Beyond an artificial world

by Jon Rappoport

August 16, 2018

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Futurists are inclined to predict a world in which AI (artificial intelligence) will take over a major portion of what is now human activity.

In a matter of decades, for example, they say one computer will have more capacity than all the human brains on the planet put together.

Then, the prediction goes, AI will be virtually human, or more than human.

However, just because AI has greater computational skills than any person or group of persons, where is the quality that makes it human?

In order to answer that, you have to perform a little trick. You have to downgrade your assessment of humans. You have to say that humans are really only high-class machines.

Many pundits have no difficulty with this.

Consider their genes-cause-everything hypothesis: Since all existence is assumed to take place on a material level, on a physical level, it’s only a matter of time until we figure out which genes create which human qualities; eventually, we’ll have a complete map.

To change humans, we just fiddle with the genes.

Of course, this style of reasoning can be used to justify external control of Earth’s population. The assumption is: we are already living in a closed system of cause and effect, and that system IS controlling all human behavior. Gene tinkering and handing over immense decision-power to advanced computers is nothing more than re-arranging the closed system. It was closed and it is closed and it will be closed. No problem.

Right now, the system appears to dictate wars and pain and suffering, so won’t it be much better when the gene-reconfiguration and the AI computers-in-charge eliminate that aspect of things?

Believe me, many scientists are thinking along these lines, and they are serious about their goals.

They consider themselves humanitarians.

I bring all this up, because there is really only one way to defeat this kind of thinking.


Non-material means: without a rigid cause-and-effect structure.

To put it another way, the individual human being has freedom, and he also has imagination and creative power. These qualities are not material or physical in nature, they are not generated by the brain or by genes.

In all societies, past and present, those people who agree that these non-physical capacities are quite real explain them by opting for ORGANIZED religion, promoting one church or another.

Only a tiny number of people state that such non-material qualities and abilities are INHERENT in the human being and need no explanation or embroidery.

Believe me, this inability to put all life under the umbrella of science is frustrating to obsessed rationalists. They refuse to allow the possibility that imagination and freedom are outside the boundaries of physical cause-and-effect…and if they have to, they will try to prove their position by imposing one system after another on humans, in order to wipe out the freedom they claim doesn’t exist in the first place.

In every technological society, power is thought of as physical, and the greatest power is produced by machines. To say that human power is ultimately a non-material capacity, and is equal to or greater than what a machine can do…this is considered the height of absurdity.

Yet there are thousands, perhaps millions of artists all over the world who’ve glimpsed, or know deeply, what I’m talking about in this article. They know they’re creating beyond any closed system of cause and effect. Their problem, if they have one, stems from believing they have to be psychological underdogs, in order to invent their art. This is a cultural artifact, this belief, and it can be cast aside by nakedly comprehending the unlimited power of imagination they possess.

Imagination creates reality.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

27 comments on “Beyond an artificial world

  1. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    Just because we can do something does not mean we should.

  2. Greg C. says:

    “Imagination creates reality.” Could it be that all the events, people, places, hardships, and successes we experience are ultimately created or brought into our sphere of experience by our imagination, whether we are aware of it or not? For better or for worse? The implication is that reality is like the famous Escher drawing of hands drawing themselves. You get to choose whether you play the role of the hand being drawn, or the hand doing the drawing.

  3. truth1 says:

    Well, I am not sure of what you are implying, Jon. Are you suggesting something like a spirit or immaterial soul? I only note that as we age, our brains functions start to break down, particularly memory and intellect. My father progressed back wards, losing more and more function and seeming to revert to childhood and with less self control. To me, this indicates that we are physical in function. To suggest something beyond that, would seem to me, impossible to prove. A hunch? a feeling. Those are what Feminists are fond of. I shudder. Feminists are totally irrational and hate logic and reason.

    On the other hand, the subconscious is, in some aspects, beyond reach of our awareness. what goes on between the intellect/awareness and what goes on in the subconscious and its extraordinary mass processing power, which then feeds the results to the consciousness, can seem down right spooky and mysterious. Its like it came from no where. It seems that way because we are not hooked up to many of its functions that require us to be shut down (sleeping) while it does its thing.

    John Keller has a book, “The Wisdom of Your Subconscious Mind.” Its a real winner. maybe we just do not know enough about our own minds and their functions.

    but I do know there are ill intentioned beings of a non-physical existence and full of hate for us. And they are very powerful. I wouldn’t go anywhere near them. And they do disseminate a lot of harm ideas. That’s part of what has made life so challenging for us who are physical beings of a limmited nature. We learn from experience/mistakes (in theory). But spirits can create virtual models and play them out and foresee without actually doing. We use computers and programmed logic, which may or may not be flawless.

    For what its worth.

    • Douglas Girard says:

      My only comment about the reality, or absence, of Spirit, is, I feel no compulsion to prove anything to anyone. It is all there for the taking, one just need do the internal search. It is difficult living amongst a race of people who mostly just stay at the surface, afraid or unwilling to dig deep. While the physical may wane with age, the other only deepens when sought with gusto.

  4. From Quebec says:

    Jon says: Gene tinkering and handing over immense decision-power to advanced computers is nothing more than re-arranging the closed system. It was closed and it is closed and it will be closed. No problem.


    I would say: Gene tinkering and handing over immense decision-power to advanced computers is nothing more than literally, rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

    Nature will win, it always does. The ship will sank.

  5. Tim says:

    “Believe me, this inability to put all life under the umbrella of science is frustrating to obsessed rationalists. They refuse to allow the possibility that imagination and freedom are outside the boundaries of physical cause-and-effect…and if they have to, they will try to prove their position by imposing one system after another on humans,…”

    There it is, the obsessed rationalists, the ‘objective scientific technocrats’, an orthodoxy, a priesthood, that make up fake science, a pseudo-religion, about all kinds of things, like aids, cancer, nutrition, etc. and use politics to force people to bow to the dead idols they have made.

    The dead idol that is the materialistic rationalization of spirit, as dependent solely on a genetic base. They have killed their own free spirit of creation and imagination.

  6. From Quebec says:

    You know what’ I happened to believe that humans have a soul and an afterlife.

    Although I do not believe in any known religions, I do believe that there is a god somehow, somewhere who created us. Because nothing comes out of nothing.

    So, this why Artificial intelligence will never succeed in brainwashing humans
    People will always have freedom and imagination.

    • From Quebec says:

      My only problem is: Who created God. since nothing comes out of nothing…LOL
      That is the big question

      • truth1 says:

        Quebec, the soul is a controversial subject for me. It began in the Garden of Eden. Satan said, “You don’t die when You die. your soul/spirit lives on and you’ll be just like God.So you don’t have to bother with Him. You’ll have the same powers he does. You can tell him to beat it.”

        In the bible, soul was not something that survived. that concept was popularized by Socrates and Plato. I think Aristotle disagreed with them on that. But then in the 2nd century, Christianity went nuts.They became so enamored of all things Greek, that they adopted many words and their definitions and concepts. Soul was one of those. Origen was the bishop of Alexandria in the latter 200s AD. and like many stupid (by then) Christians, they/he took Greek concepts as scientific fact. One of those was the soul. Because this evolution is clearly documented in progressive writings of the so called “Church Fathers,” we in the present no longer need to be fooled by it. when we die, we die, fully and completely. when we age, we don’t function as well, physically or mentally.

        But Satan is not done yet. He is going to bring back the soul concept in a big way, but thru the Antichrist and the “fake Aliens/crisis actors.” And they are going to get some help from Satan’s brothers/demons, who will perform amazing real and true miracles, but only up to a point. Resurrections will not be allowed. and they will perform miracle thru people, to convince them that they really are just like God and have a real existence in their bodies, of an immortal soul. But its all lies. Spirits actually make those things happen, and not us. the great con! Any falling for it will soon experience the huge mass killing of many on earth that has been in progress in the early stages for the last 50 years, getting ever worse in recent times.

        but I know full well that most will deny what I say. They belong to the “great deceiver.”

        I will state bluntly that we do not have an immaterial soul. we are 100% organic based physical creatures. In order to live forever, we must be brought back to life by God. We cease to exist when we die and we wait for God to restore us to our physical lives, if we have lived by His orders.

        this will be our big test coming. Are we smart enough not to get fooled, or will we fall for it, hook, line, and sinker?

        this is what concern me with this particular blog. Were spirits or immortals being suggested? Because this will be the crux of the great con to be pulled off.

        I am just stating what I have come to understand. If you want believe in the soul and spirit as what we are, you are free do to so. But I strongly disagree. Many will miss out on real eternal life, wither here on earth as Humans have always been, or among the number chosen to live in Gods realm to bridge the gap between have lived as a Human and then become spirits to live along side God to bring Humans on earth back to the perfect Adam and Eve gave away that would have allowed life without death, had they obeyed rather than rebel.

        Cheer All! Truth one out!

      • truth1 says:

        A big one in deed, Quebec. God has always been. I agree that something can not come from nothing. but the concept of existing without beginning, definitely is hard for Humans to fathom. But we know that some before us and existed, which is why we exist now. INfinity goes on in both directions. Either one is baffling, but here we are. Shall we deny our own existence?

        • From Quebec says:

          – But we know that some before us and existed, which is why we exist now. (Truth1)

          Interesting, but who created those peoples who existed before us?

          – In the bible, soul was not something that survived (Truth 1)

          Hum! But who wrote the Bible? Why would they know what we don’t know?
          Where is is the proof that the Bible is the truth?

          – When we die, we die, fully and completely. (Truth1)

          What about Perennial Flowers. they die and come back, why not us?

          This subject is very interesting, I would like Jon to write an article about the spiritual .world.
          The comments would be very interesting.

          • truth1 says:

            Good questions, Quebec. the purpose of predictions/prophecy is to show the foresight and power behind those who write down the words of those predictions. If that power is accurate for 2000 years ahead, that could be seen by some (me for one) as very impressive. its all about prophecy, but you will note that there are two versions of how the final days pass. which one will we chose and why? We can only answer that for ourselves. But get it wrong, and its lights out forever. Get it right, and its life forever, in a far better world than has been seen yet.

            • From Quebec says:

              Yes, predictions/prophecy .

              Recently, I have heard about Mark Taylor prophecy about Trump..
              It his almost unbelievable how accurate it is so far. Have you seen it? If not, take a look. It is now all over youtube.

  7. From Quebec says:

    Here is an interesting video that speaks about the soul,

    EVIDENCE that the SOUL Exists: Pam Reynolds’ NEAR DEATH Experience /watch?v=P4EztGUHnbs

  8. From Quebec says:

    Jon, what do you think of the spiritual world.? That fascinates me.

    I have watch a video that is truly mind boggling. I have never watch something so disturbing in my life. It is incredible, but true.

    It would be nice if you would write an article about the spiritual world.

    Maybe you can watch the video before. And it would be nice also if everyone here watch it.

    Here it is:

    Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists – Demonic Activity Caught On Video (New Edition) /watch?v=7fKrFeX8dRY

    • truth1 says:

      that was/is a good link Quebec. I definitely believe there are spirits doing this. but they are up to no good and have it out for us. they going to trick us, if they can. the Xendrius channel has a number of “magicians” performing these types of things. He put them out close to 3 years ago and said only demons could account for it. I agree. America’s Got Talent had featured magicians like these. But you will never see a resurrection of 3 day old dead body come back to life. But some people will not believe it, even when they see it. there really is a spirit realm, but have two sides that disagree with what the truth is. Which side is the bad side? I use this as the decision maker: “By their fruits you will know them!”

      Asgardia had been announced to the world, by Truthstream Media. there is nothing good about Asgardia. Be afraid! Be very Afraid.

      • From Quebec says:

        Yes that video makes us think deeper.

        So if there is demons, then there is a Devil. So can we say that there is also angels and a God? t

        There is always two sides of a coin.

        But who created God and the Devil?.. That is the big question.

        Anyway, it is interesting to exchange toughs with you.

  9. judithincalgary says:

    The morning of 9/11 I had a dream. I standing inside one of two towers made of ice. They were on fire. I knew I was going to die. I lay down with my husband on a bed of ice and waited for the inevitable. The building collapsed and I woke up with the most diabolical sense of horror imaginable. I told my husband about the dream. I then had a call from a good friend who said, “Turn on the television.” I told him the dream before doing so. He went very quiet. I said, “What channel?” He said, “Any channel.”

    I have only had three dreams with that level of horror and intensity. Always prior to some catastrophic event. I am 62 in November and it is all a mystery to me. Including the compulsion toward destruction we seem to be caught up in these days. I think most people are decent and good so help me to understand how it is that all I see on MSM is adversarial with a win/lose storyline. I just don’t get it.

    • From Quebec says:

      I believe that people can see and feel things ahead of time, especially through our dreams when we are sleeping.

  10. Keanu says:

    Hello Jon. This reminds me of my take on how supposed spiritual beliefs such as horoscopes, zodiac signs, astrologies, and others such as a “Mercury Retrograde” are the denominators of life for humanity.

    This is what I find to be the most ludicrous. I’m considered a “Libra” and my question is, why is that important and who cares? I don’t. I do not like the idea of my life being determined by the popular mainstream worldviews of horoscopes and all that meaningless crap. As far as I know Jon, I AM A SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL. I do not let these ideas determine what my life shall be like. If these things direct our lives, it’s because we believe it to be. Thoughts create reality, and by this we’re allowing an outside, external force to shape our lives than we ourselves should.

    But from my understanding, Individuality and the creative potential of the Individual does not know limits, nor does it have a director. We are the directors of our lives, not horoscopes or all that other given worldviews.

    The Sovereign Individual is UNBOUND.
    The Creative Force is UNBOUND.

    This is what I live by, no matter how often other people tell me otherwise 🙂

    • From Quebec says:

      I have studied astrology and practiced it for a long time. I realized that people born on the same sign have similar skills.

      So, here is my conclusion for what it is worth…lol

      Astrology is not directing your life. You are a Libra, just like me, so we both came from the planet Venus. in a past life. I know it seems stupid, but why not? It makes sense to me

    • Beautifully stated, Keanu. I can’t argue with it and I’ve been a practicing astrologer since 1991!

      Strangely enough, a birth chart is actually considerably more complex than one’s “sun sign” and I love contemplating subtle and overt aspects of these planetary configurations with my clients. “As above, so below.” A birth chart is a work of art. Like the individual embodying it.

      There’s a terrific medical astrologer, Judith Hill, who wrote a number of astonishing books on the practice. The most enchanting one is called “Astrological Body Types: Face, Form & Expression”.

      I’m nowhere near as accomplished as Judith Hill but there is something interesting I’ve observed about folks with the Sun in Libra: the polarity/shadow is the opposite sign (Aries). Scratch any Libra and there is a passionate, championing warrior underneath.

      Cheers, good sir!

  11. Excellent article, Jon

    Most significantly, AI is free of emotion and that seems at deference with anything vaguely human.


  12. Tom_12 says:

    Have a look at this video and consider the fact that it has been noticed that different DID identities can have different biological characteristics (one has allergy while the rest don’t).

    • truth1 says:

      Part of the reason for that is that programmers can assign or deny specific knowledge or abilities to a particular ID (they call theses “Alters” as in alternate.They can even assign heightened states and increased abilities or situations for those abilities. Some are child like. They can even make both male and female IDs in one person. They have give them lots of access to knowledge or very little at all. They give them specific duties. it is both fascinating and very frightening what programmers do. All involved many tortures and traumas. So MK slaves have a lot more turmoil in side and age and break down quicker. anyone PTSD does the same. Stored trauma shortens lives and cause many health problems.

  13. Freakface the Clown says:

    “The time of the most despicable man is coming, he that is no longer able to despise himself. Behold, I show you the last man.
    ‘What is love? What is creation? What is longing? What is a star?’ thus asks the last man, and blinks.
    The earth has become small, and on it hops the last man, who makes everything small. His race is as ineradicable as the flea; the last man lives longest.
    ‘We have invented happiness,’say the last men, and they blink. They have left the regions where it was hard to live, for one needs warmth. One still loves one’s neighbor and rubs against him, for one needs warmth…
    One still works, for work is a form of entertainment. But one is careful lest the entertainment be too harrowing. One no longer becomes poor or rich: both require too much exertion. Who still wants to rule? Who obey? Both require too much exertion.
    No shepherd and one herd! Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse.
    ‘Formerly, all the world was mad,’ say the most refined, and they blink…
    One has one’s little pleasure for the day and one’s little pleasure for the night: but one has a regard for health.
    ‘We have invented happiness,’ say the last men, and they blink.”

    – Thus spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietszche

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