Socialism: thick lipstick on a global pig

Socialism: thick lipstick on a global pig

by Jon Rappoport

August 29, 2017

To give you an idea of the deception inherent in socialism, here is a quote from none other than Andrew Carnegie, once one of the richest men in America:

“I believe Socialism is the grandest theory ever presented, and I am sure it will someday rule the world. Then we will have attained the Millennium…Then men will be content to work for the general welfare and share their riches with their neighbors.” (The New York Times, 1 January 1885, “A Millionaire Socialist”)

Carnegie, of course, like several of his ultra-rich compatriots, devised a method to give away his riches while keeping them: the non-profit foundation.

The last thing on Carnegie’s bloated mind was becoming “equal” with the great unwashed.

He was a liar of the first order. He recognized that, when you win the game of free enterprise, your most corrupt bet is to turn around and find every possible way to block others from winning. Then, you stand at the top of the heap, unchallenged.

That is exactly what he had in mind. That’s what socialism actually meant to him.

Let’s see socialism for what it is. Not in the abstract, but in reality.

Socialism is:

The taking of money (taxes) from some people who work for it and giving it to others who don’t work for it. On a grand scale.

The vast expansion of freebies doled out by central government. In order to create and sustain dependence.

The government protection of favored persons and corporations, permitting them and aiding them to expand their fortunes without limit, regardless of what crimes they commit in the process. (Monsanto would be a fine example.)

The squeezing out of those who would compete with the favored persons and corporations.

The dictatorship by and for the very wealthy, pretending to be the servant of the masses.

The lie that the dictatorship is being run by the masses.

The gradual lowering of the standard of living for the overwhelming number of people.

The propaganda claiming socialism is the path to a better world for all.

In other words, socialism is a protection racket and a long con and a heartless system of elite control, posing as the greatest good.

Except in the specifics of its updated lies, it is just another form of top-down tyranny—as old as the hills.

A year or two ago, a person living in Europe told me that the European Union was not a problem, because it was just another layer of socialism placed over the existing socialist governments of European nations, and no one really noticed the existence of the EU.

—As if blindness were a reason not to worry.

As you can see from the elements of socialism I’ve listed above, America is moving more and more into the socialist orbit.

Protesting that America is, instead, a system of greed and inequality is merely saying that the central government is protecting certain corporations and favored persons.

The real and true definition of socialism accounts for that favoritism and protection.



Socialism is, in the minds of most people who advocate it, a vague sentiment about people being kinder to each other.

Consider this fatuous and ludicrous statement, uttered by the mob boss of bosses of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, in 1961: “The socialist economy has become so strong, so vigorous that from the summits we have reached we can issue an open challenge of peaceful economic competition to the most powerful capitalist country—the United States of America.”

Here is a correct translation: “Bankrolled and given vital technology by a few elites from the West, our vast society of socialist slave workers is now able to engage in capitalist competition with America.”

The raving of a madman.

Today’s youth who push and protest and riot and censor, on behalf of socialism, are working for the ultra-rich whom they despise.

That’s the long and short of “the glorious revolution.”

The Carnegies and Rockefellers of today (including a miniature Rockefeller named George Soros) have engaged the young as foot soldiers, and they know the young are willing dupes for socialism, because they created, for the young, an education system that makes them clueless and mindless.

The Carnegies and Rockefellers of today are saying: “Bring on the new world, the better world, the more just world, the happier world—whatever you want to call it—so we can run it from the top and show you what we really think of you. Make every conceivable lever of power ours, and then we’ll reveal what we really have planned for you.”

Here is a relevant backgrounder I recently wrote about private property—

Once private property is abolished, the socialist crime bosses win. They build their heaven on earth, which means they can take what they want and run civilization, top-down. They can keep saying nobody owns anything, but in fact they own it all. They execute this squeeze play as if they were messiahs eradicating the prime evil: private ownership. This is such a preposterous stage play that, in a sane society, it would close down after one night.

Newsflash: There is a difference between an idea and the way that idea is applied in practice.

For example, certain groups will take the idea of freedom and interpret it to mean, “We have the freedom to steal everything we can.”

Based on this practice, many people will claim freedom was always a failed and corrupt idea at the core. This is wrong, absurd, and dim. Very dim.

In the same way, the idea of private property can certainly be twisted to mean, “I, an elite banker, will steal what you have, make it my own, and then declare it is my property, over which I have control.”

But the idea of private property remains independent of what people will do to distort it. A child used to be able to see this.

Centuries of struggle resulted in a shift from monarchs and priest classes owning all available land, to individuals having the right to own land.

Once that principle was firmly established, groups immediately tried to modify the principle to their advantage.

In 1776, a group called the Illuminati declared its existence in Bavaria. One of its guiding ideas was: the abolition of all private property. That concept traveled down to Karl Marx and the Communist agenda.

Private property was called an inherent crime. Instead, the people/everybody would own all property. This garbled incoherent pronouncement would be backed up by the ruling government, who would act as stewards for the masses—meaning the government would take control of all property until such time as the people evolved to the point where the State was unnecessary.

As a straight con, it was very weak. A two-bit hustler on a street corner with a folding table and three cards could see through it in a second.

The people evolving? The State withering away on its own? Equality defined as everybody owning everything?

Of course, if people injected their own utopian fantasies into the mix, if people assumed the government was a beneficent force for good, if people assumed there was an “everybody” operating unanimously, if people fantasized about a history of peaceful tribes (who fought wars against each other) gracefully abdicating the whole notion of individual property…well then, yes, the abolition of private property became a marvelous proposition.

In the light of day, however, with a clear mind, the idea was terrible. It was quite insane. It signaled a transfer of property from the individual to power-mad lunatics.

Needless to say, this idea of no-private-property is alive and well on planet Earth today. We are in another round of fantasy-drenched propaganda.

In a nutshell, the threat of pure private property is: it establishes individual rights that stand against the unchecked force of the government-corporate-banking nexus. It implies the individual is free, independent, and the ruler of what he owns.

To which the addled mind replies: “But suppose a person is polluting his land and the poison is running beyond his borders and endangering others?”

Well, that is called a crime. It should be prosecuted. It should be stopped.

The fact that it is often ignored doesn’t negate the whole assumption of private property. It points to the corruption of public officials who refuse to prosecute the protected and favored offender.

Here is utopia laid bare: the government and its partners, who are doing everything they can to limit, squash, and outlaw the individual right to own property, are the same force that is acting as the wondrous representative of all the people. Surrender to this force; give it power to appropriate all property and hold it in trust, for that day when the population has risen to enlightenment, when the open sharing of “everything” is a natural impulse. Then victory will be ours.

Not the iron fist. The open helping hand. Not the hammer. The smiling guide. Not the monarch. The servant of humanity.

If you buy that one, I have waterfront condos for sale on Jupiter’s four moons. No terms. Cash up front. Construction begins in 2058. Promise.

The Homeowners Association actually owns the condos and the land. They are a subsidiary of the Jupiter Government Authority. There are rules. No flags of any kind flying from porches. No privately owned electricity generators. No growing of vegetables or fruit on the land. No weapons. Domiciles must be shared with migrants arriving from Earth. The migrants are given beds, meals, and clothing. Possessions are shared. The prime directive: everything belongs to everybody.

Power to the people.

Any alert mind blows apart this delusional nightmare in a minute.

The Matrix Revealed

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

39 comments on “Socialism: thick lipstick on a global pig

  1. justanthropology says:

    I have decided to either give up coffee or read your posts. My adrenalin simply can’t cope with both.

  2. Isn’t the entire concept of private property already bunk? As long as taxes are levied and their collection is enforced from the barrel of a gun … ownership really becomes an illusion.

    • IMNAHA says:

      Indeed No North Americans own their property in “fee simple absolute”. The King / Queen of England actually kept control of U.S. real property after the revolution by carbon copying their legal system onto their “former” plantations.
      However waging war is costly and the British royalty had to use the U.S colonies, (legally defined AKA plantations) as collateral, so their financiers , the City of London (AKA The Crown) actually holds the liens on “our” real property.In the back of Black’s Law Dictionary and you find a “Table of British Regnal Years” from 1066 right up to the present time; nary a mention of any U.S. Presidents, cause they are irrelevant when it comes to the law and property ownership.
      Ergo you get to pay rent toThe Crown) on THEIR liened property, with all of it being controlled through the Federal Reserve System, owned and operated by guess who…

      • Leslielandberg says:

        OMG I just said virtually the same thing, minus all the fine historical details you provided, on another blog! The British are coming! And they want their shit back, yo. It’s the Fed and who stands right behind them. Bank notes are what the name implies: debt. And the central banks are all broke. The Jackles from Jeckle Island are sharpening their teeth and claws and waiting for the big currency crash. Buy and hold those precious metals. The petrodollar is all that stands between us and the abyss.

    • Terri says:

      Our God given inherent right to property can never be bunk. What is bunk are ignorant people who further the agenda of the police/nanny state.
      The laws of nature are the laws of God, whose authority can be superseded by no power on earth. A legislature must not obstruct our obedience to him from whose punishments they cannot protect us. All human constitutions which contradict his cannot protect us. All human constitutions which contradict his (God’s) laws, we are in conscience bound to disobey. 1772, Robin v. Hardaway, 1 Jefferson 109.

      Our constitution and our American republic is based on the protection of our inherent rights, in which our government was formed, as servant to the people to provide services to them.
      Taxes and our fiat currency are unconstitutional and violate these rights and create debt slavery.
      The people are the heart of our republic. Without them it can not function as intended.
      If the people are unhappy with the government performance it must be recognized that government is merely a reflection of an immoral society that rejected a moral government of constitutional limitations of power and love of freedom.” – Ron Paul

      “This [U.S. Constitution] is likely to be administered for a course of years and then end in despotism… when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic govt, being incapable of any other.” – The Quotable Founding Fathers, pg. 39.

      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”. – John Adams

      A republic is not an easy form of government to live under, and when the responsibility of citizenship is evaded, democracy decays and authoritarianism takes over. Earl Warren, “A Republic, If You Can Keep It”, p 13.

      The masses need only look in the mirror to see who is responsible for the demise of our quality of life and our descent into madness. The abdication of responsibility is the gravest of sin.

      • truth1 says:

        OUr constitution and bill of rights were lies given to us by Freemasons, the real founders of the deceptive documents that supposedly protect us.

    • truth1 says:

      Exactly, kennyalligood. Land ownership was outlawed with property taxes and building permits and codes that are abusive. Get laid off and can not pay the taxes, you lose what you thought was your home. It never way. That that plank was enacted long ago. We have no property rights. IN the bible, land was forever. all debt erased very 7 years. Sold into slavery? No more than 7 years and your property went back to you, too, after that 7 years.

    • Bunny says:

      I heard that the state of OHIO was trying to pass a bill that would eliminate property taxes, which means that the people in that state could actually live in a self sufficient manner.

      The two linchpins of modern free range serfdom are property taxes (and insurance) and INCOME tax.

      You never actually OWN your property, if you think you do,stop paying property taxes and watch government jackbooted thugs kick down your door and shoot the family dog.
      That “FREEDOM” is a byatch.

      In contrast, medieval serfs had a right to the commons, celebrated over 100 holidays and feasts a year, and paid top rate of 30% gross tax to the feudal lord.
      In fact when proto capitalism was coming in, and the Lords were selling land out from under the serfs rendering them homeless, the incoming horrific mercantilist system was resisted by the serfs. There were so many serf uprisings, led by women, which may have been what actually sparked the inquisitions and witch-hunts.

      • kennyalligood says:

        That last paragraph is fascinating, thanks for sharing. I believe the mercantile economy continued into the new world and evolved into crony capitalism … if I could add to your theory?

  3. Dana Doran says:

    I once did battle with an HOA – Kaanapali Hillside HOA on Maui. While waiting for a Hawaii State Supreme Court decision on the HOA’s IMPLIED rights on my deeded property (HOA was limited to architectural control), the HOA lobbied successfully to have the state mandate by law that neighbors could vote to change my deed to include the right of the HOA to foreclose. Guess who lost her house? The one they labeled the “freeloader.”

  4. Theodore says:

    And, while you buy into ‘socialism’ and the ‘abolishment of private property’ — while we chemically and electronically castrate you in your youth…

    We are going to use our ‘big-data’ computing power to up-sell you on ‘Technocracy’ (a combination of Huxley’s Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984).

  5. I was as gullible and naïve as they come in my youth and now it’s like watching the film Idiocracy over and over and thinking–“How can they STILL NOT SEE through this ruse?!” Just look at the DSM (as Jon often reminds us) it’s full of ‘social diseases’ pathologizing any human behavior that does not comply with ‘preferred group norms’. Antisocial? Yes please, count me in! Rather to be considered disordered and selfish, narcissistic, rude and arrogant than play the eternal doormat for the sake of the group’s desire for more reality TV and doughnuts and their endless FAKE virtue signaling and perpetual victim worship. I find this holier-than-thou mentality far more socially destructive not to mention outrageously distasteful!

  6. MrDuncmck says:

    oh! this yearning that (this time we’ll get it right) trust me? the hope to hope is like a line of cocaine with a shot of tequila .whala “..I must believe in the messenger because the message feels sooooo gooood” We have a benevolent dictator here . extacy . i will never try to recreate this extacy ever again ..promise.. This is not only the elite power center but the masses response also . a marriage made in hell.

  7. paschnn1 says:

    ROFL! Even your choice of title was beautiful and BONUS! Gave me a pleasant chuckle of a morning, thanks!
    My condolences to the person above whom lost their home. HOA’s, like everything ELSE foisted upon a comatose public, are initially sold as a “great idea” by the powers that be. They also “morph” into demons, just as planned, by same powers.
    How do you think they were able to implement “hate laws” in those 17 nations where one is stripped of assets/lively hood/freedom for the “heinous” and “evil” act of questioning the hallow’dcaust?
    Can someone name ONE point of truth that needed draconian LAWS enacted to silence criticism of same?
    “Socialism” at it’s purest, is a wonderful idea. It’s when the adversaries of this system buy control then twist it to FAVOR a select few at the top that it becomes a bona fide nightmare. Same with “Democracy” or “Capitalism”. In fact, those SAME powers HAVE to sell it as a boon to mankind in order for them to FOOL a culture into supporting it! For example, National Socialism was the ONLY way to bring Germany back from the economic/moral/cultural SEWER the same Bolshevik Jews that destroyed Russia and are “thisclose” to reaching “terminal” with Sewer Nation. There was NO other way to stop them IN THEIR TRACKS, remove them from their banking, currency and, (arguably the most sensitive part of the “cancer”), “dual citizen” posts they were “appointed” to in government.
    National Socialism has been given a bad rap. by the same kosher media that lauded Castro/Guevara as the “good guys” while they slaughtered over 100,000 and brought Bolshevik Communism RIGHT TO OUR SHORES!
    The SAME kosher media that hid the horror/slaughter going on in Russia – then the Ukraine, (HOLODOMOR) and many other nations through out Europe in the name of the the Central Banking/fractionalized gods.

    Now, thanks to the (evil) dual world power of Sewer Nation/City of London, it has virtually infected the entire globe.

    Again, thanks for the chuckle with the title. The use of the word “pig” is so very un-kosher!

    To any “snowflakes” waiting to pounce;
    No, I am NOT a “Nazi”. Just an old man who still likes their “history” slathered with a thick topping of truth.

    • Michael says:

      To the guy with the funny moustache;

      I’m not a snowflake, but I am going to pounce…you ready, old timer.

      “Socialism” at it’s purest, is a wonderful idea. […]”

      Reading through your romp, was terrifying and funny all at the same time, an epitaph for your tombstone; like listening to a sixteen year old girl learn to drive on a standard truck. Grrrind…you realize that socialism bears snowflakes. Hm…and so rightly so… in its perfect state, socialism bears perfectly fuck up snowflakes.

      You’re an exercise in the oxymoronic.

      Now when I hear, or in this case read, “No, I am Not a “Nazi. Just an old man […]” it makes me want to… Achtung baby! Nice and straight and stick my arm high in the air and yell, “Seig Heil mutherfuckers, ya haven’t found this one.”

      Socialism is the worst of ideas, it was created by men of vast wealth, to cripple upstarts with no wealth. To cripple anyone who would challenge. Socialism means ‘ya gotta pay dopey”, so shut up and give us all your money, no ya can’t own that, you can’t own anything. It all belong to everybody. Even your mind is ours. “So shut up and listen and we will tell you what you think…oh bye the way Seig Heil!”

      I thick you have been slathering something on thick, and it ain’t truth. But it does come out the ass end of something that utters (scuse the pun). MOO…

      • arcadia11 says:

        not to minimize the important points in your post like socialism is the worst of ideas, with which i agree fully, but….’like listening to a sixteen year old girl learn to drive on a standard truck. Grrrind’

        and you call me sexist?

        • Michael says:

          Okay, it’s not sexist. Girls in general, don’t like clutches. Or is it clutches don’t like sixteen year old girls. 

          Okay I’ll prove I’m not sexist.

          Girls can do other things A, like the vanity mirrors over the visor. I have seen girls coming down the road in front to of me with the vanity mirrors down. Poor girls are in a rush, maybe late a bit for work. I see them looking in the vanity mirror and then looking back to the road; putting on their lipstick, and mascara, with one hand and a coffee in the other hand. And I would guess they are steering with their knees. They are usually driving very fast, probably in a rush.

          Now that takes talent. See I’m not sexist.

          • arcadia11 says:

            lol. so many ways to respond, michael. i will say that i agree about the mirror thing – skillful but effing scary. (i never did that, btw though i was able to steer with my knees)

            however, that was in the old days. now that men are women too….i’m not sure – it might mean you’re double sexist. i’ll have to google it.

            i will also say this – i learned to drive on a manual transmission same as my older sister and my grandmother. i rode a honda superhawk up and down the hills and cable car tracks in san francisco – demurely, in a short skirt. in the rain. before helmets were mandated. often with a larger passenger : – o

            my commute vehicle from san mateo county to downtown s.f. was a honda 554. i am 5’3.75″. could not put both feet on the ground at the same time. no problem. never dumped that one.

            am currently driving a 5 speed and my previous car was a 5 speed. i am not alone.

            i forgot what we were talking about….

            • Michael says:

              …Oh oh thats not good.
              We were talking about , girls being sugar and spice, and boys being bugs and snails and puppy dogs tails. Well we started out initially at lipstick on a pig.

              “…demurely, in a short skirt. In the rain.”….so your a biker chick. Got any tatoos A11…

              This is an interesting conversation, strange how conversations evolve and grow and meander and move off in a different direction.

              Desmond just gave the big chomp down on a pesky fly lol that has been bothering both of us. I’ll say a little prayer for his speedy reincarnation to his next life. The fly that is…

              I think I’ll go to the river and throw a bottle in with a niote in it….

            • arcadia11 says:


              you’re right. it is strange. but it makes me laugh so i don’t care. (anyway, i notice you have no problem relating to that which is termed strange)

              life on this plane is distressing. lately i just want to
              say what i feel and not worry about what anyone else thinks. it is so unnaturally hot here in nocal that i feel my brain cells are melting. maybe that has something to do with my mood. it is hot and dry and we have two or three wildfires in the area so the sky was smoke-filled all day. with all that is going on in the world, including the man-made evil weather, the fires are just a terrible addition of insult to injury. it is so difficult for the animals and flora. i feel the need to stay awake and hold a place of protection for them all. some are still babies.

              a lot of my energy has been sent to the houston area. now i need some for my own space too. if there is anyone out there with a bit of protective, fire-dousing energy to spare, we would be very grateful to have it. for the flora and fauna. i can pay in kind.

              yikes. my own comment is starting to depress me. i had better sign off.

              two things first: one, no tattoos. i was an executive biker chick. (lol. stole that from eddie izzard) and two, what are you going to write on your note?

              cheers and good health & spirit to all –

      • paschnn1 says:

        Fool. As with MOST in this addled culture, you immediately condemn national Socialism. Tell me, what’s your “learned” opinion of democracy? communism? theocracy? capitalism?

        “I thick you have been slathering something on thick…”

        Can you translate that bit-o-wisdom for me, stain? Or is it a direct result of “common core” education? Another to-be-hailed grand idea of democracy?

        Allow me to take your shallow ass for a walk down memory lane trough the WONDERFUL history of this pig-sty’s “democratic” accomplishments.

        In it’s foul history they have suckered imperialists such as yourself into +/- 500 military actions, paid for with OUR lives, OUR tax dollars, OUR reputation.

        With a bit of research you’d find out that literally EVERYTHING this sewer has foisted on this world is what THEY say National Socialism/Germany was supposed to have done

        So, enlighten me on just what the hell YOU find so moral or great about which ever political ideal YOU find worthy, penis breath?


        Do you even HAVE an opinion? ALL political ideals SOUND great while being sold to a disgruntled culture. I’m sure that the Bolshevik Jews laid it on VERY heavy in Russia to get enough of the people to back them while they tore that nation a new ass, of course when they wrested the reins of POWER from the established norm things suddenly became vastly different from what was promised – JUST as will happen here when Soros et al get the snowflakes to rip THIS pig sty apart, Chaos/misery/death.

        Before Sewer Nation, Britain and the City of London crushed Germany they had enacted the world’s FIRST animal rights laws, environmental laws, 40 hour week week, over time, paid holidays, healthcare etc. Dunce, have you looked into what THIS democratic sewer’s people had to do to achieve same BEFORE they pissed it all away?

        ANY political idea is great, when applied/run by honorable men – it’s when DIS-honorable men hold the reins and govern over shallow fools such as you that they become a bad thing.

  8. Terri says:

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

    Winston Churchill

  9. From Quebec says:

    Anti-Socialism Quotes”

    How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an Anti-communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”
    – Ronald Reagan

    “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”
    – Winston Churchill

    A government policy to rob Peter to pay Paul can be assured of the support of Paul.”
    – George Bernard Shaw

    “You cannot bring prosperity by discouraging thrift.

    You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.

    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

    You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.

    You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich.

    You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.

    You cannot further brotherhood of men by inciting class hatred.

    You cannot establish security on borrowed money.

    You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.

    You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.”

    – Rev. William J. H. Boetcker*

  10. truth1 says:

    What I note most about socialism, are the clever words they use to immediately mislead those who do not give much thought for very long. Equality is one of those words. They day socialism is equality. but their equality is really favoritism and bias, special privileged for some and punishment for others.

    Socialists/Marxists are pure liars, they think up all kids of clear Jingo-ism. Nothing means what it says.

    So now I ask, which came first? Marxism or socialism? Well, you can’t have one without the other. But what people need to keep in mind is that all big governments are marxist liars and socialism of the fabric that those liars use to rob and steal and give it to the worthless idiots.

    Think of these words: Liberty, equality, fraternity, tolerance, love, They all sound good, don’t they. But if not carefully applied and defined, any of those words can become lies and a living hell. the devil is in the details. What do you mean by love? By sharing? by caring? By equality? What kind of Equality regarding what situation? You know, poverty can easily be equality. Prisoners in prison have a certain equality. I don’t like that equality.

    What about these words: Hate, intolerence, prejudice, bias, These all sound terrible, don’t they? But don’t we hate our enemies? Do we even have any enemies any more? Or is every body our friend, especially those different from us! Really?

    Prejudiced? You mean like learning a lesson and remembering it for later use so that you do not have to keep learning it over and over again? So when you come across that situation again, you have the answer for it already. Its prejudged! Awesome. Experience so that we don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over.

    Intolerance? of what? It matters. Intolerence for evil and lying is good. intolerance of goodness, decency, and honesty? That’s a disaster. It matters what are you are referring to. Bias? much like prejudice. We learn from our mistakes to avoid making them again.

    the left is notorius for butchering and massacre-ing language and misusing it and twisting it and and changing its meaning. Nothing means what it seems to mean. I am not one for thought crimes or speech crimes, but when you start lying and deceiving by changing the language, than I am all for speech police to bust in and demand a definition and explanations for exactly what you are implying and what you are applying it too. If your caught using deceptive language (subversion of honesty) . . . then its off to concentation camps. We let the left get away with far too much lying. That brings up another interesting word . . . a name, actually. Hitler. Hitler complained about overly critical leftists picking only at faults and not seeing the bigger picture. Kind of like saying that white people and the USA were nothing but evil Slave masters, like no one else had ever done it except white and conservatives, although many slave owners were actually democraps.

    Leftists do not like being appeased. They will not accept being appeased. they will keep find fault, even if they have to lie to do it, till finally, they either resort to violence or you give in and let them have power. This is the left now in the US. Hitler was not saint. but the left was every bit the danger that he said it was.It would be stupid to ignore a good point, even if it is a war monger making it.

    There is no greater plague on earth than those who lie to gain power. There is no virtue in lies or liars. Socialism = Communism = liars = evil and destruction. Too many examples in the past prove this beyond any shadow of a doubt.

  11. Sam Fidman says:

    […] Many are startlingly ignorant of the FACT that FDR literally saved America in his first few weeks in office -and also, for better or for worse, saved capitalism. Even the most right-winning extremists thanked him at the time – just after our banks failed…and he took action to save the day and then some.

    The FDIC – helped the last great gift of capitalism 2008 to be only the Great Recession.

    • truth1 says:

      What! What! What??? I thought that WWII brought us all back to work again. Plus the loans we floated to Europe, who now had to pay us back. Having a world war to recover? Madness. Let me guess, We got another War coming, right? I’m sick already.

  12. Lowell Joseph Gallin says:


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