What if television news disappeared and we invented ourselves?

by Jon Rappoport

October 29, 2018

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The desperate networks are grasping at straws. Their ratings reflect a continuing audience exodus.

I once wrote that, if tomorrow the top news anchors admitted they were drag queens, the whole country would immediately collapse. That’s how fragile America actually is.

I’ve updated that comment, because the USA is now so tolerant the top anchors could come out as collies or toasters and everyone would feel compelled to consider the revelation with warm regard.

So here is the new formulation: If tomorrow, television news disappeared completely, the human mind would lose its mirror and chaos would ensue.

The minds of most viewers lack context, are satisfied with cartoons of reality, yearn for authorities, and will accept any version of “being informed.”

This is what the news is all about. The superficial mind clings to the news as a representation of what the mind is.

Take away that mirror and millions of people would enter a highly disturbing void, an absence, a vacuum.

It would be quite interesting.

Some people would realize the degree to which they demand to be told what to think, what to see, what to assume. Others would simply spin into a deep confusion.

At bottom, most minds want to know what exists, even if the portrait is a total lie. A lie is better than nothing. “Give me something, anything.”

That morbid desire is in direct proportion to the absence of any ambition to create reality on one’s own.

Every psyop since the dawn of time is based on, and works because of, the individual’s refusal to create his own reality.

This refusal is, in turn, the cornerstone of highly organized, layered, hierarchical, top-down societies.

These societies generate majestic deceptions, enemies, wars, and huge disparities between the haves and the have-nots. History reveals many elements of progress, but it doesn’t show a solution to these chronic injustices.

To put it another way, the solutions will not appear, in the long run, until millions of people do, in fact, create their own realities.

And that capacity to create requires a revolution at the deepest possible level.

Most people don’t even understand what it means, and/or won’t admit it’s possible.

They would rather rearrange deck chairs on a sinking ship:

“Give me THESE liars as leaders (creators of mass reality), and if you won’t do that, give me THOSE liars as leaders…”

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the end of the last newscast anywhere. Good night and good luck.” Blackout.

If government’s media mouthpiece were gone, people would be forced to make up their own minds about government (or, in the age of President Trump, one could say, people would be forced to make up their own minds about the deep-state, non-patriotic, sell-out, operatives within government). And eventually, they would. And it wouldn’t be a happy moment, for government (deep-state operatives).

Unsurprisingly, the first “newspapers,” in ancient China, Egypt, and Rome, were government-issued bulletins. They were decrees, commands, and announcements.

They were deployed to control citizens’ actions and paint an official picture of reality.

At some point, leaders recognized that, with the expansion of individual freedom, more subtle methods for control and “guided perception” were necessary. Hence, modern media.

For this to work, reporters had to be elevated to privileged status. They were now town criers dressed to kill.

“Owing to excessive propaganda, lies, and style masquerading as substance, all news is canceled.” That would be a kind of forced declaration of independence.

In 1982, when I began writing for LA Weekly, I sat down with the editor, who explained that investigative reporting was a dying function of the news, because it was too expensive. Its outcome was always uncertain—a newspaper could assign a reporter to a story and pay him for a few months, and at the end of it he might or might not come up with something explosive.

There was, of course, another reason for squelching investigative reporting. A reporter might dig too deep and find too much gold. The wrong people (actual high-level criminals) could be indicted and exposed.

For the most part, mainstream news has canceled real investigation. It’s gone. It exists as limited hangout, meaning it’s constructed to execute partial and ultimately harmless exposure of crimes. The limited hangout pretends to be the last word, and everybody packs up and goes home, thinking the job is done.

Which is exactly the way most minds operate, when it comes to the truth. They poke around a little, come up with a bit of “deep” material, and check out. Nothing more to see, move along.

Any reporter who goes too far with a story is stopped by his bosses and reassigned to lighter topics. I know of one such hound, who broke open several heavy scandals and was then pulled off to do other work. Allowed to continue his investigations, he would have torn apart the Dept. of Justice and the CDC.

All of mainstream news is a limited hangout, because it purports to be coverage of reality. Actually, it invents reality by establishing narrow context, selecting which stories are important, and twisting their meaning.

So my original question, what if television news disappeared, is in a way a moot point. It’s already disappeared. It never was. It was always a simulacrum.

The Matrix can be viewed as the simulacra the mind invents to stand in for reality. This obsession for what psyops specialists used to call stereotypes is the putty-like target for engineers of deception:

“People already want false images. We merely make sure they buy our false images.”

Coming out of World War 2, US psychological warfare operators turned their attention to new conditions of “peace.” They fed the population images and simulacra of distant peoples and places and cultures.

The premise was: there are billions of people Americans will never meet or come to know. We, the princes of psyops, have to give them pictures of who these foreign humans are, to align with US foreign policy (empire building).

Now, the psyop operators’ target has expanded to a significant degree. The premise reads: there are billions and trillions of bits of information people will never be able to evaluate or organize. We have to tell them what all this information means. We have to shrink it down and frame it and paint shorthand pictures of it. Our pictures, not theirs.

Hence, the news.

Notice the basic fixation in all this madness. It’s the fixation on deciding what reality is, rather than what new realities can be created.

That is the threshold most people refuse to cross or understand. They’ll do anything to avoid it. And when I say most people, I don’t mean groups, I mean individuals.

Here is the real news: People’s problems and confusions and anxieties will never be resolved until they invent realities they truly desire with power and imagination.

I’m talking about inventing social reality and political reality and personal reality and aesthetic reality. This is no cotton-candy prescription. It calls for the deepest conviction and commitment.

When, in the 1960s, various Asian philosophies and spiritual systems were twisted and reduced and re-cooked and distorted, for importation into the West, one of the underlying themes was: enlightenment comes by accepting What Is.

That was a psyop of major proportions, on the level of consciousness and spirit. It was aimed at the closing the door on the oceanic creative impulse.

Accept What Is. Don’t try to change it. Surrender. Stop struggling. Then all your problems will disappear.


The ability to accept reality ultimately and paradoxically depends on surpassing it by inventing new realities in profusion. Then, you can look at What Is and accept it as a fact that, like all other facts, can be radically changed.

Peace attained through a struggle to “let go of everything” is a deception. It’s one piece of a much larger story. That story centers on us and our creative force, the titanic and submerged faculty that always was and always will exist, no matter how many ploys are engaged to reject it.

The news doesn’t cover this story

The news is a drug to put this story to sleep.

The news is a voice expressing itself. But what about the far more important voice of the individual? What is it expressing, if consciousness itself is buttoned up?

I can tell you this. 100 percent of individuals have no idea what they would express if they opened up all creative channels. Oh, they might know what their opening shots would be. But beyond that? They don’t know. They couldn’t know. Because they haven’t invented the full range of their voices.

You could sit down and write a thousand pages to “express what you really want to say,” and you would only be scratching the surface. You would only be warming up your engine.

The mind is trained for delivering summaries and bytes. After throwing off that colossal inhibition, you’re at the beginning of the road. Just the beginning.

The news and all its allied support systems are a reflection of the mind held in check, the imagination held in check. As such they are really meaningless.

We have no clue about what a civilization would be, if many individuals entered the untapped universes of what amounts to endless expression. We live in a shorthand world. We convince ourselves that’s all there is.

That isn’t all there is. It’s just one atom of potential experience.

As far as individual creation is concerned, we live in a world that’s a kindergarten. It’s a nursery school. When people are asked to invent something, to express something, they look for the short form. The brief statement (like the news).

Write a thousand pages and see where you are. Paint a thousand paintings and see where you are. Reinvent your business a hundred times and see where you are. Reinvent your group that seeks to fulfill a social cause a hundred times and see where you are. Become an endless artist of expression and invention and see where you are.

Now we are getting down to the real crime of the news. It looks for the lead paragraph and the bottom line. It searches for the wrap-up and the stinger. It short-circuits the potential of the individual mind because the mind wants to be short-circuited.

And within this prison, people look for answers. It’s a joke. There are no answers there.

We are operating at one tiny end of the light spectrum, claiming that the whole remaining arc of possible light is invisible. Yes, it’s invisible because we shut ourselves off from it, because we fail to realize it becomes visible only when we live through and by imagination.

The myth of Prometheus is really an expression of self-limited creative consciousness seeking to break out and invent realities and worlds without end. The fire Prometheus stole from the gods wasn’t merely “knowledge” or “technology.” It was the infinite creative force.

There was no crime. The gods were already bored to death with their own powers. They had abandoned imagination. They had become tyrannical managers of humans. The gods were pathetic paupers living on borrowed time.

And when Prometheus delivered fire to humans, he wasn’t punished by the gods. He wasn’t chained to a rock and tortured. He was astonished by humans’ refusal to pick up the torch.

The Olympian gods were the News. They were the purveyors of What Is. They demanded allegiance.

The people chose to listen to the news from above. They chose to abdicate the endless road of expression and creation and instead worship an external narration of existence, a tired and bloated and worn-out and stench-ridden song emitted from Broadcast Central.

Imagine this:

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC News, appears on screen and says, “Tonight I begin to tell you a story. The story of myself. But not the narrow history. Not just where I was born and what happened to me. Yes, there will be some of that. But my story, like yours, is largely unknown, because I haven’t launched it yet. It isn’t only memory or fact. It’s a fuller and deeper expression, and it’s also an invention. Every night, for a thousand and one nights, I’ll be here on television unspooling and imagining myself. There will be many starts and stops. There will be moments of confusion, and there will be times when I don’t know where to go. But I’ll continue, because I want to, because I’m the artist of myself. As I talk, you’ll see parts of myself disappear and new parts surface. No doubt there will be long periods when I speak impersonally, and then a new intimacy will arise. It will loom up, vanish, and I’ll move into other realms. There is no wrong way to go. This is an Everything, an everything that expands and shrinks and submerges and ends and begins and swells and explodes and starts again from nowhere. This is an adventure. The goal is not a specific thing. The goal is not the truth. The truth is an illusion we concoct to sum up the adventure and give it structure, but this story will be about far more than the truth. It occurs to me that the news is our way of avoiding the ocean of our being, and that ocean contains logic and illogic, myth and also what could never happen but does happen. We perceive certain immovable and credible boundaries that we actually throw up to cover ourselves, to eliminate great cores of energy, to pretend we exist in one centralized space and time. I will tell this story in as many dimensions as I can…”

As improbable as it seems, if such an event took over the news, night after night, for years and years, the so-called vital events of our time, as usually reported by the news, would pale in importance, and something else would take over.

Something we sense but do not express. Something that will revolutionize our lives. We will remember we once knew the endless telling of the endless story, we knew it was the projection of both dream and reality that could and would change, not just the world, but how the world is built…taking it out into uncharted islands, snapping the chains we forged to keep us in a minor tale, always waiting for a romantic moment of liberation to come, forgetting what we need to do to change the sameness of the music:

Tell the endless story without limits.

Ordinary self, extraordinary self, both fuel for the fire.

Here is a quote from a work-in-progress, The Magician Awakes:

“There is a thing called Endless Story. It has no walls, floor or ceiling. It reflects how consciousness actually operates, once the programming is cast aside. Endless Story isn’t a cultural artifact. It cuts across all cultural lines. It is pure invention. Nothing that has already happened is sacred…Imagination finds its energy. All common and inhibiting symmetries are cast into the creative fire. Exploration and discovery are redefined. They no longer depend on what already has been laid down as Pattern. Symbols no longer have conventional meanings. Endless Story is the answer to the old alchemical mystery called Quintessence, or Philosopher’s Stone, which was supposed to be the key to transformation of unresolvable conflicts. Endless story overtakes and overrides ‘things as they are.’ Beginning, middle, and end, the cherished components of traditional story, fly out the window into a new dawn, a new day, a new night…”

Exit From the Matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

23 comments on “What if television news disappeared and we invented ourselves?

  1. Theodore says:

    In the wake of just these three recent events: Justice Kavanaugh, the fake mail bombs, and the tragic massacre in Pittsburgh, it is great to see that President Trump doubled-down today (10/29/2018) called-out the Main Stream Media for what they are — the “enemy of the people”.


    • Adaline says:

      Trump only listens to Fox News. That is because they do not criticize him. It is well-known that Trump will only allow presidential briefings that have been carefully selected by his staff – news items that only praise him.
      This practice that he demands proved him to be pathologically narcissistic and extremely one-sided.
      Trump only calls leftist and any critical news ‘Fake news.’
      The truth is, all the mainstream news is ‘fake’. Twisted truths, outright lies contorted to brainwash the masses.
      (Even Fox News is beginning to critisize Trump now because they have no choice.)
      Do you believe that Fox News is not as fake as the rest of them?

      • truth1 says:

        Everybody does that!

      • Theodore says:

        My main point was that Trump — having the bully pulpit (implying that whatever he says is news) — is calling-out inaccurate reporting by certain reporters. That in-and-of itself is YUGE. He’s defending the people by saying this.

        Secondly, he is defending and promoting the civic religion — American Nationalism and Patriotism. That keeps the dangerous bearers of “political correctness” at bay.

        Both of these persuasive rhetoric approaches makes American Citizens (and aspiring legal American Citizens yearning to assimilate) feel good, and, it cleanses their souls.

        This can not be under estimated.

        • Adaline says:

          Your buddy Drumpf is also glorifying violence and Nationalism. He calls it American Nationalism but an elitist and racist is so no matter how you dress him up.

          • Theodore says:

            Orange Man Bad.

          • From Quebec says:

            Oh boy! Are you on opioids or what?
            If you hate Trump and your country so much, why don’t you leave and move somewhere else?

            Trump is the best thing that ever happened to the USA..

            Trump is right, The Fake News Media,is the true Enemy of the People,

            Trump creates his own reality, he makes great and fair deals all over the world, he fixes broken system, he imagines a better world where people have all the power.

            He exposes the corruption going on in all governments and intend to crush them. all.
            He is his own media with his rallies and twitter.

            If there is a model of someone who best uses his imagination and creativity in this world, he is the one.

            Now, Adaline, you say Trump is an elitist and a racist, how about you watch this video:

            🔴 President Trump AMAZING Speech at Young Black Leadership Summit – October 26, 2018. It might change your mind.

      • Michael Burns says:


        You call what they do, criticism — I get so tire of this BOM rhetoric. You should look up that definition, for criticism, and correct your thinking on it — bullying is what it called, from were I stand.

        There is, a well-developed propaganda campaign under way — financed from within the Kremlin — amongst other places.. Financed by the St Petersburg Cliche’ of oligarchs centering on the KGB President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin who hates America. And wishes to see it fall.

        One major networks of Russian trolls, works out of a factory in France. These paid propagandists issue out stories on a daily basis to an, all to welcoming MSM, and left socialist media.

        SOTT News Services; RT; Sputnik; Russia today; SouthFront; The Saker; and I am now suspecting Paul Craig Roberts…unless he is a willing dupe. Veterans Today; Global Research.ca, and the latter I find has run thousands of stories by the above parties, and finally the individual trolls who are paid to write pro-Russian and Anti-Trump/Anti-American bullshit, and run obnoxious YouTube channels, using each other as sources…All take a shots at Trump and his decisions, and are Anti-American. All print lies and feed the NPC’s. I can understand the president being careful who he would speak to..

        The media is the enemy of the people of America and Canada.

        What is irritable is that the misinformed like yourself, are caught up inside this false matrix of Trump hate and Anti-Americanism, and that Trump is a bad orange man. Who is making us all get back to work on making the Nation, a sovereign nation, great again —  of pulling it back from the edge of a Russia/China World Island dominated globalism…too many lazy asses in mommy’s basement angry at the orange man because Russian media online has their heads all pumped full of vitriol and lies. And that there are no borders and everybody should get a Universal wage, and free weed her in Canada.

        You are all NPCs (Non Playable Characters) in a cyber war that is escalating out of control. And most of you don even know you are part of it…

        This nonsense, you regurgitate after the force feeding, does nobody any good. It’s a lie repeated so many times, that it is not questioned anymore by you..

        How do you know he only listens to Fox news? Proof ?

        How do you know he is a FASCIST? Proof? Do you know what a Nationalist is…Do you know what a Fascist is? Do you know what a ‘pathological narcissist’ is..?

        These buzz words and weaponized phrases — this squalid thought form that you all have been taught has become so boring to fight. Face it, now, you have never really had an original thought by yourself, you do not think of yourself as separate from what you squawk constantly? 

        If Trump calls the left, fake news, he is right. Because the left is socialist, manipulated by Russian think tanks, and NGO’s in England, France and throughout the EU country side. And, the Russian media, and I suspect, besides American MSM many more in America and throughout the Western world.

        For instance..

        The Independent, a British online newspaper — is owned and operated by the Russian oligarch, Alexander Lebedev, an ex-KGB officer. And Putin is the head of that secret society (KGB). It still operates even though the Soviet Union does not exist anymore — and that newspaper? It works world-wide. Mainly in Cyberwar online and within other newspapers and leftist YouTube sites…what does it squawk, Trump, Ant-America, Syria, pro-Muslim, bad white people.

        This ugly beast that slouches towards world Socialism is driven by Russia and China, and the other BRICS nations. Pouring millions into it…You think Russia/China are going to be kinder, gentler masters if they gain control? If Trump is over thrown, and America falls. That will be a shit storm to end all shit storms.

        China alone has been the greatest killer of humans on the planet, with 150 million dead alone in the twentieth century — second only to the Russia, and as its former self, the Soviet Union, probably in the range of thirty million dead in the twentieth century. 

        So Adaline…keep up the good work towards driving us to that dystopian future. Because if Trump fails, we have the likes of the Hillarys of the world to gain his position. And make it better? And her and Bill managed to sell Russia via the back door, 20% of U.S. uranium. What do you think Russia wanted that uranium for? And people squawk because Trumps cries foul and wishes to negotiate a better INF treaty. Who has planted S-300’s in Syria, who has sold S-400 and 500 systems, to BRICS nations. Who is taking orders for S-600 and 700 systems which are hypersonic, and easily componented to nuclear warheads…RUSSIA the propagandist.

        Who will run America? And keep North America from the locust like hordes, that wish to do her in…crash her borders and take what they need.

        Oprah?…Joe Biden?…How about Bernie, the ardent Socialist?…how about the one, forty six part indian, Lizzie Warren. Will Hillary be alive or in jail by then?

        Who will run Adaline? Who is better…

      • Juckett says:

        If Donald trump had not been born, the news would still be fake. It has been fake for decades, if it ever wasn’t. The spawn of Edward Bernays are what are paraded as “Journalist”. It is criminal what they do. They incite, instigate and exclude issues that NEED to be addressed. They do all of this intentionally, and that is criminal. What kind of human being with a soul would willingly participate in this? These are your narcissists. Unfortunately, so is their audience. The United States is devoid of morality and their “news”, government and society reflect all of this. The FAKE news would have evaporated long ago if not for the voracious appetite of the vacuous audience of self-absorbed undeveloped minds. Critical thinking would have put an end to the corporate propaganda mouthpieces put in place by a corrupt and devious government.

  2. Ana Daksina says:

    Brilliant, as always…

    Please adjust the figure of “100%” downward by just the paring of a fingernail. At my own year old primary site alone you’ll find 2,000 pages of truth, and my list of standing ideas for both future works and future series of works is well over one hundred strong.

    That I have, even so, only scratched the surface of potential poetic contribution is indeed very true — however, I am both aware of this and possess a many-pronged connection to their Source.

    Perhaps, then a figure of 99.9%, instead…

    It is to be hoped that the statistic, as well, will enjoy further diminishment over time.

    If it does, it will be due to the work of dedicated individuals such as your good self.

    Best regards and bright blessings

  3. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    No Tv 📺 is a good start.

  4. Not So Free says:

    I wouldn’t miss the TV news, because I never watch it.
    I do check the weather forecast nightly, though.

  5. truth1 says:

    The only reason media exists it to promote government BS. That is why we can never get rid of it. and we do not get to elect the Media. the Very big world financiers get to pick and choose the media and what they say.

  6. I have read some of this before, Jon, but it still resonates just as clearly. I am not sure if Prometheus isn’t a double metaphor? Perhaps there is more to this “fire” than is usually contemplated.

    Our synchronicity is working again. My latest article touches on poor journalism (of which you are the shining example of goodness) and other poor things:


    “….Jon Rappoport has made a career from scripting exercises geared to coaxing make-believe into being. I make no secret of the fact I enjoy his writing and his extraordinary intellect. When not distracted by corporate alliances, he is one of the best journalists on the net. Jon takes a very special interest in the manipulation of healthcare, but he tends to follow the shady “statistics” path. Accountability is the first weapon of propagandists. Who could possibly dispute “official figures”?…”

    “…For the record, all journalists offer opinions whether these are their own or rebranded viperous propagandas. Taking “crime” as the example, a policeman invariably doesn’t know the pattern of events leading to an infraction. Instead, he tries to best guess with authoritative bias. Therefore those “style” of reflective reports are tainted from outset, most particularly when the journalist presumes any authority issues word of God. To be clear, I do not personally offer opinion, but my deeply human style of writing lends to presenting truth so compellingly, it is as though my output transcends reality. Rather than looking for concrete agents to discredit truth, my critics prefer direct slander or hurling unsanitary insults at me…..”


  7. Valiant Thor says:

    Nationwide blackout of TV and turn to trustworthy news on alt. media by trusted sources.

  8. Happy Halloween! says:

    America suffers from IGNORANCE, plain & simple.

    Zombies = Low-Information Americans

    Why No Information Should Be Off Limits

    Be sure to read the COMMENTS section. JUST SAYIN’.

  9. John says:

    Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar with a Ph.D. in politics from Oxford, with focus on LGBT issues. She is one of key players in the propaganda matrix, and it is inconceivable that she would say or do anything that would actually “liberate” the zombies.

  10. Trypillian says:

    Journalists have learned corruption well from censoring. Canadian premier journalists Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy retired and were then appointed as Senators, in the Canadian equivalent of the British House of Lords. They proceeded to adjust their expense accounts to the tune of roughly $250,000 each before being caught. No charges were forthcoming, natually.

    Civil servants routinely adjust self-indulgent projects. In roadway engineering they ignore sight lines, placing trees to obscure proper traffic views. The Humboldt hockey team crash a year ago, killing 20 or so young athletes was caused by sight line interference of trees. They scrunch trees to one 80 m area whilst 300 m of naked right of way on the other side and around the corner, I might add, is left with next to nothing in relation to a vast eyesore of industrial wasteland. The scrunched trees provides for added diseases according to arborists and trees very near adjacent properties provides for root damage. Pedestrian hazards because of a lack of sight lines on walkways are conveniently ignored. The obfuscation of the rest of the story is self-evident in ‘municipal planning’, which of course is a misnomer. These petty civil servants copy and quote from traditional genuine works to pretend to be clever with no common sense or best practices rationale.

  11. Henry says:

    All of these newcasts are interupted by commercial breaks. That’s one thing they have in common. Whether fake or real news.

    All this “news” and stories are the wrong kinds of silence (passive/deception/aggression) and easy to ignore. Picture a newscaster on TV sitting at a desk silhouetted in the dark and reading his news off his pages and a huge flat screen next to him showing a woman throwing a punch at you with her fist.

    Something like that. Screens within screens.

    People are turning away.

  12. Consider this: what if life is not all about man and his creative forces at all?

    Man does not create his own reality. Objective reality is absolute and universal to us all. How we perceive that single objective reality is the issue of our time: the final days of the end times of Bible prophecy.

    The simple truth is that the Bible is 100% true. Man wants to be his own god. From our birth, we pursue the illusion that we can be masters of our own destinies and that there is no over-arching, predestinated plan with which our lives will inevitably conform, whether we like it or not. But six and a half decades of living have proven to me that foolish notion to be absurd. The simple truth is that we all have very little control over the things that really shape our lives, our futures and our destinies.

    The world is on the brink of being burned up in scorching fire and searing heat. There is an owners’ manual to all of life, but few have any interest in reading or understanding it, nor do they have the capacity to do so. The vast majority of humanity is doomed. They do not have the capacity to “reinvent themselves.” As such, the notion itself is absurd.

    • Henry says:

      Actually they are not doomed, there has never been a better time to be alive.

      That is the correct perception.
      The Supreme Silence makes objective reality look like two cents.

      • Watchman_on_the_Wall says:

        Our two views contradict each other. So one of us HAS to be dead wrong. YHWH (God) is not the least bit silent. Clearly, you were not created to hear Him. But I was and I have.

        No one in his right mind could ever claim that this era is a great time to be alive. Only if you serve and worship the devil does it seem so. But all the world is an illusion. So what is objective reality? Only that which God reveals to be true. So without God, you are pretty well reduced to fantasies and illusions. Have at it, because it doesn’t last much longer…

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