Trump goes to war with NFL: what happened

Trump goes to war with the NFL: what happened

by Jon Rappoport

September 25, 2017

There is a ton of news about what the current NFL protests mean, politically speaking. For the moment, I’m leaving that out. I want to take a different angle.

The first thing to know is that Donald Trump once played a key role in an upstart pro football league called the USFL, which lasted three seasons (1983-85) before it collapsed.

As the owner of the New Jersey Generals and the most powerful force in the League, Trump went up against the NFL. He wanted the USFL to schedule its games opposite the NFL starting in the fall, not the spring. Trump was a key player in suing the NFL for monopolistic practices.

The USFL won that suit, and was awarded the grand sum of…three dollars. Yes.

So The Donald has held a grudge against the NFL for a long time.

His recent tweets and statements, urging the league to take action against players disrespecting the National Anthem, urging teams to fire protesting players…all this has a history.

But there is a deeper story, and it emerges at a time when television ratings for the NFL have already been declining, and the television networks—especially ESPN—are carrying massive billion-dollar contracts with the NFL for the rights to broadcast games.

On top of that, ESPN features show-hosts who are firmly in the Colin Kaepernick, pro-protest camp. These talking heads are politicizing sports every day, and many fans don’t want that.

What do they want from ESPN and from the NFL games they watch? They want sports, competition, heroics on the field. They want their favorite teams to win and the teams they hate to lose. Period.

In theater, there is a phrase, “breaking the fourth wall.” It’s used to describe plays that address the audience directly and shatter the illusion of viewing a self-contained world on stage.

This is where the deeper story of football enters the scene. For fans, the political/sports commentary and the protests on the playing field are breaking the fourth wall.

They can’t watch the games in a trance.

They can’t enjoy the vicarious thrills and chills.

The same thing is happening in the television news business. During the Obama presidency, there was the (promoted) mainstream illusion that White House business was being conducted in the usual hermetically sealed container. It was a controlled stage play—and people could sit in front of their television sets in a popcorn trance and watch it unfold. All in all, with major exceptions, the hypnotic spell held. For a while.

But then along came Trump. He broke the fourth wall. He laughed at the press. He called them idiots. He attacked them mercilessly. He said they were fake.

This was quite disturbing to many news fans. It certainly was disturbing to the major news networks. They make their living by hypnosis.

And now it’s happening to one of the nation’s most cherished institutions of distraction: football.

It isn’t football anymore. It’s a mixed drink. With serious political overtones. What people want to get away from on Sundays, Monday and Thursday nights is what they’re being forced to swallow.

And Trump is making it much worse. He’s lighting the alcohol in the cocktail. He doesn’t care.

Where can millions of trance-seeking Americans go to get their fix? It’s a problem.

The protests have spilled over into the NBA and it looks like Major League Baseball may suffer the same indignity, thanks to Trump.

Here’s a piece of cognitive dissonance for you. At the beginning of yesterday’s NFL games, fans in several stadiums booed players for kneeling during the national Anthem. It’s hard to maintain a hypnotic spell in the middle of that contradiction.

What’s a “normal American” to do? Stay home and guzzle a six-pack while watching Sunday cable re-runs of Cops?

“Give me back my fourth wall!”

When people complain these days that they’re triggered by the contentious political scene in America, when they seek professional help for their disturbed mental state, in many cases they’re simply asking to return to simpler times.

“I want the news to lie to me as it’s always lied to me, and I want to believe. Let me concoct my old fantasies…”

In ancient Rome, it was bread, blood and circuses. Now it’s sponsors like Budweiser and Ford, concussions, and kneeling.

In order to corral millions of people in a news trance or a football trance, you need transmissions without disruptions.

Trump is escalating the disruptions.

Whether people are for or against his tweets about the NFL, the spell is being torn apart.

“I want my football! I want my fourth wall!”

Trump talks about building one wall on the southern border, and he’s ripping the “football wall.”

Aside from making business deals, disruption has always been Trump’s game.

In a nutshell, the major pastime of America, in modern times, is hypnosis. That sport appears to be falling apart.

This is the bigger issue. It comes down to: what is the individual going to do? What is he waking up to? What does he want others to wake up to?

Can the sleeper, jostled in his bed, forced to put his feet on the cold floor, build a better reality? Or will he look for another spell to fall under? Can he recognize he has been sleeping all this time?

Does he think his favorite trance, which is under attack, is the only reality that counts?

Waking up may be hard to do, but these days it is called for.

Think about this: On one side, we have people who love the flag, who support the veterans, who support US wars of empire in any far-flung place, who support the massive destruction of life in Iraq and Afghanistan, who support the government with its unending Surveillance State. On the other side, we have people who want to blame the basic conditions of inner cities on police, who want to avoid talking about gangs and shootings and drugs and the failed war on poverty and race baiters and the theft of jobs by Globalists.

Entering either of these realms is entering a trance. It may be an active trance, but the game is still hypnosis.

“If you can keep your head when all [those] about you are losing theirs…”

Controllers are in the business of pitting one trance against another, for profit, advantage, and power.

power outside the matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

68 comments on “Trump goes to war with NFL: what happened

  1. rightwingconservativenewsblog says:

    Reblogged this on Right Wing Conservative Jew's News, Conservative Politics News Site and commented:
    Bread and circuses I know about. To receive your death blow properly, you, the failed gladiator, had to kneel. You grasped your executioner’s thigh securely. And then he rammed his gladius down into your aorta from above, on your left, between collarbone and neck, I think that spells it out perfectly for today’s mutant news today.

  2. Brian says:

    There’s not just 2 sides. There is a third side. Those who love the flag, who support the veterans, who dont’t support US wars of empire in any far-flung place, who don’t support the massive destruction of life in Iraq and Afghanistan, who dont’t support the government with its unending Surveillance State.

    • the postman says:

      Thanks. I was triggered by that same idiotic remark myself. Jon may have been trying to make a particular point but like you apparently, I don’t appreciate being lumped in with others as if I can’t think independently of the two extremes.

    • Michael Burns says:

      I understand Brian, but I don’t think you do.
      Love the flag, and support the veterans, I can’t sypathize; why should a veteran who leaves his relatively peaceful existance in the US, and travels thousands of miles by plane to another country to wage war, be supported.
      Is that not murder to travel to another land and slaughter its citizens in the name of a country or king or a godam flag. Is that soldier ignorant of the fact that he is commiting murder. No one person or country has invaded America. There is no reason for any of your wars. As a country America has never founght a war of defense.

      Even the second world war, was a war of American expansion, instigated by the Anglo-American banksters and those illustrious American and English bluebloods… when has there not been a war of empire Brian, a war of expansionism. The first and second world wars were necessary for that greater expansion.

      The road to empire Brian, “ a bloody stupid waste.”

      The United States of America, the American dream is built on expansionism and world hegemony. The United States of America invented globalism and the NWO as their case for Global domination. The US has instigated and fought those wars of expansionism since the inception of the United States of America (a corporation by the way).

      Now they have wrapped up the reasons to fight wars in lofty ideals like freedom and peace and democracy…which they force-feed the brain-dead recruits.

      War, murder, genocide, pain and chaos is the legacy of every single generation of American since the beginning.

      The negative feedback of all that two hundred or so years of slaughter is going to be a bitch Brian. Think of it as karma running over your dogma.

      “War don’t ennoble men, it turns ’em into dogs. It poisons the soul.”
      ― James Jones, The Thin Red Line”

      • DLNesara says:

        We can support them and know they too are waking up and seeing that reality. But they went believing it was for our Country and for that and their sacrifices we are indebted to them. They as well as we want no more wars.

        • Michael Burns says:

          Yes, very true…
          I had four uncles fight in WW too. Two in South Pacific, two the European theatre.
          Tough Belfast boys. They thought they doing the right thing. Fighting the Japs and the Nazi.
          I’m glad them have passed on to the other side. They were good and courageous men.
          Good and courageous should not learn, they killed for bankers, money and power.


      • red pill says:

        it’s the hidden hand
        the hand that created the federal reserve
        the hand that directs our controlled politicians to send our young to fulfill their wishes
        the hand that is pulling our culture into a degenerate swamp
        the hand that will not be named here, unfortunately

      • Marilyn Guinnane says:

        Michael Burns — The USA didn’t invent globalism. The globalists invented America. Even the name “America” is as phony as an eight dollar bill. We’re taught that this country was named after Amerigo Vespucci, a nondescript little whatchacallit (see what I mean? I don’t even know what the hell his profession was, not that it matters. In fact it doesn’t matter and neither did good ol’ Amerigo).

        Everything about this country reeks of Illuminati, incl. the original THIRTEEN colonies. Thirteen is an important number to the cabal. Numerology is a powerful tool and the cabal uses it to their best advantage. Two power numbers in numerology are eleven and twenty-two. JFK was murdered on 11/22. Oh it just goes on and on; I could sit here and write a tome. But I’ll spare you.

        The brainwashing starts, in this country, when we’re little. “This is the greatest country in the world!” “The land of the free, the home of the brave!” Blah dee-dee blah. We’re supposed to believe that legalized murder is “protecting our freedoms”. Have a good laugh on that one. Go ahead; it’s free.

        Believe it or not, there are a growing number of Americans who are waking up. Much of what you wrote, Michael Burns, is true and, as if coming out of a discomfiting dream, we are blinking ourselves awake.

        • Michael Burns says:

          Marilyn: “The USA didn’t invent globalism.”

          I stand corrected… I knew the real answer…sometimes we rant. And go off script.

          No, your right, the chosen people invented globalism.
          The American Zionist jew banker, the neocon jew, invented globalism.
          Because their evil angry god told them to…

          “Blinking ourselves awake.” Good title for a song, or a poem. I’ll use the line if you don’t mine.

    • fauxscienceslayer says:

      Correct….if they were protesting CIA racketeering or today’s slave trade >

      “CIA, 70 Years of Organized Crime” by Lars Schall at > 60 million slaves on Earth today

    • DLNesara says:

      You got that right!! A third group of people who are bigger than the other two!! Otherwise why have a Country at all??

    • maidinamerica says:

      Well actually, these 2 options were listed as trance options. It’s up to you if you can and will choose reality and speak truth, and expose fraud, lies, schemes, and trances.

    • chris says:

      How can you support veterans who support wars of empire in far flung places, but not support war in far flung places? I don’t follow.

    • Wally says:

      4 sides, those who want an end to the NWO but don’t worship a piece of cloth or worship soilders liek they are gods. Those that like this situation because they hate football and sports all together, know why they were pushed onto the public, and while they do not like or trust the Welsh in Cheif, like the chaos it is causing and watching the NWO toys and structure burn.

      This chaos has potential to lead to better things, as Rahm would say,” why let a crisis go to waste?”

  3. annj49 says:

    Interesting take on the situation which has been puzzling me.

  4. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    Spoken as only a Light Warrior could say it, Jon. There are 3 sides, actually. The pie is divided into three pieces; the two that you mentioned in this essay, and those of us who expose the whole shebang for what it is: a farcical mess. In a different manner than you, Trump is part of the wake-up call, long overdue.

  5. bdoyen says:

    It seems to me this disrespect of the American flag is a slap in the face to we taxpayers whose money is taken to build stadiums for these people to make millions, and we taxpayers are still charged an excessive amount to buy tickets to witness their lack of appreciation. Standing for the flag does not mean we agree with everything our country does, but it is more like a commitment to each other and our country. Perhaps if the teams and their owners built and owned their own stadiums, I wouldn’t mind their behavior so much.

  6. Alphabits Tidybowl 3Com Sports Arena says:

    People who play with a leather egg to the tune of multi-millions a year are terribly oppressed?
    Every notice how almost every game turns out according to the Vegas betting line?
    Personally I love having my Sundays back since 2 hours and 45 minutes of commercials with 15 minutes of action is just a waste of time.
    BTW-Why are there no black owners in the NFL?

    • Bunny says:

      THANK YOU…yes poor little rich boys…most of these specimens of arrested development are also felons (usually domestic violence)..why not just have the private prison population queue up for teams and play them instead?
      Cheaper and far more entertaining.

  7. From Quebec says:

    NFL Commissioner says Trump disrespected the league… What about the flag?

    Military insurance group sides with NFL on National Anthem controversy

    “We stand for this country”

    Media claims Trump using racist code language

  8. From Quebec says:

    Football likely to devolve into a regional sport like baseball

  9. George Rivera Jr. says:

    I’m afraid that, as one who HAS awoken, I cannot agree with your dichotomy. It is neither “this, or that”, for the Left or the Right, if you even have a rudimentary acknowledgement that there is, in fact, a universal Fourth Wall on many things.

    The challenge is how to respond and deal with the Red Pill Knowledge.

  10. I agree, play ball and shut up

  11. Zombie Mike says:

    But what’s going to happen to all the statistics I’ve memorized? What will I do with all my tailgating equipment?

  12. Bunny says:

    Well ok, but that seems disingenuous. Clearly the totalitarian impulse to claim that allegiance to the Fatherland is paramount, is center stage…this is supposed to be a free and democratic society but Free Speech is routinely vanquished, and speech only gets heard if someone pays money for it..

    (rant mode)
    But hell get Jabba the Hut into an outrage and off his couch..i am sick and tired of America’s retarded football. culture anyway…Why should I give a damn whether a multibillion dollar franchise owned by a billionaire wins or loses? It is fake “togetherness” and smells like “team spirit”,
    These specimens of arrested development are drawn heavily from the felony for domestic violence filings in every state…and everyone treats THE GAME as if it is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE UNIVERSE..if they televised philosophy forums and debates, I wouldn’t get my knickers in such a bunch..but when I get cable simply for the news, cable access and PBS and then have to pay for these chowderheads on top of it, I am tempted to CUT THE CORD.
    (/rant mode)

    The real problem for the NFL is that millennials are not interested in football or sports on TV.
    they are also not banging down the doors of the local churches and synagogues either.
    (way to go kids, you need to broaden your range of distrust)

  13. Allan Howard says:

    A bit off topic, but I came across a very interesting documentary last night called Hypernormalisation, which is well worth checking out if you haven’t seen it before. It’s on Youtube at time of writing, and it’s also on the BBC Iplayer under documentaries, which is where I came across it.

  14. From Quebec says:

    ‘Get That Son Of A Bitch Off The Field’! : Why Trump’s Statement Can Save America

  15. Michael Burns says:

    For a minute there, I thought Donald Trump was the POTUS. I thought he would have more important things to do…like blowing up North Korea. Or sending a drone strike on the ‘rocket man’.

    • Theodore says:

      it’s “little rocket man”.

      like “little Marco”.

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Michael Burns, me again. I could be wrong, of course, but I think that in the end Trump will prove that there was a method to his madness. Yes, all along. I get angry with him & blow a gasket, but after I settle down, and think about it, I continually conclude that he must do everything in a round-about manner. The Deep State (think: cabal) is a formidable foe. It appeases the Deep Staters, for example, in that the president threatens to blow NK to smithereens. It’s what they want. They want war with Russia, as well. (Enter Rob Reiner and sell-out Morgan Freeman, stirring up sh– where there isn’t any).

      The cabal is losing their battle. They want to destroy the planet.

      Without an attempt to play like he’s going along with the cabal’s dastardly plans, Trump could too easily find himself on a one-way trip to Dallas.

      • Michael Burns says:

        You have given me food for thought.

        Tell why do you think he let Bannon go…from what I read, the generals and CIA and the hawks own the WhiteHouse. There is none of the original cabinet that Trump entered office with left…he is alone.

        The only good point is, that McCain is french fried, chemo’ed and dying of brain cancer. Seems my Irish curse worked…

        • Marilyn Guinnane says:

          Michael Burns—I’ve no clue as to why Trump let Bannon slip away. Maybe Bannon is telling the truth when he says he can get more done as the head of Breitbart News than he could accomplish in the White House. Trump’s very first venture into politics was as president of the United States. He’s finding out that being a CEO and being POTUS are two very different things. Bannon has a strong personality. Openly calling Kushner a cuckold may be funnier than hell, but . . . well, you know. Making waves is usually not the smoothest move.

  16. From Quebec says:

    I have a suggestion for these pot heads NFL players:

    If you hate America so much, why don’t you just leave the country and go to live in North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela or Europe with the Muslim terrorists?

    No one will miss you.

    • gulags for untermenschen says:

      Those maggot infested dopey doper scum should be put in gulags owned by big pharma for their heresy of partaking of the devil’s weed.

    • Terri says:

      Yes, They are traitors and should be tried and deported with the rest of the haters of America.

      • Marilyn Guinnane says:

        Well Terri, you never want to take a “my country, right or wrong” attitude. My ancestors on 3 sides were here in the US. in the 1600s, long before it was the USA. I’m ashamed of what my country has done. There’s no room for hegemony in my heart. You think I should leave, too?

        • Terri says:

          Actually America has done nothing wrong. It is the illegitimate unconstitutional criminals that have caused all the wrong doing and the ignorant masses who go along with it.

          Marilyn, if your family has been in America this long, why didn’t they make it better, instead of doing nothing when the fed was put into place in 1913, or support Andrew Jackson when he threw out the fed before that and miraculously survived an assassination attempt?
          Seems to me you and your ridiculous assumptions are still a part of the problem of ignorance that are destroying our Republic. Hegemony? That is a pretty far reach even for someone like you.

          Traitors are traitors to the Supreme law of the Land.

          Michael, you are now at this point just a creepy, rude stalker. Do not comment anymore about anything I say.

    • Michael Burns says:

      Geez, one more broom, and you and Terri got a coven.
      I got a name for ya’ll…’Weed Witches’
      What a nasty pair you two are…

  17. Larry says:

    The trance is dead. We going to miss you, Compadre. 😥😢😟


  18. No Fans Left says:

    It will stop when sponsors and Las Vegas start to lose too much money.
    Speaking of regional the goal is to balkanize Amerikwa the Kwanstain and bring back the Chicago Jesus Messiah, the one, as leader of a FEMA goverment.
    Robert Mueller is working hard on the coup right now.

  19. Jennifer says:

    This all reminds me of the young man who was trying to help Coca-cola workers in some South American state, because the corporation was being hard-assed and wasn’t letting unions form, or something like that. My contention was, why the hell were they even working for and supporting a corporations which was providing a product which was destroying their health.

    As for football,
    “When I was a child, I spake as a Child, I understood as a Child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away my childish things.” Football is childish, especially past high school. Grow up.

  20. What about people who are sick of the USA’s complicity/support of the Israeli ethnic cleansing / genocide of Palestine? What about the people who are sick of the CIA’s tactics in other countries and in the US itself? What about those who are sick sick sick of endless wars for profit and domination? What about those who hate the USA and most of the ignorant sheep within it for all their support of people who are nothing more than straight-up criminals?

    I attended a concert three years ago and the conductor decided they were going to play the national anthem to begin in homage to something or other which I don’t remember. I kept on sitting. Fuck them. I’m not standing up for a flag which represents terror in the eyes of innocent people here and abroad. And fuck the police.

    But this is a good article. The USFL, I vaguely remember that. Anything to shove up the ass of @realDonaldTrump is useful.

    • From Quebec says:

      Why don’t you leave this country if you hate it so much? Unless, you just pretend to hate it, because it is liberal to talk like this.

      Venezuela seems to me, as a much better country for you.

      Yep, Bleak is a fine pseudonym for you.

      • This is MY home, Canadian, and I choose to live here or not according to MY will; not yours or anyone else’s. Why don’t you mind your own fucking business and go hunt a moose or play some hockey or whatever else you USA wannabes do to pretend that you live in a good and safe world. My name is your life and you don’t even know it.

  21. Sunshine2 says:

    Oh, say does that Star-Spangled banner yet wave, o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

  22. Tom says:

    Lets take Jon’s article a little further and a little deeper….the flag represents many things to many people – in today’s era, it is a symbol of freedom – when the Clintons and Bush were in office, it meant WAR, it meant greed, it meant something different – energy changes with the times as does symbolism and some symbolism loses their power while others gain more strength…With the events that brought Trump into office, we are witnessing the potential of divine intervention – or maybe the collective action/manifestation of hundreds of people that prayed for peace in the last 20 years – whatever the case may be, something Divine is taking place. You would not have the ability to express yourself the way you have with your comments in any other country, at least not without repercussions. America has one thing. The Constitution.
    When enforced and applied in your life against the tyrants, you will prevail. It is that simple. But, you have to step up to the plate, grow some Balls and stand up for the freedom that this Sacred document protects. It is way more powerful than any of you realize. Yet you spit on it, you think its a joke, you mock it but you have no idea what it really has the potential to do for you and for us as a nation when we apply it to our daily lives. The symbolism of the flag is meaning something more beautiful today than it did 20 years ago. The symbolism of the Masons and all that crap means very little now and we are witnessing it diminishing, little by little. I think what we are truly witnessing is an UNDERLYING degree of built up ANGER coming out and we need to channel it into the right direction… And Jon talks about that ANGER in previous articles.

  23. Theodore says:

    Some “stop breaking the fourth wall” talk in the following article…

    N.F.L. Owners’ Unity With Players Might Be Short-Lived
    nytimes .com /2017/09/25/sports/nfl-owners-unity-protests.html

    “Football and politics don’t mix easily,” the Cincinnati Bengals, whose owner is Mike Brown, said in a statement Monday. “Fans come to N.F.L. games to watch great competition on the playing field and that’s where our focus should be.”

    “At this point, I want to get away from politics and if they are going to continue protest, then I don’t need to spend my money there,” said Brandon Gill, a realtor from Jacksonville, Fla., who is considering giving up his Jaguars season tickets. “Frankly, I’m just tired of it all.”

  24. Thomas Schroeder says:

    Jon Rappoport is a good site. Like your stories always thought-provoking, however, this football distraction is useful. The President needed a new issue to return to the attack, to remobilize the base and he knew this. He had patience when of his most ardent supporters wanted him to return to the offensive. This might be the “Spark,” we shall see. President Obama and his AG forced the NFL to use the military for propaganda, meanwhile enlisted members wifes are back home dependent on food stamps to feed their family. Obama’s military propaganda with the NFL has backfired and President Trump took his time and seized the objective. His next 2 moves are critical. 1.) Have the Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff ban attendance at all major sports venues in the military uniform, period. 2.) Remove the NFL’s non-profit status. Thay should turn up the heat. Good Luck, Respectfully, Tom.

  25. Johnny Jocksniffer (Sporty) says:

    The USLF was awesome! You couldn’t get a ticket to the Stars/Generals game in Shitholedelphia.
    You could see the lights and hear the fans screaming for miles.
    The NFL got pissed because all the good college draft picks went to the new upstart league except for John Elway and Dan Marino.
    Many NFL legends got their start in the NFL and the small USFL football card boxed set that Topps issued is still climbing in value.
    My favorite player Johnny Jockstrap was a great guy he never beat his wife, got drunk and drove or cheated with groupies.
    The teevee told me so.

  26. jf1325 says:

    Here’s another angle.This may sound insane,but could it be that the powers that be secretly WANT the NFL to fail ? It seems that everything offered by the media nowadays whether it be movies, television,commercials or sports, has three main agendas behind them.Namely, Feminism,diversity/ miscegenation, and gender ambiguity.Despite it’s efforts to bring women on board, and even introduce a gay player into it’s ranks,the NFL after all, is still , a male football league,filled with lots of masculine behavior.And although the player base is probably 70% African American, the NFL is still perceived as being run by white men.
    It is evident to me that the elite want anything that is white, male, and heterosexual be be obliterated from this culture.Therefore,perhaps they have reasoned that the NFL in it’s traditional form, must die, because it runs counters to these agendas.What better way to accomplish this,than to create a political divide between fans and players.It seems to be working.People are starting to turn off their TVs. Trump, being part of the NWO, was probably told to stir the pot.Just a thought.

  27. Entertainment Über Alles says:

    It says a lot about a society that entertainers are the most highly paid members.
    Make no mistake the NFL is classified as entertainment not sport.
    They better hope Trump doesn’t take away all the fedgov giveaways and taxpayer funded stadiums.
    Read an online article stating that the U.S. taxpayer has paid about $7 billion for stadiums and upgrades the past 20 years.
    I wasn’t sure about your policy regarding links so I won’t post any.

  28. david john oldfield says:


    26 September 2017

    To Vice-Chancellor, University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia, Professor Paul Wellings

    Copied to Professor’s Heather Yeatman and Alison Jones, and 60 UOW academics and staff

    Dear Professor Wellings,

    Australia is currently implementing legislation regarding vaccination policies that will make this country a medical police state. This situation could not have happened if the University of Wollongong (UOW) had maintained academic integrity in the debate on vaccination. But instead the UOW has allowed industry-associated lobby groups to promote false information about vaccination research – both on its website and in the mainstream media – using the UOW logo.

    This disinformation campaign using the UOW logo has been promoted by Dr. Matthew Berryman, Dr. John Cunningham, Professor Heather Yeatman, and Professor Alison Jones. The University also requested that ~60 UOW academics sign their name to the false information provided by Heather Yeatman in her promotion of immunisation on the UOW website.

    Heather Yeatman has never researched vaccination or immunisation policies. She is an expert in nutrition not immunisation or immunology. Her comments on the UOW website contradict the in-depth research presented in my PhD on this topic, also published on the UOW website. Promoting immunisation with the personal opinion of a non-expert in immunisation is a breach of academic integrity by UOW.

    Here is a link to my interview with Sarah Westall from the US program, Business Game Changers, that describes the political processes that have facilitated this situation. It is titled ‘The Vaccination Debate: Let’s get Serious’ and it has been broadcast nationally throughout the US, Canada, Hawaii and Alaska.

    The University of Wollongong is running a disinformation campaign by allowing UOW academics and industry-associated lobby group activists to suppress the scientific debate on vaccination in the media by presenting their false and misleading personal opinions – using the UOW logo.

    This has been achieved by adopting the following strategies:
    Allowing a UOW staff member, Dr. Mathew Berryman (no qualifications in vaccination science or policy) to use comments from an industry-associated lobby group blog (ReasonableHank – Australian Skeptics Inc) to present false information about my UOW research in the mainstream media (June 2012).
    Allowing an industry-associated lobby group activist, Dr. John Cunningham (who has no involvement with UOW and is an orthopaedic spinal surgeon in Melbourne), to make an anonymous complaint of ‘allegations of academic misconduct’ to UOW in 2014 about my research on the whooping cough vaccine completed in 2006. This was 8 years after the research was examined and awarded a High Distinction by UOW academics. The UOW apologised to me for the misuse of its complaint procedures and stated that the investigation was unwarranted. But this information was not corrected in a press release and it has been used to smear my reputation in the media and on Wikipedia. I am unable to change the false comments and opinions presented on Wikipedia.
    In January 2016, just after UOW published my PhD on the UOW website (11 January 2016), John Cunningham,made further false and derogatory comments about the assessment of my PhD in the Australian mainstream media (Murdoch’s News Ltd press – 20 January 2016). He was then awarded an Order of Australia medal (OAM) on 26 January 2016 for “Immunisation and Science”. John Cunningham does not have any special qualifications in immunisation or publications on vaccination/policy or immunology.
    One week after my PhD was published on the UOW website in January 2016, Professor Heather Yeatman, (expertise nutrition) was permitted to promote false information about immunisation on the UOW website that was signed by 60 other academics – none of whom have done in-depth independent research on vaccination science or policy. Heather Yeatman does not have any special qualifications in immunisation or publications on this topic and she has promoted false information on vaccines using the UOW logo.
    In March 2016, Professor Alison Jones (expertise toxicology) was a co-author of a paper that attempts to limit the academic freedom of researchers to scrutinise the science of vaccination. This paper is titled ‘Public Health and the Necessary Limits of Academic Freedom?’ In this paper Jones attempts to argue that the scientific debate should be curtailed in consideration of possible adverse events to human health. This is exactly the opposite to the recognised norms of evidence-based medicine that require full scrutiny of the scientific literature by all stakeholders in order to protect human health.

    A medical police state can only occur when there is a lack of transparency and accountability in government policies and in academic institutions. We are seeing this situation develop in Australia today with the suppression of the scientific debate on vaccination.

    UOW has breached its charter to promote expert opinions of vaccination on its website and to allow academic debate of this scientific issue by all stakeholders in the issue.

    This is aided by the misconduct and fraudulent research that is occurring at the US CDC – the body that recommends vaccines for national vaccination programs. It is not the parents who are investigating these policies that are committing fraud and misconduct – it is our government bodies and national institutions. This is occurring as governments implement mandatory vaccination policies without justification in Australia.

    Human health is at risk if universities are allowing lobby groups with vested interests in government policy to use their procedures to promote false information on vaccines to the public using the university logo.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Dr. Judy Wilyman
    Bachelor of Science, University of NSW
    Diploma of Education (Science), University of Wollongong
    Master of Science (Population Health), Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Wollongong.
    PhD in The Science and Politics of the Australian Government’s Vaccination Program, UOW School of Social Science, Media and Communication (re-named the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry in 2014).

  29. Titus Frost‏ @ImperatorTruth [Tweet] 09.26.17

    Amos Alonzo Stagg and Walter Camp both are “Bonesman” and are behind the founding of the NFL to distract the masses. #TakeAKnee #DALvsARZ

    The 13 most powerful members of ‘Skull and Bones’

    The 15 Most Powerful Members Of ‘Skull And Bones’

  30. whoselifeisitanyway says:

    Yes, I do believe that many are waking from the trance, and that this awakening can be quite a rude experience. I also believe that we are all living in the trance of our own mind, and that projection is quite normal. This is how the unconscious works, and we all have a consciousness with blind spots.

    It is easy to make others wrong who are not “as awake” as we are, or who see things differently than we do. But instead of picking a level of consciousness and lambasting everyone on a different spot on the continuum, wouldn’t it be more productive to let people have their experience and yet create multiple paths that allow them to move further up the awareness ladder towards wholeness? By making other wrong we are simply feeding the energy of opposition which gets us more stuck on the drama triangle. If we let others have their experience and at the same time speak from our own without attacking them, aren’t we all more likely to be able to hear each other?

    Waking up is a difficult process. My intent is to have compassion for all who are willingly or not in this process.

  31. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    I know all about Eustace Mullins’ work. I know all about the Federal Reserve, how it came to be, etc. etc. I learned about the Federal Reserve from Spirit, yes channeled Spirit, long before that Griffin guy stole Mullins’ Secrets of the Federal Reserve, changed the name to Creature from Jekyll Island and unabashedly took credit for Mullins’ exhaustive research.

    Insofar as Donald Trump goes, I’m a libertarian, but the Libertarian Party is a bitter disappointment and the individual they put up as a presidential candidate in the last election was a non-entity, or the equivalent thereof. It was unconscionable to put Rodham in office when, after all, she ought to be tried for treason as well as murder, and hey, that’s just for starters.

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