Head of secret Pentagon program says UFOs can “warp space-time”—what?

Head of secret Pentagon program says UFOs can “warp space-time”—what?

by Jon Rappoport

March 12, 2018

Luis Elizondo, former head of a secret Pentagon program studying UFOs, is now extending his recent remarks about craft witnessed in our skies…

In an interview with the UK Daily Star (2/8), Elizondo made the following boggling comments:

“For the first time, we have a compelling picture that what we are seeing is explained in our current understanding of physics, advanced physics, and quantum mechanics.”

“We do believe all these observables we’ve been seeing, sudden and extreme [UFO] acceleration, hypersonic velocities, low observability, trans medium travel, and last but not least, positive lift, anti-gravity – is really the manifestation of a single technology.”

“So it’s not five exotic technologies we’re trying to figure out, it’s one, and we think we know that one too.”

“We believe it has to do with a high amount of energy and the ability to warp space-time, not by a lot, but by a little.”

The Sun also obtained a comment from Elizondo’s colleague, physicist Hal Puthoff: “Puthoff came to the conclusion that the [UFO] craft can effectively create their own time-space bubble, which allows them to fly at such incredible speeds.”

My, my.

A space-time bubble? Warping space-time?

Elizondo claims such stunning capacities can be understood by Earth physics—but at what level? Speculative? Conceptual? Or in a way that would allow American engineers to build their own craft capable of performing staggering feats and maneuvers? It’s easy to say, “We understand this,” when no assembly is required and you just spin hypotheses. I can come up with a hypothesis which explains how multi-ton stones were transported up a mountain road, centuries ago in Peru, and fitted together perfectly, with primitive technology—as long as I don’t actually have to replicate the feat now, using ancient means. I can blow that kind of smoke.

As I’ve discussed in several previous articles, Elizondo (a former intelligence officer who ran clandestine operations in Latin America), and a host of other former Pentagon and CIA players, are now attached to rock musician Tom DeLonge and his fledgling To the Stars Academy.

This odd marriage raises questions. For example, are the high-level players using DeLonge to disseminate the UFO story as a THREAT-FROM-SPACE SCENARIO, requiring gigantic new sums of money to build defenses against extra-terrestrial attacks?

The Pentagon-CIA nexus has always positioned “UFO disclosure” in those terms. “We have a battle to fight, and we must prepare ourselves against potential alien forces. Give us more money.”

Elizondo has now doubled down. He’s claiming scientists understand how UFOs do what they do.

Let’s see some evidence.

Not just concepts and abstract equations, but hardware—located, perhaps, at the famed and walled-off Lockheed Skunk Works in Palmdale, California.

Or is Elizondo merely passing along sensational-sounding “information,” designed to rope in a new generation of UFO enthusiasts, and lead them to accept a “threat-from-space” story?

Is the “warp” really about a space-drive, or is it about Elizondo’s distortion of facts?

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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52 comments on “Head of secret Pentagon program says UFOs can “warp space-time”—what?

  1. New World Orders says:

    No I always see you guys and your taking advantage of the Italian

  2. For many years now I have insisted that a somewhat practical method of a localized time dilation without near light velocity movement exists beyond the normal teachings of Einsteinian relativity. “The simple vastly overlooked aspect in the building and discovery involved with three phase air core transformers is the fact that an EXTRA magnetic reaction occurs between those three phase secondaries themselves; where by an accidental or beneficial consequence of the arrangement becomes the fact now two and not one magnetic influences ensue on each secondary, first the main primary coupling one, now added by a secondary to secondary one, each making the cyclic voltage appearance of energy to appear further apart in time then their primary designations designed them to be.”
    “The evidence I have provided for is straight forward and is even given a conventional explanation, which is due to a phasor effect which is a voltage source that rotates in time. In the movie “Around the World in 80 Days” the traveling observers experienced 81 days while the “stationary” world they left behind only experienced 80 days. This was due to a spin within a spin of the earth itself. The extra spin was the travelers own journey around the earth. The same sort of thing can happen with machines that utilize designed compressive resonant mutual inductance effects in three phase magnetic circuits. Now ordinarily for three spatially separated resonant coils powered by sources of voltages divided three fold in time as occurs in three phase; a measurement of voltages BETWEEN all three voltage rise measurements will be a measurement of the TIME between them whereby a 120 degree phase angle is deduced by trigonometry by the law of cosines. The first question that evolves is HOW could it be possible that this somewhat sacred measurement of time be altered? In the movie analogy one observer experienced a day difference after 80 days of rotation due to a spin within a spin, but the time between observers was the same. But what if we did the same thing electromagnetically? Apparently this can be done by a 1/6 cycle interaction arranged with 9 coils interacted in three phase. The NEW faster rotation within a rotation as the phasor action will be 1/24th faster in time then the cyclic impulse delivered by the line delivery wires.”

    • onjb says:

      earth is not a globe and space is fake, try that in your equation

    • Freespirit says:

      From you: “But what if we did the same thing electromagnetically?”

      The BEST, or should I say,ONLY, Science. requires PROOF so my suggestion is to “Build It” and then PATENT it

      • Harvey Norris says:

        As you have noted, science requires proof, and I have already built machines exhibiting stationary time dilation. I am hypothesizing nothing here, my comments are made from experimental observations. Six Voltage Meter Triangulation Tests for Time Distortion https://youtu.be/OMnjxZCZdCI See summarized comments describing the video. The reason for using 6 voltage meters is to measure the time around a 3 phase circle containing 360 degrees of time so that both the normal state of time determined by triangulation of voltage sources found by trigonometry showing the phasor action of the air core magnetism slightly compressing time at https://www.flickr.com/photos/harvich/23206397184/in/dateposted-public/ AND the application of time dilation in the powering of xenon and krypton bulbs from the device shown at https://www.flickr.com/photos/harvich/23752164941/in/dateposted-public/ can be compared. As you may see from Jon’s recent submission of patent office secrecy policies regarding new inventions: I will never patent this device to see it shoved under the rug and prefer the knowledge to be in the public domain for possible replications amongst experimentalists such as myself. See my recent quora post; What’s the reason behind time dilation, apart from mathematical proofs? https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-reason-behind-time-dilation-apart-from-mathematical-proofs/answer/Harvey-D-Norris

        • Freespirit says:

          Thank you but I disagree regards PATENT

          If you don’t patent it some unscrupulous money-hungry ,without ethics, individual may and then it can be “shoved under the rug” as THAT person has control

          As long as you hold the patent you are in control and can make certain it becomes part of the “Public Domain”

          Your decision does not make sense, but then, much of what happens today does not SEEM to make sense, unless I have missed and/or am missing THE ulterior motive.

          I am old and wise enough to know “Not to believe ANYTHING one “hears” and only HALF of what one sees”

          People can IMAGINE and SAY anything they want until REALITY appears

          • truth1 says:

            Well said and thought out. Put another way (From X-Files) “Trust no one!” And “In a multitude of counselors there is wisdom.” Well, unless you are talking about a commitee formed in a corporation. In that case, its: “Abandon hope all ye who enter. Run for your lives!”

          • Dan Quixoté says:

            Patents aren’t worth much more than the paper they’re printed on, either for validity, nor for control or profit.

            I ‘have’ a double-digit number of US and international patents. My meatspace name is on them as inventor, but the owners (“Assignees”) of the patents are the corporations who paid for that work-for-hire. I’ve also been party to litigation surrounding patents. Lots of tales I could tell, involving players you’ve heard of, much of it quite silly. I hope it suffices to say that in 3 decades of working to bring fringe science into common use, including 5 technologies people now come to expect in their lives, that most of the good stuff will never see the light of day for a variety of discouraging reasons, and patents don’t mean jack squat. For example, a large fraction of patents are for ideas that were never “reduced to practice” – that is, have never been built or never worked; they’re just persons or corporations piddling on trees to claim some territory. There’s no small number of reasons why the patent system is sad farce along many axes. It’s too bad, it was such a good idea in principle – you get a time-bound monopoly in exchange for disclosing your new knowledge to the public. It was supposed to give the inventor financial reward and incentive to keep doing it, and give others in the field to build the next innovation on top of your last one as a separately patentable derivative work. It hasn’t turned out that way. Patents are baseball cards, and most of them are literally redundant. Companies re-patent know inventions (cough, APPLE) and then try to take you to court for infringement. The easy defense, though still just as expensive, is to show you’ve just been doing what some prior expired redundant patent taught.

            If Harvey doesn’t feel like spending thousands of dollars to try getting something through the USPTO where the average patent takes 4 years to make it through the process and many patent examiners don’t even understand what you’re talking about, after which some big company will just infringe anyway, I don’t blame him. This is why I’ve chosen to never patent something on my own dime. Totally not worth it so far.

            • truth1 says:

              Don Q. I love and value comments and commenters like yourself. Fascinating! I saved your comment and another on this blog. but i would say this about patents. I don’t believe there was ever a good intention behind the concept, ever! Those who devised it knew full well what they were doing. But just didn’t bother to tell us and led us to believe otherwise. All patenting should be abolished. its just another weapon of big industry and big banking.

            • Freespirit says:

              It depends on HOW one PATENTS.

              If you patent simply under Statutory Law ( which is NOT LAW at all ), then YES you are correct

              Patent UNDER COMMON (NATURAL) LAW , and then you are INCORRECT.

              Common Law Patent WILL protect your Invention, with GOOD INTENT- Your own !

              Thanks, however, for your input.

            • Natural Woman says:

              Apparently, over 5K patents for free-energy devices have been seized by the government under the guise of national security, thus effectively preventing any new developments that would free the world from high energy bills and especially from petroleum. Inventors have said that not only does the government seize the patent, it seizes everything in your lab and threatens you if you should ever disclose anything.

              My father had several patents but refused to develop more because it was futile. His existing patents were all infringed by large companies and even though lawyers agreed that it was clear-cut and he had plenty of evidence to prove his case, he was the little guy against vast money. And this was decades ago.

              More recently, a friend had a patent which she was offering to a large company to use for royalties. Upon my advice, she went to an attorney to get a non-disclosure signed by this large company, and then proceeded to give them her secrets. They turned her down, and that very same day set about using her invention anyway. A large law firm took on the case for a large percentage of the settlement so that she had no out of pocket, and after 7 years of litigation, she won millions.

              Very recently, a friend invented something very useful in aviation and went to offer it to a major company. They told him that they were going to take it without compensation because he couldn’t win in court because that company was so tied in to the government he’d never win.

              So I agree with the remark that patents were sold to us as a good thing, but were deceitful right from the beginning, easily controlled by the powers-that-be.

  3. the postman says:

    “all these observables we’ve been seeing”

    How odd considering that most of us are still waiting to see the FIRST truly believable, clear, up-close video footage of a UFO… The BS extruding from Langley (not to mention the idiots eating this Schiff up), must be at an all-time high.

  4. truth1 says:

    Oh, I love these kinds of articles.
    First: Time is not a thing. It is a concept for us to understand the span and scale of time. It is not anything that can geo backward or jump far forward, as if all things were created in some ethereal time recording machine. No such thing. It’s a concept. We know when Rome was an empire. We know how far back the bronze age was. But what is done is done and the future has not taken place yet. We will have to be patient.

    Existence is really about context. Lots of energy allows us to exist at a certain state. Lower or raise the surrounding energy and we may cease to be able to exist. For instance, lead cooled in liquid nitrogen, undergoes property changes. It becomes very magnetic for one. High energy levels and everything is plasma and no life can exist. Only energy. We are the result of a drop in energy levels to a certain state that allows the world we live in and exist in.

    Luis is being given info on what goes into a UFO. They have built them. Tesla designed them over 100 years ago. Its not rocket science. Actually, its UFO science. They exist, but are fully human creations. They mess with the surrounding physical properties because they are a far higher energy level that causes our energy level position to change, where it comes into contact with UFO’s produced energy of very high voltage of at least, if not more, than 50 million volts.
    While 50 million volts radically change the laws of physics at our level of energy, producing what might seem as magic, it is only because 50 million volts is not something we normally encounter. It has an other worldly feel to us, much like might happen on say an LSD trip.

    The advantage for those in power is that this unusual brush with much higher energy of 50 million plus volts produced by these “UFOs” will be enough to dazzle the stupid and fool them into falling for false prophet and false gods in the form of men. We learn so little over 6020 years. What shame we can be so gullible. But we can because as humans we have this ability/trait to fall for anything that we want to believe. If we want it, we will believe it. No snake oil salesman would ever try to sell to a crowd of intelligent people.

    He knows that would never work. He seeks out the gullible who already want and believe in snake oil and its great benefits. Can you say Vaccines? Pharmaceutical drugs? Death dealing doctors? That is snake venom of our own making. The salesman than says he has the very thing we want and we all flock to him. “Sir, I guts ta have me some of that genuine snake oil right now or I will dry up and die. I’ll pay any rice you want!” He will anyway, but that is another story.

    Unless we can overcome that frail part of our nature that finds what we want and makes us certain we can have it, when in reality, it is not possible. You can not have your cake and eat it, too. Reality is bitter pill but if you refuse to swallow it, you will die. And That ain’t no snake oil, boys and girls. Truth1 don’t deal no snake oil or snake venom. But people sure hate what Truth1 spews from his mouth. Its worse than an army of killer bees attacking them. Sorry about that. But I am under strict orders to tell the truth, even if it makes me smell like burning hot feces. Yeah, the stench is pretty bad, ain’t it?

    • James Moses says:

      …..you’re not FAR removed from the, errr, ‘truth’, Truth1 – but the problem which has arisen at EVERY turn, why humanity struggles to comprehend, let ALONE reconcile so much about its existence and that of others, is a fundamental need to distinguish between these states called ‘matter’ and ‘energy’ – BOTH being INFORMATION, the latter usually redefining aspects of the former or extant effective / facilitating media, distribution of such effects based upon graduated field densities (the very BASIS of entirely subjective temporal experiences, morphogenesis, longevity determined by extent of integration, resonant potential, coherence and durability of constructive entanglement – hence, ANY delineations cannot be described as ‘dimensional’, such things as ‘dimensions’,simply don’t EXIST – all ILLUSORY given a perspective of LIMITED organic sensory instruments – ALSO key to recognizing the reality of non-localized craft and what means they utilize for transit……

  5. bettyhill says:

    All I can say Jon, is that this guy is one of many in the Pentagon who are a bit loopy. These things are all about getting taxpayer’s funding to fund their extravaganzas- their pet subjects. For then if secured are living the life of an overlord and where people think that he must know what he is on about.

    One of my late friends Jerome Karle was the Navy’s top scientist and was in and out of the Pentagon nearly early day. Jerome told me that most of them live in the ivory tower concept where dreams and logic not based upon present knowledge is substituted for their hypothetical pie-dreaming. Anyone can think like that but the usually have a mind thinking disorder and should be put in straight jackets. Jerome was one of the only sane ones that entered this cathedral of obscure possibilities, not to agree with them, but to dispute a lot that they came out with and wished to do. Unfortunately even he was just considered a mere mortal by them, but where they could not even lace his boots.

    The problem with all these people at the top, and in this case the five sided machine of hypothetical victory is in our grasp, power totally corrupts and their minds become remote and obscure to reality. This by its very nature is very dangerous to say the least. indeed to date there have been people to pull them back from the brink, but the danger is constantly there. For people like Jerome are in decline to provide this behemoth with, forgive for my pun, down to earth advice. Many have a romantic view of warfare where they always come back as heroes and where I think Elizondo has seen just one too many sci-fi movies. But they are a danger and a drain on the public purse if they get some stupid political heavyweight to believe them and back them to the hilt. For we know that our political leaders in reality are not the brightest star in the sky.

    • Natural Woman says:

      Minor thought: Corrupt people are attracted to power positions. There are good people that power won’t corrupt, however it is a tough thing to withstand.

  6. henry says:

    If the US can convince other countries that it has secret weapons that they cannot defend against then the other countries will not risk getting into a war with the US. On the other hand, if the US has secret weapons that cannot be defended against, they would want to demonstrate some of the capabilities. A directed energy weapon would account for the recent California forest fires (where the trees didn’t burn but motorcycles 20 feet away were left as puddles of aluminum). Such a weapon would also account for the destruction of the buildings in NYC on 9/11/01 as recorded on the video or that day (where a spire 700ft by 40ft by 1 inch of steel turns to dust in seconds during the collapse). Could these events be demonstrations to cause other countries to have second thoughts about going to war?

  7. From Quebec says:

    The UFO story as a THREAT-FROM-SPACE SCENARIO, requiring gigantic new sums of money to build defenses against extra-terrestrial attacks? (Jon)

    But they don’t want to give money to build a wall to protect Americans from criminal invaders from shit holes countries.

    • truth1 says:

      You make a very good point. UFOs might or might not. But for sure, continual human invaders will l bring us all down together in rapid fashion. say, maybe that is their real goal. Surely stupidity can not explain it!

  8. JB says:

    When was space or time anything but conceptual? The warping going on here is in the minds of those postulating space and time are physical objects possessed of dimension and therefore manipulable.

    Readers should refer to Constantin Antonopoulos’ A Bang into Nowhere paper.

    • truth1 says:

      JB, anyone that believes time is some thing that exists and can be traveled thru, thereby believe in a false concept. Moist can not distinguish between fictional Sci Fy and reality. That is where we as a species are at, sadly.

  9. From Quebec says:

    I can come up with a hypothesis which explains how multi-ton stones were transported up a mountain road, centuries ago in Peru, and fitted together perfectly, with primitive technology
    (Luis Elizondo)

    If these bastards did not burn so many books, maybe we would know by now how they accomplished that. incredible task.

    It seems like in those days, that the corruption of the Elites was just as bad as they are today.

    Today we have classified information, in those days, they just burned the documents.

    • James Moses says:

      …put MOST simply, levitation by very precise aggregate entangled resonant fields relative to densities, potentials of objects, materials to be raised (as demonstrated 80 years ago in Tibet) – although even renowned physicist Richard Feyman noted that removing just 1 electron out of every 10 MILLION, could lift a 200-pound person several FEET…..

    • truth1 says:

      They also burned people (at the stake), too. There could be evidence of the how’s that is just being covered over and hidden. Academia has never been about science, logic, or reason. They don’t know what those are. They are about propaganda and deception. All teaching and learning is controlled by Illusionists and liars. Only the individual can break from that. Followers will follow, not lead or search on their own. They do what they are told.

  10. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    Jon, I vote for the “merely passing along sensational-sounding “information,” designed to rope in a new generation of UFO enthusiasts, and lead them to accept a “threat-from-space” story”.
    It’s probably in preparation for “Project Blue Beam”.

  11. Dan Quixoté says:

    30+ year “fields guy” here (electromagnetic fields and the like), half my career has been on contract to commercialize ‘fringe’ science for private corporations, with about half of *that* making it to the public or industry over the past few decades; I’ve just refused to do it for the military or governments, so rewards were smaller but conscience has been largely clean. Yeah, space-time warping, inertial cancellation, time dilation, superluminal (faster-than-light) transport, pushing gravitational field lines outside your local bubble as magnetic field lines are pushed outside of superconductors – It’s all quite real. Some of it’s easy, some is a pain in the butt, some of it is dangerous and they need to stop playing with it. Superluminal propagation – shoot, that’s downright easy – back in college one of our fields professors made it a *requirement* for his grad students to co-author a super-luminal propagation paper with him. At the other end of the spectrum is time travel – that’s some nasty stuff and I’ve never known anything good to come of it. The SAP guys (Special Access Projects) need to know that off. But as we all know, they’re going to keep pushing their boundaries in every unethical manner they can think of because of arms race vs opponent factions.

    For reasons I neither endorse nor enjoy, related to power structures human and otherwise, 95% of the scientific knowledge of the world is off-limits to the general population, including even university researchers. It’s by invitation only.

    Elizondo’s drips & drabs to the Interwebs rags are cute. By the early 90’s US Space Command “owned” every cubic centimeter of space out to the orbit of Mars. They’ve gone much further out than that now, but the solar system has become rather more “contested” in recent years. Nearly annually yet another off-world crew manifest or set of transfer orders for personnel and materiel [sic] accidentally makes it out to the public during a Wikileaks or Guccifer-style mass hack dump.

  12. James Moses says:

    Elizondo is entirely CORRECT, Jon – in fact, NASA is overseeing work by Alcubierre and White into an increasingly confirmed warp drive technology (which operates by virtue of transmuting media being transited through by yes, a ‘bubble’, interferometer which redistributes it and produces constructive entanglement to maximize ease, analogous to a larger celestial body’s ‘slingshot effect’ – but, more like ethereal gears – see this thread for latest developments: https://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=42129.0) while a renegade physicist by the name of Miles Mathis has demonstrated SEVERAL key flaws in belief about flight, which further suggests that even the Wright Brothers, stumbled onto effective warp technology – I myself, have created a theoretical concept for UFO propulsion, part of which was confirmed by an MIT scientist…..here’s a PDF to the author’s entry about Mathis: http://www.stephenerobbins.com/uploads/7/3/2/9/73295531/flight.pdf

  13. What was that Stargate episode where Daniel’s heads an Earth defense project ? He goes completely power mad and becomes Dictator of Earth because only he can be trusted with its defence. So the UFO field. Always so kooky as you Americans say! Yet that remains the biggest anomaly of all to me. Why does it *SEEM* that Earth is completely isolated in the cosmos? I’ve always found that odd considering the obvious antiquity of the Earth. Could it be a subject for dreamers which is why shady operators hijack it drawing in the unwary ?

  14. Freespirit says:

    I’ll go for “Distortion of Facts” and “Extortion of MONEY”

  15. Larry says:

    “Let’s see some evidence.”

    Yeah – like let’s see some evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election away from Hillary.

    You don’t suppose that President Trump is in collusion with the Russians AND the extraterrestrials?!?!?

    • truth1 says:

      The extra terrestrials I know, assure me they have nothing to do with spooks and spy network trafficking. But there are 2 kinds of “extra-terrestrials. One is good and the other is not. But both say they are good.

  16. Andrew mckean says:

    Usually i love your articles as you show an open mind with intelligence and common sense pointing out the undisclosed or the obvious, so im really shocked you took a negative slant on this partial disclosure. Please take another look into currently occuring disclosure coming through various people incuding Corey Goode and Captain Randy Cramer among others bravely stepping forward to reveal that we already have this technology way beyond our public understanding and theyre not going to just hand it to us. Please report on further investigation Jon.

  17. “Military Top Secret Hollywood Film Studio” at > TruthStreamMedia and reposted at > SGTreports, declassified training film on the Laurel Canyon CIA Psy-op studio. Much has been presented on the lunar photos, films being fake. Maybe the whole “giant leap” was an inside joke.

    “Perplexing Apollo Questions for NASA” at FauxScienceSlayer website

  18. Dave Johnson says:

    Please stop believing the government propaganda on UFO’s. They will never give you a real answer on anything. A rock group involved? Who thought that up?

    The late whistleblower Phil Schneider (videos still on Youtube), who before they suicided him, stated that the black budget was many times greater than anyone could understand and that for every 12 months on the calendar, government technology advanced 40 years (that is FORTY YEARS) and that they have been doing that since the 1970’s. That means their technology is almost 2000 years ahead of what you think you know and that all the ships, planes, rockets, ufos and other assorted antiques are just so much scrap metal and that the only people that really know what is happening are those 60 levels of security clearances above the President.

    And if you don’t believe me, please read Top Secret – U.S. Government Anti-Gravity Fleet is Operational Today at http://www.metatech.org/wp/ufos/secret-government-anti-gravity-fleet/.

    I realize the information is ancient, what with the TAW-50, Mach 50 (38,363 MPH) antique aircraft described being designed in the 1970’s. But that is the latest information available. They decided to limit the “leaks” after that.

    Please read every article on Metatech.org. There are worse things coming to worry about.

    I will give you a hint. Look closely at the diagram of the US Navy Space Carriers. Where are the weapons? I see none. See those cubes? They look like 20 story high, skyscraper sized containers. And there are hundreds of them per ship. They are storage ships. What are they planning to store? You better find out.


  19. Ozone says:

    Go back to John Lear & Bob Lazar in 1988-89. Area 51 Sport Model Element 115 engine antimatter reactor vectored 3D collapse of Space/Time, you were THERE!

  20. Jan Dawe says:

    If there truly was a threat from extraterrestrials, and supposedly they have been coming here for a few thousand years, why oh why would they be that stupid as to wait till we are technologically more advanced, as in now, that we have nuclear capability and more – directed micro wave tech?

  21. Professor Tinker says:

    To quote Ed Leedskalnin, (coral castle), “It’s easy once you know the secret”.

    • James Moses says:

      Curious – have you seen R.L. Poole’ series of latest ‘TalkingTo Leedskalnin’ YouTube videos SOLVING the biggest mystery, Professor? Ed actually encoded his completion time IN the sculptures’ distribution…..

    • truth1 says:

      That was short but full of good insight, Professor!

  22. ProfRaccoon says:

    The Einstein speed barrier fake theory is the only “space-time bubble”. Superluminal speed is as possible as supersonic speed. “Not faster than light” is a “gedanken experiment” which can never ever be put to a real test, since it is a negative statement. The Lorentz-Voigt coordinate transform can be interpreted in several ways, not necessarily according to zionist agent Einstein. Hilbert’s covariance and general relativity (stolen by the same famous zionist) keeps up the nonsensical “speed barrier”, and leads to all kinds of unphysical absurdities. Of course we see ‘UFOs’ that are faster than light, developed on Earth by ordinary human scientists, and obscured since 1945.

  23. jurgenwahl says:

    It appears to be possible. Most of the energy in the universe is trapped within the shells of atoms. If a phase shift were to occur, allowing some of this energy to become accessible, then sufficient force could be attained to bend the space-time continuum. Bombarding ununpentium with a proton creates for the tiniest moment ununhexium, the decay of which generates an anti-matter reaction releasing tremendous energy. Something along those lines might be workable.

  24. Jarheadusmc says:

    On the contrary – allow me to give an alternate explanation from a different standpoint.

    Blessed Sister Anna Katerina Emmerich (1774-1824), German mystic (bore the mysterious wounds of Christ and lived on the Eucharist for years without any solid food – confirmed by authorities at the time). From her many heavenly revelations:

    When Blessed Emmerich was 5 years old she innocently invited “Jesus” to her house at Christmas for His birthday, standing out in the snow, in Germany, a poor peasant girl and looking up to the heavens. Suddenly, God appeared to her in some form and showed her from the beginning of creation to the end of the world, including the many wars and other events which has since then transpired. Most, if not all her revelations have since come true.

    Our Lord (God) showed her the battle in heaven between the angels, who were given a “test” of their loyalty and love of God. The angles were shown that a woman would be born, who would become the “Mother of God”, the “Spouse of the Holy Ghost”, who would bear the “Son of God” and would die on the Cross for mankind. One third of the angels, led by Lucifer, which means angel of light, protested that a “man born of woman”, a mere human, being less in stature than they, would be elevated not only above all mankind, but above the angels themselves, later to become the “Queen of Heaven and Earth, Angels and Men”.

    Then ensued the battle between the angels in heaven, St. Michael leading the good angels and Lucifer those protesting, being the “bad angels – later the demons.

    Some of the angels sat on the fence, so to speak, were neutral, waiting to take the side of the victor. When the battles was over, these neutral angels were condemned, rightly, with the losing bad angels. It was themselves that turned themselves into demons, for the sins of prides, for refusing to accept a human woman as their Queen and a Jesus who was both “human and divine”.

    We read in scripture that neutrality is the same as taking either side, or neither side, “I will vomit the lukewarm from my mouth”, that those that do nothing, will be condemned with those who were the enemies of God, His Church, and our souls.

    However, these angels, which are pure spirits, who are “pure intellect” infused with all the knowledge of science and creation, given them by God. (An angel need not think nor reason, an angels “knows” immediately and intellectually all truths), All science and knowledge of our existence, physics, chemistry, etc, is known by the angels. God, therefore, because of their brief neutrality, condemned these neutral angels to hell along with the rest of the fallen, but, did not take away their angelic knowledge. These neutral angels were given that they would roam the universe, and earth, being under the command of Lucifer, and at the end of the world would join the rest in hell for all eternity.

    It is these angels, Anna Catherine Emmerich states from her visions that are the originators of “flying saucers” as she explains in the 18th. century. The angels are prohibited from physically assisting man, however, they can help man by revealing to him what man, did not know, such as advanced science, mechanics, physics, etc; therefore they have been not physically, but intellectually assisting man in the creation or building of advanced weaponry and inventions, i.e. ‘flying saucers’. They were forbidden to physically transport man from one place to the other, or to physically assist them in different endeavors, but allowed intellectually to, lets say, educate man, to reveal to man some of the most advanced concepts, and science, in order that man could himself build their own transportation, under the express direction and control of these demons.

    If one studies the many sighting of these flying saucers, and individual sightings, one hears of “demon” like descriptions, of the “smell of sulfur”, and the like.

    But rest assured that God is in complete control of all – that for a time, we have also been warned, for a time, God will allow our enemies to punish us severely for the sins of abortion, homosexuality, contraception, pornography, immodesty in dress, fraud, hate, sex trade, pedophilia, etc, etc, but mostly for the now near global “apostasy” from the true faith and doctrine for the “worship of man” for the Cult of Man, now vogue both in the world and within the highest echelons of the Church, up to the top. The coming “Great Chastisement” warned by many saints, of the soon coming civil wars and revolutions immediately before WW3 and the annihilation of over 3/4’s of the world, is about to take place, according to the warning of over 100, saints, mystics, and stigmatics.

    Our Lady, (Mary) said at Akita, Japan in 1976 and for several years later, warned that a chastisement is soon to come, because of mans sins, that is so terrible that it will be worse in its horror than the Great Flood, so angry is God as of now; that She, Our Lady can not much longer hold back His hand from punishing mankind, for the sins above and for the now “Great Apostasy”.

  25. yourisonfire says:

    The government is the last to know. I have seen hundreds of ufos in my life and twice have seen in daylight, a craft stop in mid air, tilt upwards maybe 20 degrees send out a beam of light in front of it that creates a blinding light portal in front of it, whereupon the ship zips into it and the light portal disappears. US Government = stoneage.

  26. Prime says:

    For Humans;

    Time has 3 dimensions ( Present, Direction and Density) Eternity, that compliment the 3 dimensions of Space (Length, Width, and Depth) Infinity. that define the outside Universe, interpreted by 5 limited senses to the isolated human brain of a planet confined species.

  27. Jon

    I presume you are talking cryptically.

    It is well known amongst the serious proponents in the “UFO” field that the MAJORITY (underscored) of advanced technologies sighted are EXTRA-DIMSIONAL. In fact NASA has filmed craft “invisible to the naked eye” clearly in infra-red.

    The suggestion that our “physics” is somehow honest made me wince Our scientists (if they dare call themselves that) are largely clueless on cosmic matters as they insist “basis” can be assumed from symptoms concocted from mathematical jargon and coordinating warped perception. Those “in the know” know where their innumerable errors lie.


  28. el yag reed says:

    Of course it is real. Chinese have adapted the EM Thruster employing Electro Magnetic force field.

  29. Journeys Through Pre-World War 3 Britain says:

    Great post. I think the Delong connection is very telling. Whole thing is likely Richard Doty style misinfo.

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