Current UFO disclosures and the incredible edible New York Times

Current UFO disclosures and the incredible edible New York Times

by Jon Rappoport

December 31, 2017

(UFO archive, here)

The first thing to understand is that the New York Times broke the latest UFO story.

The story about: a secret Pentagon UFO research group; a US fighter jet that encountered a UFO off the coast of San Diego; and the recovery of “UFO metals.”

The Times broke the story, and then it quickly went global.

On the subject of UFOs, that never happens.

But it did.

Furthermore, the Times expressed no doubts about the information it was disclosing. There wasn’t the usual “he said, he said” treatment.

No detractors and harsh critics were quoted. This was a straight-from-the-Pentagon to the Times pipeline.

The Times story had all the earmarks of a government gift, not a leak.

This, too, never happens.

But it did.

The conclusion: the Pentagon wanted this story to come to light. Someone high up in the Pentagon, or someone outside the Pentagon, with major clout, gave the green light to the Times. He assured the Times the story was real. Perhaps he even gave an “order” to release the information.

As discussion and vetting of the UFO story occurred at the Times, before they went to print, the overriding and decisive factor was: “somebody big wants this to move forward.” Case closed.

But we shouldn’t assume the motive for disclosure was, at the top, generous and benign and innocent. Because we’re talking about the Pentagon and the CIA, the people who always have a concealed agenda.

If they give the public a few bread crumbs, or even a steak, there is a 15-course meal behind that, and the meal is never served.

Long-time UFO researcher, Grant Cameron, has pointed out that the American strategy for hiding secrets (for decades) has been: partial disclosure. Periodically, now and then—“Here’s a small piece. Chew on it.”

This is the US government approach.

Except—the recent Pentagon offerings haven’t been leaked via some small-press book published in a print shop—they’ve been shot out of information-guns directly to the most prestigious mainstream news outlet in the world: the New York Times.

That’s different. Very different.

And just now, the Times has published two more UFO articles. The first, by senior reporter Dan Barry, is headlined: “Dad Believed in UFOs. Turns Out He Wasn’t Alone.” Barry’s father was a veteran UFO watcher. He died before the Pentagon finally admitted UFOs are real. That’s the hook of the article. It’s a human interest piece. And it’s overwhelmingly positive re UFOs. Again, you don’t see this sort of thing from the Times—not ever—but there it is.

“UFOs: Is This All There Is?” is the second Times piece, by Dennis Overbye. It’s a soft back and forth: something is happening in the sky but we don’t know what it is. No harsh naysaying. No nastiness.

Both of these pieces lend support to the original Times blockbuster about the secret Pentagon UFO program.

All this could very well mean that what is being hidden, now, is much larger than what has been hidden in the past. For example, new technological discoveries and advances have been made in the areas of propulsion systems and energy production, beside which the old discoveries pale by comparison.

In that case, the latest partial disclosures needed to be stronger, in terms of their impact. Impact as diversion from the deeper truth.

And the NY Times would carry the ball.

Who was the paper’s main source for the breaking UFO disclosure? Luis Elizondo, the man who headed up the Pentagon UFO program, until he resigned. Elizondo is now part of rock musician Tom Delonge’s team at his newly formed To the Stars Academy. Elizondo’s new association hardly qualifies as a “good source” for an outlet like the Times.

Further, anyone who reads Elizondo’s bio at the Academy website would have reason to pause for thought:

“Luis Elizondo is a career intelligence officer whose experience includes working with the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, the National Counterintelligence Executive, and the Director of National Intelligence. As a former Special Agent In-Charge, Luis conducted and supervised highly sensitive espionage and terrorism investigations around the world. As an intelligence Case Officer, he ran clandestine source operations throughout Latin America and the Middle East.”

Excuse me? The number one mainstream news operation on the planet accepts what Elizondo is saying at face value? On the verboten subject of UFOs? When everyone knows career intelligence officers are trained to lie at the drop of a hat?

The Times has suddenly become a “UFO site?”

Having received Elizondo’s assertions, the Times would have gone to its long-time sources at the Pentagon, and the Word would have come back: this is rock solid fact. Which, again, tells you the Pentagon wanted this story to be published. Strongly wanted.

If Donald Trump holds a water bottle in two hands and puckers his lips as he takes a sip, the Times would wonder aloud whether he was suffering from Alzheimer’s. But all of a sudden, on the topic of UFOs, the story the Times is being fed is honest and accurate, and there is no need to consult the usual experts who provide “balanced” criticism and “negative reactions.”

One conclusion: the Times is prepared to publish more UFO stories. Quotes from other military/intelligence sources. Unless the blowback from rival news outlets is too severe.

Another inference: the Times already has other videos of UFOs and other “irrefutable” interviews in the can.

Whatever they eventually publish, no matter how shocking, it will be a very, very small fragment of what the government (and those who control the government) is hiding.

If, five years ago, you polled the most competent and knowledgeable independent UFO researchers, and asked them whether they thought the New York Times would ever publish a major positive UFO story, who among them would have predicted what we are seeing now?

Finally, this could now happen: someone at the Times, a senior editor, or even the publisher, goes to the Pentagon and says, “Look, we’re begging off. We’ve done our job. We did what you told us to do. But now, other news operations are going to have to carry the freight. We can’t afford to incur a stain on our reputation. We broke the barrier. You’ll have to find other people to move your story forward…”

But the Times will forever be remembered as the first—they took their marching orders and delivered. They fronted for, and sold, a limited hangout, against all odds.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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65 comments on “Current UFO disclosures and the incredible edible New York Times

  1. simpleworkathome says:

    Thanks Jon for covering this, do you think there is a battle brewing or already in play between the people in charge of the cartels and those who do their bidding?

  2. NB says:

    John Skippy podesta is pushing this release, hard. Therefore, I think it’s being used as a diversion. They’re hoping the public will forget about adult having sex, creating snuff films w infants, toddlers and children. Judging by the public’s responses on podesta’s twitter feed, it’s not working.

  3. Roy says:

    This story seem to be too conveniently close to the rollout of the next version of the X-files series. I suspect that the Pentagon is attempting to promote a public interest in extraterrestrials to kick-off their next propaganda TV program.

    I suspect that the whole notion of life on other planets is just an industrialist ploy to satisfy our human need for assurance that the earth’s resources are not finite and we can continue to selfishly exploit these resources to for our own personal gain. If we run out of the earth’s resources, then we can just reach out to another planet and grab theirs. How satisfying is that? Makes you feel warm and content that the extent or our current resources are limitless and we are not questioning or forcing the future populations (likely 7x the current population) a horrible world of competing for essential sustainable resources (such as non toxic food, water, air, and shelter).

    I’m sure there was the same struggling question after the era of the black plague during the Renaissance and before industrialists discovered the western hemisphere when humans thought the earth was flat. Again after industrialists mapped out the earth’s size and the extent of it’s resources. It brings to light what plans are in store by the Illumanati to subtilly contain the population expansion. If you just step out of the Matrix, it’s all around us if you just open your eyes to it.

    • Sunshine2 says:

      Yes. I had the same thoughts, being a huge x-files fan, although knowing extraterrestrials are a hoax. Agree with much of what you shared.

      No justice. Just us.

      • ‘… knowing ET’s are a hoax’ … says an all-knowing speck of dust living on the 3rd rock from the sun in one of the billion solar systems on one of the billion galaxies in this one universe

        • Sunshine2 says:

          This teeny, tiny speck of dust does indeed recognize fakery. Kind of a miracle, hunh?

        • Michael burns says:


          Can you prove any of that Billion, Billion stuff?…can you count to a Billion? Can you count?
          Do you have enough time to do it verbally in this lifetime? Count to a Billion that is…

          Can you prove that there is more than one Universe? You are implying that there are others…am I correct?
          How do you know this is a Universe?
          What is a Universe? Do ‘YOU’ know? Can you describe it using this limited language you and I are typing with…?
          Let’s use mathmatics…describe it for me?

          Are you sure that there is indeed a Billion solar systems? Could there be two billion. Could there be maybe, only one solar system.?
          What is a solar system FB?

          Could we be living in a virtual reality, as has been theorized?

          Are these your own ideas Frank?

          How do you know there are only a Billion galaxies?

          Earth isn’t a rock, its a planet…its actually a very complex thing. Unique really, from a pragmatic point of view.
          But if it were a rock it wouldn’t be the third from the sun. There are more than likely millions between earth and the sun…of course I haven’t counted them so, I could be out by a factor of Billion Trillion.

          A theory postulated expresses earth as presenting itself 93 million miles from the Sun…or 1AU. Now there is in a prominant theory that there is an asteroid belt of rock and dust ranging from ort size things, to rocky objects the size of a planetoid. Now they drift supposedly into the inner solar system.
          And into and between the paths of the four inner planets. Also it has been speculated that Jupiter Trojans, and Greeks (Rock/asteroids in the Jupiter path) are thrown into the inner planetary paths by the millions, by the great planet Jupiter.
          We are in theory, in a rather peculiar place Frank. Both definitely not the third rock in…and having a vast distance between us and the sun; which seems to like to draw enumerable rocky bodies towards itself. The Sun is a big object…

          Have you ever met an ET? How do you know that they exist?
          Can you prove it? Facts please.
          Do they have pointy ears?
          Do they like to drink coffee with girls named Mindy?

          I think ET’s are a hoax also…if they could exist they would have to be extremely advanced both intellectually and physically to travel such great distances. Dealing with a physics that is far above what humans are capable of sensing and understanding…we are so limited and also lucky to sense reality within such an EMF band of light and sound and vibration. Energetic things that vibrate at ultra high frequency are beyond our scope of hearing, taste, vison and touch.

          For aliens/ET’s to come here and want to talk to humans, would be like me wanting to travel to Zeta Reticuli to have a conversation with a bacteria. When I think about objectively.
          Frank the number of times a high civilization has been destroyed through natural disaster or has self destructed on this planet is yet to be determined; but it has happened many many times. And we now have evidence. There is a theory about that natural process; ET would have had to conquer so many disaster tangibles to become a grade A, number one civilization.

          We haven’t decided what genders we have here on earth as yet, that is still to be detemined ( I am being facitious) or how to feed ourselves as individuals.
          We are highly self destructive and war-like, and most of us, have the attention span of a gerbil. To busy navel gazing. To busy passing wind than to educate ourselves and become truly consious.

          Truthfully do you hold any degrees in science or physics…astrophysics Frank?
          I would care to say Frank, that your total statement is pure unaduterated conjecture. You haven’t a clue what going on… But more than likely a big steaming pile of Bullshit Frank.
          ET is a hoax.

      • Thomas says:

        It seems that Roy and Sunshine2 need no lessons in limited hangouts and I see their contributions as very likely less than honest.

  4. thomaspoa says:

    “a limited hangout” Are you suggesting that there are actually visitors from outer space, and the PTB are going to feed us some tidbits about them?

    Why would aliens be so furtive? If we can meet them in person, then we share the same creator. They would have similar instincts and would behave in much the same way. When did human invaders or explorers ever attempt to hide their existence?

    Clandestine contact from UFOs only makes sense as a form of disinformation and eventual budgetary largess.

    • Sunshine2 says:

      Agreed thomaspoa.

      • Thomas says:

        There seems a concerted effort to decry the possible existence alien contact.

        • Michael burns says:

          No not concerted Thomas. I seek proof, facts. I need to have a conversation with the little grey bastard. and find out why da fuck he came here.

          If I tow the line and listen to your plea, then I think of a conqueror that would consume us or exterminate us, in lieu of this resource rich planet. And if they came from such a far away and vast distance. We would never see it coming. And the extermination would be swift and complete.

          The idea of a cute little guy with a glowing finger wanting to ‘phone home’ is truly bizarre in this practical world.
          Calling out to ET is like ringing the dinner bell really.

          But common sense tells me, the vast distance between likely candidates as vistors and ET potential is far too great for a human lifetime. Or any imagined lifetime.
          Do you realize the obstacles a space object would have to negotiate to travel multiple light years in distance to reach us…and why would they do it?
          Why would we do it?
          But for the gain..for the booty.

          • Strangiato says:

            What extermination are you talking about? Also, what you think of as obstacles may not be obstacles at all for some possible alien race.

  5. bdoyen says:

    Thanks, Jon. Makes you wonder where all this is going.

  6. artemisix says:

    This had GOT to be a diversion… like Russiagate is for the corruption of the corporate state….but a diversion for covert ops running around the globe…..

  7. peter littlehorse says:

    I wonder if the ‘mystery metal’ will suddenly herald the release to the public of a new type of power system or battery that the powers-that-be now want released, accompanied with the claim that “we created this wonderful new material by back-engineering a sample that we found from a UFO”, where in reality the ‘new’ system being released had been around for a long time but the Pentagon didn’t want the backlash that would follow were the public to know that ‘free energy’ or at least ‘much better energy’ had been suppressed for decades.

    • Sunshine2 says:

      Like your conclusion. Keep wondering PL, as it leads you well.

      I’ll need to eat some humble pie if free energy/free health etc. ever stops being suppressed.

    • truth1 says:

      You, sir Peter little horse, are likely on to something. I’ll give ya 5 stars and another 5 if you end up right as I think is a possibility. They are going to dazzle us with technology and BS.

  8. ankawa says:

    Muchas gracias por este artículo. Muy interesante y esperanzador. Quizá las cosas sí están cambiando realmente a mejor.
    Thank’s for the article. Very interesting and encouraging. Maybe things are really changing for better ones.

  9. Dominus says:

    JR quite rightly states there is much more to this particular iceberg. There are about five or six main species of alien beings known to whomever at the moment. The aliens are not hostile but rather friendly, spiritual lifeforms. Their mission is to assist the enlightenment of the naked ape. That is: protection from self destruction by the usual suspects; nuclear, ecological collapse, etc. This benevolence will surface now with disclosure in 2018 since the shadow government is hell bent on planetary entropy.

    • Michael Burns says:

      Now why would you want something that daft to excel past self destruction?

      There was 500 million buffalo here when the European arrived. There’s a reason for that…

      This naked ape story, is as bad as the
      Adam and Eve story.
      Enlightenment eh…enlightment is a sharp stick in the eye.

      • Dominus says:

        The Naked Ape refers to the book by Desmond Morris (1967). He makes a case for stripping away the veneer of pretention of mankind while exposing the evolutionary organic life form. The ignorance of humans , of which you are a prime example, believes abject destruction of natural systems is a reasonable process. A cosmological viewpoint is necessary to prevent extinction of all lifeforms.

  10. Sunshine2 says:

    Can’t say the NYT article about UFOs is a diversion for the following, but this just breaking from wiki leaks about NYT content being pre-approved by Hillary admin way back then:

  11. truth1 says:

    “Someone high up in the Pentagon, or someone outside the Pentagon, with major clout, gave the green light to the Times.”
    Ahmmm, he would happen to be red with a tail and pitchfork would he? I was just wondering. And how it this going to affect the Easter bunny and the fairy godmother? Are they real now, too? Santa is the least of my worries. I am thinking (yes, a miracle, I know) That somehow I ended up in the Twilight zone or the Outer Limits. Hmmm. Maybe!

    “Excuse me? The number one mainstream news operation on the planet accepts what Elizondo is saying at face value? On the verboten subject of UFOs? When everyone knows career intelligence officers are trained to lie at the drop of a hat?”

    Well, I think the Easter bunny is going to welcome this development. He is so tired of being called a myth. I probably should drop him a congratulatory note. He is probably partying right now. Me? I’m thinking it might be time to try some of those crazy illicit drugs some are bragging about.

    “We can’t afford to incur a stain on our reputation. We broke the barrier. You’ll have to find other people to move your story forward…”

    Well, it’s a bit too late for that! Most people do not take any of the papers seriously any more. Especially the NYT. I would sooner trust the World Weekly News. They even interview Aliens and take pictures of them with Bill Clinton and Ross Perot. Now that’s Journalism!

    But what is behind this? Well, I’ll share my latest scripts I’ll be submitting to the CIA. I’m trying to get a job there was a writer. I know I am not very good at it, but no one at the CIA is, so I guts me no competition. I like that. Sort of like corporate America’s “Free” enterprise, if ya know what I mean.

    What if they had some “bad” aliens show up and cause trouble, and that, some “some good aliens show up (and they are not Mexican!) You’ll wish they were Mexicans when these aliens are done. The good aliens banish the bad ones and proclaim liberty and freedom. Wait a minute! Where have I heard those words before? Well, I’m learning as I go.

    And let me guess, the big leader of the good aliens is going to call himself Jesus, and Buddha and who knows who else? Krishna? Why not! Its my script! Write your own you lazy SOB critics. These aliens are going to enlighten us. Like our schools did. OMG, are we ever screwed if that’s the case. And the will show fancy technology that Tesla drew up plans for about 117 years ago. That is to say, Its ancient technology now, but I digress.

    The best thing about all this, my agent tells me, is that when you’re selling BS, you don’t have to be logical or coherent or make sense. You just have to tell the people what they want to hear. Yeah, like that will work, I said. He says, Truth1, if you want a job with the CIA, you got to stop giving those guys so much crap. You need to be silent, listen, and give the guys there, what ever they want. Can you do that?

    What was I going to say? OK, I need the money. Where do I sign?
    Folks, these aliens are humans, born and raised and maybe spent some time in underground bases, or maybe they just hired a bunch of crisis actors. But what you can be damned sure of is that they will be lying, whatever they tell us. But you did not hear that from me. I know absolutely nothing! And I live in a cardboard box. Happy New Year ya all!

  12. Dr. Carol Rosin was warned by Dr. Werhner von Braun who said over and over, “And the last card Carol the last, card, the last card will be the alien threat, which is a lie.”

    • Michael Burns says:

      Doreen, Von Braun was a Nazi…Nazis taught the CIA to lie.

      Von Braun is part of that cluster that ripped America off for Billions, to siphon through to black ops, under the guise that they were sending someone to the moon.

      Don’t believe any of it for a minute.
      Von Braun caused the death of thousands of slave labourers working making V1’s and V2’s at Peenemoonda (sic).

      Someone should dig him up; tie a rocket to his ass and fire that Nazi paperclip scum at the moon.

      It always surprises me when after finding out someone is a liar and human garbage…they continue to listen to them.

      I’d give that idiot the ole two finger three stooge move in the eyes.

      Going to the moon.

      Rockets carry BOMBS…not people. That is why they were created to carry explosives.

    • Larry says:

      Excellent video, Doreen – thanks!

      Re. those billion of $$$ in spaced-based military hardware, one has to wonder which direction they are pointed: OUT or DOWN?

      Physicist James Mccanney mentioned recently, that in researching the US Navy budget he came across a SINGLE line item expenditure for outer space military hardware in the amount of $60 BILLION – or THREE TIMES the entire annual NASA budget.

      We can only guess at the advanced technology the bad guys have already placed in orbit about our world (developed with and compliments of OUR hard-earned tax $$$), but it seems safe to conclude that they could likely bring off a convincing false flag alien invasion – especially with the connivance and cooperation of their mouthpiece: the ubiquitous and very FAKE mainstream news media.

  13. Dave says:

    To be honest, having had an interest in UFO’s since 1960, I’m glad they’re giving the subject legitimacy. This is most certainly a departure from the usual debunking mindset that produced completely absurd ‘explanations’ for highly credible reports. Our technological civilization, using the Industrial Revolution in the mid 1800’s as a benchmark, is less than 200 years old. It’s hard to predict what discoveries we will make in the centuries/millennia to come, and what technologies will sprout from them. But with something like a trillion galaxies in the observable Universe, each with hundreds of billions of stars, its inconceivable that the Universe is not teeming with advanced civilizations that have somehow figured out how to traverse vast interstellar, (maybe even intergalactic), distances to visit other civilizations.

    Of course it might be an intentional diversion from current political scandals.

    • truth1 says:

      Dave, I share some aspects of you idea. If there is one planet with life, we would have to have some explanation for why/how it is here. and if we suppose we were planted here, by others, then where did they come from?

      I say the galaxy and Universe will someday have many planets full of humans. but I believe this is the first planet to start this project out. and being the first prototype, some thing have to be worked out before the species is allowed to spread beyond our planet. Some disputes among our observers in another realm have to be resolved. As well, us, the creation, have to demonstrate our fitness or lack of it, for its design. It will get resolved and colonies will be started
      on other planets. For what its worth!

      • Larry says:

        “I say the galaxy and Universe will someday have many planets full of humans. but I believe this is the first planet to start this project out. and being the first prototype, some thing have to be worked out before the species is allowed to spread beyond our planet. Some disputes among our observers in another realm have to be resolved. As well, us, the creation, have to demonstrate our fitness or lack of it, for its design. It will get resolved and colonies will be started
        on other planets. For what its worth!”

        I’m not as sanguine as you truth1, regarding our chances of colonizing other worlds – especially if we insist on bringing our barbaric manners into space (thanks in large part to the psychological manipulations of the Deep State). No doubt there are other civilizations out there which would take a rather dim view of this misguided approach. Our smug, anthropocentric approach to the cosmos is even mirrored in the claim by scientists that –
        no matter in which direction we point our telescopes – the edge of the universe is approximately 13.5 billion light years away …IN EVERY DIRECTION!

        In other words …mankind is once again at the center of the universe!

        WE’RE SPECIAL!!! 😂

        • Michael burns says:

          13.5 billion light years…not 14 or 15, 16 or 13.

          Were do you guys get all these big numbers from…

          Have ya heard of CGI..yer sure they have telescopes. Your sure they not computer generated images. Or photo shopped?

          There a boss of the Universe who “allows” us to spread out to other planet?
          Is he the big boss? Or dooes he have a boss?

          We have to do a test first? Why is there always a test? We have to be fit? is there a pop quiz?
          We have observers in another realm? What are these peeping tom looking through to observe us?

          • truth1 says:

            Michael, I know we exist and are on a planet. Beyond, that, I am merely speculating I never claimed uncontestable facts. But I do believe there is a god with a purpose and that he created other beings that some of which, found fault with him and issued a challenge which is now being tested out down here.

            I am persuaded by the predictions in the Bible. Those predictions are to me, good evidence of intelligence behind them. From that point, I speculate. If we were created and God is infinite, then surely in time, more will be created. Maybe that makes sense and mayve it does not. But that is where I am coming from.

        • truth1 says:

          I was not suggesting that We would be the colonizers by space travel. But those who started us here, can transplant us, very similar to Star Trek’s beeming people up and down from the space ship earth.

          I share your disdain for the human race. but He who designed and made us will correct the contamination inserted into us, without allowing the time to play out in the early years of formation. One dork thought he was smarter than God but he lost 2 big challenges to God and demonstrated to all that he had no idea what he was talking about.

          all animals run on instinct, what we might call automatic programmed reactions to stimuli or irritants, potential danger. but Human were given a sophisticated intellect, to slowly integrate with their instinct, which they share in common with animals. The conception, gestation, birth and early years are the most important and it is this time that we all usually fail in. but the intellect has huge potential, but it can also go wrong if not done right. It will get corrected when the issue is fully resolved in a time we are very close to, now. but NOT by aliens! the designer and builder of life holds the solution we are in need of. We need to follow His design specifications.

  14. Fred Milton Olsen III says:

    Got to watch the “TO THE STARS” Academy of Arts and Sciences. It’s the Rock Star and the Six Spooks. They claim that they will be the mouthpiece, that their “entertainment” will be our passport to alien tech and lessons for entering the interstellar club. This seems a recipe for disaster. Will we get anything like reasonable disclosure and some sort of benefit to the planet and the living things there? Or will we get tiny controlled bits, often bought at great price and controlled by the same people who control everything already? Can we begin to really solve our energy and pollution problems, or will we just get flashier iPhones, alien fashions and perhaps some new gods and diseases? All imposed and explained in in “entertainment”…

    Fred Milton Olsen III, litigant OLSEN vs NSA 1992 FOIA re: Yeates Affidavit

  15. Rusty says:

    Ronald Reagan fooled the Soviet Union into believing we had weapons that we didn’t have as he publicly pushed SDI (Star Wars Program). Do you think Kim Jong Un believes in ET life? Could we trying to intimidate him with implications of advanced ET technology?

    • Fred Olsen says:

      Not just North Korea, but any country that would believe we have alien magic stuff that gives us super-powers that the USA as a superpower didn’t already have. The “alien autopsy” film, in my opinion, was made to scare the hell out of the Soviets, which it did.

  16. Fred Milton Olsen III says:

    See their videos here

    Tom DeLonge introduces the Spooks who will run TO THE STARS /watch?v=tUOu9RpzwJI

    Their website video

    They’ve been working on it for some time and may have material ready now. “Novels, films and non-fiction works”

  17. Larry says:

    as an aside:

    what baffles me to no end is why someone with the repute, insight, intelligence and impeccable integrity of the incredibly eloquent/erudite researcher/author Peter Levenda would choose to collaborate/write a book trilogy with Tom DeLonge (am halfway thru the 1st book- other 2 haven’t yet been published) if the DeLonge/Elizondo ‘gang’ we’re somehow not “onto something” and spreading maybe hoaxed dis-info-

    Levenda is anything but a hoaxer/dis-info agent; if one is not yet familiar with his mind-boggling works please delve into them- you won’t be disappointed

  18. Michael Burns says:

    First of…do you wake up in the morning with a sore bum?
    Does alien probing mean anything to you?
    Do owls look at you funny?
    You know the acronym in SANTA is SATAN…
    CIA…good aliens, bad aliens? Is there a difference.

    Are you sure you want to start the new year with all this on your mind?

  19. Tim says:

    Maybe it’s too obvious?

    “We need world government now, to combat this threat to our very existence! Either you’re with us, or you’re with the aliens! We’re all in this together! We’re stronger together! Let’s all join together and defeat this menace now!”

    “…And defeat global warming too and all those other nasty threats…” And then an objector:

    “There are no threats to our existence greater than the globalists. The globalists are the aliens.”

  20. rufus says:

    “Limited hangout” ? gimme a break, more like testing the waters for full-blown holographic nonsense in the future, possibly with an “alien plague” for population control.

    • Ron J. says:

      Hey rufus, I saw one of the 1st holograms in 1979 way beyond what disney was doing a few years earlier as with ghost mansion. There’s a company that can do projections in sky for a large price though the tech is out their to project holograms more than most know yet. Seems were moving past Operation Dark Monarch into another phase.

  21. flyng monkey wrench says:

    Say what? Top spooks quit cozy job, out themselves, and enter startup led by rock musician? And NY Times is on hand to report.

  22. BLUE says:

    I have always felt that the ‘UFO’ agenda hides a much more sinister one; involving demonic entities, dimensional portals, time travel, ‘rewriting’ time, interdimensional beings, and the militarization of such ‘powers’.
    Also it’s obvious that most UFO craft being reported on are terrestrial.
    But since TPTB just LIE their asses off, how are we to REALLY know?
    BTW, I really appreciate your writings; first time responder.

  23. Dogon Sirius says:

    They can’t deny the evidence in their own photos for much longer. /a/GN4wQ /a/BnX2z

  24. Philbert Desanex says:

    One thing that always seems to be missing from the UFO/alien visitation theme is the relative distances and sizes involved, and how unlikely it is that someone/something could even happen upon the Earth in the vast remoteness of space. Based on the known diameter and shape of both our solar system and galaxy, the volume of the solar system is something like 16 or 17 orders of magnitude (10,000 to 100,000 trillion times) smaller than the Milky Way galaxy alone. This would be like locating a city block within the volume of Jupiter. It is simply difficult to imagine anything or anyone randomly locating a small isolated planet within the immensity of interstellar space. It is of course possible that an intelligent signal from Earth has drawn the attention of an alien civilization, but an intelligent signal in the form of radio waves traveling outward at the speed of light is still only a little over 100 light years in radius, or approx 0.001% the diameter of the Milky Way galaxy. And this all presupposes that intelligent aliens capable of interstellar travel reside within our galaxy—from outside of our galaxy the probability of locating Earth or a signal from Earth has to drop off by hundreds of orders of magnitude.

    • Vern says:

      I’m not bothered by how they found us. I think if they are even only a couple hundred years ahead of us in technology – they have other ways to locate life on other planets. To us, we think radio waves or light must reach another place… but they might have another way. I do like your comment though! It’s crazy to think how small we are even in our own Galaxy.

    • truth1 says:

      such good reasoning.Dem boys in guberment be watching us to see what we say and how they can tailor it to whatever their agenda is. You just made it very tough for them. Good job, ole boy!

  25. Vern says:

    Russia and China are either sitting on similar knowledge, or they’re scrambling. I hope they’re sitting.

    The biggest question is, “Why Now?”

    As you say, it might be that they’re sitting on an ever-expanding cache of mind-blowing info that must get out at some point – and they figured, now’s as good a time as ever.

    Or, they’re putting it out now to cover something – distract us from something.

    Or, the scariest scenario, they have no say one way or another, and our government was ordered to release it.

    2018 could be a year filled with the most fantastic revelations. Or, little as people refuse to believe anything because it’s all just too much to grasp. I’m telling you what, if they start talking about portals – they’re going to lose most of the world. Probably myself included, and I think I’m fairly reasonable.


  26. Tony Bennett says:

    Like all the details and perspectives here. It makes interesting reading on most of them. But I have just listened to John Lear Interviewed by Grant Cameron. He says its fake. The only take I can make here is two fold: one, that the paper that printed this didn’t research this well enough and took it as gospel – two, that the print went ahead knowing (as John Lear stated) it is fake. That would put the UFO community back in its box.

    I guess there could be many more reasons for this news. It could be John Lear is wrong. And for those who haven’t listened to the conversation, here it is: /4gwEBTNTnCM

    I have many images of strange entities flying over my home and craft, also structures on the moon. But, these would not reach any news media. So I for one would love this to start an avalanche of people coming forward. I have a good feeling for 2018. We need it….

  27. Terry Edmond says:

    Too little, too late! After hearing from William Thompkins, Corey Goode, Tony Rodriguez, Randy Cramer, David Adair, I’m done with Roswell and UFO sightings. I’m feeling imprisoned in the 20th century and want out! We are in a “everything is a tax” paradigm and TPTB won’t let us out.
    Technology is a force that can’t be stopped! But it doesn’t have to be shared.

  28. anonymous retread says:

    Ken Jeremiah has a book I read just a couple months ago titled “Remnants of a Distant Past” that theorizes maybe these so-called extraterrestrials live deep underwater where we haven’t explored. /Remnants-Distant-Past-Explain-Phenomenon-ebook/dp/B00DHVTWIA

  29. Jon

    Though this may not have grabbed the “Times'” attention, several years ago a sensational (and rather hard to “debunk”) piece of video footage was given to (leaked?) a leading American UFO “homeland security”. An “incident” had been filmed at one of your airports (the horrors!!!!). I have seen 1000’s beyond 1000’s of videos and stills (many that have never been publically released) of “unusual aerial objects” and this particular film, the one I just mentioned is by far the best and the most intriguing of all.

    It is good because the small black craft is being trailed at relatively close range by homeland security. In fact, at one point, they appear to gain on it…leaving the viewer in suspense. Then the bloody think gosh darn splits in two. The two crafts (each no smaller than the original: how is that possible?) go in opposite directions. Homeland security, having only one vehicle, are proverbially “left for dead” at this point!

    It used to be up on YouTube, I believe.


  30. Rick says:

    It seems there are the usual assortment of know it alls on this blog who “know” the object in the gun camera footage is either faked or has a mundane explanation. How boring. But what if … it’s not? From here I mean.

  31. archie1954 says:

    The point is that you never trust one word the NYT says! You have plenty of historical reasons not to.

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