Energy depletion in a human being

Energy depletion in a human being

by Jon Rappoport

September 10, 2017


As in: energy depletion.

Without energy, the individual feels trapped. In that state, he seeks to conform, fit in, survive long enough to die of old age.

Body and mind deploy various feedback mechanisms to inform a person about his “available supply of energy,” and when these signals are taken as absolute truth, trouble comes.

“I can sense my energy is dwindling. So I have to…settle for less, or see a doctor, or give up, or accept that I’m getting older, or change my values, or tune up a victim-story, or join a group, or…”

On and on it goes.

In this twilight zone, the individual is unwilling to consider solutions that could restore his vitality. He’s already opted for a lower level of life.

In particular, he’s unwilling to explore the one aspect of his capability that works like magic: imagination.

That’s out. No dice. Preposterous. Absurd.

After all, imagination is just that spring rain he felt as a child, that unknown space that held all the promise in the world.

That was then; this is now.

Now is sober reflection. Now is routine. Now is habit. Now is empty.

Once upon a time, he read a science fiction novel and, at the end of it, he felt as if he were standing, triumphant, in deep space at the crossroad of a hundred solar systems.

Now he knows there is no such place. Now he is intelligent.

And now he has no energy.

The light that once flared is gone.

The idea that his own imagination could lead him to discoveries beyond anything he knows is fool’s gold.

Yes, once when he was twenty, he woke up in the middle of the night and walked to his window and looked out over a city and knew he was on the cusp of an endless future…but what can he do about that now? There is no returning.

So his imagination waits. It idles.

Yet…if he took a chance, if he began to dream again, if he started up the engine, if he considered offloading the interlocking systems that have become his daily life, what might happen?

What layers of dead thought might peel away?

What abiding convictions might dissolve?

What energies might be restored?

Is there a huge space beyond his common neurological impulses and rigid survival habits, where Vision can be played out on a vast scale?

Is there a different kind of life he can enter?

Can he take a route around the banners and facades of his former reality after opening the door to his imagination?

There is, in fact, a silent channel that winds through the entire time-scale of the human race.

History does not officially record it, because history is written by winners for losers, and this silent channel has nothing to do with pedestrian notions of victory or defeat.

The route of imagination has no truck with conventional space or time. It invents its own, and eventually introduces them into the world.

How many stories are there about journeying knights who cross the boundary from ordinary events into a realm of magic?

The stories are messages…sent to ourselves, to remember. This place, this day, this moment is a platform from which to embark.

Adventure, with no end.



Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

12 comments on “Energy depletion in a human being

  1. bobgly32 says:

    The article touched on a question I’ve had for years, namely: “With so much fuss about energy conservation, why do we waste such vast amounts of our own as individuals?”

  2. Spiritof42 says:

    Jon – you make an excellent case for eliminating processed foods, especially sugar and all other sweets. They suck the energy out you and are a common cause of cancer.

    Sugar is easily the hardest subsance I’ve ever had to eliminate from my diet. Tougher than cigarettes. Corporate propaganda would have us believe that sugar is harmless. Nay! It’s up there with alchohol. I long knew sugar was harmful. So I tried to keep the amounts low and take it after a meal to slow down the insulin reaction. When I read Suicide by Sugar, that was enough to break free.

  3. Burrlagus Furlicus says:

    I conserve my energy by telling people who think they own me to go stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.
    If I don’t like what some white coat who is only there for a check has say I get up and leave.
    Once the doctor called and I let the phone ring 100 times only to answer on ring 101, you could hear how pissed she was and I laughed my ass off.
    Too much ceding of our own authority and energy is why this country is in such a sad state.
    So much for rebellious tea chucking rebels who tell the king to stuff it.

  4. Jake says:

    Speaking of Fool’s gold – I created a solution called “aurum essence”. While Aurum stands for gold in latin, it’s the essence that is interesting. Capturing life force energy is a very common thing we do on a daily basis without realizing it. We all do this every single day. Drinking sun tea is one of those examples.

    I’ve devised a method which captures life force energy and puts it in an suspended state until consumed. It is designed to correct RB gene disorders throughout the body. As crazy as it may sound, it works for me. Angiosarcoma cancer which is a cancer of the blood vessels, dissipates through time as we all know that body cells get replaced often.

    I had angiosarcoma. Doctor wanted to do chemo and do other radical treatments which I have denied. My grandfather died from this horrible disease. He was bedridden for months until he finally gave out with a imploded heart after suffering internal bleeding. He was 54 years old. Never knew this could be passed down through the family.

    RB gene disorders – the answer to that, is the deficiency of the gold mineral in our bodies. We all must have various minerals to keep functioning on a daily basis. Once a mineral gets excreted completely and not used, it causes various sets of health problems. In this case, the RB gene rejects mineral gold intake.

    I was once obese as well, I’ve lost considerable weight due to this horrible disorder. I am feeling better and more active every day. Low carb diet combination to taking aurum essence helps with the sugar craving, and removing such toxins from the body.

    Vitality – this could be the answer to the foundation of youth. My skin had replaced all of it’s cells, obviously and I am looking more and more like a 20 year old every single day.

    It’s interesting. I learned this harvesting method through my family generations speak n write. All I did, was to modify it. The Egyptians and even before the Sumerians, were using this method. Yea, gold had another meaning in those days.

    • Jake says:

      Correction – I’ve said it wrong.

      I’ve lost considerable weight due to taking aurum essence and due to this horrible disease. The genetic correction causes immediate weight loss. RB gene disorders, one of them is obesity. People who become obese for no real reason, could be suffering from this gene disorder.

    • Roy coelho says:

      For years I have know that the Egyptians were doing something to regenerate but I could not figure it out. What you wrote could be the answer. Do you share this knowledge?

      • Jake says:

        Umm not really. I’ve posted on facebook a couple times but deleted it afterwards. I only shared this with a few friends and family who know I had this health issue and that’s about it. It’s my first time to post this on an internet blog.

        Not only the regeneration theory, but they also used a special mixture in making stones. No one could really prove how they were able to lift “60 tons” blocks to place them on a building foundation which led to what we know today about pyramids. I believe that it was common knowledge in those days of how to make aurum essence to mix with particulate matter. Gold is a super conductor. If you take fine powder of basalt, granite, other materials and mix it with the essence, it becomes lightweight puddy. The puddy then absorbs the sunlight and moisture which hardens afterwards. After the puddy hardens, it becomes heavy. The lightweight material is just like clay which can be molded into any shape. Well, that’s just a theory which I think, is true, anyways.

        One can look at a original Egyptian statue of Rameses, for example, up close and you will see what looks like “particulate” matter. Could we chip that stone with a copper tool? I don’t think we could.. can we? If it was a puddy that was molded into a statue, then yes we could use a copper tool. There are blocks in Egypt which have holes in them and cuts that looks like they’ve used high technology machinery. No, they made those blocks, and used copper teethed tools to get what they want. Again, if you look up close at those blocks, you will see ‘particulate’ matter. Particulate matter is “spots” all over the block which basically looks just like we do with cement today.

        The essence solution itself dissolves fine gold. Now we all know that gold cannot be dissolved in any liquid except harsh acids. High temperatures can melt gold, but not dissolve it. They were using essence to dissolve fine gold into a solution and ingesting them. My theory is that, they didn’t know about about the toxicity of gold, at first. Heavy metal gold is toxic and they were shaving gold particles off of collected gold and ingesting them which led to some early deaths.

        They came up with a way to remove the toxicity from gold which then lead to the invention of gold paint. The “skin of the gods”… was the theme in those days. It all made sense to me when it’s referring to the diseases of the skin. Angiosarcoma is a disease of the blood vessels which interacts with the skin. Makes helluva sense.

        Well, I did show how to make aurum essence to a friend of mine a few days ago. She’s a biochemist and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Modern scientific knowledge states that you simply cannot dissolve gold unless it’s in a harsh acidity content such like hydrochloric acid.

        I ingested the solution in front of her. :O I told her that the stomach acids will take care of the rest of the process.

        Hard to believe eh?.. well since I’ve ingested the first dose of ‘aurum essence’ on April 4th 2017, I am running a full year test on myself. I have no choice but do it – thinking that I am going to die anyways just like my grandfather did. Angiosarcoma in it’s worse case is very bad… it spreads all over the body, all over the face, making a person constantly bleed which would then require hospitalization for long periods of time until finally dying from internal bleeding. Google up angiosarcoma. I did not want to be bound to doctors giving me prescriptions and doing radical treatments that do not work.

        Well – I think that’s all I can say on here. I am sharing this with you all but I rather remain anonymous the best as I can. Thanks for reading! 🙂

        • Terri says:

          Jake, just wanted to also add many blessings for your restoration of vibrant health and healing.
          sovereign silver makes a nano colloidal silver which has been shown to heal cancer internally when taken with aloe,
          You can read about it on the truth about cancer website and documentaries.
          Also there are many good things you can do with eft, visualization and food choices to heal.
          Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Terri says:

      Jake,The annunaki also loved gold and used it for many purposes, how is this different from monoatomic gold which i have read mixed reviews about?

      • Jake says:

        Monoatomic gold is made by a form of electrolysis. Same with colloidal silver. I have done a lot of research regarding colloids while I was looking for answers to genetic reprogramming.

        Unfortunately the colloids can go so far on a level which is focused in the blood and tissues. That is as far as they can go.

        I have purchased and tried both colloids silver and gold. They work based on the parts per million formula and they get excreted by the body very rapidly. Silver does help with ailments such as flu and infections while gold does help with manipulating the order of tissues. That is all they can do. It varies if an individual experience the change or not.

        The essence that I use, is powered by the sun and is electrical in nature. I call it “liquid lightning” because the energy captured and suspended is similar to electrolysis but is in more permanent form. The solution tastes just like licking a 9 volt battery. It’s best mixed with flavored drinks to cover that god awful taste. I chose to mix it in home made canned salsa.

        There’s a reason for the “sun disk” above RA’s head. Pure gold flakes are then immersed in the solution then dissolved

        The particles are consumed and it goes right down to the DNA strands. Isn’t that what monoatomic gold is supposed to do? I’ve tried 3 different dealer brands and all of them don’t work. Aurum Essence made with a gold combination does more than just being atomic, it is also electrical.

        If they start selling monoatomic gold with attached viable electrical current present then I’ll be very interested in buying. Otherwise than that they are just a common liquid supplement which may have an effect.

        Sounds crazy, eh? Well that’s the difference between the two 😉 Aurum essence is working great for me. The red blotches all over my body are almost completely gone. One of the blotches covered the entire right side of my stomach and another one was the size of a dollar bill on my left leg which is now less than the size of a penny. Angiosarcoma is horrible.

        Going away nicely with every dose of Aurum Essence. I take a dose once a month and I calculated that the solution itself has a shelf life of about 3000 years. Yea that’s crazy!

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