The taboo against paranormal experience is a taboo against freedom

by Jon Rappoport

September 27, 2018

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For those who want to examine a rigorous presentation of the paranormal, based on a long history of laboratory experiments, I recommend Dean Radin’s classic, The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena. (HarperCollins, 1997)

This article is not about that.

It’s about a taboo.

On the one side, we have people who denigrate the possibility of the paranormal. On the other side, we have people who, ungrounded in the physical world, try to stage what amounts to a paranormal escape operation, only to fall back into their increasingly chaotic circumstances.

In the middle are persons who have genuinely experienced the paranormal, know it, feel no obsession to shout it from the rooftops, and go on with their lives.

With the rapid decay of organized religion throughout the 20th century, huge numbers of people felt a need to attach themselves to new and old ideologies proclaiming The Extraordinary was at hand. Assertions of paranormal import accompanied this faux revolution.

At the same time, 20th-century life was shaping up in a world of National Security States, and was all about citizen behaviorism, repression, operant conditioning, and various forms of mind control—aimed at curtailing the freedom to experience whatever might lie beyond the prescriptions and slogans of governments.

What exists outside a psychic prison defined by rabid consumerism, limited and false science, and pressure from peers to accept idealized and cartoonish middle-class imagery without question, without deviation?

What is paranormal?

Is it, in childhood, an ecstatic hour’s walk through a park on a summer afternoon, when every leaf, flower, and cloud is irresistible? When space itself is so present that every shred and iota of anxiety or confusion disappears?

Is it the foreshadowing moment when you know what a person is going to say next, how he is going to say it, how he is going to move, how he is going to look as he says it?

Is it the sudden realization that the entire realm and round of emotions you have been experiencing has vanished, leaving in its place an escalating joy that can’t be contained?

Is it in standing at a window, late at night, looking out at a city, possessed of a vision of what you most profoundly want to do for the rest of your life, realizing that you will, in fact, do it?

Is it in standing in a room, where a researcher is showing you a pack of photos, one of which a person, in another room, six miles away, has just tried to send you, telepathically—and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt which photo it is?

Is it in getting out of bed in the morning and becoming aware that you, non-material you, exist forever?

Is it in watching a cat walk away from you, across a carpet, sending him a silent message to roll over, and watching him do it?

Is it in the easy and majestic silence you feel, after sitting on the floor and breathing in and out for a half-hour?

Is it in your child’s face?

The truth is, paranormal experiences are everywhere, and people have them. The experiences exceed the ordinary boundaries material reality.

They tend to lead to a new view about life, and they certainly go beyond societal tenets about what one is supposed to know and feel.

And yes, the waters are muddied by people who feel compelled to chime in and report experiences they only wish they had, hoping for badges of honor. But no matter.

In certain respects, this is, in fact a prison planet. Through upbringing, education, peer pressure, training, indoctrination, propaganda, citizens are expected to maintain “normal status.”

Steady-state normal.

No leaking of fuel, no blowing of gaskets.


People condition themselves with the goal of fitting in.

It’s a grand stage play, and one picks a role and lives it out.

But one day something happens, and if you admit it, everything has changed.

What then? Do you continue to obey and subscribe to the taboo?

Or confess that the true normal is paranormal?

Do you tighten your grip on the card that identifies you as a citizen of the realm? Or do you drop it in a waste basket?

Do you cling to the old? Or do you opt for possibilities wider than you previously imagined and shove in all your chips on a new life?

The taboo against the non-ordinary is as old as the hills. In many cases, the establishment was a State religion, and the priest-class labeled paranormal experiences heretical witchery. Why? Because, of course, free consciousness, unburdened of church doctrine, was a threat to priestly power.

Modern science, with ridicule as its primary method, attacks the paranormal because it cuts too close to home. It tends to expose what science cannot explain.

For example: freedom.

Nowhere in the lexicon of conventional physics is there room for such a concept. The predetermined and inexorable flow of tiny particles is assumed to be everywhere at all times, even in the composition of the brain…and therefore, all thought and feeling and action, which stem from the brain, are predetermined and inexorable as well.

No choice. No freedom.

The absurdity of this notion is plain to anyone who can think.

If the brain and the body are just another collection of sub-atomic particles, then the capacity to make a free and independent choice about anything is null and void—unless the entity doing the choosing, YOU, is beyond those particles, beyond matter and energy.

When I say paranormal experience is everywhere, this is what I mean. Freedom exists. Freedom is paranormal. It always was.

It takes a severely limited state of affairs not to recognize it.

It takes a long, long history of repressive societies not to recognize it.

It takes a considerable amount of indoctrination and mind control not to recognize it.

The notion that various key political documents established freedom is extremely short-sighted. Heroic though the efforts were, they only uncovered what was already there in a natural state.

That natural state is anything but normal. It speaks of the human ability to move out of the chain of cause and effect and make choices.

Changing lives, changing futures.

For most people, most of the time, the sense of their own freedom is a rather dull given. There is nothing thrilling about it. They choose A or B within a grossly limited context.

This fact is, in itself, an indication that a monitor has been placed on their own experience, on their own emotions.

If, however, this cover is blown, a transformation occurs; and then they know, in an entirely different way, that freedom is, and is supposed to be, the most natural kind of ecstasy in the world.


Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

22 comments on “The taboo against paranormal experience is a taboo against freedom

  1. petergrafstrm says:

    Microline electronics available since the 1960s increases the need for scepticism since sincere investigations of the paranormal may be subjected to fraudulent manipulations.
    One example which is suspicious was Uri Gellers remote viewing and claims of hearing alien spirits. Gellers handler held patents for miniature radioreceivers fitting into the auditory channel.
    With the mostly secret introduction of neurocybernetics say from the1980s the opportunities for fraud has increased further.
    The elites are clearly pushing and encouraging an alien agenda, ufos etc.
    Why? Because they plan to play God. Instead of admitting that it is the usual imperial hubris with various drastic methods for culling the herd, why not convince everybody that there is a superior godlike entity which pulls it off?

  2. will iam says:

    Whomever controls the dialogue controls reality. Reality around these parts is consensus dependent on the elusive and exclusive ‘they’.

    Why, prey tell then, am I still validating that? Isn’t it only because consensus has me STILL believing that numbers really matter?

    …….. “Damn it, why am i such a sucker!”

  3. truth1 says:

    What I say, I say without malice. Jon, you have in my view, expanded the definition of paranormal. I see it as a realm where non-material entities exist, being extremely intelligent but also full of malice toward humans. These spirits can cause us to have “paranormal experiences,” that can be quite amazing. But this is used to impress us and trick us into going along with them, Cause they care so much about us. But for 6000 years they have been making deals with people in exchange for 100% Obedience and they want a lot in return for the wealthy or status or talent we might ask for. They will expect a big sacrifice from any who make a deal with them.

    Classic case is Jon Benet Ramsey. I say, based on the big book I have read, that they made a pact with these beings and John had to give up his adult daughter an then Jon Benet. Patsy, too. the loss was fare more devastating to her than to him. The things found around Jon Benet, like the garrote, the rope, the duct tape, the tazer, golf club and whatever else I forgot; These all had special significance in the ceremony they performed on her, to take her life. both participated together says I. The FBI analysis was very accurate.

    These are the ways that these spirits trick you into harming yourself and others and promoting their cause rather than yours and causing you great misery and pain for it. Despite this, many continue to take the offer, not fully appreciating that They are not being told What will eventually be required of them. make no mistake about this. I am certain both Jon and Patsy were devastated that they had to give up their daughter. Patsy put everything into the girl, to the point of hardly noticing Burke, their son. They had bought books on how to cope with grieving with the 1st daughter and the 2nd. John and Patsy did not dare refuse what was required. They know far better than you, what will happen if you refuse these spirits. They knew better than to say no.

    I would also suggest Elizabeth Smart was given for a sacrifice and was replaced by a substitute, who at first looked nothing like the original but over time adopted the look more similar to Elizabeth I. The mother was devastated. But like Patsy, she dared not say not, but she balled her eye out. The loss was devastating.

    The problem, Jon, is you only see the nice side, the sweet side. You have not flipped the coin over to the dark side. throughout the last 6000 years, these spirits have seduced humans into joining them, with rewards of victory, power, wealthy, women, but paying a very dear price for it all.

    My urgent to all! so not go anywhere hears these super cruel hateful entities on the paranormal. God tried to warn us all of these very dangerous courting of the rebel sons of God thru the paranormal practices and black arts that allow these spirits various prerogatives with you. Stay away form them and their lies, entirely.

    I will be, in time, publishing far more detail that leads me to the conclusions I have stated here, on the two cases I referred to, tonight on this blob, Sep. 27, 2018, that are likely appear a day later.

    That is all I am going to say. These spirits are pure concentrated evil. Truth1 out!

    • Meg says:

      I would like to hear more about this, can you point me in the direction as to where you have this intriguing information published? I’ve had some paranormal experiences, and I’m interested in the cases you mentioned. Thank you!

      • truth1 says:

        Meg, my site in the category you seen to refer to:
        Straight off, Lawrence Schiller’s book, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town is so comprehensive with Jon Benet. I can not imagine another book even coming close to it. Tom Smart’s book give lots of info on the Elizabeth Smart case.

        The Jon B book is well over 600 pages. I am near the end at 469, But I hit the mother lode already. but there is bit of discernment required. Most people do not give any regard for the paranormal aspects.

        The following is far from done yet, but it has some stuff. Sadly, I have none of the photo comparisons of Elizabeth, before and after uploaded. And there are a lot of photos and vid grabs of E before she was taken and after, too. This is the start of an article I began. but Priorities dictate what gets attention and what get temporarily shelved.

        I am also in the process of moving, which is no small hassle.

        Feel free to email. My address is at the bottom of my front page of me site. It would be great for more attention brought to these cases. But ancient history reveals an extreme consideration and devotion to the “gods” in all things. None more than Spartans. There is a fair short video on their observances and government, of fairly recent publishing on Youtube. But many other account Like Herodotus on Croesus and Cyrus the Persian also show the gods off. it was everywhere, although it was the Greeks who began Atheism, too, if not a primitive form of evolution.

        I could be of more help but Till moving is done, no chance.Give me 2 months. or email.

  4. Von E. Ives says:

    As a retired professional commercial pilot, my paranormal experience of seeing and hearing my first UFO in Feb. 1967 completely in the space of about 5 min. changed my entire orientation about life, the planet and the entire universe.  Three more such observations since that one confirm it!


  5. Jon

    I will skip your reading recommend this time,

    Your article presents the start, the genus, and that’s all, of the way sciences “should” approach objective study. Excellent work.

    Scribbles for my next “Coming Clean on Cancer” expresses my view more aptly:

    “Coming down to Earth, I concur that statistics do account for replication and these could be beneficial depending on how investigations were conducted. Testing is always unaccountably spectral. By that I mean favour towards the way things are done “justifies” procedures, processes and methods. Science experiments are conducted in laboratories. Why not sewers? I remember history of an absurd experiment designed to determine how much electricity will kill a human. A rigged telephone system delivered the fatal result to an unsuspecting individual. It was presumed that trial and error is ample to divine precise dosages for posterity. Yet, what if breaches of circumstances shatter all goals? Science had to rewrite everything it “knew” about radiation after Chernobyl
    Reality is never precise. It is always gnarled. For every rule there seems to be at least one exception, sometimes many. Methodical study should take note of this. Would scientists ever consider the internal or external energetic status of experimentation environments? How much does ephemeral resonance implicate material reality? The creators of the first atomic bomb believed that the domino effect from impairing a single atom would “theoretically” collapse all matter in the universe. Here, for once, “science” at least showed tentative respect for the machinations of existence.

    Of course atoms are not solid and scientists should consider this carefully. But for circumstantial perception, atoms would have zero mass. Indeed, was it not for the way they are perceived, they would not exist at all. That makes the truth a materialist’s worst nightmare. Atoms act as catalysers for “the other side” (that which doesn’t exist) facilitating an unbreakable communication tendered between receptively dimensional experiencers and (for lack of better terminology) “God”. The connection is all powerful as it determines form. Values that permit existential parameters are unbreakable. Humans of normal capacity are little more than configured “witnesses” and that’s why rudimentary sciences obsess over material symptoms….”


    • petergrafstrm says:

      Chernobyl didnt change anything we know about radiation.
      However the official narrative was false. It was in all likeliness a sabotage and insiders in key positions helped to bring it about. Before the ‘accident’ one such key individual was asked by the incoming experts to wait five minutes so they could tune their measure instruments. But he refused and insisted on starting at a precise moment according to protocol. He did and the thing exploded! The official narrative has it that the Soviets performed a reckless experiment. In reality it appears a bomb exploded, presumably a mini nuclear bomb placed under the concerned reactor. A 2500 ton concrete roof was thrown off.

      • I disagree, arrogant one.

        • petergrafstrm says:

          I see, politically correct one.

          • You are the first to accuse me of being “politically correct”. That deserves a “like”! Your original criticism deserves a response too. Here is the pre-edit paragraph of my article:

            “There is only one truth whereas the potential for propagandas is near limitless. Scientists have been compelled to use complexity for the disregard of wisdom. That is why the record has been subject to one spectacular failure after another. Science view on the fundamentals that permit the identification of radiation, for instance, has not altered one iota from day one. Environmental conditions do regularly change and this forces remedial adjustments to theories. In some cases apparently associated symptoms dance the pas-de-pas elevating definitive causes. Of course, most prognoses are incorrect and that is predominantly why science continually trips itself up. Personally, I am fascinated by the concept “cloud nine”. Nothing will encourage me to travel Huxley’s brave but tainted discovery path, but I am intrigued as to the physical value of altered states. Is this one (or perhaps the only) method of discerning the keys to the mechanics of the quantum layer?”

            • petergrafstrm says:

              My favourite physics idea is that the wave particle duality may be represented by waves in phase-locked mode. When it is assumed that our mind is in such a mode with respect to matter, matter itself is like fixed phases with respect to some background wave which we cannot see precisely because we are in that phaselock.
              This notion is directly connected with feedback in spacetime.
              Feedback is connected with eigenvalues(just like the forward and backward waves in a musical instrument define a resonance frequency) and the quantum equations may be seen as a representation of that feedback.
              Classical physics + feedback in spacetime~quantum physics
              With that background one may try to elaborate on your question.
              What was sketched above was actually a physics theory where our mind as well as all matter is tied to a phase function. That mysterious function when more deeply understood might amend itself to some tampering.
              Dangerous perhaps, realitydissolving perhaps, yet there might be a way at least philosophically if not physically to travel along that phase function.
              I’ll spare you the threephase model of the electron 🙂
              Regarding nuclear power: remember the petrodollar. Nuclear energy was a threat to the dollar hegemony. France and the USSR were prepared to build reactors for the developing world. Then the AAs found an excuse to oust the shah of Iran who was a natural representative of those nations which intended to industrialise using nuclear power. The backward Khomeini ,the stooge of the AAs finished all those plans. Chernobyl finished the mentioned french and Soviet plans. Among the few who protested the official narrative were the french engineers.
              More: Europe the USSR and Japan were moving towards their own petrocurrency combined with modernisation programs for the developing world. This all faded away after the shah was ousted and the whole idea has been thrown into the memory hole. I think the AAs must have used carrot and stick to make that happen.

            • You are thinking on the right lines, but consider this.

              Ancient Atlanteans were reputed (by the Gnostics) to have been able to change the constitution of an atom using mind only. Therefore they could efficiently direct intent to LITERALLY turn wood into gold (didn’t Plato call this “real” alchemy?). There are no mathematical equations on Earth that will do justice to that paradigm. It also devalues your interpretation of the efficient origined (interesting – not a “real” word, another flaw of “science”?) purpose of mind. Atoms are phenomenal transistors, conduits that turn divinity into reality.

            • petergrafstrm says:

              Leibniz argued that matter consisted of spiritual monads without physical extension, (freely expressed by me).
              Since my favourite physics theory is intended to cover the nature of so called elementary particles like the stable ones, electrons and protons, I outline it briefly without being too technical. The electron is seen as a phaselocked aspect of an underlying wave phenomen. It is like a turning point in an otherwise more extended wave. But that turning point is synchronised with our mind. All electrons are like frosen instances of spacetime.
              From which we presumably cannot escape. We ourselves exist in this phaselocked relation to the universe.
              The particles dont really exist more than in a relative sense with respect to our own synchronisation with the apparent physical universe.
              Another way of approaching the same idea is to say that the future acts back on the past thus forming an interference pattern with the opposite process. That kind of feedback is unlike everything in what is normally called established physics. However physics equations do have that kind of solutions. Waves converging on the sources instead of diverging outwards. There is no consensus about when and how to include such solutions.
              A corollary to the above is that there must be a phase region of the wave phenomenon in question which normally lies outside of our reach but yet may influence us. That phase region might be much more extended than the part which expresses itself as discernible material phenomena.
              It could be that the universe consists of two fixed phases with the intermediate parts of the phase inaccessible. Or alternatively it might be the case that we have access to a finite range of phases between two fixed end points consisting of proton and electron. And that ‘inside’ these particles or beyond there would be a continued range of inaccessible phases. As if they constituted pores pointing out of spacetime.

            • This explanation is “perfect” in the sense it expresses the correct words any human could relate. I describe rather different way. The only suggestion of an error incurs with “prison reality”. Human (via the transcendental mind) is absolutely capable of breaking free. Altered states are the best evidence of this. However, imagination is the key. I am convinced that even JR fully comprehends the power of that “Aladdin’s” scope. Imagination is the simultaneous harmonisation of all dimensions (atomic and astral). Reality obfuscates “natural” processing and that’s why gobble-de-gook can be the result (as in “output”).

  6. I read the Conscious Universe as well. For a while I was quoting his “millions to one” that results of experiments are just chance. But it became frustrating. At least in my circle I found that it’s all treated as an academic argument. The fact that so many are attacked and destroyed by abusive psychiatry for having “paranormal” experiences (that can happen with types of trauma) gets ignored. The potential nuclear option that proof of “paranormal” could present towards destroying the human scum that drug and maim people … it gets ignored. But it’s all tied up with abusive psychiatry being the modern version of the Spanish Inquisition (“No one expects ! (Monty Python)). Personally I blame it all on the Greeks who seem to be at least partly responsible for creating this mess in the West. Jacques Derrida ( ) did an entire deconstruction of “Pharmakon” (yes indeed the “Pharma Con” meme is not a coincidence) – – that links the entire thing to some almighty “f” up in Ancient Greece (why did Socrates take the Hemlock ?) that exposes the same problem (repeated everywhere) in medicine where the Spirit and true basis of real healing was thrown out, as it was in physics and the rest of science – hence the controversy over paranormal research. It really is such an almighty mess up. A Gordian Knot. The unsolvable Quest. Stranger than fiction, but a fight worth fighting.

    • petergrafstrm says:

      Psychiatry also fails to handle cases of secret cybernetic enslavement.
      The DSM manual is overseen by the elites to leave no chance for the targets to be taken seriously. It is less surprising that paranormal phenomena are met with scepticism, but there too the DSM manual rules.

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