Why has the Deep State gone to war against Donald Trump?

Why has the Deep State gone to war against Donald Trump?

Some people say Trump is nothing more than another Globalist puppet. Is that the whole story?

Is Trump worse than his supporters want him to be, and better than his enemies claim he is?

by Jon Rappoport

December 17, 2017

Trump is unpredictable. He shoots his mouth off.

No one is sure what he might do next.

That is not the Deep State’s version of what a president is supposed to be.

Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama—they were good boys. Globalists. The intelligence establishment and the military industrial complex knew “the situation” was well in hand. Trump is the strange intruder. The “crazy one.”

If his swaggering indifference to the Deep State’s agenda is merely a pose—a formidable acting job—then why is he subjected to withering attacks every day, even from his own Party? After all, he has surrounded himself with Goldman Sachs big shots—can’t they be relied on to keep him in check? What’s the problem?

Well, one huge problem is he keeps attacking mainstream media. He lashes out and calls them Fake News. He takes every opportunity to accuse them of lying. No president in modern history has dared to work that angle. Understand that the intelligence establishment—a major component of the Deep State—uses major media to shape public perception on an ongoing basis. Gunslinger Trump is upsetting that applecart, at a time when public trust in mainstream news is, all on its own, eroding. He isn’t supposed to be piling on.

If Trump’s attacks on The News are a carefully crafted theatrical ploy, somehow designed to serve the Deep State, where is the payoff?

I keep bringing up Trump vs. the Media, because, for the past 35 years, working as a reporter, I’ve seen the media damage and the mind control, the brainwashing and the corruption, the collusion between The News and the Deep State, and the resulting destruction of human life. Just to name two areas of major crimes: viciously lying war press coverage, and viciously lying medical coverage. Anyone—especially a president—who wades in and disrupts the seamless hypnotic flow of mainstream news, whatever his motives, deserves praise.

For the record, I believe Trump is, and will be, a complete and utter disaster for the environment, as regards corporate pollution. I see no evidence he will lessen medical crimes. He is out to lunch, when it comes to appointing people to forward his agendas and support his presidency. Who on his team ISN’T talking out of school? Who isn’t betraying him? Why did he extend the utterly failed war in Afghanistan? Some of his most ardent supporters saw, in him, a foreign policy man with the guts and intelligence of Ron Paul. They certainly aren’t happy.

The big lynchpin issue is immigration. It always was. Ideologues from the Left, and the Deep State, are outraged, because they want open borders. Forever. Their masters, who are far more cynical and calculating, are forcing the unending migrant flood as a method for erasing separate nations—a prime plank in the Globalist platform. Any fool should be able to see this. It has nothing to do with “humane” motives. The heaping of financial burdens on states and nations, as an outcome of the migrant flood, is also intentional. So is the resultant crime. These are not illusions. How serious Trump is about stemming the flood—that is up for grabs. But the fact that he has spoken out, time and time again, even if you assume he is lying about what he intends to do, has galvanized people all over the world. They are waking up to the resurrection of sovereign nations, as opposed to a one world-nation, under the ministrations of Globalist utopian tyrants. If Trump’s stance on the immigration issue is merely a con, it has certainly had a massive blowback effect against the new world order. For those who claim that top-down control of the planet is a given, with no exceptions, why didn’t the controllers make sure someone other than Trump was elected in 2016? If these controller-gods are so powerful, why didn’t they dump the flaccid useless Hillary Clinton and nominate a dynamic Democrat who would have taken Trump to the cleaners? Why didn’t they launch a really convincing Trump dossier and cut him off at the knees before the election?

For all the “Hegelian dialectic” people, who insist that Trump was put into office to whipsaw the public to the other side, after the socialist Obama had done his assigned job: consider the fact that any corporatist Republican candidate could have served that function—instead of a fast-talking, shooting-from-the-hip, swaggering narcissist cowboy Crazy, who suddenly began spouting anti-Globalist pro-nationalist rhetoric to a worldwide audience.

“Well, you see, they needed a really strong America-first nationalist guy, Trump, so they could take him down and snuff out the flames of separate nations, once and for all. They also wanted to exacerbate the divide-and-conquer strategy for America—causing the deepest conflicts to come to the surface and rip America apart at the seams”—

I’m not rejecting those arguments completely; but I am saying elite controllers would be taking quite a gamble with that strategy, because the Trump effect vis-à-vis nationalism is formidable, and elite Globalists aren’t in the habit of encouraging all the points that defeat their own stance. They aren’t in the habit of pushing a man into the spotlight (and the Oval Office) who talks those points endlessly and puts dangerous ideas into millions of minds. Whether fake or real, Trump is that man, he talks that talk, and he does it relentlessly. There was no way to stage the 2016 election without spawning all this anti-Globalist rhetoric?

Trump has also attacked the intelligence establishment and the FBI. Not just once, but many times. Yes, you could say his appointments to headline jobs in those agencies belie his words—but why allow such a president to exist in the first place? Trump is actually mirroring a few of the major charges the political Left has leveled at the intel establishment for decades. And people out in the real world are agreeing with his harsh criticisms. When Trump first started this drumbeat, Senator Chuck Schumer said it was big mistake, because the intelligence community has “six ways from Sunday getting back at you.” Schumer didn’t say Trump was wrong. He just said Trump was crazy.

And that may be a clue. Trump just doesn’t care. He grew up hustling in the real estate field. He rubbed elbows with the Mob. He made deals however they could be made, with whoever showed up with money. He survived, went broke, survived again. He developed a giant ego. He promoted himself ceaselessly, once he’d achieved a bit of fame. In his world, bureaucrats are the lowest form of human life. He’s a hard charging asshole, and after a few drinks, he might gleefully admit it.

This is not a character the Deep State wants around, and especially not in the White House. “I’m the president and you just handed me this CIA assessment? It reads like sheer bullshit. Why don’t you fill me in on the real facts, if you know what they are, or is your problem stemming from the fact you’re ignorant?” Even on that level, the intel community doesn’t want Trump around. Face it, Washington is full of bullshitters on every conceivable platform. These people have never done a thing to justify their existence, much less their jobs. They skate all day, every day, and they expect to skate all the way into their pensions. Now along comes this bull in the china shop. No one really knows when he’s telling the truth and when he’s lying, but he does seem to have a nose for spotting fakers—maybe because he’s faked it for so long himself. And done it well. Done it better than most. Certainly done it better than jive analysts at the CIA, who really have faint knowledge about what’s going on in hots spots across the globe, but try to talk a good game.

Don’t kid a kidder.

On this level alone, Trump has not endeared himself to denizens of the Deep State.

Continuing with the theme of “Trump just doesn’t care,” it’s possible he’s willing to be drummed out of office. He’s daring the press and his other enemies to try it, and his position is: “If you can carry it off, go ahead. See what trouble and disaster you bring down on your own heads, if you win.” He’s willing to fly away from the White House, as Nixon did, and go back to Trump Tower in New York and pick up from where he left off. That’s a strong position. He’s always been a go-for-broke character, and if this president thing doesn’t work out, there are other worlds to conquer. Such a stance would make his enemies nervous. He’s quite able to call their bluff.

Meanwhile, as long as he’s in office, he’s a proponent of President Calvin Coolidge’s famous “the business of America is business.” This is, at once, a gift to, and a theft from, Globalists. It’s a gift, because Trump intends to give mega-corporations, which are the action arms of Globalism, free reign to dominate the marketplace, horribly pollute to their hearts’ content, cooperate with government allies in stepping up surveillance of the citizenry, and pay less taxes, as long as some of these companies, or a few of them, bring jobs back to America. It’s a theft, because Trump isn’t structuring these corporations as part of the infamous Globalist trade treaties, like the TPP. (Unless he goes back on that promise, too.) He’s prone to making separate trade deals with separate nations. At least on the surface, he appears to want to prove that this tactic can succeed. And it can build up the US economy. Even, worst case, if he’s lying about opposing trade treaties, once again he’s planted an idea in many minds: you don’t need Globalist trade deals to make trade work. This is not a Deep State idea. Far from it. It’s corrosive to the Deep State.

Look at how many counties and states turned red in the 2016 election. Territorially, it was overwhelming. What were all those people on all that land thinking? It was a mixed bag. On the one hand (without mentioning it), they wanted the government benefits they were accruing, as a matter of course, to remain in place. At the same time, they wanted freedom, the right to be left alone, the right to reject political correctness, the right to celebrate America as an independent and sovereign nation, the right to feel proud of their country, the right to be able to work and find a job, the right to own guns, the right to shut down open borders, the right to uphold the traditional family, the right to reject major media as a bunch of liars and crooks (and ditto for the Washington swamp).

The Globalists deviously put a man in the White House who was stimulating that whole range of sentiment and conviction? Really?

Then we come to the Clintons. Major league bullshitters in their own right—and on a level Trump could hardly aspire to. The Deep State, with some reservations, had accepted the idea that one of their own, Hillary Clinton, with all her personal and family and political baggage, was going to be the next president of the United States. She and Bill seemed to be made of Teflon, or some similar substance that swallowed scandals whole and made them disappear. The press had played a central role there. (The press that Trump was violently attacking.) Forget the Clinton Foundation. Forget Hillary’s decades-long shameful defense of her husband’s sexual predations. Forget Mena and the cocaine trafficking and Bill’s arrangements with the CIA. Right out in the open, Hillary, with her sidekick, Barack Obama, had destroyed a whole country. Libya. They had reduced an entire nation to bloody chaos. If she could get away with that, she could get away with anything. So, for the Deep State, she still held promise. She could work a hustle beyond any hustle Trump could dream of. Good. She would do a good Globalist job as the next American president. The press would keep things reasonably quiet. She and Bill would continue their deep and long relationship with the CIA and all the CIA stands for.

But there was one major issue. Apparently, once again, the all-knowing and all-seeing and all-controlling controllers of the Deep State, who manage society flawlessly, as Hegelians par excellence, had screwed up royally. They hadn’t talked with Hillary’s doctors. These gods, who can execute the synthesis of opposites on a grand scale, who know the future decades in advance, had failed to notice Hillary was sick. Quite sick. Sick enough so that if she won the election, she might have to hide from the public for the better part of her term, and even that (absurd) tactic might not work.

So perhaps midway through the 2016 election campaign, the Globalist gods of the Deep State decided to back off and let Trump win. Not because they favored him, not because they knew they could manage his every move, and not because they had turned him into one of their own, but because they had messed up and had to scramble and make the best of an unpleasant situation. Because on a gross physical level, Hillary was toast.

But they would attack President Donald mercilessly and do whatever they could to drive him out of office and take him down. They would sink their claws into Vice President Mike Pence and reassemble however much of his brain they needed to adjust, for the moment when he would step into the presidency.

The press and sleazebag Robert Mueller would head up phase one of the raid on Trump. Violations of financial laws, sexual misdemeanors and felonies, cooperating with the enemy (Russia)—whatever could be cobbled together, true or false—was fair game. Operation Oust the President was seriously underway.

Some people believe I’m a Trump supporter. As I’ve been saying all along, I praise him on three counts: he helped keep Hillary Clinton from the Oval Office; he has relentlessly attacked major media; and he has mouthed strong anti-Globalist ideas. Everything else is up for grabs.

There has never been a doubt in my mind that he is a liar. But why is that news? Pardon me for noticing that every president is a liar. Obama, Bush, and Clinton run a close race for the recent winner on that score. My personal choice is Obama, only because he did the best work of the three in pretending he was honorable.

Bottom line for now: the Deep State has to hate Trump, because at the very least, he is a symbol and a lightning rod for anti-Globalism and pro-Nationalism.

Apparently, he has calculated (and made) a number of deals (that’s what he does) in order to (hopefully) stay in office. Deals with Goldman Sachs, deals with the military, deals with the military industrial complex, etc. These arrangements, of necessity, mean he has to walk back and discard some of his campaign promises. This is old hat for him. It’s business.

At the risk of repeating myself, most people don’t fully grasp the pernicious influence of mainstream news. Not just that influence now, not just in the past few years, but forever. The ability of the press, in concert with versions of the Deep State, to twist and deform and undermine and reverse and fragment public perception, on every major story and issue, is basically substituting death for life. If the population is, on a daily basis, under the influence of such mind control, then what kind of breakthrough is possible? No breakthrough. None. The game is over. Fortunately, through the Internet, that brainwashing is being shattered by independent media, piece by piece. And then—along came Trump. From a position of devil-may-care, extreme visibility, rudely, crudely, relentlessly, impulsively, he has attacked the press. He’s “crazy” that way. Like some wild Salvador Dali, he’s turned the tables on consensus reality. I don’t care why he’s doing it. I don’t care how he’s doing it. He’s doing it. This is an opening. This is an accelerated opportunity for all sorts of independent voices who, for their own reasons, oppose the Deep State. This opportunity must be taken.

There are certainly risks, when it comes to Donald Trump. But taking apart major media is not one of them.

Coda 1: The biggest risk is war. With North Korea. This is where cooler heads must prevail. This is where even arch Globalists must weigh in. They want control of a viable planet, not one in smoking ruins. If the business of America is business, an atmosphere in which sellers and buyers can operate is an obvious requirement. Not a nuclear atmosphere. But this isn’t just a Trump problem. It would have been a Hillary problem, if she had won the White House. Presented with a (completely insane) Pentagon “strategy” for defeating North Korea, either president would become “interested.” Given Hillary’s track record in Libya, she might be more eager than Trump…

Coda 2: Hollywood, in its own fanciful way, is marshalling its troops for yet another round of attacks on Trump, in the form of a movie, “The [Washington] Post,” which details the release of the Pentagon Papers, in 1971, as an act of defiance against corrupt government. Viewers are supposed to get the idea that the press is the hero, and their war now against Trump is a holy crusade, for which we should all be grateful. Hail to the press! We love you. We need you. There is also a report that George Clooney will produce a mini-series on the Watergate scandal for Netflix. Yet another Watergate re-run. I wonder how many lies this one will push. The theme, again, will certainly include the press exposure of the Nixon-team crimes. By extension, we are supposed to imagine the press is now the champion of truth in its anti-Trump campaign. Both these projects are oblique efforts to repair the press’ tattered image. They are Real and True. The independent media are Fake and False. Good luck with that one.

Sorry for the length of this article. It was far too short. I had to leave a lot on the cutting room floor…

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

169 comments on “Why has the Deep State gone to war against Donald Trump?

  1. Alexis Keiser says:

    One big reason I don’t think Trump is part of a Deep State, Globalist agenda is that he did something amazing. He listened to, and believed parents who said their children regressed into autism after vaccines. I did not vote in the election, but when I heard him saying those things I wanted him to win. He is the last American president, but he will, by the grace of G*d give us a fighting chance in whatever comes next.

    • Greg C. says:

      I agree – Trump intends to sabotage Deep State. He doesn’t know everything he needs to know, but he is learning. And he’s got real street smarts. I hate the libertarian Trump haters – they live in a Platonic dream world of perfect principles. Probably never got over the fact that their father wasn’t perfect, so they rail against any authority figure. They are too pure to get in the game help anyone who has a chance to do some good.

      • From Quebec says:

        You are so right Greg.
        I personally call them the snobbish idiots. who thinks they are so smart and that all the others are so flawed compared to them. You know, those kind of pseudo intellectuals.

      • honestliberty says:

        “I hate the libertarian Trump haters – they live in a Platonic dream world of perfect principles.”

        Just the libertarian Trump haters?
        Does that also include republican critics? Abolishinists?

        “Probably never got over the fact that their father wasn’t perfect, so they rail against any authority figure.”

        I don’t even know how to dismantle your alarmingly revealing Freudian perspective. It’s so far out there and baseless, I’ll just leave it at that.

        “They are too pure to get in the game help anyone who has a chance to do some good.”
        Let me make sure I’m clear on your understanding. To get in “the game” which is to rule over others, purity is impossible. The people involved can’t possibly have pure intentions and essentially they are not good people, otherwise they wouldn’t want to be involved in “the game”.. yet at the same time it seems you are saying that very bad people are going to purposefully do good things now that they are in the system of bad. A place where pure or good intentions has no value.

        This is why I can’t take you serious Greg. You’re a card carrying statist and that significantly limits your perspective. Everything you write props up the system you know is broken, and that it can not only fix itself, but fix the problems it created.
        It’s so short sighted and ignorant I find it embarrassing. It’s like the foolish young teachers who think they can change the system from within. How’s that working out?

        The system is founded on violence, which reinforces in the citizens mind, day in and out, that violence is ok as long as it benefits them. This is ultimate mind control. Gubanare + mente.
        Also, interestingly, you’ve been brainwashed to adore authority, which radiates from your posts.

        Tell me though, who owns your thoughts, emotions, actions, and the product of those when employed by you? Who outside of you had any real authority over those? Or do you not own yourself Greg?

        • Greg C. says:

          Easy there, HL. I’m of the opinion that keeping your head about you is the best way to live. I am a libertarian, true, but I’m not so emotionally invested in its principles that I have to lash out at anyone who isn’t 100% pure. Getting in the game means to engage in the process, in some way, preferably creative (ala D.T.). It doesn’t mean to play by arbitrary rules, or accept what’s been handed to us.

          • honestliberty says:

            I lash out against deceit.

            Here is but one source. I will find more later:

            • Greg C. says:

              Once you get the “I-hate-Israel” program loaded up and running in your head, it’s hard to stop it. It’s like an addiction, and the least hint of trigger starts the endless tirade and uncontrolled insults that frankly, is so boring and predictable. You have your links, your videos – I know real people in Israel, have for many years. But of course, they are Jews, so they can’t be trusted to tell the truth, right?

            • Marilyn G. says:

              Greg C. — . . . and if I were to tell you that Mossad masterminded 911? It’s an open secret, after all. Former CIA operative Robt. David Steele has said Mossad did it, repeatedly, but even when he said it the first time, I already knew. Yes, most definitely there are a lot of terrific Jews ‘out there’. But Israel tried to sink the USS Liberty, too, don’t forget. And Mossad’s motto is: “By way of deception thou shalt do war.” Not exactly honorable, is it? Is this the reason the Khazarians have been run out of just about every country they’ve ever alighted?

              Their home country is not Israel. It’s Ukraine, which used to be Khazaria. THAT is the homeland of the Ashkenazi Jews, aka the Khazarians. The Ashkenazis didn’t even adopt Judaism till the Crusades. They had been run out of Khazaria by a Russian princce, and they didn’t want to identify with Christians or Muslims thereby getting caught in the middle of the Crusades, so they adopted Judaism. Seemed safe enough. The Separdim Jews, swarthy and not blue-eyed, call their homeland Israel, but of course the Separdim are 2nd class citizens in Israel, or so I’ve read.

              So, Greg C., things are not always as they seem. In fact, everything you’ve ever been told is a lie. ~ Blessings

            • honestliberty says:

              That isn’t the case. The issue is with generalities. Generally speaking, Jews are statists. They are an insulatory group by nature, and they are the original racists. Hence the word gentile. That elitism and self appointed superiority should be a serious red flag for anyone.
              I don’t think every Jew is anything. I’m speaking for very elite “Jews” who use everyone, even fellow Jews, as well as any Jew that supports Zionism. I obviously don’t have specific percentages and I don’t know every Jew, but I’d argue it’s well over half. But I would argue significantly higher since I’ve ever met only one Jew who was opposed to Israel for the very reason I am. One. Out of hundreds I’ve known in my life, and trust me, I ask every Jew I meet whether they support Israel. I’m that guy.

              I don’t hate Jews, even though the sentiment of non thinkers on this site claim such. I’m critical of the actions they support. I’m also critical of Israel because it started the whole problem. Your understanding of the crisis is revisionist and likely related to your Christianity.
              If you are not a Christian then why the hell would you support that terrorist State?
              Lord Mayer Rothschild was fabricating the deal for an artificial State 100 years before the Balfour agreement.

              I could go on but we’re not going to agree. The common Jew supports Zionism, loves the state, promotes insulation of themselves from gentiles, heralds Marxism, and votes Democrat. There is a reason they’ve been ethnically cleansed from every nation throughout history. Wherever they go they destroy what exists in favor for their moral relativistic, Jew first mentality. You choose to disregard verifiable history, quotes from leaders who’ve remarked on this issue, and the words right from prominent Jews themselves. That’s a problem on your part for being blinded by ideology.

              I don’t like murderers and thieves. The state of Israel is exactly that. A murderous thief

            • Marilyn G. says:

              Two people I wish I counted in my circle of friends, two people with the unlikely names of flyinggabriel and honestliberty. Quebec, as well. I’m certain there are others whom I admire in this blog chat. Blessings, all.

            • honestliberty says:

              Marilyn, thank you for the positive remarks.
              I seem to be struggling lately for multiple reasons, the first being education. The poison of blind Faith in religion as the ultimate authority, is as far as can see, no different in it’s foundations than the average statist ideology. If you peel away the layers, they both resort to the appeal to authority fallacy. I’ve been meaning to write in my page for over a year now but I’ve been in major flux fighting for my son, buying another house, working towards a new job (means to an end to buy time until I perfect my shining), etc etc.

              I’ve been quite antagonistic and impatient regards our fellow commenters on this site who sow division and ignorance, mainly based on faith in religion or faith in government. Honestly, I’ve been over emotional. However, I’m not going to tolerate deceit, especially when it comes to zionism and modern Jews. They are an integral part of the British Royal crown/Rothschild dynasty of terror.

              So my frustration stems from a perception of powerlessness. How can this system that is unfolding be prevented if people can’t even be bothered to put aside their false gods? How can any unity against tyranny materialize when people still watch CNN and fox news, believe gender is a choice, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are beneficial, etc etc.
              My spirit is suffocating because I would like to see true individuals operating under the pretense of love and let live, yet we’re devolving. It pains me.
              I’m going to take time to write something on my site soon that more clearly defines the specifics.

              Last note, I agree that Quebec seems to have many great insights, but her ideology blinds her to supporting terrorism of Israel. I’ve been very critical and antagonist to her, but it should be noted I still find much of what she says valuable, as long as it’s not related to Trump or Israel.

            • Marilyn G. says:

              honestliberty — Thank you for the reply “Fighting for my son.” Is he ill or are you just trying to get custody? It’s worrisome when people don’t tell enough that it can be understood.

              Insofar as your ‘upset’ goes, not to worry Matters have a way of straightening out. Right after we moved to Washoe Valley, my husband died. I didn’t know anyone except an old chum from grade school who live up at Incline Village. I had pets, so couldn’t go to a friend’s place back home, everyone worked anyway, so I was all alone with my grief. Topping matters off, my husband’s death was a suicide. Talk about a dark night of the soul !! I collapsed with PTSD, total shock, partial amnesia from all the shock, and so on. For months and months, I prayed for an early death and the only thing that kept me from following in my husband’s footsteps were my pets. They needed me. They kept me going. Talk about a sad sack story, but I moved home to Sonoma County when I could gather the strength and all’s well now.

              So no matter how difficult things get, remember my story (and be happy it didn’t happen to you.)

              I disagree that we as a people are regressing. Things have never looked brighter. We have a “people’s president” and he’s turning this country around. The Rothschilds are toast. Gates, Buffet, Soros, Musk, all are toast. Their monies confiscated or soon will be.

              Dance a merry jig with me! Peace out ~

            • honestliberty says:

              Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad to see you rebounded from that tragedy.

              Although I must disagree with your interpretation of Trump, I won’t let that disrupt our newfound friendship. I’ve been on a real tear lately and it hasn’t been much of a contribution to healthy discourse.

              That aside, my son was the real winner because I was able to win the court battle to keep him in Colorado (his ignorant, selfish mother attempted to keep him from his father out of spite) however I only get him 19% of the year. That is wildly insufficient and there are gaps of over 10 days every few weeks where the schedule keeps us apart… And she refuses to provide more parenting time.
              She is a very mentally unhealthy human, which has forced me to heal myself, but I do lapse occasionally into pure hatred, which I think then in turn bleeds over into here. It’s unacceptable.

              I love him so much and he’s the only reason I’m still in the system, working a job to ensure the court won’t keep me from him. Trust me when I tell you I’m from Appalachia and recently discovered my roots. I’m not made for this modern technological age. I’m soon to relieve myself of this smart phone. Landline and track phone only.
              TV is going away (although I do use it to stream truth stream media, Graham Hancock, Corbett, etc… So I’m struggling with it because I haven’t had cable in years. My blood boils with every advertisement.

              Anyway, I have no issue with self disclosure. My folks already harassed me about it because they say people use it against me. Oh well. I don’t see the point in lying, and context helps us truly connect with each other on a deeper level.

              So that’s it for now. I appreciate your response and we’ll catch up, or you may always send a message through my WordPress and I’ll respond via email.

            • Marilyn G. says:

              honestliberty — i long for the simple life, as well. Don’t own a cell phone and never will. I hate ’em. I don’t own a TV either and haven’t watched since 911 as those who would brainwash us kept showing that person jumping out of a Trade Tower, over and over and over, while they beat the war drums. And is there anyone alive who doesn’t know what I knew straight away, and that is that 911 was an inside job?

              Cupid’s love is false. That’s why we marry the wrong people, or that’s one reason. A surprise pregnancy will do the trick, as well. Real love comes when you’ve walked through fire together.

              On a completely different note, word has it that Donald Trump is going to re-set the price of gold to $10K an oz. This from Jim Rickards, and others. Nixon of course took us off the gold standard which allowed the sinking unconstitutional Fed to print dollars exponentially. Silver, because it’s so dirt cheap now, may be one’s best bet, because it always follows on the coattails of Au. Rickards believes that the re-set is VERY SOON.

              Am so sorry you don’t get half custody time. Your ex- is very insecure. She’s afraid that you’ll wind up being the boy’s favorite. So it isn’t just spite that makes her behave so abominably. She has issues, I’m afraid.

              Gotta’ run. ~ M.

            • honestliberty says:

              Thanks M
              I’ll add that to the list of investigations, about the gold thing.

              I have some pity for her. I do. To live with that much hatred for someone, who if they would step back they would see… I’d help her find a reasonable 2 bedroom condo for her and my son, if it was a fixer upper I’d actually help her remodel it, if she was in a jam I’d assist, if things got hard and she needed extra money I probably would help, etc, etc… “But some people you just can’t reach”

              Hopefully time will heal her resentment and she’ll recognize that only good things come from our cooperation and fair parenting time.

              She just told me I use him to take photos and pawn him off on my fiance… He’s never been out of my sight since I’ve had him. It’s sadly hilarious.

              Strength is founded in all sorts of unexpected areas in life. My strength is building. I’ve taken some steps back from stress and anxiety, but the overall trend is positive. I see it.

              Now if only I could kick the antagonistic fighter inside of me, or at least temper it a bit. I dunno though, I’m from outside of Philly. We’re a rough breed

              Good evening

            • honestliberty says:

              According to CNN and other post modernist neo Marxists… Snow is racist because it’s white and dominates the landscape when it arrives

            • Greg C. says:

              So have you got around to hating white people yet? I mean, as a race, they have done the most murdering and stealing of anyone on the planet. But I’m OK with that – I still like white people, including myself. I guess I’m blinded by my Christian ideology to love everyone.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              I’d say your guess is only partly right. Your ideology has also blinded you to the difference between ideology and race. For someone who loves even thieves and murderers of all races, you seem to see things only through racial lenses. Are “white people” even a race? You also seem blind to the fact that your infered claim to moral superiority, the final go-to for most fundies, doesn’t sit well on the back of sarcasm. I’d try and keep things simple – “Hate what is bad, love what is good” – if you’ve not become blind to the difference, that is.

            • Greg C. says:

              Wow, there were so many twists in what you said, it’s really impossible to untangle. But yes, white people are a race, because race is a social construct, and we have blended many different groups of ancestry together socially – Nordic, Anglo-Saxon, Gallic, etc. Biologically, there are no racial divisions, just different distinguishing characteristics. There is only one human race.

              And yes, I stake my claim to moral superiority when it comes to not judging someone by his ancestry or religious beliefs or DNA. Or when it comes to not compounding one theft with another. It’s just so simple – two wrongs do not make a right. Punish the individual, not the religious group, and not the nation. Morality is an individual affair. You’ve got to get out of your group-think.

              And you have an unfortunate tendency to confuse justice with territorial claims. All through history, territory has been fought for, and the winner took possession as long as he could defend it or withstand the consequences. If we must return all land to the descendants of the original occupiers, then we should give North America back to its natives. But who will enforce that? You see, it’s all a pipe dream, a fantasy. Where no enforcement is possible, then no law exists.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              Who are you addressing Greg?
              You see, you need to paint a fictitous picture of me simply because ‘superiority’ is a relative term. Every saint needs a demon, every ‘us’ needs a ‘them’. Fact is … you have no idea what I believe but I can tell you this much; I was a fundamentalist pastor for 23 years. Religious ideology and claims to moral superiority – be they collective or individual – is well trodden ground for me. That’s all I have to say about that.

            • honestliberty says:

              Greg, pardon the delay.
              I’m not fond of the modern white self loathing. It makes no sense.
              I’m not so sure about your numbers there regarding whites, whatever that is by the way.
              I’m pretty sure Muslims have been enslaving non Muslims, children, etc in sex slave trade and the original black slave trade with the Dutch Jews for a long time. Africa was never polite. The native Americans weren’t as peaceful as we’ve been told. The Spanish did quite a number historically, pol pot, Mao… Need I continue?
              It is weak people doing terrible things because they feel empowered by false authority to abuse other humans. My stance is that I despise any initiation of violence upon another human, and I despise the weak people who prop up that behavior because of their willful ignorance. And that is what it is, ignoring reality because justification comforts a weak mind.
              I don’t care what someone looks like our worships (or otherwise). Abusing each other is unacceptable.

            • Greg C. says:

              A bit of rhetorical exaggeration on my part about whites, but the point is we are all “guilty” if we accept the blame for acts of one race against another. And I might add we are guilty if we accept any race as somehow above reproach. I am by no means a Zionist – I just think that the solution in Israel is not to hand over homes, businesses, and infrastructure to people of one ethnic background and take it away from another ethnic group.

            • honestliberty says:

              Right, but that is exactly what happened when the state was created. Those homes and such were owned by Arab Palestinians and the Jews moved in and stole them right out from under them.

            • Greg C. says:

              You mean Jews don’t build homes for themselves? I find that impossible to believe. I personally know Jews who have built homes in Israel on raw land. I’ve seen pictures of them going up. So your statement is not credible.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              UN stats show that over 46,000 palestinian homes have been demolished since 1967 (not including bomb damage) to make way for Israeli settlement – 350+ in 2017. If it’s common enough knowledge for the UN member states to debate it Greg, then the credibility question belongs elsewhere. Check UN Resolution 2334 (2016)

            • Greg C. says:

              Statistics are not evidence of wrongdoing. I can bet that some old homes were destroyed to make way for better housing. We do that in this country too. It’s called Urban Renewal. Nor is “common knowledge” proof of anything. Real evidence of wrongdoing cannot be typed into a computer or debated at the UN, where Arab countries (who want to destroy Israel) have a lot of power.

              Yes, I agree that the establishment of the Nation of Israel was a huge mistake, but an intentional one on the part of the NWO. But it’s too late to undo it. It’s like trying to petition our government to dissolve the Federal Reserve or the IRS. Yeah, right. Gotta be better things to do with your time. Live your life, work for actual change within the realm of possibility near you, and stop wishing for some kind of punishment to happen on the other side of the world, with people you’ve never met. That’s my advice. Life sucks for most the planet right now. You really want to go back decades and straighten things out? Go light a candle or something.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              Why don’t you look these things up instead of just patting the ball back? It’s common knowledge among most I know because they look things up and read, check sources,test veracity etc. You haven’t even looked up the UN resolution(s) have you? You frankly admitted earlier that you choose to remain ignorant about some things. This is just cognitive dissonance. You can “bet”anything you like – but being informed is “better” I promise you. Stop being so damn scared of it.

            • Greg C. says:

              There’s more to “looking things up” then looking to where someone else is pointing you. If someone asked me to check some fact in a particular book, and I recognized the book as unreliable, why should I oblige him?

            • flyinggabriel says:

              As regards your second paragraph – this isn’t about me or what I do with my time but since you raised it, I spend anywhere between 5 and 15 hours a week as a volunteeer in inmate reintegration support and youth suicide prevention. This doesn’t include paperwork involving complaints through the national Human Rights Commission and national Law Society.of which I’m currently dealing with two. It also gets busy at the Coroners Office when I’m dealing with a suicide which happened 1 week before Christmas, but it’s number 7 or 8 in 25 years. Sadly you do get somewhat used to dealing with it – and this is not a results-dependent activity if you want to stay with it..
              Additionally, I’ve never called for the punishment of any population on the basis of race. That would be as intolerable as turning a blind eye to the current barbarism and suffering by pretending nothing can be done. Both are equally intolerable morally in my opinion, and occasionaly I’ll take time from my otherwise busy schedule to say so. My focus starts with behavior and ends with where it originates – both of which I am free to make and express a moral judgement. Most of the world has been intimidated into apathy and so find some moral excuse for their limp dick.
              Responding to condescending self-righteousness wrapped in ignorance, serving up strawman arguments is poor use of time though, I agree. Good day to you.

            • Marilyn G. says:

              flyinggabriel — I always pay careful attention to any of your submissions, as it were, because I know that your intelligence is going to shine through. (Even so, forgive me but it’s hard to believe that anyone with such a keen mind would have ever swallowed the swill that permeates the bible, as you did mention at one point that you had been a pastor. I’m one of the Light Workers, mentioned in Rev. Ch. 7 & 14, and, trust me, the depth with which people have been inculcated with the ‘Jesus is my savior’ nonsense is vexing, mildly put. Organized religion is an immurement of sorts, perhaps even the worst kind of prison because if you believe that you need ‘saving’, you’ve given away your power.)

              Sorry, I tend to rant.

              There is truth in the bible, of course. Even so, I’m told that the only part of it that hasn’t been tampered with is Revelations and even that has changed. The catastrophes that were projected to happen have been greatly reduced so as not to cause the souls involved an undue amount of trauma. As an aside, not all souls were originally slated to be subjected to that which is written in Rev.; simply those individuals who . . . well, take the Clintons and the Bushes for an example. Those of their ilk. Those with horrendously bad karma were supposed to get nailed with all the falling rocks and so on.

              But the Supreme Creator isn’t about punishment.

              Anyway, you didn’t ask for a lecture. Apologies. I’m so glad people like you exist. Would that my late husband had found you before he took his own life. I was (obviously) unsuccessful in getting through to him. Psychotropic drugs caused his death, however, not any lack of love on my part. A pox on Big Pharma! And with the breath that follows, I breathe God bless you, flyinggabriel. ~ Marilyn

            • flyinggabriel says:

              Thanks for your kind words Marilyn. That part of my life ended around 20 years ago, I’m an old man now. I’m not convinced intelligence is as closely related to belief as one might assume. My own opinion is that the unquestioning acceptance of dogma has many roots and each story is unique for that reason. What is inevitable is that even the averagely intelligent will question – sooner or later. Dogma’s grip is easily loosened by the questioning mind that craves informational intelligence. What frustrates me is the wilful and selective ignorance employed by those who wish to enshrine their dogma.
              I wouldn’t swap those 23 years for anything else, the insights gained aren’t available elsewhere. Past experience provides the quill with which I write my own future. I do know the pain of loss and my heart aches anew when pondering what you’ve endured. I have come to learn a lot about suicide and the hardest lesson of all is that sometimes you are powerless. With some you can rekindle the dying flame – the hope and love for life, with others it has long since died and the “what ifs” are truly irrelevant. And you can never know which until you try. I do believe in a dichotomous reality. Everything has to have an equal and opposite in order to exist, and each of us will fall or stand on the decisions and choices we make according to conscience, long before any benevolent force steps in to “save us from ourselves” This is the only personal “divinity” I accept as real and a fully developed relationship with conscience is all I feel I need at this time. So that’s where I’m going..

            • Marilyn G. says:

              Many thanks, flyinggabriel, for the reply. I wonder if my post implied that I was agnostic or atheist? Far from it. In the late 90s I was given a vision of God that sustained me throughout the horror show that was my husband’s exit from this world. What the Creator gave me provided me with a strength that could see me through anything. Gurus of India claim that what I experienced cannot happen, but they’re dead wrong. It happened not once but twice. After the first vision (it was more than a vision, but these things cannot be described very well) I was walking around our property, wondering if I was nuts. Completely nuts. How could it have happened, after all? When the whole experience recurred, except this time It lingered longer, so that I never questioned it again.

              In case you’re curious, the Creator is a Light brighter than ten billion suns, yet you don’t squint. I was telepathically informed not to fear, that first time. The same telepathic communication informed me that it was the Supreme Creator.

              My spiritual experiences are varied and wonderful, but you’d have to go one to top that! 😉

              So my husband died 15 years ago, almost. I try to remember the good stuff that happened between Rich and me. His suicide gets in the way, so I try to forget he existed. That doesn’t work either. But the PTSD has lessened and believe me that’s as blessing. Overall, I’m happy. I laugh a lot. And a couple of my short stories got published last year so there’s that. You know, when I decided that what I wanted to be was a writer, I had no idea that even once you’re good, maybe even really good, it won’t matter without the right connections. Now I’m 71 and I care less and less. My novel is my greatest literary achievement and not one agent has agreed to even read it. The joke’s on me!!!

              If you’re ever in Sonoma County, CA, look me up. We can go for coffee. (I don’t drink. When Rich passed, I decided to simply quit drinking so that I wouldn’t become a cliche. I do not miss it). Last name: Guinnane. Ciao, flyinggabriel. X

            • Greg C. says:

              What you call apathy and turning a blind eye is my refusal to get emotionally worked up about some purported injustice on the other side of the globe that happened decades ago. It’s a sign of our times to feel virtuous by “caring” about something so distant from oneself that it is virtually hopeless to affect any real change.

              Most of our news and world events have been engineered to mess with our minds and our freedom, political and personal. And by and large it does a pretty good job of it. I’m reclaiming my own freedom, by ignoring whatever I think best to ignore, without having to explain myself. And I ignore insults too, and I’m proud of that ability. My emotions belong to me – why should I let anyone else make me feel upset?

            • flyinggabriel says:

              No Greg, you don’t need pointers or to put your trust in unreliable information. That’s not a reason to remain ignorant however. You take the plethora of information and be your own subjective judge. This takes work. The only other option is to choose what you want to believe and disregard anything that contradicts it. This is the easy option.
              And no Greg, what I call turning a blind eye is in regards to what is happening around me today. Oddly, distance isn’t a factor when the innocent suffer at the hands of megalomaniacs and their unquestioning servants. Unlike you I don’t ignore anything, whether it’s within my reach of direct influence or not. If all I can do is voice my indignation publically and privately, help create awareness, fund a worthy cause perhaps, then that’s what I’ll do. Following a moral code or set of principles isn’t result-dependent as far as I’m concerned. My standards are unaffected by speculating on outcomes.
              Your freedom to choose has always been with you. The real purpose is not in the discovery – but your ability to use it wisely. I wish you well in your journey.

            • Greg C. says:

              I feel sorry for the Palestinians, in the same way I feel sorry for inner city minorities in this country, because they have been brainwashed into thinking that they are stuck where they are. Here they are surrounded by countries with fellow Arabs, where they could make a decent life for themselves and their children, but they have decided that it is more important to stand up for principles than to be happy. It’s a trap – easy to fall for. Carry around a burden of injustice – suffer nobly for it – pass it on to your children. All people have the freedom to choose, and the Palestinians have not chosen wisely. If I had a neighbor who got away with doing bad stuff to me, who couldn’t be touched by the law, I would move. I wouldn’t stay and plot vengeance or figure out how to make him move, spending decades in the effort and getting nowhere.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              Until the day comes whereby you understand the Palestinian situation, your uneducated musings are redundant Greg. I could equally try and explain how to pitch a tent, but you are truly better off reading the manual for yourself. Only you can resolve your own mess.
              Your neighbor analogy says it all – moving house just means leaving the problem for some other unsuspecting innocent who ends up next door to your neighbor. If your response to a moral problem is to cut and run – dump it in someone elses lap – then it should by obvious why a meeting of the minds isn’t a happening thing here. It’s the precise reason you must endlessly attempt to justify your stance while at the same time having me believe it’s of little consequence. It’s not me who you can’t convince – it’s your conscience.

            • Greg C. says:

              I have found that it is impossible to cure anyone of the Don Quixote syndrome. Some people just want to devote a chunk of their life to some “magnificent quest” in the name of honor, and accomplish nothing in the process. But they do go on, and on, and on … They talk about honor, and conscience, and principles – but it’s just talk to make them feel virtuous. It also excuses them from dealing with things and people in their immediate sphere of influence. I say, better to light a candle than reach for a star.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              So anyone who dares to voice their moral conscience has “Don Quixote syndrome” which you’ve now diagnosed me with. While your research may be lacking you seem well up to date with your internet memes and debate-terminating cliches Greg. This is getting all a bit personal now and seems to be fuelling your antipathy toward “some people” I doubt I’ll be doing you any favors by engaging further.. Thanks for your time.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              “It is too difficult to think nobly, when one thinks only in order to live.”

              ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau. (Confessions)

            • Greg C. says:

              Rather a stark confession – that thinking nobly is in opposition to living. No wonder he dumped is children as soon as they were born! Raising children does get in the way of more noble pursuits. To me, there is nothing more noble than sharing your own joy of life with children, especially your own.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              ” … that thinking noblyis in opposition to living.”

              No, that’s not what he said. Twisting words and giving them your own meaning is the time honored manifastation of cognitive dissonance Greg. It’s also dishonest. You know very well the point being made, but you choose to give it your own manufactured meaning in order to invalidate.

              Having burned the strawman argument you’ve (not so) carefully constructed, surprise, surprise, you follow it up with a character assassination of the source, as if that alters the point of the quote. Old hat my friend – I didn’t come down in the last shower.

              The only intelligence you’re insulting here is your own.

            • honestliberty says:

              no, the statement is absolutely credible. Who’s land was it to begin with?
              how many jews have stolen the homes right from under the arabs?



            • flyinggabriel says:

              Every now and then another comment encapsulates the countless rabbit holes I’ve ventured down in the last 20 years. honestliberty’s comment above is one of them. The ideologically driven always construct their own fanciful path to redemption while painting the world red.
              By their fruits …
              Marilyn G, count me in if there’s room

            • George Reichel says:

              Any criticism of Israel is now termed anti-Semitism. Quick and easy way to undermine the truth of your argument.

      • Marilyn G. says:

        Greg C. — “libertarian Trump haters” ? Libertarians are behind our POTUS, all the way! Ron Paul was a libertarian, and his supporters have moved into the Trump camp. “I” am a libertarian, and a former volunteer for Ron Paul in his 2008 bid for the presidency. Everyone I worked with back then supports Donald Trump, so I guess I’d know. Where ever do you get this stuff?

  2. Tommy Tunes says:

    CHECK THIS OUT >>>> what more does Trump need to stop this witch hunt and bring the real criminals to justice ?



    • Greg C. says:

      This is for Marilyn G. above (the system wouldn’t let me reply directly to her.) Clever ploy, confusing the issue with Ashkenazy Jews. As if that could have any bearing on the matter right now. Maybe we should kick out anyone who doesn’t pass a DNA test – keep the homeland pure racially. But the matter of homeland has already been settled, let’s not pretend we can turn back the clock. Israel is a nation, period. And Massad? Should we punish American citizens for the actions of the CIA? We will never see eye-to-eye, as long as you are talking about political entities and races, and I am talking about ordinary people living ordinary lives in a land that the emigrate to freely and legally.

      • Marilyn G. says:

        Greg C., All people are responsible for their government’s actions. Americans included. Still, I know how it goes. Just trying to make ends meet, and all that. I know. I’m ‘there’.

        There’s a Jewish writer in Israel, bless his heart, who had the guts to speak up and say: “Why are we here? This isn’t our homeland at all. We aren’t we in Ukraine?” Indeed. He wrote a book about it.

        The Palestinians were run out of their HOMES on a false pretense. You think there will ever be peace in the middle east as long as Jews occupy that land? And keep grabbing more? And create 911 so that Americans would go off and fight their wars for them? “By deception we shall do war.” And so it is.

        The Brits were coerced into running the Palestinians out of their own land because the Rothschilds wanted a country to themselves and the Rothschilds control The Bank of England, which, incidentally, financed Hitler in great part. The Rothschilds virtually ‘own’ Israel, you know. The Rothschilds set up the Treaty of Versailles to bring Germany to its economic knees via reparations that no country had ever been made to pay in the history of the world, so that a megalomaniac could be ushered in to create concentration camps for Jews (& lost of others, but we never hear about that). Post WWII, public sentiment skyrocketed in favor of Jews having a homeland, & the Rothschilds got their country. It isn’t a nice story. Most Jews don’t know the truth. They don’t even know that they’re really Khazarians. They don’t question why so many of them have blue eyes and are often blonde or light brown in hair color.

        I subscribe to literary magazines. Once this Jewish woman wrote that she felt so badly in that she and her husband were provided a home to live in, that had belonged to a Palestinian family, run out of there. She wondered what had become of them. Imagine how you’d feel if you were ordered to leave your house so that interlopers could move in. Just: “get out.”

        Ukraine has great soil. Anything will grow there, almost. The Ashkenazi Jews should go home. It would bring peace to the middle east. Surely you understand that there will never be peace as matters stand.

        • Greg C. says:

          So your answer is to kick all the Jews out of their homes to even the score? First you would have to identify them, maybe make them wear a star of David. Whose going to oversee this ethnic cleansing operation? What army will march the Jews to Ukraine? Will Ukraine even let them in? Nations do not just pick up and move because people demand it. They only do that after losing a war. That’s just a historical fact. So whatever you think should be done in the name of fairness, it can’t be done except through mass killing. Let he who is willing to pull the first trigger join the military, rather than creating scenarios where someone else will do the dirty work.

          • Marilyn G. says:

            NO, Greg C. I don’t believe in “evening the score”. I think that the Jews should pack up and, after apologizing to the Palestinians, move lock stock to their REAL homeland, Ukraine. Peace out.

      • flyinggabriel says:

        Regardless of what Marilyn G says, your comment reveals a glaring lack of knowledge hiding under layers of MSM propaganda. Your last comment is a gem. Surely you’re smart enough to see the false premise you’ve wrought.

        • Greg C. says:

          My lack of knowledge is intentional. Why study up on something that is useless to me, and where the only solution is already obvious?

  3. Excellent and well written. Mirrors many of my thoughts and feelings.

  4. Greg C. says:

    Isn’t it obvious that Trump can’t be blackmailed? Globalists want him out, so they are sacrificing dozens of their own in suddenly revealed sex scandals, to build up momentum and instill fear into those who are left standing, to impeach him or force him to resign.

  5. Tommy Tunes says:

    THIS is Who was REMOVED from JFK File Release 2017 – Truth is Stranger than Fiction

    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=Dj6IsJ_oUeI

  6. N6J says:

    1) The Earth is a plantation
    2) Every President is forced to “dance with the devil” in order to accomplish any thing they truly desire to accomplish as President. This involves a lot of give and take, mostly giving in to the devil who starts out acting like a willing dance partner eventually calling the tune and deciding who should be danced with next.
    3) Powers and principalities, look it up.

  7. don wleklinski says:

    a pretty realistic picture is painted here in my opinion. the globalists [and whatever’s behind them] don’t have total control. they WANT total control. it’s not stimulus-response. they create conditions and conflict to suit their purpose [centralization]…. they steer the ship. trump is forcing them [maybe] into taking the long way round the sea. this would buy us more time.

  8. Black Sheep says:

    Great analysis, Jon, much more plausible than anything MSM is offering. You read my mind, or I suppose I read yours.

  9. j anderson says:

    Thanks for a great article. Should be front page stuff, nationwide. MSM sucks. There should be protests outside major media offices and local tv stations

  10. Pete De La Rosa III says:

    Thanks Jon. Yes a bit long, but I read it all!!! I don’t read all your articles, I read the ones that grab my attention like this one. Great work you do sir. Merry Christmas, oh, can I say Merry Christmas or are they gonna feel attacked by me using “Christ”, hence christians? Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year to you and yours sir.

  11. Michael Burns says:

    Are you trying to clean some things up, Maybe a bit of apologist Jon…a lot of what you write about DT I can agree. But have a look at Corbett’s PVP on Russiagate.
    I agree with him. Trump’s a Zionist. And that is globalism, they invented it, it’s their game.


    by James Corbett
    December 16, 2017

    Almost exactly a year ago, just as the “Russia hacked the election!” delirium was taking shape, I pooh-poohed the idea that “Russiagate” (as it has come to be known) would persist for very long. Once the Trump administration started plowing ahead with its agenda, I argued, the Dems would toss Hillary aside and move on with politics as usual.

    Russiagate fading away as Democrats come to terms with the 2016 election? Really, James?

    Now I’ve made some inaccurate predictions before (OK, a lot of inaccurate predictions), but that one takes the cake in terms of how wrong I ended up being.

    If you want a demonstration of this point, just type “russia collusion” or “russia interference” into your search engine of choice and feast on the millions and millions of nothingburgers that have been produced this past year chasing this non-story. It would almost be comical how stupid these stories are if it weren’t for the fact that they have real world consequences.

    [Full article here:]


    • From Quebec says:

      Trump’s a Zionist (Michael)


      How brainwash can you be. Stop smoking weeds.

    • Jimbo says:

      Right on!!!

    • arcadia11 says:

      thanks for posting corbett’s article, michael. it is good enough to read twice.

      my two remaining subscriptions are to corbett and rappoport. everyone else has appropriately fallen by the wayside. they served
      a purpose for a time. while i find both sites informative and useful i
      will say that the difference is that i find, and this includes the comments on both sites, that here in general the matrix is more apparent. still, visits are productive.

      cheers and the best of the essence of the sentiments of the
      season to you and yours – and to us all –


      • William says:

        Here’s one I find very informative you may or may not like. I think this guy’s spot on no bullshitter. Lots of info on U.S. politics, Russia, Israel, the war in Syria, mideast, etc.


        • CPP says:

          What’s with this comment? Whatever link you would seem to have included was apparently modded out for some reason, making it entirely uninformative. Can you provide an author name and/or title of the piece?

    • CPP says:

      Here’s another article along those lines from The Burning Blogger of Bedlam:


      Some excerpts:

      “…the entire, fabricated ‘Russia-gate’ melodrama seems to have been specifically designed to focus everyone on the idea of ‘Russian interference’ and to obscure the fact that the more serious interference was in fact from another source entirely.

      “It is almost as if the anti-Trump elements in Washington know that Trump was in bed with a foreign power, but are unwilling or unable to openly admit that it was Israel – and so they’re running with the Russia card instead.

      “Yaron London, an Israeli journalist [explains that] if Trump’s America’s (sic) can be made to “hate Arabs more than they hate Jews”, it would be a “good deal”.

      “Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are/were all Zionist agents – essentially, foreign agents. But, again, this was all clear from long before the election.

      “…a perfect example of how this works is the Dutch Zionist Geert Wilders (see here), who even had to be investigated by Dutch intelligence agencies as – specifically – a “foreign agent”, such was the extent of his ties to Israeli Zionists…

      “Donald Trump is in the precise same category: he was saying all along that he intended to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (just like Wilders did)…”

      • Marilyn G. says:

        CPP — Former CIA operative Robt. David Steele said that Trump did the Jerusalem thing to slit Netenyahu’s throat. He didn’t elaborate further. Personally, I think it was quite possibly an excuse to get the USA out of the UN, which needs to happen. President Trump is not a Zionist. You’re getting him confused with our former VP. You know, weird Biden who fondles children, and I fear does a lot more than that. Peace out.

  12. Sunshine2 says:

    Thank you Jon for this. I hope you saved the parts you edited out and will consider sharing those with us in the future.

    I look at it like this: If the media is trashing Trump, then Trump is on the right track. When the media stops screaming about him, I will know he has turned. MSM is the litmus.

    I believe there was only one day this year the media was quiet. That was when Pelosi and company felt encouraged after talking about DACA with Trump.

    • William says:

      I think the first time I can remember the MSM actually praising Trump was when he sent missiles to bomb an airport in Syria. If I remember correctly, some in the MSM were actually praising him for acting “Presidential”. Because he was contributing to their false narrative about the war in Syria they were on his side, blatantly revealing their agenda.

      • Marilyn G. says:

        William — President Trump didn’t bomb an airport in Syria. I think, if I remember correctly, and I think I do, it was a munitions terminal. He notified Putin in advance as to what he was doing, and really, it was to temporarily get the Deep State off his back At least that’s my opinion. And you’re right, the ZIO controlled MSM applauded the move.

        • William says:

          It was the Shayrat Airbase. My use of the word ‘airport’ painted an inaccurate picture. But yes probably lots of munitions stored there. Lots of stuff moving in and out of there. Syrian Air Force base, also utilized by Russians, SAA and reportedly the Iranian Air Force? Supplies, fuel, munitions, etc.

          Was it to get the Deep State off his back? I’d bet on it. There were probably a few more reasons for the way Trump ordered the attack and gave Putin the heads up. Bombs to play games I guess?

          But where are we now? So many thoughts, ideas, rumors, etc. about what the hell is Trump really doing. That Kushner kid seems like a black stain on Trump or maybe Trump was always all in with him and the zionist. Israel really is about the ugliest, worst thing going right now. An abomination that will hopefully destroy itself and only itself. The world should stand by and let it.

          • Marilyn G. says:

            William — Where are we now, you ask? Sir, I am of the opinion and gut feeling that we’ve embarked on the most exciting time to be alive, ever. My only concern is that the general population will hit the panic button when martial law is declared. Military tribunals are going to take care of these pedophiles and so-called elitists. It has to be this way. Otherwise high powered lawyers would drag the whole shebang through the courts for years and years; meanwhile the perps would be out on bail and creating more havoc. Raping children, selling children. And so on. They are beyond redemption, at least in this lifetime. There’s no room for Satanists in this world.

            I’m an intuitive and I’ve psyched Donald Trump out. He’s a good man. And good men are the hardest thing in the world to find. To think that we have a good man in the White House just makes my heart sing. And my heart hasn’t sung since JFK was sworn in, even though I was just 14 back then.

            • William says:


              If you have the time I’d like to hear you elaborate some on this, “Military tribunals are going to take care of these pedophiles and so-called elitists.” How do you think something like this would be put in motion. Who or what organization will determine who’s a pedophile, elitist, etc. and who will charge them with these crimes?

              Who are some names of people that come to your mind whom you think ought to be charged with these crimes. Are you thinking along the lines of individuals or are you talking about large secret world wide organizations that are involved in such despicable acts as pedophilia, snuff parties for the rich and famous where everyone gets their turn? Satanic human blood-lustful sacrificing of children, teens, etc.

              I’d really like to hear you lay it all out. Or at least describe how it will start and become it’s own energy going forward. Like a ton of bricks.

              Thanks Marilyn

            • Marilyn G. says:

              William — I feel that if I reply to your question about upcoming martial law, that you’ll up the ante on your toilet paper remark. There’s simply no way to converse with you, not for me. So: peace out.

  13. MrDuncmck says:

    Awesome Jon !!.There are many aspects of perception about this impossibly complex paradigm of manipulation. ex; (either or)
    (when is enough enough?) (symbolism means reality) (free will) (consensus reality believed) (hegelian dialectic) what will it take to realize “i can not experience you experiencing yourself.”.it doesn’t matter how much bullshit you throw at me in all these fashions.i am the designer. get over it. it blows my mind how passionate investigating journalism people are that have stories that are perfectly inverted to each other ex; (eagle vs serpent) how the hell can you vet one genius IQ to the next ?is somebody full of shit? i believe that i wake up in my own skin.i am not interested in polly want a cracker shit.Trump being trump makes total sense..unpredictability was amazing and a great premise..without all the machiavillian hard lined evil that goes with this carnage . i say GO TRUMP..better than some slick 666 milktoast, or some pseudo genius ambulance chasing circle jerking institution based schmuck coning the citizenry that we have almost always are being prescribed to.environment policies lacking. sad..better than the third world and banana republic industries and environmental carnage.imo

  14. Marilyn G. says:

    Here’s what ‘I’ think: Trump is going to declare martial law in order to take on the Swamp Things once and for all, & they’ll be facing a military tribunal along with the child traffickers and pedophiles, so lawyering-up won’t do them a damn bit of good. Our POTUS cares and cares deeply about this country and he’s hellbent on turning the Titanic. Can the Deep State bring him down once martial law is declared? Nope. Well, they can try to assassinate him, but THAT won’t work, because to quote “Q”, he’s well insulated.. DJT is our hero president.

    • From Quebec says:

      Amen to that Marilyn,

    • William says:


      My apologies that you were so personally offended by my comment. I was being sincere in asking you how you think all these things you touched upon will play out. These things being, Martial Law, Military tribunals for pedophiles and so-called elitists and other things you mentioned in your comment.

      I was honestly looking forward to hearing you flesh out your scenarios in more detail because I was actually really curious about what you might have to say. I spoke in plain english but you did not understand. I thought that with you being an ‘intuitive’ and a psychic that you would have surely understood my simple, friendly request. Instead you called my comment a “toilet paper remark”.

      I guess I should’ve know better having seen your many argumentative comments here before. I approached you as a friend and instead of recognizing this you instead chose to walk in the sewers. Perhaps you live in the sewers day in and day out and can’t find your way out. Or maybe you just need one more ‘New Age Spiritual’ weekend workshop so you can hone your self-righteous spiritual mind just a little more so that maybe this time you’ll be better prepared to ‘be right’ all the time. But only here on Jon’s Blog. That’s if you can remember correctly?

      With respect, Fuck off Marilyn

      • flyinggabriel says:

        My apologies …. [butthurt, butthurt, butthurt] … fuck off.
        Sounds very sincere.

      • Marilyn G. says:

        William — Did you not say that Trump wasn’t as high on your priority list as toilet paper? Forgive me if not, but I could’ve sworn that was your comment. And dear one, you never say to someone, “with respect, fuck off.” Can you say oxymoron, boys & girls? I picked up on your own ‘attitude’, (vibration) which was reflected in your missive last posted, and before that, too. I chose not to communicate any further with you. But I do wish you well on your path to being a better person. ~ Blessings

  15. IMNAHA says:

    Jon, this one of your finest think pieces and I hope some of the cutting floor material makes it into a future piece. In all my studies of this asylum I’ve come to realize that you can’t think about things in a 3 dimensional fashion. There is so much controlled opposition; so many false flag events;, so many factions fighting for control: it’s like playing four dimensional chess. Retrospectivly, if you connect the players in these events: JFK’s murder(?) Watergate or the Daniel Ellsberg affair were NOT what they appeared to be at the time as reported in the MSM, and ( how they are still being hawked as true history by the media).
    To my mind the most curious thing about Trump’s election is the missing mention ofTrumps DEEP “Israeli connection”. In my studied opinion US Corpgov at least since JFK has literally been run as a criminal enterprise, hence the “missing” $ 21 Trillion. Looking around at who controls almost everything in this country you find those who have ethnic origins in Eastern Europe and are connected to Israel in one way or another. Putting together a few more dots you have the “Red Mafiya”(RM) HQ’d in Budapest (Eastern Europe) and the little mentioned “Kosher Nostra” (KN) which surpassed the Italians long ago as Numero Uno mobster in the USA. So the RM and the K.N. share ethnic roots and political interests. So these “interest groups” share roots and interests with The Don which was recently displayed in the “Jerusalem Declaration”. So here’s the curious part: Trumps ethnic and religious roots have barely garnered a mentioned in the MSM and it “appears” that he has little support from his fellow Khazionists (‘ceptin’ that billionaire in Vegas, his Son In Law and all the people in his administration). So IMO it all suggests that D.T is our first elected Israeli President and the Zionist coup is a fait accompli. Maybe the Talmud is right in saying the goyim are stupid cattle that are easily tricked 🙂

    • arcadia11 says:

      good to read. thanks.

    • Greg C. says:

      Amazing to me how “Zionist” is such a dirty word, and even more amazing is that somehow their desire to possess all their territory in order to have a secure life, is seen as some kind of conspiracy. I know Jews who moved to Israel – hell, I helped them get there. They started with nothing – worked very hard, built their own modest house in a new settlement, the wife stayed home and raised a large family. They could have done much better financially if they had stayed in America, and they knew it. There’s your Zionists. They just wanted to speak Hebrew, connect to their roots and their ancient homeland. They’re happy. What’s so bad about that?

      Of course there is organized crime among the Jews – just as there is an any other ethnic group. Imagine if a foreigner decided that anyone who was pro-America was just a pawn of Bernie Madoff, and you might begin to see the illogic of what you are saying.

      • honestliberty says:

        By stealing the homes right out from under the people who really earned it? Supporting a state of terrorism, sectioning off the native inhabitants and treating them like animals? Killing them under the guise of crowd control and then rioting and protesting the cop who murdered innocent civilians because he got house arrest? They wanted blood and they were literally disgusted the cop got anything.

        You people never ceases to amaze me.
        I tell you what Greg, why don’t you and Quebec go spend a week in Palestine as a non Jew amongst the Muslims and see if you still hold those pro Israel beliefs. I guarantee you wouldn’t.

        Quebec. Just.. Keep believing in that mythological fantasy where you get saved by a mythical figure that never existed. You are one step removed from believing in Santa and you don’t even know it. It sucks watching losers poison themselves. It’s an endless cycle, the more you consume the more empty you become. It’s an epically tragic comedy. All I can do is laugh, but what you’re mindset contributes to life makes me want to cry

        • From Quebec says:

          I am so fed up with people like you and your anti-Semite bullshit. You know nothing about history.

          Palestine never existed. When the Jews were given back their land, Israel,, they offered the so-called Palestinians to stay in Israel, but they refused.

          Palestinians are just like you, full of hatred. This is why they are so miserable and they should be,

          They do not want peace, they do not want the two-state solution, they want it all.
          They are the scumbags of this world and I do not pity them one bit. They are reaping what they have sown..

          Even Islamist countries do not want the Palestinians in their countries. That should tell you something. Only Israel gave them a chance to stay in or to have a separate State. But, just like you, their hatred is stronger than their well-being.

        • Greg C. says:

          Again, attributing the violence of government forces to ordinary Jewish people who just want to live in a tiny postage-stamp country and be reasonably safe from harm.

          I’ve been reading the books of Moshe Feldenkrais, a real genius, a “mensch” who developed his own system of self-defense. He did that while guarding the houses he helped to build in Israel from Palestinian vandals. He fought hand-to-hand, and taught others how to do the same. You can learn a lot about the real world when you stop insisting on seeing it through your own preconceived notions, HL.

          • honestliberty says:

            Greg, I’m boarding a flight. I’ll provide you some video evidence of those savages and we’ll see how you wiggle to justify the actions of those regular citizens… The ones who moved in and stole everything. Just like they always do

            • Greg C. says:

              Videos are not evidence – they can be edited, they can show things out of context. We know all the video tricks that that the MSM uses. All I know, is that it is wrong to be racist, wrong to hate Jews, wrong to attribute to an entire race the actions of a selected portion of them. The seething hatred against them never ceases to astound me. So many people want them wiped out or want revenge against them. You are just taking the side of the Palestinian terrorists who want to justify their suicide bombings – their own children sacrificed! Do you sympathize with them?

            • honestliberty says:

              Greg, I would like to continue this conversation because there is long history that is being suppressed.
              I do not want any group of people exterminated, because individuals aren’t cookie cutter. I do however want dominators and violent people exterminated if they initiate violence upon others. I don’t find that to be irreverent or racist. I don’t hate Jews because 1. It’s not even distinguishable what makes a Jew. 2. It’s not logical to hate every individual assuming they fit a category bestowed upon a group. I also think that is reasonable.

              I agree msm used tricks. I’m even skeptical of Abbey Martin, but I think she is far more realistic about the situation.
              The evidence is there for Mayer Rothschild setting up the framework for Israel long before the Balfour, and then composing the letter that was then supposedly written to him in admiration for his work about the state.
              The evidence is clear about who invaded and used terrorism, used terrorism, and will continue to use terrorism against others and that is the zionist State of Israel. I also read from Ashkenazi Jews who left Israel and deplore is actions because of intermingling with Sephardic Jewess’s, etc.
              I understand that my emotional tirades we’re inappropriate and emotionally immature, but that does not make the substance of my perspective less valid. Zionist “Jews” are a problem and those people need to be held accountable for their actions.

              Also, for the record, as someone who cherishes my son, I would never justify or accept a decision to sacrifice a child to harm my opponents. I find that an offense so disturbing I can’t even digest it. I’ve never claimed those fighting the Israelis are perfect or excusable, and if they resort to those tactics they ought to be shot on sight. Period. For all time.

              Greg, I vehemently oppose initiating violence upon another or using coercion (threat of violence) to gain over another. It’s simple and it’s consistent. I’m not going to apologise and I’m certainly not going to flip flop or make concessions. It’s always wrong.

            • Greg C. says:

              I can agree with that, HL. By all means, let’s go after human rights violations, one by one, or agency by agency, not en masse against a whole population.

            • honestliberty says:

              I don’t consider the zionist a whole population though, but yes that would be a hell of a start

        • Tom says:

          From Quebec says that Palestine never existed!:
          (December 18, 2017 at 2:41 pm)

          “I am so fed up with people like you and your anti-Semite bullshit. You know nothing about history.

          Palestine never existed. When the Jews were given back their land, Israel,, they offered the so-called Palestinians to stay in Israel, but they refused.

          Palestinians are just like you, full of hatred. This is why they are so miserable and they should be,

          They do not want peace, they do not want the two-state solution, they want it all.
          They are the scumbags of this world and I do not pity them one bit. They are reaping what they have sown..

          Even Islamist countries do not want the Palestinians in their countries. That should tell you something. Only Israel gave them a chance to stay in or to have a separate State. But, just like you, their hatred is stronger than their well-being.”


          • arcadia11 says:

            “What is the “Balfour Declaration”?
            A letter with a promise to the Zionist Federation that sealed the fate of Palestine since Nov 2, 1917.

            There are only a few documents in Middle Eastern history which have as much influence as the Balfour Declaration. The Balfour Declaration was sent as a 67-word statement contained within the short letter addressed to the British Foreign Secretary, Lord Arthur Balfour on November 2, 1917. The declaration acknowledged the establishment of a Jewish home in Palestine. The statement of the Declaration read as:

            “His Majesty’s Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

            The letter was addressed to Lionel Walter Rothschild, a British banker and a Zionist activist, who drafted the declaration with the help of fellow Zionists Chaim Weizmann and Nahum Sokolow. The declaration proved to be in line with the wishes of Zionist leaders who hoped for a homeland in Palestine and designed the intense immigration of Jews from all over the world to Palestine.

            As Balfour was a part of the liberal government under Prime Minister David Lloyd George, they formed a public opinion that Jews have undergone injustices for a long time for which the West is to be blamed. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the West to find and establish a Jewish homeland.

            The motivation for achieving a separate homeland for Jews was aided by fundamentalist Christians who encouraged the idea for two reasons; to depopulate their own lands of Jews and to fulfill the Biblical prophecy, according to which the return of the Christ will occur after the establishment of a Jewish kingdom in the Holy Land.

            The Balfour Declaration met with criticism and controversies from the start, mainly because of its ambiguous text. The interpreters claimed that it did not state the idea of establishing a unique Jewish state rather a homeland where they would live alongside Palestinians and other Arabs. It was also pointed out that the second part of the declaration about the protection of the rights of Palestinian Arabs could be taken by them as the British endorsing Arab autonomy. Britain indeed protected Arab rights at some points during the mandate but its role remained contradictory nonetheless.

            In 1917, at the time of the declaration, Palestinian community was 90% of the total population while Jews amounting to around 50,000 only. By the time of Israel’s declaration of independence in 1947, this Jewish population increased to 600,000. By this time, Jews had been actively establishing quasi-governmental institutions, provoking resistance from Palestinians which occurred in the form of minor uprisings in 1933, 1929, 1921 and 1920 and a major one which lasted from 1936 to 1939 which is also known as Palestine Arab Revolt.

            The Balfour Declaration is said to have laid the foundation for the formation of the state of Israel which finally happened thirty-one years later in 1948.”

            from Medium
            https://medium.com /@thepalestineproject/what-is-the-balfour-declaration-2c14a7ff0915

            • arcadia11 says:

              Middle East Monitor hosted an all-day conference in London to commemorate and understand the repercussions of the Balfour Declaration 100 years on

              “Professor Shlaim gave the audience a broader picture of British foreign policy at the time of the Balfour Declaration, citing the three promises Britain made at the end of the First World War. The first was to pledge to Sharif Hussein of Mecca to establish an independent Arab kingdom, which in the eyes of the Arabs would include Palestine. Britain later denied that this was the case.

              The second was the Sykes-Picot Agreement that divided the Ottoman Empire, ensuring that Western influence could progress in the region.

              The third was the Balfour Declaration; a promise Britain had no legal authority to make this promise. The concept of a national home does not exist in international law, he stressed.

              Shlaim even suggested that there was an anti-Semitic motive behind the Declaration, such that by creating a Jewish homeland, Jews would not have a full right of citizenship in other countries where they lived. His speech continually highlighted how the Zionist project was an exercise in colonial occupation, one that benefited British imperial interests at the time above all else.”


      • bdoyen says:

        Glad to see a sensible comment here, thanks.

      • IMNAHA says:

        Please get back to me after you read: The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine
        by Miko Peled

    • From Quebec says:

      I really feel sorry for you, You Anti – Semite Americans, do not merit that Trump makes America great again. He should let you rot. in your hatred.

  16. Larry says:

    “Continuing with the theme of “Trump just doesn’t care,” it’s possible he’s willing to be drummed out of office. He’s daring the press and his other enemies to try it, and his position is: “If you can carry it off, go ahead. See what trouble and disaster you bring down on your own heads, if you win.” He’s willing to fly away from the White House, as Nixon did, and go back to Trump Tower in New York and pick up from where he left off. That’s a strong position. He’s always been a go-for-broke character, and if this president thing doesn’t work out, there are other worlds to conquer. Such a stance would make his enemies nervous. He’s quite able to call their bluff.”

    I’ve also been wondering what might happen in the USA should Trump be forced out of office (whatever means is used):

    Some very bright people are claiming that Mr. Trump actually won the popular vote IN A LANDSLIDE. ( This claim shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, if you recall the tens of thousands of citizens who showed up at EVERY Trump campaign stop.) The obvious inference is that the (electronic) vote was massively hacked – an assertion that the Fake News is feverishly doing everything in its power to distance from the consideration of a much broader/deplorable audience – RUSSIAGATE anyone? The scales are falling from the eyes of the masses.

    A pivotal question at this juncture is: Will the bottomless avarice, arrogance, lust for control and sense of entitlement of the Deep State crowd blind them to the very real dangers inherent in the overthrow of the Trump administration? How far are they willing to extend The Big Lie by means of their mouthpiece – The Fake News – before the seething anger of the citizenry comes down on their heads like the wrath of God? (The catastrophe no doubt adroitly/ubiquitously/creatively reported on by that same Fake News)

    Increasingly, I am reminded of something that Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute has been heard to remark on occasion:

    When people feel like they have nothing left to lose …THEY LOSE IT.

  17. Points taken re the MSM, Mr R. You cleared up a lot for me with this article.

    I just can’t help mentioning that after reading one of your lengthiest articles (you would know which one is THEE lengthiest; I don’t do word counts on them) in which you articulate very clearly what you think of Trump this far into his ‘presidency,’ TRUMPTARDS still do what they do best; foam at the mouth about how great they think this lying b*stard Trump really is. LOL. It’s too funny. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. It’s as if they didn’t even read the article!

    I’ve been sayin’ about how they knew Hitlery wasn’t fit for office since after the election. I think I posted somewhere how the ‘deal’ might have gone down but can’t find it to save my life. It was something like…

    Them: OK, bubba, looks like you’re it.
    Trump: Great. Where do I sign?
    Them: Well, just a second, we have a few items to go over.
    • One, don’t mess with Israel, K? They’re doing too much evil all over there and here and we don’t want another ‘peace accord’ getting in the way.
    • Two, don’t mess with Fettulah Gulen and his huge Muslim compound in the middle of PA. But as far as muslims go, well, the farther the better. Go after muslims all you want. Make it real unconstitutional and everything. You know how we feel.
    • Three, stay away from Poppy Bush. Talk all the anti agency you want. You can even release some documents, (laughter) they’ll think you’re really the guy if you do that. Remember though, you’re no JFK. We can take you down without firing a shot, you see?
    Trump: Sure. You’re fired.
    Them: But after that, hey, it’s all good, OK?
    Trump: Yes. I love your eyes.

    BTW, satanists (as in Anton LaVey’s church of satan satanists) LOVE the sh*t out of Trump. Just sayin’ TrumpTards. Hey, if the cloven hooves fit, TrumpTards. Cuz y’all are satanists by proxy.

    https://s19.postimg.org /pn355pl03/trump_is_clear_choice_for_satanists-600_club_forum.png

    “Make America Satanic Again! Donald Trump 2016.” I don’t think George Orwell could make this sh*t up.

  18. Aka Dr. Evie says:

    Bad luck for the Deep State. This president doesn’t drink.

  19. Theodore says:

    Trump has been ‘blessing’ and praising the American middle-class people, the skilled workers (the forgotten class) — the people who keep the lights on for us — since the day he announced he was running (June 15, 2015). That in-and-of-itself is Yuge. Not to mention him constantly attacking the media.

    Sociologists call this bestowing of blessings ‘Civil Religion’:



    Empowering the middle class with good will and sincerity is so Yuge.

    With Trump’s current Civil Religion play to the middle class and his attack on the media — those two things alone — without Trump having to get any more explicit than that, I predict the following…

    * There will be an uptick of traditional marriages at a lower median age in the middle class.

    * There will be more stay-at-home middle class Moms that become part of home schooling networks.

    * Their will be more families avoiding vaccines for their children.

    * There will be less abortions.

    That, in-and-of-itself, builds a stronger middle class, and, a stronger middle class is sorely needed — so as to directly compete against the sharia law mooslims who are already here — in the US and Canada — who will not assimilate and, at best, will only integrate.

    A strong middle class — that runs on Western Civilization values — is indefensible to keeping the lights on.

    “It’s all fun and games until the electricity goes down.”

  20. Larry says:

    “There is also a report that George Clooney will produce a mini-series on the Watergate scandal for Netflix. ”

    From now on when I speak of George Clooney, I’m gonna drop the ‘C’.

  21. Marilyn G. says:

    I must say, I comb the ‘net, picking up bits of info. here and there. There’s an internal war going on, not just a war between POTUS and the whore press, but between an Alliance headed by President Trump versus the CIA/FBI (inasmuch as they’re in bed together these days, our illustrious intel agencies, and the only thing I’m confused about is whether they are minions of the Deep State or heading the Deep State). North Korea is CIA territory! Kim Jong Un doesn’t even figure in the equation. The CIA no longer has anything to do with the USA; it’s a country unto itself, with ineffable power and you don’t need me to tell you that the CIA is evil down to its rotten putrid core.

    I believe, from what I’ve gleaned, that martial law has already been quietly declared, behind closed doors. If not it’s coming soon. Don’t get your buns in an uproar, people, we are not a banana republic and this isn’t some junta. It’s the only way to sweep out the trash. We are going to have to trust our military. If this troubles you in any way, consider the alternative. New World Order. A totalitarian state.

    What happened in Vegas was a CIA/FBI construct. Hitting a country/western festival, loaded with Trump supporters, was the Deep State’s way of an attack on Donald Trump, and don’t think he doesn’t know it. I believe, all things considered, he’s exercising incredible restraint. He had the Marines do a fly over in choppers, of Langley and we simply don’t know what moves are next. But win this war he must.

    To reiterate, it isn’t NK we’re flirting war with; it’s the CIA, in control of N. Korea. Find the transmissions from “Q” on 4 Chan. Hard to decipher, but oddly enough, if you focus long enough, and think hard, you begin to ‘get it’. Col. Roy Potter has said that his ‘code’ proves his credibility and that Q is very close to the president.

    We all need to trust Donald Trump’s genius, all right? He knows what he’s doing. No matter how confusing some of his moves may seem, you’ll see in the end when he calls ‘checkmate’ to the Deep State and we finally have our country back and on the road to prosperity again. Q writes that POTUS is insulated, from impeachment, from harm. And for God’s sake, we finally have a president who will stand with Jack Kennedy in the Afterlife; try to be a little grateful.

  22. Sean Thomas says:

    Jon, if we use your logic, then there is no way the Empire could be supporting Isis. After all, the MSM denounces Isis all the time, and Isis vows the destruction of the decadent west. I suppose we shouldn’t pay any attention to the money trail or the actual facts.

    Is the rhetoric more important than the results?

  23. Theodore says:

    To start off his weekly address, Obama would say “Hi Everybody…”

    Notice that President Trump starts off his weekly address by saying “My fellow Americans…”

  24. From Quebec says:

    He’s a hard charging asshole, and after a few drinks, he might gleefully admit it. (Jon)

    Trump does not drink, never did and never will. He never had a single sip of alcohol in his life and he is proud of it.

    So perhaps midway through the 2016 election campaign the Globalist gods of the Deep State decided to back off and let Trump win. (Jon)

    Are you kidding me? They did everything to stop him: dead voters, felons bused, illegals. They tried to take away his nomination, they paid women to accuse him of sex assaults They stole 5 states. etc THEY NEVER WANTED TRUMP for President. and they still do not want him.

    They lost because they are stupid corrupted people.and because Trump is 100% smarter than these cockroaches.

    Mark my words: Trump will be here for another 7 years. He will drain the swamp, bring back prosperity to the country and make America Great again. He will be remembered as the greatest U,S, President ever. in history.

    Laugh all you want, I know that I am right.. Hope t see you all here in 7 years, so you can make a Mea Culpa

  25. Jon

    For my research (which is “limited”, at best), with Trump it is politics “as usual”. Though I did have a chuckle at the CDC “science-talk”.

    Anyway, the “op” with “fake news” is actually fairly obvious. You know, I prefer to use an “honest” (sic) browser – Mozilla. Every time I go online, they rattle the can at me. They ask for money to make my world “safer” (sic). One on their sales’ points is “fake news”.

    “But in what context?” I hear you ask.

    Good question, Jon. To them https://www.nomorefakenews.com, https://ozziethinker.wordpress.com are “fake news” because we not only challenge the mainstream authority, we defy it by publicising THE TRUTH. They want to “protect” (sic) me from your website.

    Well, Trump has shown just how ambiguous the term “fake news” is, so get ready for HELL. NEXT PRESIDENT (not Trump) will focus on defining what “fake news” is “in law” and everything that contradicts the mainstream version will be outlawed, prison sentences all-round for offenders.

    We have seen this already. In France, Austria and Turkey you can be jailed for simply voicing your opinion as to the credibility of certain “holocaust” events. Wasn’t this touched on by George Orwell in “1984”?



    • arcadia11 says:

      : – )

    • From Quebec says:

      It is already here Ozzie, Not the government so much as the peoples who owns Twitter, Face book and other similar sites. They let in peoples asking for Trump to be assassinated and they ban the Trump supporters.

      Maybe honestliberty secretly owns these social media. Who knows ?

      • I pray “honestliberty” is a governmental corporate shill, because I truly never accepted prats of that ilk existed “in the flesh”.

        There is ambiguity and discord with Twitter, Facebook and other lesser used social media networks. Some feel they are rightly hard done by. Others feel they are wrongly hard done by. Never has one of my posts or comments (on FB or Tw) ever been interfered with….and I’m at the “pointy end” of the anti-establishment graphic. In fact, some argue, I’m so far up or down the scale, I’m off it!

        Trump rode the wave of populism, but since taking on office, the fan fanfare has deflated to such a degree that the prior state of apathy amongst Americans in general has commuted to “marginalisation”.

        This is the only point in American history that “revolution” (per se) could take place. Personally I think the people (as a “body”) are too fat, spoilt, greedy and weak (particularly the “criminals”) to lift a finger against the instruments of power, but time will tell….

  26. truth1 says:

    Vote God in 2020. I cast my ballot already! Trump’s a dog on a leash. You’ll see! 😛

    • Marilyn G. says:

      truth 1 — You honestly believe that a billionaire is a dog on a leash? So who controls him? No really. “Well,” you may answer, “God. God controls him.” Oh but God gave us free will. Are you saying that, what, Zionists control him? The Deep State, with whom he’s at war? Who, truth 1.

      • Zionism is a euphemism for “prison planet” and that “model” is Globalism. Laws are written by Israelite Jews and then adapted for the rest of the World.

        The remainder, INCLUDING TRUMP, is “window dressing”.

        Oh, and one more thing. The Jews are very “Racist”. They only “value” the opinions of Pharisees. They only listen to the Pharisees. Everyone else can go to heck. That is the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so say me God.

        • Marilyn G. says:

          Ozzie Thinker — You may wish to read last week’s Benjamin Fulford’s column so that you’ll understand that our POTUS is not a Zionist. Trump is one clever SOB; you’ll excuse my French. And he knows that Mossad masterminded 911. He is first and foremost an AMERICAN and not just an American but an American patriot. Remember: our embassy isn’t scheduled to move to Jerusalem for 6 mos.—try that for a tease.

          • Fulford is Zionist shill and ex. buddy of Rockefeller. He used to work for Forbes for sheesh sake. Yeah, I’ve read his double agent claims and his column is full of “fluff” that in no way backs them up. I can’t fathom why a fine mind of the like of David Wilcock would get involved with him. Mind you, Corey Goode’s a shill in my opinion too.

            911 was blueprinted after the “success” of Oklahoma. Many agencies were involved. No one has been “brought to justice” and Trump won’t lift a finger.

            • Marilyn G. says:

              Ozzie Thinker — My man. Ben Fulford is a Light Worker, as David Wilcock is. As am I. (Open to Rev. Ch. 7 & 14; we’re in there.) Fulford may not get the best info. from his sources, but he’s impeccable. All the Light Workers are. We are Warriors. Systems Busters!

              If you know who Catherine Austin Fitts is . . . ? She once worked for Goldman Sachs. No one should be branded by some outfit they once worked for. That’s absurd!

            • Marilyn G. says:

              P.S. Ozzie T. — I cannot believe how impatient everyone is. To quote you: ” . . . and Trump won’t lift a finger.” Good grief, he hasn’t even been in office a full year. He’s been taunted by the whore press, had Mueller sic’d on him, and on and on. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you might want to remind yourself. Mossad orchestrated 911, and our POTUS knows it. Just wait. Just wait. And for God’s sake, be patient, hmmmm?

            • Toilet paper is higher on my “priority list” than Trump. If “team” Fulford and Wlicock are “light workers”, then God help light. They very much represent the “black spectrum” as issued by our sun. Given your conditional zeal, never visit my blog https://expolitician.wordpress.com for the information I release would make you giddy.

              “…And the Sephardim broadcast their kaleidoscopic narrative. And the zealously gullible became entranced. For they had satisfied all their worldly needs. The forgetfulness of the Brethren knew no limit…”

            • flyinggabriel says:

              O.T. Follow your own words …. “Many agencies were involved.” “No one has been brought to justice.” Now think those two statements through … starting with the agencies involved … and ending with the agencies that bring them to justice. Anything jump out?
              Also you misspelt your web address in your plug.
              Put it on your list above toilet paper.

            • I am sorry to “burst your bubble”, FG, but when did I “suggest” that agencies honoured justice? Furthermore, why would I release the correct address of my website to someone I don’t want to visit me?

              No doubt you are a “Trump supporter” too….!

            • Marilyn G. says:

              Ozzie Thinker, you sort of, you know, missed flyinggabriel’s point. heh

            • Incorrect. Both of you have “run out of steam” so no words will satisfy your causes. Agencies under (sic) the US (and other) Government(s) are authorities unto themselves. Therefore ends that “justify” their means is as close as they come to de facto “justice” (sic).

            • flyinggabriel says:

              Advice: Learn what sic erat scriptum (abbreviated to [sic]) means, and it’s appropriate use. Having it randomly spread through your comments for no apparent literary reason is distracting and makes it hard to take you seriously.

            • Marilyn G. says:

              flyinggabriel — What a breath of fresh air you are !

            • Wrong FG. I am aware of this expression. It is a version of bullshit. People of your “ilk” see no greater cause than to gravitate around bullshit as though it was something to be heeded. Sadly, I simply see and say “what is” and this, naturally, makes those that adopt standards based on bullshit feel very…hmmmm….marginalised.

              I spurn convention. Principals that vilify truth and everything virtuous; those I admire. Be careful you don’t stumble over one.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              “Principals that vilify truth and everything virtuous; those I admire.[sic]” ~ O.T.

              That clears that up then.
              Thank you for your honesty

            • Your use of “sic” signifies “checkmate” ol’ son. There’s nothing stale about me.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              If anyone else has any idea of what OT is on about, feel free to translate.
              The chess analogy is appropriate,
              I think we’ve also found the pigeon.

            • Marilyn G. says:

              flyinggabriel — I cannot translate. So few people these days have even the most rudimentary ability to express themselves coherently. I don’t know if cell phones (microwaves into the gray matter) are doing it by killing brain cells and therefore dumbing the population down, or what precisely is doing it. I am, however, aware that the educational system is churning out a whole lot of graduates who wouldn’t have made it through sixth grade when I was in school. They don’t know how to think. Boobus Americanus. I didn’t coin that term but it’s apropos.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              I’m confronted with an individual who has literary annotations, grammatical usage and even word meanings themselves, which have been modified in a way unique to himself, and heralding it as a virtue – a healthy sign of non-conformity and individualism. At least that’s how it appears. I have no response for that. The divergence is one of attitude rather than education or fact.
              The chessboard cleared of everything but pigeon shit analogy (Weitzenhoffer), still means game over, but there are no victors here – the two people missing from this conversation, Messrs Dunning and Kruger, included.

            • Gabriel, you are the one that flies.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              Very clever OT and very true.
              Except I have a pilot’s licence … not a ring round my ankle.

            • flyinggabriel says:

              What the …?
              No “words” for “that”

  27. Frans says:

    Maybe he’s attacking the media to confuse people So they don’t know what to believe, So the globalists can feed us anything, true or false.

  28. David Montaigne says:

    The status quo in Washington is so corrupt that a loud and rebellious outsider like Trump had to win eventually. But the swamp seems powerful and resistant to drainage. I can only hope he can pull off some positive changes.

    • From Quebec says:

      He will. Do not worry. Trump is very smart. He hires peoples, give them some slack to expose themselves and then drain them out.

      Why do you think he is letting Mueller investigation go on? It is so that they will expose themselves for the corrupted scumbags they are and finally get rid of all of them in one shot.

      • Marilyn G. says:

        Quebec, re: Mueller. I’m not so sure he hasn’t jumped ship, right into the Team Trump Camp. Mueller has done some really down and dirty stuff. How would he react if presented with the option to join ’em or do serious jail time? I think he’d join ’em. But he has to make it look like he’s still fighting the Rodham/Hussein fight. Just conjecture.

  29. Jimbo says:

    An evaluation of Trump that leaves out the fact that he’s a sock-puppet of the Zionists? […]

    Do we know that the deep state is really that upset with Trump, or is it more that they want to foster the illusion of a working democracy while sowing division?

  30. From Quebec says:

    The only reason why the Deep State is going after Trump is that they know he will expose them and DRAIN THEM OUT.

  31. From Quebec says:

    For the record, I believe Trump is, and will be, a complete and utter disaster for the environment, as regards corporate pollution. (Jon)

    Why are you worried? Trump keeps saying he wants clean air and clean water.

    Clean air means that chemtrails will be banned and spraying Monsanto pesticides will also be banned.

    As for corporations, he wants clean coal instead of cheap rocks from China.,

    Do you really think that Trump is that stupid? Do you really think he wants to leave a disaster environment to his children and grand children? Think again!

  32. From Quebec says:

    Alex Jones presents a video clip where a former Assistant Director for the FBI, James Kallstrom, says he believes Robert Mueller and his team belong behind bars for their crimes while at the bureau.

    Fmr. FBI Assistant Director: Mueller And His Team Belong Behind Bars
    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=yJWg5dldLzs

  33. great article, from top to bottom

  34. Larry says:

    Entering the Spirit of the Season – MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  35. Marilyn G. says:

    I wonder if any in America realize how close our dollar is to losing our world reserve currency status? And what hell that will spell for this country? Our only hope is for DJT to re-set the price of gold to $10K per oz. to try to save the dollar. There’s a problem with that, however. According to a number of former Ft. Knox guards, Ft. Knox (the people’s gold) has been stolen. Trucks came, caravaning in the night, during the Clinton Admin, backing up to Ft. Knox and leaving later, one after the other.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=1FYaA0DUlro Jim Willie explains in the audio I just posted how perilous a state the US dollar is in.

    • Marilyn G. says:

      P.S. If you care to tune in to that audio, you have to copy and paste the URL. They only highlight part of it, good ol’ YouTube.

  36. arcadia11 says:

    “Without Britain, the state of Israel wouldn’t have been established. No question. Without the Zionists, it wouldn’t have been established.” Motti Golani, historian, Haifa University

    Balfour Declaration at 100: Seeds of Discord

    According to historian and author Jonathan Schneer, the British somehow “felt that the Jews held the key to winning the war and so they had to figure out how to bribe the Jews to support them.”

    James Renton of Edge Hill University elaborates on British motives: “We can boil it down to two elements of British self-interest at that time. Not an emotional interest in Zionism or a love of Jews and the Jewish plight and the desire for return of the Jews to the holy land, no… they wanted to mobilise the allies behind Britain and this idea of Jewish power in the world. They were all of the different policy elites in the war – believers in the notion that Jews who have tremendous influence in the corridors of power around the globe. If the British government appeared to support Zionism, they would win over World Jewry to their side, and all that entailed. The British were convinced that Zionism was really at the centre of the Jewish heart.”

    Whatever its basis, the relationship between the British Zionists and the government was established in late 1916 and continued to develop throughout 1917, leading to the Declaration in November. It was the first expression of public support for Zionism by a major political power.

    “As a term, ‘a national home’ didn’t exist”, says Palestinian historian Basheer Nafi. “At that time, international law was well developed. They could have used ‘self-governance’ or ‘independent state’. There was no such a term in international law as ‘a national homeland’. What did ‘a national home for the Jews in Palestine’ mean?”

    The term “national home” was intentionally vague as to whether a Jewish state was contemplated. The intended boundaries of Palestine were not specified, and the British government later confirmed that the words “in Palestine” meant that the Jewish national home was not intended to cover all of Palestine.

    The second half of the declaration was added to satisfy opponents of the policy, who had claimed that it would otherwise prejudice the position of the local population of Palestine and encourage anti-semitism against Jews worldwide.

    While the declaration called for political rights in Palestine for Jews, rights for the Palestinian Arabs, who comprised the vast majority of the local population, were limited to civil and religious rights.

    “The Jews were described as a people with the right to self-determination while the Arabs were considered non-Jewish communities,” explains French historian Philippe Prevost. “They didn’t even mention the name of the Arabs. They were called non-Jewish. They only could enjoy civil and religious rights. They had no political rights.”


    1948 Deir Yassin Massacre of Palestinians

    The case of Deir Yassin was largely accepted as a massacre because Israeli historians such as Benny Morris — a reasonably honest researcher who remained committed to Zionism despite the ghastly history he had himself uncovered — had agreed to its existence as a historical fact: “Whole families were riddled with bullets … men, women, and children were mowed down as they emerged from houses; individuals were taken aside and shot. Haganah intelligence reported ‘There were piles of dead. Some of the prisoners moved to places of incarceration, including women and children, were murdered viciously by their captors …’”

    It was the Irgun Zionist militias of Menachem Begin and the Stern Gang (Lehi), led by Yitzhak Shamir, that took credit for the infamy of that day — and both were rewarded generously for their atrocious acts. In fact, the once wanted criminals rose to prominence to become prime ministers in later years.

    Tantura had a good chance to advance from being a mere Palestinian fiction into an authentic history because an Israeli student decided to challenge the official discourse of his country, which insists on portraying Israel as an oasis of democracy and historical purity.

    The numerous villages and their inhabitants that were subjected to the genocide of 1948 (known in polite circles as “ethnic cleanings”) failed to make the historical cut, as if they continue to wait for an Israeli historian to make his move and validate the claim that they had in fact taken place.

    In a recent conversation, Dr Salman Abu Sitta, one of Palestine’s lead historians on the Nakba, said: “The irony is that what the suspect Benny Morris and the respected Ilan Pappe wrote recently is what the Palestinians have been saying for over six decades. The Zionist-dominated media was deaf and dumb. Orientalism at its worst.” Indeed.


  37. Tommy Tunes says:

    This article spells out why Hillary Clinton will never be indicted but that doesn’t mean that what is said in this article cannot become the political statement of this Century which is…..

    ” Here is what happens to your Constitutional Rule of Law when Democrats are elected to office ”

    Every politician running for office should speak about how the rule of law was held hostage by the Clinton Cabal strategy explained in this article and that electing politicians that allow this kind of thing to happen and use the idea of skating around the law using this race tactic and then letting it be the reason why the USA would be burned down if the Rule of Law was coming after them should be what is Spoke of all the time so that this image is implanted so it burns down anyone who even thinks about doing this !!!!!

    Speaking about this is all that’s left to stop it from happening again , so speak about it often please .

    • Marilyn G. says:

      Um, Tommy Tunes — ? Rodham is wearing an ankle bracelet, indicating that she is one of the many (think 10K) under sealed indictment.

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