The secret House memo and “rescue from above”

The secret House memo and “rescue from above” —truth plus psyop— by Jon Rappoport January 23, 2018 The theme: Something starts off as fairly reasonable, and then is blown out of all proportion. First, a brief recap on the secret House memo—not available to the press or public—and the reaction to it. Purportedly, the memo […]

Private property: a silver bullet to socialist vampires

Private property: a silver bullet to socialist vampires by Jon Rappoport January 11, 2018 “Once private property is abolished, the advocates for utopia win. They build their heaven on earth, which means they can take what they want and run civilization, top-down. They can keep saying nobody owns anything, but in fact they own it […]

Psychiatrists say Trump mentally ill

Psychiatrists say Trump mentally ill by Jon Rappoport January 10, 2018 —After investigating psychiatry for two decades, I’m confident that, if we could go back and rewrite history, deleting all psychiatrists on the planet, so they’d never exist—deleting their diagnoses and their drugs—this would have resulted in a massive upsurge in mental health, moving forward— […]

What comes after the widespread exposure of sexual abuse?

What comes after the widespread exposure of sexual abuse? by Jon Rappoport November 13, 2017 (This is Part 2. For Part 1, click here.) Marshall McLuhan was fond of pointing out that whatever is happening in the present moment is already obsolete. So, in the current exposure of celebrities’ sexual crimes, what is on the […]

Brave New World and individual power

Brave New World and individual power by Jon Rappoport November 1, 2017 Rule by technocracy—that is the subject of this article. In such a future, there would be no politicians. They would have been made extinct… Huxley’s 1932 novel about a World State and its version of Utopia is still one of the most important […]