A UFO encounter for the ages (don’t worry, nothing happened, go back to sleep)

A UFO encounter for the ages (don’t worry, nothing happened, go back to sleep)

by Jon Rappoport

January 3, 2018

(UFO archive, here)

In my work as a reporter over the past 35 years, I’ve studied how major media cover stories. One of their consistent blunders:

Failure to follow up.

But it isn’t really a blunder.

There is a boundary, and reporters aren’t allowed to cross it.

Therefore, it looks like these reporters are inherently stupid. They don’t ask the right questions. They back away from a story just when it becomes vital.

Well, many of them are stupid—but it’s often a trained response. Over time, they learn to act as if they’re clueless; and then, after years, they are.

What is this boundary? It’s the line beyond which “important people” would be damaged and exposed, if the reporter followed his instincts and pressed forward.

Important people, important institutions are like giants standing on slippery mud. Give them a push, and they fall. Start digging around in the mud, and they fall.

Official reality falls.

The underlying dictum of the press is: Official reality must never fall.

Here is a stunning example of a day when it did—a UFO encounter for the ages.

On March 18, 2001, Jeff Rense (rense.com) published an article by Frank Altomonte, headlined: “SIX ‘SAUCER-SHAPED’ UFOS AND FACE-TO-FACE ET CONTACT IN LA IN 1957.”

Altomonte dug up a November 6, 1957, article from the LA Times. Not just any article. Page one, under a huge black banner headline at the top of the page: MYSTERY AIR OBJECTS SEEN IN SKY OVER LA.

Read these 1957 quotes, and remember, this is the LA Times, the most important newspaper in Los Angeles, and one of the leading papers in the US—during a time when print journalism was still the main source of information for the public.

“They (USAF personnel) spotted six ‘saucer shaped flying objects’ at an altitude of about 7000 feet at the base of a cloud bank about 3:50 p.m.”

“Those unidentified flying objects first reported over Texas and Gulf of Mexico arrived over Southern California yesterday.”

“Personnel at Los Alamitos Naval Air Station reported unidentified objects in sight almost continuously between 6:05 and 7:25 p.m.”

“Lt. Richard Spencer, a flying officer, saw the object from the ground. ‘It was not a star and it was not an airplane’, he said. He admitted, however, that it appeared to be ‘starlike,’ and added that it glowed in varying colors, changing from bright to dim and back again.”

“Airport Tower Operator Louis D. Mitchell and a sentry on duty, Hospitalman Charles Kreiger, also observed the object. Almost all observers were agreed that the object moved slowly — almost imperceptibly, across the sky. Most were agreed that the direction of travel was north or northwest.”

“Lending credence to the reports was the fact that…Air Force weather observers, including the commanding officer of the unit, acknowledged sighting unidentified phenomena over Long Beach Municipal Airport.”

“They spotted six ‘saucer shaped flying objects’ at an altitude of about 7000 feet at the base of a cloud bank about 3:50 p.m.”

“Maj. Louis F. Baker, commanding officer of the weather observation post, who sighted the objects with his assistants Airmen Joseph Abramavage and William Nieland said: ‘They were circular and shiny like spun aluminum changing course instantaneously without loss of speed like planes in a dogfight,’ Maj. Baker said. He said the objects were larger than a twin engine C-46 aircraft and were in sight for about a minute and a half.”

“The objects also were observed by 10 military personnel waiting to board an airplane at the airport, the spotters reported. Maj. Baker said he rejected the theory that the objects were sheet ice in a cumulonimbus cloud because of their regular circular shape.”

“An electronics executive, Merlin G. Perkins, 1102 N. Wright St., Santa Ana, said he observed an object though binoculars for almost a half hour as it moved slowly overhead finally fading away into the reflected light above the Santa Ana business district. It appeared to be round and it winked slowly from dim to bright, with a reddish glow, Perkins said.”

The November 6, 1957, LA Times also ran a short piece from the Associated Press, dated a day earlier. AP is, of course, one of the two or three largest news wire services in the world.

“New Orleans, Nov 5 (AP) — The Coast Guard cutter Sebago sighted an unidentified flying object over the Gulf of Mexico at 5:21 a.m. today. The object, seen for about three seconds, resembled a brilliant planet moving at tremendous speed.”

There is much more to Altomonte’s article, but you’re getting the picture.

As far as the LA Times was concerned, back in 1957, what happened next? What did they do?


No follow-up.

One of the most significant events in modern times occurs over the skies of Los Angeles, with multiple professional observers (and private citizens also quoted), so you would assume an EXTENSIVE INVESTIGATION would be launched.

“OK, boys, this is when you earn your paychecks. You’re supposed to be relentless reporters. I’m your boss, and this is when I earn my paycheck, too. I’m setting you loose. I don’t care how long it takes. Find out what the hell this is. Break down doors. Go up against the Pentagon and the CIA. The Times will back you up. Is it people from another planet? Is it our own secret craft, with onboard technology no one has ever heard of? Is it Nazis, Russians? We’re going to chase this until the cows come home. And by cows, I mean you. Come home with the true story. We’re not going to let go. You’ll never cover another story like this in your lives…”

But no.

That didn’t happen.

The massive follow-up that should have launched from the Times, like rockets, was squelched.

Looking at the LA Times archives, for the day AFTER the boggling UFO story, I find two major headlines. The first is above the masthead: “Halimi beats Macias for Title.” The second: “Rocket Artillery Unveiled by Russ[ians].”

Here today, gone tomorrow.

Ten years later, many people in Los Angeles would barely remember the UFO encounter. Well, the LA Times hadn’t kept the story alive.

“Say Bob, do you recall that thing where a whole lot of UFOs flew over the city? Did it really happen? Maybe I just had a dream about it. Strange…”

And thus, official reality is preserved.

A hole ISN’T punched in the literal and figurative sky. Instead, citizens go about their business and their lives.

“Hi, I’m an amnesiac.”

“Me too.”

Collective reality is often maintained through omission. A shocking event occurs, an event which, if pursued and investigated, would change the course of history. The press is forced to cover the event…which then sinks below the waves. By design.

If you assembled, say, a hundred such shocking occurrences end to end, and you watched them bob in the water and then disappear from view, the residue—what is left over—would be official reality.

The event I cite most often in these pages occurred on July 26, 2000. That was the day the Journal of the American Medical Association, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, published a review by Dr. Barbara Starfield, a respected and revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. The review was titled: “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?”

Dr. Starfield concluded that the US medical system kills 225,000 people a year. In a follow-up interview I did with her, she said this was a conservative estimate.

Extrapolate: Every decade, the US medical system (through FDA approved, correctly prescribed medicines, and mistreatment in hospitals) kills 2.25 MILLION Americans. Let that sink in.

When Dr. Starfield’s review was published in the year 2000, a flurry of mainstream press articles appeared. Then: nothing.

No follow-up. No investigation. No relentless probing by the mainstream press. The story died.

As if it never happened. The “it” being Dr. Starfield’s report and the fact of 2.25 million medically caused deaths per decade.


Archived in a never-never undersea library of vague memories.

Indeed, I once spoke with a physician about the Starfield Report and he said, “Was that a real review? Was it actually published? I think I heard something about it.”

I said, “You mean it might have been a dream you had? Just a dream?”

You’ve heard the term “alternative reality?” Well, that’s the one eight billion people on Earth are living in. Now.

The actual reality has been submerged by the eyes, ears, and mouth of the public: the major media News.

The Matrix Revealed

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

14 comments on “A UFO encounter for the ages (don’t worry, nothing happened, go back to sleep)

  1. Michael burns says:

    BLINK !*@

    You arise from your little bed and find one morning…your awake, for maybe the first time in your life. I mean actually awake.

    Yes, you have been getting up morning after morning for the last how many decades, going to that favorite standing position over a white porcelain bowl and filling it with a yellow liquid. But that is different. 

    Today you are awake…

    You have grown up and find out they have been talking to you all these long years, as if your were a child. An infant. A small little person of no real significance. And you listened. Trained to listen on bated breath.

    And you thought they were having intelligent conversations with you; you thought their science and education was truth; you thought their medical and care systems actually did that; took care of you when you were sick. You thought they knew what they were doing…when all it was, was, they got involved with you and your imagination and added their mind crippling ideas, and energy sucking symbols that harden and stuck like so many crucifixes in your head. But all the while, always keeping you from finding out the real. What is real? What does real mean?

    And you thought, “Well they should know..hell they are the experts.” Always giving you a problem to solve. And fuck a duck, if we don’t need, “More melodrama please.” Always keeping you trapped in your mind; problem/ reaction/solution. The triad, thesis/antithesis/synthesis…”More please I need to think about this shit constantly, all this, andevrything that the reality machine pumps out by the gallon, like oil…forever.”

    Information is the new oil, didn’t ya know

    They are not experts. They never were…No one is an expert. The whole thing is too complex for even language to describe it, language fails; mathematics fails and becomes limp like silk and falls to the floor, in its weak access of truth.  
    “Give us one free miracle and we will explain the rest.”

    We are barely able to translate and negotiate the sharing of a grain of wisdom in the ocean of knowledge that we are immersed in, in this Universe…

    And you think Aliens want to talk to you…I think if anything, they want to eat you, for breakfast; I think they want to make a pate out of you and spread you on their alien toast in the mornings, while they ravage this planet like a Cortez after the night of wine.

    But, there you are, always be lead down the garden path…they are forever keeping you in a maze, and your head in a fog. Cognitively dissonant and dazed from over-stimulation. Thumb fucking your little gadget like a rhesus monkey on crack..”ALIEN ALIENS, THEY FOUND METAL, ITS STRANGE…” One story after another, after another…Lady Gaga’s gone pink; Katy Perry’s got propellers on her tits.

    “Aliens are real.”


    “Oh yes, and Tom DeLonge, didn’t ya know…ya know, Twinkie number one from Blink!*@…”

    “Oh well it gotta be true then, has to be true then. It is not that he has devised a new marketing scheme to sell all that shit he’s got over there at ah..at ah…’To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science’ store. No, Tom’s an honorable man. He’s not the Twinkie you think he is..and he hasn’t teamed with some retiring accounting office spooks from the CIA to invest some of their retirement money they have into mindfucking the public for another couple of years and make a killing selling, all that crap. I mean they are good at it, their career mindfuckers, if ya know what I mean. They got their pensions and are out, and so they are free agents now.”

    The only person that belongs in your imagination and mind is you and no one else. Make up your own stories, and force feed them down back down the throats of these assholes until this ugly empire falls.

    UFO’s, unknown metal, NYT; a big juicy 2018 raspberry to them and their weird little fucking friends…

    They are now I notice talking to the new generation of little kids, that haven’t grown up yet. Fronted by, of all people, a Twinkie named Tom DeLonge and his MKUltra whip snapper; way too much micro dosing being done these days..wouldn’t ya say.

    What do you think they have on him, to make him stand up spit nickles like he is…to go on Joe Rogan and make a complete asshole out of himself. I think they have been microdosing him into a daze of self aggrandizing, this is actually more important to him than his own art.

    This is proof of how much control they have really have lost, the inmates are running the asylum…they are grasping at straws; desperately trying to stop you from waking up. WAKE UP!
    They want the young people to love them and listen to them. Trying to stop the empire from crumbling.  It scares the shit out of them. They know the metaphoric guillotine wouldn’t stop until their final extinction. ‘Rogue retiring agents using company methods on cashing in, using rock music crack heads.’ That should be the headline on the NYT.

    A great percentage of the American public, do not trust their government. Another larger percentage, believe they live in a dictatorship. A totalitarianism. What do you think?

    There can be no great creation without great destruction, I am lead to believe.

    Your imagination and you are much more sophisticated than what they feed your mind day after day; much, much more intelligent, than these low ideas.

    How large can you dream? 

    Television, now has transcended the box that use to be in your living room. Now it is being acted out as what…MSM news and this weird reality on every street corner, in every shop and store, in every work place…ad nauseum YouTube channels for everyone, everyone a star. Yeah okay…It’s wake up time…

    “It’s wake up time…time to open up your eyes…and shine..” – Tom Petty, now that’s a song writer.

    • Theodore says:

      Mr Burns, wow, your opening salvo reads-out very similar in spirit to Henry Miller ranting in this trilogy novel, “Nexus, Plexus, Sexus”.

      “You arise from your little bed and find one morning…you’re awake, for maybe the first time in your life. I mean actually awake.

      “Yes, you have been getting up morning after morning for the last how many decades, going to that favorite standing position over a white porcelain bowl and filling it with a yellow liquid. But that is different.

      Today you are awake…”

  2. simpleworkathomeplan says:

    The matrix must be preserved! All hail the matrix!

  3. bycrackey says:

    Who’s who & mind control roots. No more fish. Time to learn how to fish.

    The Best Kept Secret in America”
    From Dr. Byron T. Weeks, MD

  4. peter littlehorse says:

    The papers won’t follow up on a story as soon as the words ‘national security’ are uttered. Cowards and traitors, all of them. Beneath contempt.

  5. Jon, good article and “on point”.

    FYI (though I can’t cite any examples) “UFO” phenomena began appearing in newspaper journals from about 1860’s and 70’s, quite rare but building to some intensity in the 1920’s. Then “standards” (sic) were tightened and a gag order was placed on any information that contradicted [archaeological/science] authority.


    • Michael Burns says:

      Come on OZ. If you have no examples…. you presenting this as fact? Yes?
      Give me one…
      Do you know how many who saw hot air balloon in flight; and I must say some of them were quite colorful and decorated in lamps (the balloons that is) at those times, were confused for other things.
      But I would like to read an article upon which you state…I think it’s an urban myth though.
      Archaeology and science didn’t have that kind of power to shut down all newspapers. That kind of power didn’t exist until Hearst and yellow journalism. Unless someone has gone back into records and deleted the newspaper information on microfilm.

      • MB I am sad to inform you there are no facts, zero. There are consensuses of opinion. Opinions that “justify” factual “basis” are determined by a consensus of atheist-rationalist-materialists. The very brightest of the bunch (of evil ones) have worked, that by shifting terms to suit political circumstances occasional “fantasies” (per prior materialist guidelines) can be justifiably “endorsed”.

        I have my own rationale based on justifiable experience which invalidates popular consensus.

        On to your point as to “who said this”, “who saw that”. Well, invariably, circumstances surrounding an event leave vast trails of debris, which can be inspected physically, for a short time, but, more widely, “contextually”. Let me give you an example.

        If you have had any experience with philately, you will know of the Spanish imperforates of the 1850’s and ’60’s. The mostly are notoriously rare “unfranked”. So how to tell if the mint are not cleaned and re-gummed?

        Ah well, experts “in the know” know what to look for. Armchair theorist don’t. They “speculate”.

        • Michael Burns says:

          Lol…to funny. You are a very funny fellow.

          Stamp collecting, Oz..ya don’t say.
          Hell, back in the good ole, bad ole days Ozzie me old son, I waited for the letters to come in; those ones from Canada, that had wonderful stamps. Some coming from me mum to my grandmother. And I’d steam them carefully off, and re-apply them on any ole paper a Belfast guttersnipe could find to save them on. And keep my collections neat. I had hundreds and hundreds of the same stamp. Similarly Franked, and partially Franked; I got excited about that…if a full time stamp was feng shuied to the stamp, crazy stuff a kid thinks about…Money didn’t exist for me back then, the creative is a wonderful thing. Taught me how to find ways to understand the world. I couldn’t afford the proper stuff. But that was a good thing.

          I was ignorant of the fact it was a sport mate. I was just curious and saught to entertain myself. Stamp are little artworks; as I am sure you know, tiny little portraits and landscapes. There is a lot information there…
          Took me a while to understand Frank and Unfranked species. Do you know I would even go through dustbins to find samples. Always asking people for their old envelopes.

          Then I gave it up for swordfighting.

          Seems I have upset you, did I speak ill of your religion? My apologies.
          Do you still collect?

          • The problem with Irish stamps, Michael, is Sinn Fein came along and ruined the whole bloody thing. In fact, just about the only ones “of value” are British classics that have been “overprinted”. Oh well, God save the king…..or sommat like that.

            Now, now going through dustbins is the first stage to homelessness and I think they now jail you in America for doin’ that. Or, if they don’t, they will do soon. I did once fantasise about taking a trip to British Guiana with view to finding “another” one cent black on magenta. But then reality hit home. I’ve only ever managed to pick up a belly bug at these oriental places.

            When I was very young, a wee nipper, I took a fancy to fightin’, but it turned out I wasn’t very good at it, so I moved to stamps. We’ve just done things the opposite way round.

            Today I’m too busy with Jon’s blog and my own articles for frivolities like “collecting”, but I still dream. Yes, dream I do.

            Now Michael, you, of all people, know that leprechauns, particularly red headed ones, don’t follow any religions. I am never upset with you and I was delighted to give you feedback that contradicted your cause, but you kept me on my toes. And that’s the way it should be. Always.

  6. As for “that kind of power”, you are entirely wrong in your presumption.

    Check out the politics around Egyptology in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Look are the battles that were fought over opinions about dinosaurs in the 19th century.

    Did you no that only shortly after vaccines were mass produced there was a vocal army against them (1860’s onwards)?

    What’s happening today has ALWAYS happened to some degree.

  7. oramneil says:

    Dear Jon, How do I send you a few essays I wrote which I think you would appreciate? Warm regards. neil o

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