Hurricane Irma as a symbol for America

Hurricane Irma as a symbol for America

by Jon Rappoport

September 10, 2017

For the last year, I’ve been watching a phenomenon I can only call a covert op, because that’s what it is.

Its purpose is to make people retract their energy and shrink their concerns down to a level of basic survival.

Protests, riots, wilder and crazier statements from the press, attempts to divide the country along racial lines, a stepping up of censorship by tech and social media giants, the opioid medical drug disaster…you can fill in other blanks yourself.

I am seeing all this from the point of view that carried me into launching this site 16 years ago: THE INDIVIDUAL is the fundamental reality and the force and the power and the creative center of consciousness and action.

The individual rises or falls on his determination to surpass the status quo, and invent the adventure of his own future.

This is not only a physical adventure. It is mental and spiritual and emotional. It is a totality. In mythical terms, this is the knight on his ultimate mission.

If the individual can be led to believe he must cease all that and, instead, see his future as a battening down of all hatches and inner resources, as a boarding up of all his windows of perception, as a shrinking back into a cellar of waiting and bare survival, then he evacuates his position of strength.

He is a hurricane victim, even when he is not in the path of the storm.

He is shrinking and redefining his soul-ambition into a smaller and smaller confine.

This retraction is, of course, what the elite self-appointed planners of society and civilization are aiming for. This is their war on the individual.

As you can see, I’m not talking about the real victims of the hurricane and earthquakes; I’m talking about the mind of the individual and his irreplaceable Vision. Only he can keep that Vision alive.

It takes a village to make the individual believe he must fall into despair about the future he most deeply desires. It takes a village to make the individual believe he is, at best, weak and fearful. It takes a village to assert a collectivist future is the only future.

Beyond all that, when the individual demeans his own efforts—there is where the ultimate surrender is staged.

The new dawn of a greater life is always within the individual. He can step aside and allow the rain of “the group is all” to carry the day and swallow him up—or he can say NO.

The clarion call of his own choice is always there. It never goes away.

That’s why I’m here. I made my choice. It brought me to this moment.

If that is true for you, you are whom I write for. I write for myself and for you.


The question comes back, time and time again. A great orchestra plays that question. And it is louder and more enveloping than any storm or wind or rain in the soul.

All bets are on the table. The croupier waits with a smile. You have the dice in your hand. It’s time to roll them.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

21 comments on “Hurricane Irma as a symbol for America

  1. Sunshine2 says:

    Jon, thank you again for writing for me and the for rest of us. You’re a beacon of reason in the world of crazy. And I think you’re right about this grand op to shrink us all, if they could.

    I am sitting in Florida now, reading this and smiling. I get this. The media continues to sensationalize Irma. This is not only distasteful, it’s dangerous. And it’s dangerous because, as you wrote, it shrinks the mind. It invokes fear and when you’re afraid, you can’t think clearly. You can’t think for yourself. And you certainly can’t step forward with any kind of personal power. (Naturalnews bothers me because, while the topics are good, their writers try to induce fear. For what purpose?)

    I lost count of how many hurricanes I’ve run from or sat through. I used to laugh at MSM coverage, but now it angers me. Over the last few days I’ve seen them project sensational big red blobs covering the entire state with no useful information offered. So people here have done exactly what they should not do. They panicked, cleaning out grocery stores, gas, hardware stores (taking more than they needed) and shot out of town as a herd, clogging all the freeways and the causeways, putting themselves and everyone else in danger, because they are terrified and not able to think. Terrified people are not polite either. That was just the first wave. People panic at different stages. The second and third waves of panic were just as stupid and rude. But through the sea of panic this week, I was able to see the people who are not fear driven, and they could see me. We (the 5%) were looking around, heads held up, offering encouraging smiles, and being helpful while trying to dodge the fearful crazies.

    If the media had instead showed people which projection maps to study and how they work, without overly sensationalizing Irma, not many would have fled before the 3 day cone projection. More people would have operated from a position of knowledge and power. People now trapped on the west coast would have more places to run to.

    Irma is one small example of a real terror that can turn many individuals’ minds to mush. With real terrors, who needs manufactured ones? Apparently our village does, to keep our minds and spirits shuttered, ineffectual and mushy forever (not just during a natural disaster).

    With so many real and manufactured terrors licking at our heels, what will I do? And what do I want to do? That’s the big question. Something to think about when the power goes out today and everyone else in this country is watching reporters in rain suits using fans to blow their hair back.

    Watch for that, if you’re watching. When you’re on the beach the wind will blow your hair in all directions, whipping across your face and tangling at the ends. Now watch the media reporter with their hair blowing straight back from their face, never tangling, never whipping in any other direction.

    • Terri says:

      Glad you were safe thru the hurricane. My question is why do humans seem to need drama and disaster? What if we could all just be the best we are, and be ourself, knowing that that is enough, and happily be that, without need for hitting the rocks.

      using fear as a weapon is nothing new for those who seek to control and subjugate others, but the sooner more can refuse to play this game, the better off we will all be.

      • artemisix says:

        Humans don’t need drama and disaster, the Elites do. to control, prevent masses of humans from see who the real bad guy is….

        • Terri says:

          Yes humans do, or they would reject the drama and the violence they are told to participate in. No one makes them watch all the crap on tv and cable or on the internet. they choose to.
          we cant give the victim pass out any more. It is the people and their arrogance, ignorance, apathy and refusal to fulfill their duties and responsibilities as American citizens and see to it our Republic is carried out the way it is intended.
          Instead they walk around with their hand out saying gimme and not fair and blaming others for their lack of initiative all day long. Its a part of poverty consciousness.
          You are just enabling them or perhaps yourself in your comment.

  2. elliottjab says:

    Thanks Jon. Yet another great assessment. And tho I’ve been following you many years -it wasn’t until losing all in 07/08 that I had my own panic attack – which pretty quickly turned into “get with it woman or die badly”…

    I “got with it” … Began my serious awakening from semi-sleep.

    Serious adventure of necessity & genuine survival tactics – nothing quite like it. It strengthens & opens the mind.

    Be safe.

    Sunshine2 – u remain safe as well. Good write up.

  3. jmilamdeal says:

    Once again Jon, you’ve hit the nail on the head, thanks! We were built as a country on faith, as most of the people coming here were some kind of Christians. It worked well for many generations, but now many have turned their backs on God, and it shows in our society as a whole. Many these days are working in and promoting fear, which is the opposite of faith, and fear cripples faith in anything. Teachers in schools are teaching rubbish instead of truth, and as a result the lies that have been taught have swayed way too many to the dark side, so to speak. We are seeing the manifestation of the opposite of truth, those who were raised in church may remember the scripture that says “the devil is a liar, and the father of it”. His evil influence is almost everywhere we look these days. I am sorry to be sounding preachy, but it’s true. I was raised in a minister’s home, dad was a preacher, and now some of those Biblical principles are really being seen here in our society. Thanks again!

  4. Noelle says:

    Jon, another excellent and right on the mark article. I don’t watch much of the weather reports because when I’ve checked in I can hear that little touch of “excitement” in their voices instead of honest concern. I have compassion for those away from their home and on the road alone or with family. But this is a media event like the super bowl or oscar night and with all the ads to go with it.

  5. Burrlagus Furlicus says:

    The serfs will need mommygov to come and save them and the talking heads on teevee will do all the thinking for you.
    Just like the people in white coats who camped out at Marxist U. for years…you should do whatever they say without question.
    Just sit back and enjoy the chains, may they sit gently.

  6. Bunny says:

    Well said.
    I have been struggling with this for awhile.

    The entire SYSTEM is built on STRUGGLE.

    We all have to compete in some SURVIVALIST fantasy built by big brother and his transnational corporate owners.
    The entire rigged game is built to constantly trigger fight or flight reactions and kick you into survival mode.
    (and here i am talking life or death struggle reaction being triggered not triggering some superficial identity complex of what gender you think you should be, or who you think you are by what religion you practice etc etc etc)

    My question has always been, why bother having a society at all if we are going to be subjected to jungle rules, and dog eat dog? Why not just have total anarchy across the board?

    There is another way..but swimming in cortisol being constantly pushed into survival mode (Riding the Dragon) prevents you from accessing your human abilities like reason, and imagination, so that you can be herded like an animal and kept in an identify box.. It keeps humanity in a lock down of decreased potential.

    It is a question of value systems.
    What do you value?

    Forgive me for getting personal.
    My mom died this last week, and yes it is very sad, but i know she goes on. She was a gifted artist

    She wanted to spread her wings and fly but got them spray-painted with lead instead. She let my father define her value system for her. Basically caring for wealth for it’s own sake and living beings only if they served your purpose, blind unthinking obedience, working hard for no reason at all as long as you look busy, all the things that i came to reject…
    She loved to paint and was damn good..but status became more important than joy and the flame eventually became neglected.

    I have never really cared about status or wealth so much.. I know that fierce ecstasy of channeling the fires of creation into this world onto paper, and i do not want to let that flame become extinguished.

    What do you value?
    Do you value yourself and your uniqueness?

    See most religions and spiritualties tell you to sacrifice yourself to others. If you read through NDEs and after death communications you get told that “life is a school to learn lessons especially how to love one another”..(which to me is akin to saying Hitler put the Jews in concentration camps to teach them humor..yes ridiculous)

    So it is very possible that this is an out of body matrix system that will shuffle you back into some kind of controlled afterlife and convince you that you have to “learn more lessons of love” and further entrench you in a conceptual prison.

    What is the answer?
    I don’t know, but i suspect it has to do with seizing and holding tight to that creative aspect of yourself, expressing it as much as possible while Riding the Dragon .

    • arcadia11 says:

      well that got my blood flowing.

      ‘What is the answer?’
      very much as you say – holding a position in space/time and living according to your highest values.

      thanks, bunny.

    • arcadia11 says:

      bunny, i forgot to say blessings to your beautiful mother.


    • Terri says:

      Blessings to you and your mom, bunny, she can fly now. You could check in with her to make sure she doesn’t get sucked back in. I have just started doing tarpanam and I think it has many benefits.

      So many have been trapped in the paradigm of father knows best, i think we were the first generation after that to start questioning things and wanting something better. A couple of generations later has not improved anything, now most children have no father or mother and healthy relationships, and love and care to serve as a foundation for a good life. The children continue to suffer in all ways from the assault upon them from poisons; physical as well as spiritual, emotional and mental.

      This whole concept of we have evil to appreciate good, or evil teaches us a lesson, is a lie, created to make people feel better about the harshness in this world. For example, do you spank or drop a baby so it can appreciate being held or loved? of course, that sounds stupid, doesn’t it. because it is. All that scenario creates is a dysfunctional person who develops attachment disorder to whatever degree, based on the amount of abuse. Therefore, this whole theory is just a way for people to have an excuse not to do the work to break out of the paradigm and accept something to serve someone else’s agenda.

      As Don Miguel teaches in the 4 agreements, and many others teach, attachment leads to suffering every time. The more we can rise above this stupid game by refusing to play in this manner, the easier it is.

  7. Kent Mabee says:

    I have to ask a question. Are the “self-appointed planners of society” still in the planning phase or have they actually transitioned into the execution phase? If they are still merely planning then I can see where there would be an opportunity for me to decide to be an individual or instead allow myself to be passively lured into the “group”. However, if the “self-appointed planners of society” have actually moved on to become “self-appointed rulers of society” then I’m afraid that I no longer have a choice of being a creative individual and instead have to acknowledge that I have been born into a prison where creative individuality is at best a delusion and at worse a severely punishable offense. If I am to answer this question myself I would have to say that this piece has come along a few centuries (or millennia) too late.

    • arcadia11 says:

      a reasonable question, kent mabee. i imagine many are asking themselves that same thing. if i may offer my thoughts – i would say both. some plans have been carried out and some have not, as you know. and they are always in flux for any of a number of reasons.

      i believe that the malignants are significantly behind schedule and have not got us to the point of final blows. of course that indicates that something is holding them up. also for any number of reasons. for one, it is difficult to extinguish the spirit of trillions of beings (i include the flora and fauna in that number). their safe havens for planned extinction-level events may not yet be up to code, some may be jumping ship, some die off though not nearly fast enough, too much resistance, warring among themselves, etc etc. the point is, with all the weapons they have, SOMETHING is holding them up. THAT… is what we focus on.

      if life becomes truly not worth living then we must leave. there are other places to go. just be circumspect in-between lives. through forgetting, or implants, or whatever, we have attached firmly to gross-matter existence. i think it is vital now to start living consciously on several levels. having a good plan b can change things exponentially. that’s a true story : – o

      here is an excerpt from a communication with a very good, old friend. i’m sure he won’t mind if i share it. it’s a very good plan:

      ‘i have stated several times, out loud, that i want the veils between the worlds to drop, to live consciously on all levels possible for me at this time, at the same time. which means i have to be willing to see what is there. doing so eases up greatly the attachment, for want of a better word, to this shallow gross matter existence. being comfortable on a number of planes is vitally important for easy transition if it comes to that and if it doesn’t it is still vital because this life is not all there is and it can be greatly improved while we are here. paradise on earth.

      re: the disappointment of waking up to this life after a dream of unlimitedness or just pure joy – so often i go back to sleep and try to get back into the dream. an indication that i need to merge the levels more completely so that what i have going on here is equal to my best dreams.’

      i do not want to be forced to leave the earth plane, especially through trauma and violence. i do not want that for any life forms . i do not feel it is necessary or useful and it is never a given. the more mobile and comfortable we are in other worlds and concurrent lives, the less likely the world as planned by the malignants will come to pass. feel free to move about the planes.

      plus, it’s just good fun : – }

      cheers –

      • Terri says:

        Arc, the veil is lifting, that is the meaning of the apocalypse. This scares the controllers and their followers. They don’t want us to know how powerful we are and that we do have a choice.

        Many of the native people in all countries understood there were other planes to go to. It is a good day to die was their mantra as they chose to leave, on their terms, so they would not be part of a sacrifice used to feed evil and make it stronger..

        How many of us promised ourselves it would not have to be that way this time, and new options were created, by us. But that option always remains, one of many, on the table.

        I am looking forward to the aspens changing and breathing and drinking in the beautiful yellow, and the contrasting reds and greens of their cousins.
        Have you seen them?

        • arcadia11 says:

          ‘How many of us promised ourselves…’

          terri – this may be the most timely and important question ever. i am guessing that a great many of us have made this promise. now it is time to


          and make good our word. what a grand ripple effect that will create. memory of our promise/knowing and necessity level will inform. we know what to do.

          i contacted a knowing when i was five. it was simply ‘it is going to be different this time or i wouldn’t be here’ those exact words. at the time i took it to mean that i wasn’t going to die again (source of my fascination with painting/arcadia). i knew it was the most important thing for me to know. as i was only five i had to file it away for future reference, though i never lost sight of it. it was that knowing that kept me going when i wanted to give up with all my heart. many times.

          yet here i am, here we are, every one of us. on a blog in 2017. it has been a long time.
          and there is no fear. just a knowing that it is time.


          ps i have seen them. i drank them and breathed them in.

          • Terri says:

            Arc do you still paint? Do you have a website with any of your pictures?

            Yes, to make good our word and to allow our best and brightest dreams to manifest, now is always good. We have all waited a long time. Perhaps the waiting is finally over. Perhaps we only need to decide the waiting is over; how many are actually just waiting for themselves?!?

            I have said the same, many times, I did not come here to see everything destroyed. There is no way I will allow that. Many of us are gamblers who are suckers for a lost cause. Underdog was one of my favorite characters when i was little.

            Maybe the aspens would appreciate a visit from you this fall. Our cousins the trees are very wise and sometimes enjoy telling stories. Their generosity, love and patience is quite rejuvenating and nurturing. They really need the love and encouragement from us, many of them are having a hard time.

            • arcadia11 says:

              no. not for several years. but sometimes i paint in my mind.
              it is surprisingly fulfilling.

              i so agree : – } i have many tree friends. we have talking trees here.
              a large grove of eucalyptus trees, all along the hiking trail just a few
              yards from my front door. they ask questions – clearly. what, why,
              how? all it takes is a little breeze and they go on and on. one cannot
              help but respond. it is a wild and wonderful experience. especially
              at night. i knew children who were afraid of these trees : – o

              ‘ Perhaps we only need to decide the waiting is over; how many are
              actually just waiting for themselves?!? ‘

              oh, surely, lol. when it is time it is time. pulses are quickening. we are
              expanding and expanding, filling all the space where once was other.

              one of my favorite books when i was ten or so was ‘the talking tree’. do
              you know it?

              cheers for the turning of the tide –

    • Terri says:

      Kent, its never too late. this world is stuck on a loop that keeps repeating itself. the mind itself functions in this way, never able to create anything new, not understanding infinity or unlimited possibilities. the only way out is thru the heart, and everyone has that choice every day. To remember who we really are and to do whatever we can to not opt in and fund the very people who seek to destroy us.

      The mind says its too late, it says nothing is possible, change is scary. As jon says, the imagination is unlimited, so just make up a new story.

      The planners are here because the peasants refuse to take responsibility for themselves. So long as they give away their power, there will be those who will say, thank you i will use it for you. Once you stop feeding parasites, they leave and look for a new host.
      The question is what can i do to refuse to feed them today and instead feed and love myself and take my power back and use it for the good of all people.

  8. justanthropology says:

    Writing of darkness and potential for being in the light with prose is your masterpiece. Thanks Jon.

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