:


          • From Quebec says:

            Well, you think like a snowflake leftist. You will never understand. I mean, you will never want to understand the difference between a capitalist and a socialist country.

            • Michael Burns says:

              Right-wing old french witch.
              I saw your alma mater pictures. Is that you in middle of the one with all the pointy hats.

  5. From Quebec says:

    Eric Trump: Kelly will do an incredible job for the admin

  6. Steve F says:

    We are the commoners, the proletariat, why ask why? If the masses don’t wake up, then they deserve what they get, or what their masters allow. Time to move on, I’m not playing this game of deciept and manipulation. Killed my t.v. 20 years ago, pulled the plug on NPR , weining myself from the internet and so called smart technology, booking a reservation at a Tibetan monastery for liberation and enlightenment, not to mention. ..RELIEF

  7. French says:

    We over charge for bad coffee and make STAR-Buck$

    Starbucks Boycott
    extra large ice coffee at Starbucks
    $4.00 a day
    $28.00 a week
    $56.00 bi-weekly (means two things at Starbucks)
    $120.00 monthly
    $1460.00 yearly!!!!! WOW

    Thats 4 Very High Quality Brand Name Tires
    an American Made Gibson Les Paul……..etc

    Starbucks pledges to hire 10,000 refugees – Jan. 29, 2017 – CNN Money

  8. truth1 says:

    Interesting, too, are the outlets for dispensing the lies and psyops. At one time, one had to depend on word of mouth or town crier or maybe an announcement in church. Or Bosses at work when Industrialization started up big.

    but we got so many outlets now. for the young, TV and radio and maybe cellphones and the net. We have long had newspapers, magazines, books. We guts us schools which is why I is so smart and all withs muh clever werds and frazes. Why I is an intellectual geenius.

    Employers often enforce certain social policies and political rhetoric. Peer pressure is the biggest part of schooling to condition the kids. Peer pressure works well on adults, too. Now we guts us tons of shills, paid by the government no less, thru military and intelligence operations, to lie to us all over the net. Flat Earth anyone? That ought to bring some trolls. Step right up. Don’t be bashful! 😛 Religions like to spread propaganda and lies and false doctrines, too. In fact, if someone cal along and tolds me that religions started da whole shill thing, why I’z would not even blinks. Some of them talks the craziest non-sense. A burning hell where you never die and keep getting burned. What? Come ta thinks of it, maybe drugs are good propaganda, too, like hallucinogens opening the mind, when really, they destroy it over time.

    Well, its all too deep for country boy like me. All this tech crap producing info crap. I thinks maybe I might go joins me with sum o them thar Amish people. Dey is looking smarter all the time and I needs me as much smarts as I can get cause I ain’t got me a whole lot of that up front.

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