Vegas shooter brought more than ten suitcases into the hotel

Vegas shooter brought more than ten suitcases into the hotel

No problem

by Jon Rappoport

October 9, 2017

Even the Washington Post (10/2) expresses puzzlement: “Among the questions they [investigators] have: “…how he [Stephen Paddock] was able to bring it [a weapon] and many other weapons into a Vegas hotel suite undetected.”

“[Las Vegas Sheriff] Lombardo said hotel staff had been in and out of the two-room suite, which Paddock had stayed in since Sept. 28, and spotted nothing ‘nefarious,’ though he had more than 10 suitcases.”

I see. Ten suitcases. More than 10. How many? Fifteen?

Paddock, a high-stakes gambler the casinos know well, a man they know is a local resident, suddenly shows up with 10 suitcases. Hotel staff are in and out of his suite and no one has questions?

This raises no red flags?

In a city where the hotels and casinos have many layers of security, including metal detectors, Paddock quietly slipped in with more than 10 suitcases holding weapons and ammo?

The city of Las Vegas has shown up in ISIS chatter as a target of interest. Wouldn’t that cause hotels and casinos to step up their already heavy security?

A year ago, KTNV reported, (“Steve Wynn talks about ‘extraordinary’ security measures with Jon Ralston, Part 1”):

“’Terrorism is very much in the forefront of every casino owner’s mind,’ said retired Lt. Randy Sutton, 13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert.”

In the same KTNV piece, hotel magnate Steve Wynn said: “Las Vegas is a target city. We have hardened the target at the Wynn [Hotel]. This is the first time I’ve ever revealed this publicly. But we went [sic], there’s a division in the Marine Corps of special people that are specially trained to guard the embassies. That’s a whole division with separate base, separate training.”

“There are almost 40 of them at every opening [entrance] of my building, plain clothes, armed, on the look-out, changing shift and being relieved every two hours so they don’t get bored.”

“We have another group of a half a dozen seals team six guys and CIA guys who are a counterterrorism unit that … relate on a daily basis to Homeland Security, the FBI, and Metro. My company has metal detectors and devices at every entrance of the building for employees and guests that are non-visible to the public. We have done extraordinary things to make that sure we protect our employees and our guests at the hotel.”

Surely, other hotels in the city have installed major security, too. But again, Stephen Paddock gets more than 10 suitcases filled with metal up to his suite without incident.

And keeps them there for several days.

Here is a revealing nugget: New York Magazine, October 6: “He [Paddock] was also a heavy drinker, known to demand high-end cognac and treat cocktail waitresses and his own girlfriend rudely, according to a source in guest services at a casino he frequented.”

In other words, Paddock was aggressive. Casinos knew he was tightly wound. He could go off on people. This was a reason to hold him in suspicion. But those 10 suitcases in his room? Not a cause for concern or question.

If metal detectors are used at the Mandalay Hotel, how did all that steel and weight slip through security? Was this an inside job? Did Paddock have help from hotel security?

At the moment the first window in Paddock’s suite was broken, you would assume alarms would go off and Hotel security would rush to the suite. Why have we heard nothing about this?

Take this one step further. Is it possible Paddock was set up, or was part of an operation whose ultimate objective was unknown to him? Is it possible some group with far more clout than Paddock managed to get those suitcase into his suite?

The Mandalay Hotel, at this moment, is doing everything it can to minimize and deflect blame for its “lax security.” Therefore, how much Hotel video of Paddock can we expect to see in the coming days? What cover stories will emerge? What lies will be told? What falsehoods will be promoted to defeat lawsuits filed against the Hotel?

Las Vegas will certainly try to allay tourist fears. All the hotel and casino business in the city is on the line. Billions of dollars. The people who make the lion’s share of that money will tell whatever lies they need to, in order to keep up the appearance of “tourist safety.”

Final thought for the moment: If security devices in the Mandalay were turned off briefly, to allow someone to bring in those suitcases full of weapons, we are now talking about a sophisticated level of intrusion, beyond the ability of Stephen Paddock. How would the breach go unnoticed by the Hotel’s full security detail? How would the cover-up of that breach have been rigged?

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

31 comments on “Vegas shooter brought more than ten suitcases into the hotel

  1. Theodore says:

    Wow! Food for thought. Is the FBI investigating whether or not there was a ‘security stand down’ taking place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in the days leading up to the shooting?! With the FBI as the lead investigator, I’m certainly not holding my breath.

    That all being said, I still don’t think it was Paddock in a suite on 32 doing all that killing on the ground at the concert, but that’s another story.

    • Steve says:


      “At the moment the first window in Paddock’s suite was broken, you would assume alarms would go off and Hotel security would rush to the suite. Why have we heard nothing about this?”

      Logically, I don’t see how you can make that assumption. I can’t and won’t. I doubt the entire building curtainwall had breakage sensors, therefore no security rush to hear about. […]


      • Rachel says:

        How do you “logically” assume there were NO sensors? I would logically assume there is a building code that all windows in a high rise hotel be sensored.

        • Steve says:

          My logic and assumption comes from 35 years architectural experience and from my favorite curtainwall manufacturer’s rep. There are no breakage sensors on curtainwall glass and no building code we know of requires them. That data, if any, would be expensive and useless to the owner. This manufacturer must meet all local and interntional building codes.

          There are sensors on glass for electrochromatic coatings that will darken the glazing to reduce sunlight into a room. That system is incredibly expensive and for very specific installations. The only way to know the construction of the hotel curtainwall system is to read the specifications in the project manual. I bet you won’t find sensors. I bet you can’t get your hands on the project manual anyway.

          • Marilyn G. says:

            Steve, everyone knows that people jumping out of casino hotel windows only to SPLAT on the pavement below is, you know, tacky. To prevent this mishap, sensors are installed so that breaking the glass is immediately detected by security. I think casino/hotels can, um, afford the expense.

            I learned this from listening to Jim Fetzer, who is no one’s dummy.

            • Steve says:

              Ok, this conversation really put a bug up my whatever. I have talked to a dozen glass and curtainwall companies including the company that supplied the glass for this building complex. No one has heard of breakage sensors on curtainwall systems. Years ago there were perimeter metal strips on small 1-story store front systems for burglar protection, but, not on curtainwalls.

              I have followed Jim Fetzer for years, read some of his books. and feel he is a premier whistleblower. I am sorry he and Kevin Barrett are estranged again. However, until I talk to his source I stand by my initial statement.

              I do hope the hotel owner recycles the 24 karat gold coating on the #2 surface of the insulating glass units. They paid many bucks for it.

            • Marilyn G. says:

              Steve, do ask Jim Fetzer about the sensors. He spoke about it right after the Vegas shootings—where did I hear it? Trying to think. I remember hearing him actually say it, that the windows in casino hotels have these sensors . . . which made sense to me. If you’re able to contact him, that would be the best thing. I was listening to everything I came across regarding this shooting so I was jumping from site to site..

      • From Quebec says:

        Hotel security or not. When you break a window, you expect it to blow all over the place, inside and outside the room.. Especially if you break it with a hammer…LOL

        And no one saw the shatter glass on the ground of the Mandaly hotel or heard the sound of the crashing windows.?

        • Spiritof42 says:

          Or consider the possibility that the windows were broken from the outside by sniper fire. It’s been noticed in other videos two ideal sniper positions. A pair of towers in a construction site. And two nearby oil storage tank.

          • Theodore says:

            “It’s been noticed in other videos two ideal sniper positions. A pair of towers in a construction site. And two nearby oil storage tank.”

            if you could point us to that video, that would be great.

            you are making me think that presumably the construction site would have much less video surveillance on its property — than any casino would — making it easier to get into the construction site without being detected.

            • From Quebec says:

              Here is the video, Theodore. You will see the towers in a constrution site;

              Start listening at 5: 00


            • Abe says:

              Good point about the construction site. Although they do have cameras on after hours. They’ve been quite effective catching vandals and theives in the past.

          • Marilyn G. says:

            Spirit of 42, I don’t have a clue. All I know is that something reeks like limburger cheese. The whole shebang, in fact, but just focusing on the broken window and the fact that sensors inhabit all the windows in casino hotels . . . Hotel mgmt. needs to be interrogated. But that will never happen, will it. We’re just a bunch of suckers out here in TeeVee Land. No hope of the truth ever arriving. Look how long Mossad has gotten away with masterminding 911 and there are millions and millions of Americans utterly brainwashed into being big fans of Israel. It’s kind of like paying homage to the executioner.

          • From Quebec says:

            Yes, that is true. This is what the guy said in the video that I have posted yesterday:



  2. Theodore says:

    Steve Wynn: “You know why we are a big target? It isn’t just the amorality of it in terms of what maybe some MOOSLIM might think, you know, [what] the koran might be against [about] what we do — our lifestyle of drinking and partying, that the city stands for. But, what Las Vegas does have, like New York, but more so, is great concentrations of [unarmed] people.”

    Full segment of Steve Wynn talking security with Jon Ralston:

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Theodore, just as an aside . . . I’ve a warm spot in my heart for Steve Wynn. When i was living in Reno, there’s an excellent art museum there. I honestly can’t guess how Wynn even heard of it, but he used to send his personal art collection up, under heavy guard, of course, because we’re talkin’ all the great artists you’ve ever heard of, paintings you’d normally have to go to the Louvre or the Prado to see the likes of. Such a treat!!! What a totally nice guy. (Well, how could I think otherwise? That was selfless of him.)

  3. fauxscienceslayer says:

    MGM Resorts director, Wm Warwick Grounds dumped 5.2 million shares of MGM stock on
    Sept 07, 2017. MGM CEO James Murren dumped 294,000 shares of MGM stock in Aug, Sept 2017.
    Source > Nasdaq/symbol/MGM/insider-trades

    White House warned of LV attack on “Life Is Beautiful” concert on Sept 24, 2017….
    postponed to Harvest on Oct 01, 2017
    Source >

  4. Kat says:

    Steve Wynn was interviewed on Fox News Sunday by Chris Wallace yesterday. In the interview, Wynn made the point of saying that Steven Paddock and his girl friend were seen/observed/dealt with many times. Not once were they observed drinking alcohol of any kind. Interesting considering the reports of Paddock being a heavy drinker. Wynn also made some reference to guests in his hotel not being able to use service elevators. Chris Wallace appeared taken aback and said that there hadn’t been any reports of Paddock using a service elevator. I assume that Wynn has a lot of insider knowledge about what transpired. Maybe he let something slip?

  5. john oconnor says:

    did anyone short cassino stock just before the incident ?

    • Rachel says:

      Don’t know. But I know that the CEO of MGM and many of the Board members sold off millions in stocks mid Sept. Kind of a “coincidence”?

  6. Charles Carrico says:

    very good question how i have thought of this my self it does seem like he had help ten bags wow lots of guns and rounds lot of heavy weight to not be noticed

  7. truth1 says:

    Well, ya know, I never travel without at least 10 suitcases. Ya know! things can happen. I might wanna change my clothes several times. And getting rid of body parts can be hassle, ya know. Doesn’t everyone do this? It can’t be only me, can it?

    And how come none of you didn’t tell me you were having party in Vegas. My suit cases are always “packed.” I suppose I should do some laundry. Living in a cardboard box has its challenges.

    I wonder if those suitcases even had anything in them. That’s a lot of work and gov agents are not crazy about grunt work. Are there any pictures of guns and ammo they borrowed from an army base?

    To me, this is a silly comical situation. How do you take jokers seriously? How does that work, anyway? Its a lot funnier than many sitcoms that have been on TV over the years. A vast wasteland for empty minds. I can not believe that people can fall for this crap. And I know it is fear that is behind it. Fear says “don’t go there! Its too scary!” And they obey. We have become a useless nation of imbeciles. Cept fur me. I is a genius and I guts me as forged diploma to say so. Who can top that?

    • Rachel says:

      You were so clever, you actually didn’t make a point. Who are the imbeciles? The ones trying to sift through all the inconsistencies to figure out what really happened? Or the ones who believe the “official story” we’re being fed by the FBI who spend more time covering-up crimes than solving them.

  8. jaanko says:

    It is so clear that lots and lots of money will be made on new personal and property security technology roll outs and increased security procedures! As Catherine Austin Fitts continues to remind us, follow the money!

  9. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    Yes, it is my understanding that the windows have sensing devices, alerting security if broken. Preventing a suicide is of course very important to the casinos.

    Because the real Stephen Paddock had the number 13 tattoo’d on the throat area of his neck, and the corpse shown in his suite has no tattoo, we can only come to one conclusion.

  10. Rachel says:

    There were no metal detectors at the Mandalay. Plus he could have brought up 10 suitcases one at a time over the days he was there. And did maid service ever enter the room? Or did he have a ‘do not disturb’ sign out the whole time? But yes, alarms should hv gone off when the windows were broken. Is that when the security guard went up and got shot thru the door? By they time he got there and then the cops came, that could account for the 10 mins of shooting to end. But it took SWAT 45 more mins to get there and breach the door. No shooting should have been taking place by then (was he already dead?). So why did the cops not breach the door instead?

    And was it just a coincidence that the CEO and all of the Board members of MGM sold off millions of dollars worth of stocks around 9/11? Did they know something was coming?

    More questions than answers.

  11. DanC says:

    Hi Jon,

    It has become clear that Paddock was an intelligence agency asset.

    I am convinced that the best explanation for what went down is Yoichi Shimatsu’s theory that Paddock was the infiltrator for a Fast and Furious-style operation to give guns with tracking devices to ISIS members. He was unmasked and killed, with whoever did him in launching the assault. Details Here:

  12. Jason Huff says:

    Mandalay doesn’t have metal detectors Jon. There’s video of the shootings from the concert crowd that have multiple shots being fired at the same time. Multiple recordings from different locations recording the same shots at the same time with far and close shots. Different weapons make different sounds, far and close sounds sounds have nothing to do with weapon sounds, two totally different sound types.

  13. Theodore says:

    Fleshing out my theory on there being multiple shooters — both human and human-operated drones carrying long rifles…

    • Marilyn G. says:

      Theodore—Are you really sending “fleshing out my theory . . . ” to everything Jon wrote? I have a whole string of them, the same comment. Am wondering if my PC has flipped its cookies or it’s really you doing it.

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