The club of liberal messiahs floods the world with love

The club of liberal messiahs floods the world with love

by Jon Rappoport

March 14, 2018

By liberals, I simply mean those people who accept big government as a given, regardless of their political affiliation.

And yes, at certain key levels, they are a club. They come from major media, large corporations, banks, the military, well-funded foundations, investment houses, do-good non-profits, legal and medical societies, academic factories, think tanks, and of course the huge pool of government employees.

They come from immigrants and welfare recipients.

They come from all levels of society.

For them, big, bigger, and biggest government is a rock-bottom assumption that requires no thought. The sun comes up every morning, and there is big government.

This assumption supersedes anything written in the US Constitution explicitly limiting the power of central authority.

Where there is conflict between that document and the actions of government, the Constitution automatically takes a back seat. It is looked upon as a primitive, ancient, and worn-out set of ideas.

In fact, the Club is surprised and shocked that anyone would try to impede government based on fanciful notions about powers reserved for the individual states.

Long ago, the Club decided that every statement made in the Constitution was subject to revision or outright dismissal, based on the arrogant concept that changing times require new extreme measures and solutions.

In their eyes, they are working with reality, whereas Constitutionalists have a quirky and disturbing obsession that clings to absolute Principle. If Principle isn’t a sign of a mental disorder, it at least indicates an unhealthy nostalgia about a fairy tale of days gone by.

The Club blithely assumes it has won its battle.

The Club is focused on what big government, in concert with its corporate and banking allies, can do to further expand.

For some Club members, the mission of government is to do good, to give to those in need, no matter how many are in need or how much that need grows.

For other Club members, at higher levels, the massive giveaway and fulfilling of need is just a pose, a tactic to gain more adherents who will trade a great deal of their freedom for a little security.

But there is no debate within the Club about this matter. No one wants to rock the boat. Those at higher levels view the do-gooders within their ranks as useful and amusing dupes.

The do-gooders, if they glimpse the faces and intentions of the higher-ups, shrug it off, assuming that somehow, in the long run, the vision of “a shared and just world” will triumph.

The Club has one major enemy.


The idea that there is enough for everyone who wants to work for it, the idea that individuals can pursue their deepest dreams and desires, and win…that is anathema.

Why? Because if that perception operated widely in the society, it would rule out the grasping need for invasive central government.

Therefore, creating artificial scarcities is at the top of the Club’s to-do list. Of course, this agenda must be masked behind false cover. The scarcities must seem to be inevitable, or at least caused by forces beyond our control.

Scarcity of money, health, prosperity, freedom, property, sanity, natural resources…they must appear to be naturally occurring crises, for which the only answer is parental control over populations.

When Buckminster Fuller offered his analysis of abundance and how we could achieve it on planet Earth, he was missing one piece: who would implement it? Who would revolutionize life for all?

The obvious answer is: the people in charge. But that doesn’t work, for the simple reason that those people are dedicated to producing false scarcities.

To reject abundance, the elite Club of Rome published its famous study, “The Limits to Growth,” in 1972. It essentially used computer modeling to predict failure for civilization, and ushered in a tsunami of propaganda aimed at floating the planet’s only hope for survival: a recognition of global interdependence and the distribution of the world’s resources from a point of Central Planning.

This concept, in turn, was translated to mean “addressing needs.”

The conclusion? Big government was the addresser, the single most important institution for saving us all.

Hand in hand, elite planners and propagandists invented a loop that guaranteed the primacy of a bill of needs over a bill of rights.

Individual freedom stood accused in the dock as the criminal. It had led to a world out of balance.

Members of the Club, sitting in their massive London drawing rooms and their Park Avenue apartments, applauded this “progression of awareness.”

To say they were laughing up their sleeves would be a vast understatement.

From FDR to Truman, from Eisenhower to Kennedy, from LBJ to Nixon, from Ford to Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Bush Jr., the Club watched their plans solidify. Regardless of what these presidents said or did, government expanded, and the official status of “fulfilling needs” was welded ever more securely to government’s mission.

Finally, in a considerable victory, to symbolically signify the emergence of the “lowest to the highest,” a man who represented former slaves on the American continent took up residence in the White House.

He, above previous presidents, would raise the sword to equalize all status in society. He would right past wrongs, square past debts, and fly the flag of humanity. Justice would be served.

No matter that the condition of “his own people” would worsen during his reign. No matter that the condition of all Americans would diminish. No matter that he was the agent of an operation designed to put the crown on government as the great provider.

Buddha to Jesus to Karl Marx—the Club has borrowed sentiments of high hope and realization, in order to sell its program. The Club has cast its role as the messianic force. It has filled the pews of its church with followers, who have no clue as to the actual plan, but instead mouth the words and sing the songs and praise the gifts.

The marketing of these sentiments, their weave, fabric, tone, and flow are the substance of a trance induction.

And at the end of the line? America harmonized in its structure with other nations, and the subsuming of the USA under a regional and global arch of management.

As David Rockefeller, one of the designers of the plan, put it in his 2003 Memoirs: “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

There are millions of people who refuse to believe that a high humanitarian sentiment or ideal can be deployed to defeat us. They automatically assume that what stirs them is for the good.

They are crowded together in the middle of the trance. They clog the arteries of the body politic. They foment a disease of the public immune system attacking itself, and it is long past the time when they should wake up and cure their distorted perception.

But as far as the Club is concerned, they are useful. And useful they will stay, as long as they can be hypnotized into the future glory that lies just over the next hill.

And now we come to the technocrats.

The technocrats among Club leaders consider the overall mission in terms of a systems fix. There are flaws in the way humans have chosen to organize themselves, and these flaws need to be corrected.

With the important information entered into computers armed with algorithms, models can be obtained. These models will take into account vital resources, such as water, breathable air, earth minerals, fuel, food crops, transportation, housing, education, medical care, and so on. Planetary allocation quotas for all territories and regions can be arrived at—and the distribution can come from a centralized point of control.

Dispassionately, the human condition can be modified.

The technocrats consider this an interesting problem. It will take work, but it can be solved.

Certain factors, however, must be reduced or eliminated. Freedom, choice, personal decision-making have to be devalued in the new System, in order to avoid the introduction of random and unpredictable outcomes.

The very meaning of a technocratic system precludes freedom as an objective, because that quality of humans isn’t circumscribed and can’t be inserted as a pure passive object into calculations.

Technocrats value systems above all. They live to build self-referential closed structures.

Technocrats are, in a sense, a separate species. They are intensely cerebral. They view human beings as troublesome pieces of a puzzle. A system is erected on the basis of built-in controls. Humans tend not to fit.

This they find annoying. But there are ways to limit the trouble. Chemicals can be introduced into the brain. The chemicals will regulate behavior. The drugs we now have are only a minor step in the right direction.

It’s all in the service of a “better system,” which is what technocrats must have. They would wither and die if they couldn’t have it. They would feel isolated and useless and rejected.

If you want to see a technocrat squirm and wriggle and scream, like a person being tortured, take away his access to systems.

The greatest acceleration of human organization took place in the century just past. The obsession for big, bigger, and biggest flowered as never before. Now, in this century, the push is for refinement. To the technocrat, that means much greater definition of roles for humans.

Specialization will take on new restrictions and regulations. Plugging people into a system is one thing; carefully ordering their limits and restraints is another.

Take the long view of this century. The overall aim is for a structure that will encompass the actions of every human on Earth; every person with a designated function rigorously placed in the correct slot.

This will be promoted as salvation. It will be floated as the genius of the species finally taking hold.

And somewhere today, a young person, filled to the brim with vague ideals and hope, buying the promise that everyone’s needs will be met, that suffering and pain and injustice will be solved, has no clue that such pretty thoughts can be hijacked in the service of building a system to eradicate what it means to be alive.

This young person thinks freedom, liberty, and the intentions of the withered piece of paper called the Constitution are frivolous obstructions to a better world.

Dispense with the absurd Constitution. It isn’t part of the modern trend. Instead, join the crowd. Shout with delight for the political salvation that is only a few more joined hands from realization.

Forget. Believe. Go along.

Reject as absurd the possibility that elite planners have a completely different version of the world in tow.

Yell for equality, whatever that may be shaped to mean.

Think about nothing. Just swim into the days with faith born from what our leaders are selling on the shore of the new shining city.

Believe. Trust.

Your job isn’t to imagine and invent your own reality. That is a meaningless proposition.

No, your job is to love the State because the State loves you.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

18 comments on “The club of liberal messiahs floods the world with love

  1. rightwingconservativenewsblog says:

    Great writing and truly great Content. Amazingly pertinent.

  2. sundancer55 says:

    The theory of all those “famous people” is this – “no one kills the bee, he just follows him to the honey”. What the masses of *regular* people are finding out is that the bees are swarmed together and when the people think they’ve found the honey, the bee swarm stings them over and over and over again and tells them they are greedy for wanting the honey. Of course, the bee swarm is not greedy . . .

  3. flyinggabriel says:

    “I’m going to enjoy watching you die, Mr Anderson.”

  4. cultivatepower says:

    This was excellent, beautifully crafted.

  5. GREAT ARTICLE Jon: one of your very best which is saying a lot. Just a spot to add to the mix: “Take the long view of this century. The overall aim is for a structure that will encompass the actions of every human on Earth; every person with a designated function rigorously placed in the correct slot.” This just another rendition of the Medieval Great Chain of Being with the State at the top instead of God as was constructed in the first rendition.

  6. middleway says:

    We find ourselves trapped in a world of heightened dualism. Both both + & – aspects are false facades. After you have drawn your last breath, turn away from the light, look up and will yourself home. Follow the light and you will continue to be recycled.

  7. From Quebec says:


    • I’m missing something here in your decision to share this. Are you beginning to recognize Trump as something other than the savior you imagined? I’m sure I’ve misinterpreted your reasoning

  8. truth1 says:

    Jon mentions changing times referring to those wanting change (for the worse)
    And Jon: “There are millions of people who refuse to believe that a high humanitarian sentiment or ideal can be deployed to defeat us. They automatically assume that what stirs them is for the good.”
    Truth1: Yes, they gullible and stupid. They have been lied to for years and neither parents or anyone else ever woke them up or tried to teach something meaningful and factual.

    Jon: “Certain factors, however, must be reduced or eliminated. Freedom, choice, personal decision-making have to be devalued in the new System, in order to avoid the introduction of random and unpredictable outcomes.”
    Truth1: yes, the old bait and switch. “This is totally good for you!” Its just what you need and everything you ever wanted. We just have to make a few adjustments. Trust us! We are Authorities and never lie!”

    Jon: “The greatest acceleration of human organization took place in the century just past. The obsession for big, bigger, and biggest flowered as never before.”
    Truth1 : yes that set up the present. Technology ( for later terrorism and enslavement) and lies upon lies. Get us dependent on employers and grocery stores instead of our own farms.

    Jon: “buying the promise that everyone’s needs will be met, that suffering and pain and injustice will be solved, has no clue that such pretty thoughts can be hijacked in the service of building a system to eradicate what it means to be alive.”
    Truth1: Again, lies work on trusting idiots. We gave our kids to the government to teach. What could go wrong there? Really, We deserve death.

    Jon: “Believe. Trust.
    Your job isn’t to imagine and invent your own reality. That is a meaningless proposition.
    No, your job is to love the State because the State loves you.”

    Truth1: How did we ever become so stupid? How is it that anyone can even think that if we all go on welfare, there will be no one to pay taxes from where we get welfare? Are they even aware that taxes pay for welfare? They don’t seem to grasp even the slightest deceit and empty promises. All our jobs go overseas and not one complains. I want to point out that most factory mass production techniques started here in the USA. that is how we once got our money. did they stop to think where our money was going to come from when those factories closed and yet imports are allowed to come in and undercut our jobs and paycheck? Not a word was said about any of it. now Trump says we need tarriffs! And he is right. But with all our jobs gone, its sort of like buying insurance after your house went up in flames.

    the idiots of the USA (that’s at least 95% of the population) don’t understand where money comes from or where it goes. We fall for anything. Tell us lies and we thank them for lying to us and praise them. It begins when people stop questioning and start trusting. But with things continually getting worse, why do we keep believing them? We went from farms to factories to lay offs and bankruptcy (more than once for many). at some point we should have woken up but we did not.

    Most of the population is no longer smart enough to survive. Its lights out time!

  9. AmaraGrace says:

    “… Take the long view of this century. The overall aim is for a structure that will encompass the actions of every human on Earth; every person with a designated function rigorously placed in the correct slot. ~ This will be promoted as salvation. It will be floated as the genius of the species finally taking hold….”

    I saw a new ad campaign this AM: “Truth has a voice… The New York Times” Snort! HahahahahahaSnort!!! That emperor hasn’t had any clothes for quite some time… that’s how desperate they are by now – putting on another version of the same imaginary suit, more garish!

    “The illuminated ones” (funny name for people who can only work effectively to manipulate with fear under cover of darkness – see the achilles heel there?) aren’t accounting for Wildcards – practically nobody is. Wildcards are an integral part of this future and they’re lined up in spades waiting for exquisite timing… imagine them into being as Benevolent Wildcards that derail their systems… that pull the rug out from under them as they pretentiously pontificate (as with the vote-counting right up to the announcement of the presidential winner this past election…some stunned faces were priceless)! I know what a puppet show that all is, but it wasn’t exactly as scripted. They have shown us their Achilles heel(s) plenty of times… mysterious now they are not, just blatantly manipulative. WE ARE CREATIVE, they are not. Another Wildcard was the Boston Globe Spotlight expose of systemic pedophilia throughout the catholic church – worldwide – and that sitting Pope stepping down… never before in history had that one been done… the change is incremental & that was another indication of the unexpected Wildcard intervening into the plan. Dark can’t continue to function indefinitely in the light of mass awareness – and there’s more light now so we’re seeing the dark’s machinations more abundantly. Abundant light, abundant exposure, abundant clarity, abundant awareness, abundant rejection of the abuses, one by one.

    Excellent assessment Jon… Wildcards as big as tsunamis of abundance! There are more than plenty of us awake & aware to manifest those into being locally – with ideas-implemented-into-being that make their systems grossly obsolete. WILDCARDS. Just. Imagine.

    Here’s one: the people in AU who have coalesced a Natural Immunity Community to serve the non-&Ex/Vaxxers of their region shunned by the government public school & daycare systems. Abundance of neighbors helping each other work & educate their children while building health & robust immune systems without exchanging fiat currency… the dark isn’t equipped for controlling that – those people are a force of Nature to be reckoned with.

    Just imagine Natural Immunity Communities popping up *EVERYWHERE* overnight like mushrooms (mushrooms neutralize toxicity).

  10. I am less concerned about neo-liberals that pretend to side with authority that affluent “armchair crusaders”, Jon

    The terms of engagement of those that fight the system are invariable founded on the most trivial of values. Fake science is countered by selfish superstition. Zionists versus “Catholics” (the flat-Earthers).

    Things are looking as bad as they ever looking in my opinion. “Bullshit” has become the more or less universal standard that governs opinions on “what is” by hook or by crook. Everyone (within degrees) falls for it…..DELIBERATELY and selfishly.


  11. will iam says:

    belief = hope
    hope= trust
    trust= faith
    faith = high hope
    high hope = god

    add that all together and you pretty much have what WE have here……a massing of liars whom lie to ourselves and then lie to each other.

    Because there are so many of US, WE “are a symphony of dunderheads all in collective agreement of manufactured bullshit”.

  12. maidinamerica says:

    “Therefore, creating artificial scarcities is at the top of the Club’s to-do list.”

    O, the old “break it” and “fix it as the savior” routine.

    Gary Allen, in “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”, said repeatedly, “There are no coincidences.”

    THEY have created their share of abundances: medically crashed kids all the way up to disabled nursing home residents with lovely GMO food and drugs to “survive”, abundance of weather for whatever the mood is striking disabling all human, animal, and plant life.

    Through time some people have been awake. Take Washington Gladden, 1836-1918, writer of the words in Hymn “O Master, Let Me walk With Thee”. He was a champion for standing up for the individual who is exploited against the cause for “economic progress”. As a Congregational minister for 26 years, and ably confronting crime such as the Tammany boss, while continuing to speak to the congregation not just about spiritual and moral issues, but also economic and political issues, his own denomination turned against him when he attacked John D Rockefeller for donating $100,000 to the denomination, which Gladden termed “tainted money” because of monopolist practices. And indeed he was right and probably only scraped the surface of this “club’ member’s wickedness.

    In 1870, Walt Whitman wrote, “America, if eligible at all to downfall and ruin, is eligible within herself, not without; for I see clearly that the combined foreign world could not beat her down. But these savage, wolfish parties alarm me. Owning no law but their own will, more and more combative, less and less tolerant of the idea of ensemble and of equal brotherhood, the perfect equality of the States, the ever-overarching American Ideas, it behooves you to convey yourself implicitly to no party, nor submit blindly to their dictators, but steadily hold yourself judge and master over all of them.”

    C. S. Lewis, writes in 1948, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of there own conscience.” I believe here he is referring to the liberals at the beginning of your article who accept big government and actually aid it. See the fervor of antifa.

    William Cooper in “Behold A Pale Horse”, quotes from Samuel Huntington, called “Seminal Peace”, written in honor of newly formed Trilateral Commission, “We have come to recognize that there are potential desirable limits to economic growth. There are also potentially desirable limits to the indefinite extension of political democracy. A government which lacks authority will have little ability short of cataclysmic crisis to impose on its people the sacrifices WHICH MAY BE NECESSARY.” (Emphasis added)

    So enlightening and pleasurable to read, Jon, and I underline a lot in your articles. Thank you.

  13. SanityClaus says:

    Mr. Rappoport has described a litany of generalized enemies guilty
    of not supporting the U.S. Constitution. We can alter the U.S. Constitution because it is within the power of the civilian populace to do so. We cannot alter the Declaration of Independence by pledging to serve the BritishEmpire/N.A.T.O. HEROIN MAFIA. The Declaration of Independence IS SACRED. The constitution is not sacred.
    The pentagon has pledged to serve the BritishEmpire/N.A.T.O. HEROIN MAFIA forever.
    They are traitors who wipe their ass with our Declaration of Independence. How are we gonna take our civilian government back from them. How are we gonna establish honest silver money as payment. What Mr. Rappoport does not recognize is that using fake money to practice charity will not work to cultivate ones luck. Fake money printed by the military does not belong is a church collection plate or left as a tip for a waitress. The pentagon robs us of our labor, our property,our children and our ability to practice honest charity.
    People don’t know that using fake money to practice charity will not make them lucky. They have decided that nobody is worthy of charity because their efforts at charity have not brought them luck when they used fake money military scrip Federal Reserve Notes.

    • truth1 says:

      Sanity, you really struck a nerve with me on yo0ur fine post. I detest and despise our system as it is. It sickens me. You reference to the “Heroin Mafia” sounded so good, so honest, so direct! Exactly! NATO is an organized crime syndicate of the worst type. They exist to exploit humans with heroin AND, and I am sure it was only a momentary slip that you did not mention child sex trafficking and exploitation and using them for brutal “spirit crushing” labor, too. Its one thing to pick on a person of the same abilities as one’s self, but to exploit and use the small, weak, and defenseless for the very worst, is the most condemning thing to hold against humanity. I have seen video a female lion kill an adult mother monkey, I think it was and then so overcome by the tiny helpless little suddenly orphaned baby monkey that the female lion was overcome by her instinct so that she quickly secured and protected the baby, and God help any male lion that might have thought about the baby as food.

      So what good excuse to we have for our predatory behavior. “Heroin Mafia” said so much. And your reference to toilet paper was precious. I’m overcome with delight. No punches pulled there! And justly so! The Declaration of Independence was a foundation document for any people suffering from oppression. It is the real expression of the state of slavery begging for freedom and respect of human beings to decide their own fate. The Constitution was a contradiction to the Declaration of Independence. The Bill of Rights may have had good intentions and some good rights, but some of the statements and declarations can be abused if taken to their limits. Freedom of the press? Their freedom has limits as any freedom does. All freedom has limits. The freedom we seek is a state of balance between to parties of conflicting interests. This is what Declaration of Independence sought.

      As for money and financial control, These are interesting topics. Sometimes history can be our friend. This was an ancient low Code of a dictator and empire.

      What I would say is that a net has been caste over the whole world, into one big plantation with some very powerful armies. Hammurabi was a dictator who was fighting off and trying to hold off the threats of merchants to undermine his empire. Sadly, by our time, we had lost the battle against mercantilism and its offspring, the bankers. Laws were far more just and far less subversive than is the case now. Laws meant what they said back then.The is why the laws were “Carved in stone!” They were short, simple, sweet. Not bogged down in deceptive jargon and lack of definition.

  14. What great insights about Buckminster Fuller and the specious notions he so handily debunked! Thank you! If you or your readers want to understand more about Bucky’s profoundly relevant wisdom, my new book about his practical utopian ideas is getting five-star reviews from readers and librarians alike. One Staten Island library said it was empowering even reluctant readers, especially girls, to step up and make a difference in the world. As Bucky also said, “It is upon individual integrity that humanity’s future rests.” I would be happy to send you a review copy, either print or ebook.

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