No More Fake News Exclusive: insider reveals how the opioid crime network operates!

No More Fake News Exclusive: insider reveals how the opioid crime network operates!

Opioid drugs: morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, naloxone, Percocet, etc.

by Jon Rappoport

October 17, 2017

PBS Frontline (2/23/2016): “The opioid epidemic has been called the worst drug crisis in American history…with overdoses from heroin and other opioids now killing more than 27,000 people a year…” (Note: prescription opioids are now a very significant gateway-drug leading addicts into heroin.)

CBS News (8/1/2017): “Nearly 92 million U.S. adults, or about 38 percent of the population, took a legitimately prescribed opioid like OxyContin or Percocet in 2015, according to results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.”

On the condition of anonymity, an insider with intimate knowledge of the opioid crime network spoke with me. He is not a participant or a criminal. He has spent years exposing the network.

My initial question to him was prompted by the current Washington Post series on collusion between members of Congress and the drug industry. The collusion has produced a new law that makes it much harder for the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) to shut down major opioid traffickers. (That law is the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016, signed by President Obama on 4/9/16.)

My question was: how could a corrupt little pharmacy or medical clinic in a small town, in the middle of nowhere, sell, as reported, a MILLION opioid pills a year?

Here is the answer my source confirmed: a criminal doctor or doctors are writing 75-100 opioid prescriptions a day like clockwork; “patients” are flooding in from all over the country (many of them flying in once a month); they are sold the opioid prescriptions, and either fill them right there in the clinic, or take them to a friendly pharmacy.

These patients are actually dealers. They return home and sell the pills to addicts.

Where do the small clinics and pharmacies obtain the huge number of opioid pills? From distributors. These are legitimate companies. They may distribute all sorts of medicines. It’s their business. They know they are committing egregious crimes.

Where do these big distributors obtain their opioid pills? From pharmaceutical companies who manufacture them.

The manufacturers and the distributors have an ongoing relationship. They know exactly what they’re doing. They know the bulk of the product is going into “street sales.”

The distributors and the manufacturers are drug traffickers.

There is no doubt about this. No one is “making a mistake.” No one is in the dark. No one is being fooled.

When the DEA tries to clamp down on opioid manufacturers, this is not a sudden action, as some manufacturers try to claim. The DEA has already made several prior visits and has tried to convince the manufacturers to stop what they’re doing—to no avail.

I suggested to my source that the opioid distributors and their suppliers, the manufacturers, have a “nudge and a wink” relationship. He quickly told me it was far more than that. He left no doubt in my mind that these relationships are undertaken and maintained with full knowledge about the trafficking enterprise these partners are engaged in.

He pointed out that the 2016 law referenced above, passed by Congress—with most of the members completely unware of what they were voting for—radically changed the conditions under which the DEA could immediately freeze huge and obviously criminal shipments of opioids. It’s not a slam-dunk anymore. Far from it.

Before imposing a freeze, instead of simply showing that the (criminal) shipment poses an IMMINENT threat of death or grave harm to users, the Agency now has to demonstrate there is an IMMEDIATE threat.

This word game means the DEA must establish that people could die, not next week or next month (imminent), but “right now” (immediate). If this seems logically absurd and intentionally perverse, it is. Obviously, “immediate” is designed to give rise to back and forth debate, legalistic challenges, long postponements—and ultimately a straitjacket preventing decisive actions against opioid distributors and manufacturers.

The Washington Post (link to 10/15/2017 article below) reached out to Obama, who signed the 2016 law, and his then Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, the highest law-enforcement officer in the nation. The DEA is organized under the Attorney General and the Dept. of Justice.

Both Obama and Lynch “declined” to discuss the law. Naturally.

Who played a central role in crafting the law and pushing it through Congress?

The Post (10/15/2017): “Deeply involved in the effort to help the [drug] industry was the DEA’s former associate chief counsel, D. Linden Barber. While at the DEA, he helped design and carry out the early stages of the agency’s tough enforcement campaign, which targeted drug companies that were failing to report suspicious orders of narcotics.”


Barber worked against the drug industry while employed by the DEA, and then he left the Agency and turned around and attacked it.

Continuing, The Post (10/15/2017): “When Barber went to work for the drug industry [he now works for Cardinal Health], in 2011, he brought an intimate knowledge of the DEA’s strategy and how it could be attacked to protect the [drug] companies. He was one of dozens of DEA officials recruited by the drug industry during the past decade.”

“Barber played a key role in crafting an early version of the legislation [the 2016 law] that would eventually curtail the DEA’s power, according to an internal email written by a Justice Department official to a colleague. ‘He [Barber] wrote the…bill,” the official wrote in 2014.”

The opioid crime network extends to Congress, former (if not present) DEA employees, medical-drug distribution companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

It then includes medical clinics and pharmacies and prescription-writing doctors.

The murderous network is addicting, maiming, and killing Americans in huge numbers.

The Matrix Revealed

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

42 comments on “No More Fake News Exclusive: insider reveals how the opioid crime network operates!

  1. Alexis Keiser says:

    I hope that you will also write about how collusion between drug companies, the CDC, FDA and HHS (All those lovely alphabet soup agencies!) is leading to the death and disability of potentially ALL vaccinated Americans.

  2. I know of a number of “fringe criminals” here (Australia) that [allegedly] trade ex-pharma “products”.

    You wax lyrical today, Jon 😉


    • Jennifer says:

      Ozzie, my late husband worked with a man once who had several physicians giving him prescriptions for pain medication which he resold to others. He told my husband one day about this and wondering if my husband would want some. My honorable husband went to the boss and told him he would not work with this man, but wouldn’t say why. Anyway, the man had to go or he did. Without question, the boss fired the drug dealer. Have often wondered if the boss knew why.

      • An interesting comment. Personally, I am not particularly “anti-drugs” (although I must admit in my formative years I was). I am anti breaches of ethics and clearly your passed husband’s co-worker “crossed the line” in a number of manners. I congratulate him posthumously.

  3. Jacqueline Worthington says:

    Dear Jon,

    I look forward to your blogs.

    Another concern is that drugs are killing the younger population. I live in Medicine Hat Alberta Canada a retirement community. Our obituaries show the numbers of people 70 year to 95 years die at the same rate as younger people age 25 to 60 years old. Either the young are cancer victims or those with addictions. In any event victims of the system.

    Thanks for you good work.


  4. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    Wake up, America.

  5. ajs50 says:

    It is a tragedy that the very people and agencies we rely on for assistance are the bigger problem than the street corner dealer. My daughter is a recovering addict. She went to her doctor for knee pain, a while back, and he prescribed her Percocet! He knew full well she was in recovery for opioid addiction.

    • John Doughly says:

      I’m sorry. How did her doctor know? It’s shameful a doctor would purposely do that to a patient. I mean, it’s one thing if he felt she was far enough along in her recovery that the doctor felt the benefits outweighed the risk. But, if he willfully prescribed narcotics knowing full well she was in the throws of addiction or early recovery that borders on malpractice imho. Prayers for you & your daughter!

  6. now with jocular banter says:

    What are people with chronic pain supposed to do? Heroin? A computer guru buddy and sister-in-law switched to heroin when they got cut off from opiates. They have been arrested several times for possession of a syringe.
    Both of them have severe back injuries. Are these people supposed to take aspirin or just be gritty and suffer in pain?
    Should they be punished for having an addictive personality to go with their chronic injuries?
    I thought the immaculate Dear Leader Messiah Imam Hussein fixed the mchealthcarez for all time?

    • Terry Edmond says:

      Think of how many young aspiring sports stars thru out the country that never make a dime but live with pain for the rest of their lives. Future heroin addicts. In Vietnam war, joints of pot were tipped in opium. Who was pushing that to addict our soldier’s generation?

  7. Bob says:

    This is about making laws to kill people!

  8. Nerfelweber says:

    Meanwhile the poppy fields in Afghanistan are heavily guarded with air power, armor and machine guns.

    • Theodore says:

      The Chicomms from C-H-Y-N-A are smart and laughing at us. They’re on the other side of the mountain mining the rare earth minerals!

      • now with jocular banter says:

        And they didn’t have to invade or camp an army out for 16 years to obtain the minerals.
        I wonder how that pipeline in the graveyard of empires aka Afghanistan is coming along?

    • John Doughly says:

      Exactly right! Not to mention that the Taliban has agreed to stop setting fire to the poppy fields in exchange for 30% of the power/electricity made by some huge water dam over there. The fields have more than quadrupled in number and size since the American occupation!

      If this doesn’t make people go Hmmm?? I don’t know what could!

  9. kennyalligood says:

    Most of which comes from the US military protected fields in Afghanistan … can’t forget that very important cog in the machine

  10. Jennifer says:

    When Delamer Duverus became a constant, conscious companion in 2001, His first Agenda was to expose a 50+ man illegal drug cartel and it was composed of physicians, dentists, attorneys, public servants including law enforcement and even the FBI, and local business men, some we knew and one we worked for. We thought at first they were selling illegal drugs, but what we came to discover was they were selling legal drugs for which any physician could write prescriptions for and which could be sold by that recipient, or given to a lowly street pusher and everyone made their dirty profit despite the youth and children who suffered. Also, we knew many of the physicians involved and they often went to weekend drug seminars, where they were wined and dined and received drugs, of many kinds including Prozac like drugs, and who knows how much they were given.

    Our mentor who heard the voice of Delamer Duverus before us, told us that it was DD who gave Joe Kennedy a stroke which left him pretty much paralyzed. He told us Man does not kill, but would disable, because it was Joe Kennedy who let “the drugs and thungs into our nation.” We must now think this was the pharmaceutical companies that have now taken over the US.

    Unfortunately we had to visit a local hospital just recently for an acute infection and the physician told us that Vitamin C would cause us kidney stones and kidney failure. We know we screwed up our face over that comment, but we are pretty much a pea-brain and nonconfrontational, so we let it go. When we came home to research it, it seems the Vitamin C-kidney problem was linked to one study. Thankfully, Orthomolecuar Organization had a wonderful article debunking that flawed research. Am sure the physician will hear from us. When they can cure sepsis with intravenous Vitamin C, am sure they can cure a case of pneumonia with it.

  11. Jennifer says:

    It occurs to me to add something else. What is the root cause for the use of opioids and psychiatric drugs and even the use of marijuana? It is not just about the profits to be made now and into the future for the medical mafia and pharmaceutical companies. It is all about dissimulation and the separation of humanity from their God, their Father in Heaven, which is a process of blocking the Pineal gland so that we cannot get to our Speciel Mind and its counseling of us through our conscience. Once they have severed us from God, then they can more easily control us. They can stop the Individual from being an Individual with the Light of God guiding him, and they can more easily keep us in the Collective. This was the reason for fluoridation, why many psychiatric drugs contain fluoride, but drugs of abuse, even marijuana and opioids also dissimulate. We can elaborate if anyone is interested.

    • kennyalligood says:

      The ‘marijuana’ has medicinal value with extremely less addictive behaviors and adverse conditions. However, I believe your devotion to this mythical being in the clouds is indicative of another addiction.

      • Jennifer says:

        Hoo, hoo, hoo. You’d like Him, too.

        Not mythical, Mr. Kennyalligood,. And, yes, we would rather our people smoke or use pot rather than opioids, but when you have experienced what I have experienced, you know then most problems in this world are created by a mind other than God.

        However, you can believe what you want to believe. We choose to know or say we do not know, and we know there is a God to whom you can pray and gain answers and guidance.

        • palomita says:

          You seem like you don’t have a very thorough understanding of how marijuana works with the human body and mind, though I think you are onto something about the pineal gland. Marijuana isn’t just for pain or to prevent chemo vomiting.

          The human brain is hardwired to receive this amazing plant. When it crosses the blood-brain barrier it is sent, by the brain, exactly where it needs to go and is capable of curing almost any disease. You have to eat it in a concentrated oil. Smoking it can do wonders for pain but can only do so much for diseases like cancer. A ninety day treatment will cure most cancers.

          Marijuana isn’t a problem and it’s not what this article is about. Not even close. Marijuana also wasn’t created by man or the mind of man. It was created by something much more powerful, mysterious and benevolent. Millions call it god. I haven’t a clue what or who that is but it doesn’t matter to me. I’m just grateful it’s here.

          Sounds like you and ‘your’ people could benefit by scrubbing off some of that build-up on your pineal gland. There things for that. Open the mind. You’re not special.

          • Jennifer says:

            You are right, we are not special. However, having lost one husband to marijuana, turning a promising life into one of lying, stealing and being totally irresponsible, we have seen the effects of same. Others, too, which led to other drugs and dissimulation. However, some can handle it, or perhaps just don’t know how to use it correctly. One man we met smoked so much he had an experience and now hears malevolent voices in his mind which guide him. He’s deluded in thinking they are his “handlers”. He treats his wife meanly and takes advantage of others.

            We know that marijuana has its many benefits and like we said, it can be used properly, and scientists are working at that, but we would be careful to know the supplier. Opioids are the worse problem.

            You can’t offend us with your comments; you would have to be in my mind to understand the Love of God we know every day.

            • kennyalligood says:

              I’m uncertain if it is your writing style or intent but this really sounds like a Borg collective.

            • Jennifer says:

              Mr. Kennyalligood, The Mind of Man is not a Borg collective, for if this was true, then JeSus would have been a borg, as He stated He was the Son of Man, a term the religions do not understand. Man are of One Mind, but act independently, and have been called many things, Angels, Cherubin, God’s Messengers, and the Lord God Almighty, but not all the Lord Gods in the Bible are Man. The Malignant Mind often masquerades as God to deceive humanity, which is why it has been so difficult to get to Harmony. Joshua, Constantine, Muhammad, and even many in our day think they hear the Lord God, but they only hear the MM.

              The malignant mind we often call a hive mind or an ant mind because of the Whore for which they serve. They cannot think for themselves and rely on the Whore.

              If we say we and we are but one, it is because Man works through us empathetically and we do not know what part is us and what part is Him. We know Him by His fruits. Osayo Kitamura called it “god in her body”, as God helped the Japanese people overcome the trials of WWII through her.

            • kennyalligood says:

              Note to self, learn to leave well enough alone.

            • palomita says:

              I didn’t offend you. If you are offended it’s on you.

            • Palomita says:


              If you don’t mind me asking. How did you ‘lose’ your husband to marijuana? Exactly what happened?


            • Jennifer says:

              My husband kept running us into debt, writing bad checks to buy weed and food to be with friends, and who made me think he was still going to college, but had not and used his tuition money to buy weed, by leaving his books open on the table, and when I came home early from work one day, we saw what was gong on. We had to give him a choice, either the drugs had to go or I would have to do so. I had lost all trust in him. Needless to say, he chose the drugs.

            • John Doughly says:

              Opioids are not the problem. People are the problem. I’m so tired of people blaming something other than themselves! Grow up folks. A doctor may have prescribed you a narcotic but YOU chose to take it and probably NOT as directed and when these people knew something wasn’t right they didn’t seel help or take personal responsibility but kept going back for more.

              Many, many people benefit from opioids. The brain in hard wired to accept the molecules just like mmj which does NOT help everyone.

              Without pain management people develop pain induced dementia among other life altering illnesses!

    • prof605 says:

      Jennifer please elaborate on ways to avoid dissemination & how to more effectively use the pineal gland so as to access the special mind, thanks in advance. P.s. was a long term sufferer of SSRI & SNRI Rx Drugs, been off them now, 6 yrs (now on sodium valproate…)

      • Jennifer says:

        Sorry, didn’t see your comment, prof605. We stay away from fluoride and drugs of abuse, and do not drink bottled juices or soda because they are probably full of fluoride, too, as might bottled water might be. Think black tea and maybe even green tea has fluoride, but would worry more about glyphosate in tea as there was a study that glyphosate also disrupts pineal. Stephanie Senaff wrote about this research. For this reason would stay away from non-organic grains, though some organic farmers are using glyphosate to dessicate their oeganic grain crops and even lentils. Nothing is sacred.

    • Jennifer, I think you are right on the money. The Real Money. And “dissimulation” is a new word in my vocabulary now.

      Maybe there are some medical uses for mary jane. I hope so. I can’t smoke it no mo. For it is the objective of evil minions to relegate to us a Godless world and, like Esau, finding “no place for repentance.”

      I know it’s way late but I hope you read this just to let you know someone shares your viewpoint.

      • Jennifer says:

        How kind of you, Bleak. It was Rudolph Steiner who predicted over 100 years ago that “they” would make a vaccine which would sever us from our spirituality, and lead us into materiality. Perhaps they are working on a vaccine, now, too. Or maybe it is already in them. Some contain fluoride and fluoride will calcify the pineal over time.

        • So many people, so much stuff. I was a theosophist back in the 80’s in NYC. Weekly meetings. I loved it. Wilhelm Reich is another. Emanuel Swedenborg? “They” didn’t stop at a vaccine. Oh no. Love the “artwork” at the Vatican, don’t you?

    • John Doughly says:

      Good grief. Awful presumptuous.

  12. Theodore says:

    How big pharma’s money – and its politicians – feed the US opioid crisis

    Tom Marino might have withdrawn from consideration as Trump’s drug czar, but drug money is coursing through the veins of Congress – contributing directly to an epidemic that kills thousands of Americans each year

    by Chris McGreal in Washington

    Thursday 19 October 2017 06.00 EDT

  13. Tino Largura says:

    It just amazes me how easy it is to fool the public. As if there is a huge difference between these “prescriptioin drugs” and the street version of the exact same thing. If you ask any one they will almost always put heroin in a different class than norco or oxycotin. The government has succeeded in basically being the biggest heroin dealers in the world by fooling the public into believing these prescription drugs are different than the street forms like heroin. The difference is the same as a jack and coke is different than a jack on the rocks. Yes they are different but the harmful substance is the exact same. And to top it all off They are able to destroy their competition with police force and swat teams . that is the penalty for someone using the same drug but not channeling the money through them. From the brainwashing of the public to cover up their drug dealing and the pure force they use against their competition , This is the most scandalas racket out there and it needs to be exposed

    • John Doughly says:

      Oh my goodness. Really? You must think most people are utterly stupid. What’s the weather like atop your mountain?

      People with disabling, life altering, soul draining illnesses and diseases know the side effects and risks involved with taking drugs. Rather those drugs are chemotherapy, insulin, psychoactive, narcotic, immune suppressant and so forth. There is NO illness or disease for which there is a cure that doesn’t pose a risk. People in need of medicine accept the bad with the good they weigh the risks with the benefits.

      Contrary to current “PROPaganda” people with intractable pain have a less than 1% chance of developing an addiction.

      The FACT that big pharma and the government are corrupt is not new news. Indeed they have put profit above the value of life. However, this simply does NOT negate the very real fact that people with peripheral and centralized pain need opioids in order to lessen their daily suffering… Especially until a better alternative comes along.

  14. Neal Johnson says:

    There are people such as myself who live in pain daily due to many medical conditions. Yet people like me are determined not to become addicted to Opiods and take much less than they are allowed and only when they are in great/excruciating pain. Responsible users should not be included as an example of this so called crises and should not be extremely restricted in obtaining/using Opiods for relief.

  15. ajn says:

    No one should ever be able to dictate what a free person can ingest…no one! If you need to relieve pain, get you pain relief…if you want to get high…your choice-not mine!

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