Australia: jail young children without charges; they wouldn’t do that; oh yes they would

Australia: jail young children without charges; they wouldn’t do that; oh yes they would

And it’s a perfect “bait and switch”

by Jon Rappoport

October 16, 2017

It’s still labeled a proposal, but it has widespread support among Australia’s political leaders.

The BBC: “…proposals that could see children as young as 10 held for two weeks without charge under new terror legislation.”

“State and territorial leaders approved the plans with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at a Coalition of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting…”

The public hasn’t seen any details of the plan.

It’s obviously aimed at children who are suspected of preparing to commit terrorist acts, or children who are suspected of already committing those acts. Evidence would be lacking, formal charges wouldn’t be filed, but the children would still be arrested and held.

Let’s cut to the bottom lines. There are already laws which cover arresting children-terrorists. Yes, there needs to be evidence of some kind, but why is that a problem? For example, if federal police found a compound where children were being trained to handle weapons, and it was clear the intention was terrorism, those children could be taken into custody and investigated.

To understand the deeper point, however, you need to recognize that a new law restricting freedom for one reason can and will be expanded to include more reasons—all in the name of public safety and protection, of course. What creeps along the ground today stands up and runs wild tomorrow.

In this case, simply refer to the merciless Australian crackdown on parents and doctors who question the wisdom of vaccination and offer proof that vaccines are harmful, who are willing the buck the tide of official liars who insist that vaccines are miracles.

A year from now, two years from now, someone in government circles will come up with the bright idea that unvaccinated children, innocent victims of their parents’ madness, should be taken in, quarantined, held, because they are little walking time-bombs of contagion—and they must receive treatment. Which will be vaccination. Which will be “psychological intervention,” to “liberate them” from their parents’ delusions.

“Well you see, when we arrest little children on suspicion of being terrorists, we’re not really blaming the children. They’re victims. We need to sequester them away from the general population and find a way to re-educate them. In a similar fashion, when unvaccinated children are allowed to roam the streets and shops and schools, they too must be sequestered by the government…”

What’s that? You say children suspected of being terrorists and children suspected of being unvaccinated are not equivalent? So what? What leads you to believe the government is operating on a rational or logical basis?

The overriding issue here is control. That is the motive. The government feels a permanent need for more control over the citizenry.

It will seek it out and find it wherever it can, no matter how thin its justification.

“We do this for the children” can eventually mean anything the government wants it to mean.

Right now, Australia’s political leaders are worried about the people they call the “anti-vaxxers.” Why? Because the anti-vaxxers’ message is resonating with the public. Mothers whose babies’ lives have been destroyed by vaccinations are speaking up. Mothers who have raised happy and healthy children without vaccinations are speaking up. The fake medical cover story about the wonders of vaccination is being blown wide open.

What can be done? Whatever will shift control of children from parents to the State.

This new proposal to detain children suspected of terrorism is the planting of a seed that can and will sprout poisonous fruit. Today, terrorism. Tomorrow, vaccination.

To cite an egregious example: in the wake of the 9/11/01 attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, President Bush declared a new and improved War on Terror. He said America would seek out and destroy terrorists wherever they could be found; and states who refused to cooperate while they harbored terrorists would be considered enemies. Then…

What country did Bush choose to attack, for one? Iraq. There was no evidence Iraq was a center of terrorism. But that didn’t matter. American neocons wanted a war and they got one, along with a rationale: “Look what happened on 9/11.”

What started as a “reasonable” proclamation led to sheer insanity.

Wake up and smell the bait-and-switch and the con job. It’s coming up over the horizon.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

31 comments on “Australia: jail young children without charges; they wouldn’t do that; oh yes they would

  1. kennyalligood says:

    “ “We do this for the children” can eventually mean anything the government wants it to mean”… just like ‘a matter of national security’ … if you don’t believe that look around.

    • middleway says:

      It has been said that prostitution is the worlds oldest profession, which I find highly doubtful. I believe that politics actually came first and the prostitutes simply adopted the politicians business model and practices.

      • JB says:

        What I read decades ago was prostitution was the 2nd oldest profession. Since then I have been unable to discover what took first place. But it doesn’t take much perusal of history to see that theft by legal plunder came before prostitution. Earlier this year there was a news release about Italian WIVES resorting to part-time prostitution to supplement household income. As an engineer I’ve worked with Italians and they make good products. Business wise they are very conscious of public response. One can only surmise domestic recourse to prostitution to make ends meet signifies an over-taxed people by a profligate government. Not a lot of economic recovery since Mussolini.Same thing happened during the last 200 years of the Roman Empire.

  2. MrDuncmck says:

    makes perfect sense .. a cup of relativism .3 table spoons of a bowl made of contrived credibility …wha -la.. 2+2= pink .it always rains when its cloudy too…?? because i said soo!!

  3. MrDuncmck says:

    by the way .i forgot to thank you jon..the old butterfly effect .these maggots are mighty sneaky.thanks for the reasonable illuminations.!!

  4. From Quebec says:

    HUM! That also means, more kids for the pedophiles.

  5. tomlewis20 says:

    My father, a WII veteran that spent time in Australia during his service wanted me to immigrate there back when I was graduating high school in the early 70’s. He didn’t like the direction our country was headed. He would be floored at what is going on not only in our country but Australia as well. Every time they publicly wheel out a senile vet from WWII nowadays to support some new set of laws for ‘our protection’ I think of him and what he thought he was fighting for.

    • Steven says:

      The only solution is to fire the JOB of politician. We don’t need those psychopaths anymore. Hell, they don’t even write the Laws they pass themselves, special interests do or Lobbyists do or the legal team for one of their asshole buddies does. Why don’t we change the system to randomly select a congress from the citizenry and give them a job to do, 30 days to do it, and let them work incognito in a collaborative VPN from home? If we need two things done, convene two separate congresses. if we need x things done, convene x separate congresses. I trust regular, qualified neighbors about 1000 times more than I do the lot of those potlickers in D.C. – or in Australia’s version of it.

  6. Abe says:

    This sounds like another way of getting kids in to the sex trafficking for the self proclaimed political elites.

  7. Bunny says:

    Bait and Switch..I’ve seen this happen far too many times which is why I almost never sign political petitions endorsing a new law.

    Here across the pond,
    Centralized Government used this bait and switch technique with the 14th amendment and corporate personhood.
    They have done it with the Federal Reserve Act..
    they have done it with the “Patriot” Act etc..

    We all know dozens of implementation of this type of mechanism.

    As far as i am concerned, The law is an ass.
    LAWS are for people whose discernment is so damn poor that they need someone to tell them how to think. Isn’t that what we used to hire judges to do?
    Use discernment because usually the disparities in any given case will outweigh the commonalities?
    Now we have paint by numbers Just – Us for feeble minded men in dresses.

    You actually must be careful of even LOCAL laws.
    For instance a law that SOUNDED helpful to deal with people abandoning animals in Albuquerque , when I was living there.

    The city used that law to GO ONTO PEOPLE’S PROPERTY and TAKE their pets off their lawns, put them in the shelter, chip them (the owner was charged a $500 fee for this “service”) and the owner had to pay an exorbitant fine , sometimes over $1000, to get the animal back..usually the animal then had to be taken to the vet because it had caught something like kennel cough etc.

    In fact it is a pretty well known fact here in the States, that there are so many intrusive and retarded laws on the books, that every person commits at least five “felonies” a day.

    screw them and their laws.

  8. Alba says:

    ThanK you for saying what needs to be said.

  9. Good report Jon as Australia’s problems are near identical to those of the US. When you really want to scare a population into subversion then target their children. First you try and brain wash them in school. Next you take them from their parents and put the fear of Satan into them. After this the kids and their parents become much more workable to following the Global Elites mandate. This world keeps getting sicker with Satan’s lies so please put your hands together and pray for Gods Divine Intervention…..mike

    • If I had young children now I think I would be so frightened that I would probably by now be in a cave somewhere, trying to keep them safe from these terrible and terribly stupid people. What is wrong with them? How do they get to be so abysmally stupid and cruel? WHY are they like this now?

      • JB says:

        Money and false philanthropy, as Bastiat defined it. Do-gooders are always less intelligent than those who know to leave well enough alone among their neighbors. Prophets, priests, politicians, and psychometrists are always more concerned with managing the affairs of others while their own house is in worse array. It’s the only way they can deal with their feelings of superfluity.

    • truth1 says:

      Indeed, far sicker. And it is the unmistakable pattern of Satan.

  10. Kevin says:

    It’s already well under way here in Kalifornia,

    It started in 2012 with AB2109 that required MD permission to have a Personal Belief Exemption to vaccine.

    Then 3 years later SB277 completely removed the PBE.

    Up next for fast approval in 2018 is SB18 Children’s Bill of rights. This calls for “appropriate health care” and “appropriate education” for “California’s children” (my my children or your children, but California’s children…They’re claiming ownership in this bill).

    Then right behind that is SB426 Welfare child abuse prevention. This would allow for home visitation if “abuse or neglect” is suspected.

    All 4 of these bills are “authored” by none other than Sen. Richard Pan….

    Wake up and smell the bait-and-switch and the con job. It’s here in Kalifornia

  11. Duck McCloud says:

    Australia=NWO testing kitchen? See what bad things happen when there is no 2nd amendment.

    • Dan says:

      Well, unlike America we unfortunately never had anything like a second amendment to begin with.

      But compared to most other countries, we never really had a major gun problem either.

      We had no reported mass killings (shooting or otherwise) for nearly 43 years between 1928 and 1971, and only a small handful since 1971. And most of the massacres from 1928 or earlier were either government run or at least government approved campaigns against the native Aboriginals.

      Guns weren’t really on most Australian minds prior to the Port Arthur massacre in 96, which itself was almost certainly a government false flag operation (sure raises questions when all the forensic evidence collected from the massacre was locked up and sealed away by the government for 30 years).
      It was a lack of understanding on gun issues over here that made it very easy for government to come in and force people to hand over the guns. The Port Arthur event was used to quickly push through legislation to take guns away from the people and served as the basis of many subsequent anti gun campaigns.

      Ironically, there has probably been more focus on guns and gun ownership since 96 than there was prior to Port Arthur. All of it negative of course – no actual discussion or debate on guns is allowed in our media. Only smear campaigns against guns and gun supporters.

      What the media won’t tell you here is that criminals are still very much able to smuggle all sorts of illegal automatic weapons into the country. Nor will they tell you that the state of New South wales alone has experienced an average of 20 drive by shootings a month every month since 2011. Low fatalities as these attacks are for now mostly committed by gangs using terror and intimidation tactics. (going to be another matter if the ever decide to just start killing).

      So in another twist of irony, we’ve actually had more trouble with gun violence in the time since they banned the guns than before they banned the guns.

  12. Lea says:

    Thank you Jon for the information we otherwise wouldn’t have heard most anywhere else.
    Love your prolific writing.

    Here in Toronto, Ontario Canada, there are at least 400,000 people, (within Canada), with “Non clear” police reports based on hearsay, gossip, cop callers intent on ruining anyones reputation.

    A mere accusation from an anonymous caller to Toronto police when, even found to be hearsay and without any evidence at all, ends up on a persons police report.
    A clear police report is required for those folks who work with the vulnerable sector of society, (children and senor citizens).

    Say you’ve just completed your firefighting certificate.
    Any asshole can concoct a lie, saying the newly certified firefighter starts fires, call the police with a lie and ruins the career prospects and reputation of the newly certified firefighter.
    The police do not investigate with the accused.
    The police do not interview the accused.
    The accused learns of this when applying for work and the accuser is never revealed.

    A clear police record is what’s required to work with the “vulnerable sector” of society.
    Therefore, if you want to ruin someone’s career prospects and reputation, call the police with a false complaint and you’ll most likely you’ll get away with it.
    This also affects the (innocent) accused’s travel prospects in way I have yet to discover.

    The accused person, (in my case it was , “person of interest” of theft of what my husand left me upon his death, 18 months before the complaint, with proof, from the ank of no theft), is never told of any accusations against them, receives no charges or conviction, and finds this information out when applying for a position working with the vulera-le.

    It is up to the accused person to pay for a police report of the original anonymous , redacted, name complainer, in order to understand why it is one cannot work in say, palliative care , or as a psw, (personal care worker, a sub nurse, the underpaid ass wiper, doing all the work the nurse used to do).

    The Ontario police folks in charge of the policy making , have written me to say they have “no such policy” , and to take this up with The Supreme Court Of Canada.
    The Toronto police records dept. cannot guarantee a clear report for anyone who has had the misfortune of eing on the receiving end of a known serial cop caller concocting stories , and the accused is supposed to “just keep applying for a clear record, although we cannot guarantee that anyone will receive one”.
    Guilty of what?
    There are no charges and no convictions yet people are eing denied work due to hearsay from anonymous freaks.

    Now I gotta try to change the law for one that doesn’t screw with the “Canadian Constitution”, “Human rights” yadda , yadda.

    Just want to let folks know that thousands of Canadians are considered guilty without charges with a simple call to police though anyone ,often known cop callers, for whatever insane reason they can fathom just to eff with someones life, livelihood, travel prospects and a good persons want to help others.

    This is the current state of Canadian law unknown to most.
    Guess I’ll be fighting for at least a decade with this shit.

    • Skid Marx says:

      That sounds like the old CCCP (USSR). Forward! The Great Leap Forward.
      At least you have the worldwide laughingstock cuck moonbat known as Justine Trudeau for comic relief.
      We had a laughingstock for eight years but I think he is busy now lowering the ocean levels with his magic golden halo of flies.

  13. Steve Trueblue says:

    Australia is so over regulated and over governed that if its model were copied in the UK they would have 85 governments. Its a huge lucrative industry is continuous lawmaking. The industry will never stop continuously tinkering with legislation. This amounts to continuous boundary pushing. One suggestion is that we simply close our parliaments for 12 months and see if it makes any difference. I suspect not.
    That said we must dispense with the luxurious virtuous notion that after a lifetime of TV cop shows children do not understand right from wrong.
    One half satisfactory solution would be to add up all of the crimes of juveniles and they begin their sentence when they reach 18 when their sense of right and wrong suddenly dawns. THEN they would understand the gravity of their crimes and “understand” why they are being jailed.
    A problem then is that these wayward jihadi children would leave a string of injured and dead victims so that society would be insufficiently protected.
    We must correct our inverted values so that rather than the perpetrator being a “victim” the stabbee is the true victim. Hard isnt it ? When we are so “sophisticated”
    To deal with the problem of imported genetics and the Koran and 14 yr old jihadis the only solution is indefinite detention. We all know IQ and crime is genetic don’t we?
    Indefinite detention is currently on hold in the Australian Fed parliament due to fear of backlash. YES its a blunt instrument but it would work for the whole western world.
    That’s if the western world cares enough for its own survival. Hungary Poland Switzerland would do well to implement indefinite detention for jihadis as opinion leaders. Showing how its done.

    • Dan says:

      This isn’t the first time they tried to push this crap through.

      They were first looking at it a couple of years ago after a 15 year old radicalized Muslim shot and killed a police employee, then was killed in a gunfight with other officers.

      Their original plan was to try push through legislation allowing police to detain people aged 13 or older without issuing charges. They got caught out on it at the time and it didn’t end up passing
      Now they’re trying it again, except they’ve now they’ve dropped the age limit to at least 10.

      Also, I think Jon is underestimating how long it will take this lot to start expanding these laws. If they do end up passing this, it won’t be a year before they start pushing the vaccinations onto kids. I’d give the Turnbull government 6 months at most.

      They’ve already tried several methods to force vaccinations onto people. It’s backfired on them spectacularly though – the current lot in government fail to realize just how unpopular they are, and many people don’t trust them at all.
      Their sudden heavy increase in attempts to force vaccinations onto people has caused the opposite effect to what they wanted and has been getting more and more people to step back and start questioning vaccinations.
      And if there is one thing that really gets people to question an issue down here, its the government threatening to impose penalties on those who don’t do it.

  14. Jon

    Just look how Australia has traditionally treated the offspring of “illegal” immigrants and this should be no surprise. Clearly the “citizens” (are children citizens?) have had it too good for too long (sic).


  15. wordsofwisdom says:

    ​It is very plain to see, for anybody that do not have a brain illness, that the real terrorists are governments that create terror on the people!

    *Sir James Erectus*

  16. wordpresssucks says:

    Aussies were over run by asia 20 years ago who brought in drugs which destroyed several generations of young people, now the muslims are let in to finish off what is left of civil society. And note that many of the muslims work at the airports – controlling the flow of guns, drugs and people in and out of Australia and other countries. The evil left take a cut off the profits and exploit every violent act perpetrated by the muslims as an excuse to take away more rights of the citizens.

    • Dan says:

      Both sides of the Australian government have sold out to China and the Muslims.
      Unfortunately, there is little we can do about this as unlike most developed countries we don’t have laws here banning foreign donations to political parties.

      You can only begin to imagine how much this is used abused by all our major parties and foreign interests, so the laws aren’t going to be changed any time soon. They all make too much money from it – at least 3 of the top 10 donors to each major party in every Federal election over the past couple of decades have been Chinese companies or individuals, and at least 5 out of the top 10 donors for each party every election cycle have been foreigners.

      As for the the Muslim gangs, they started becoming a problem here right after the government banned our guns in the 90’s. They weren’t a thing here before the late 90’s. The beginning of their rise to power here coincided almost perfectly with the end of the Howard governments’ gun buyback program.

  17. SL says:

    The creation of terrorist and the “fight” against them has the collateral damage of outlawing any challenge to the corruption of the government being “Terrorized”. Any quest for the truth is espionage, and resistance to police state policy is revolution. Humanity is in the grip of an unseen boa constrictor that is, by incremental infringement attempting to enslave humanity.

  18. truth1 says:

    They could use imprisoned children to blackmail parents into doing whatever. Reach your kids wrong and they will be punished and sent to brothel camps for some “re-education” on how to be “loving” and not complain about it.

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